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• Jun 09, 2021

Need help purchasing an item from Customer Service
I could not find a phone number to contact Customer Service for McKenzie-Childs. I have purchased their items for many years from Nieman Marcus. I am sitting here at my computer and need to place an order, but am not able to do so because I cannot discern from their web site the specifics about a particular item.

Please call me back and leave a message at 325-400-2747 and leave a phone number and time of day you would like for me to call Customer Service. Mary Ann Fergus

• Apr 14, 2021

I have given them one star because there is not an option for zero stars. MacKenzie-Childs is the worst online furniture retailer ever. After ordering (and paying for) an armchair and a sofa, I first get the armchair in a huge box with it's wooden dolly - that's it. No unboxing, no moving to where it needs to be. AND no number to call, only an email. I emailed to ask about white glove service. Within 2 days they email me back saying they do not do that. So I responded back (again via email) to cancel my sofa - I mean, how the heXX am I going to unbox both items and move them to where they need to be? The armchair box was huge, I could only imagine the sofa! Took them 2.5 days to respond to that. Meanwhile, the sofa was delivered at the FedEx center. The customer rep took it upon herself to issue FedEx to send back - without consulting me. So this means I paid for shipping back plus a re-stock fee, which was quite a lot. I then emailed them about that - within a day I had the same customer rep state this was their policy. Had this customer rep responded more quickly to my first and second inquiries or if there had been a phone number to talk to them, I would not have needed to pay the reshipment + restock fee. This is FRAUD. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE A FRAUDULENT COMPANY

• Mar 08, 2021

Terrible Customer Service
I ordered $350 worth of MC merchandise, and paid $32 for shipping. THE DAY AFTER I received my order, I received an email from them offering free shipping for anything over $150. My order was more than twice that. So after seeing this email on free shipping, I sent them an email asking for a refund on my $32 shipping cost, only to be told that they would not do that, even though the merchandise I ordered was included in their free shipping offer. Most companies consider their customers very valuable, want to retain them, and would have refunded my $32. For other companies telling me this, I would have packaged up my merchandise, and mailed it back, but you can't do that with them, as any return shipping costs are the customer's responsibility! (What happened to most company's free return policy?) To begin with, for a company that sells such expensive items, and in these days of competition regarding shipping, they should be providing free shipping after a certain purchase price anyway. Very disappointed in their response to me, and I have shared that with others.

• Jan 11, 2021

Worst online retailer EVER. Do not order from them.
They have disconnected their phones, so there is no way to call, and they don't return emails asking for status updates. Two weeks later, they have not shipped my order. I just know they will blame it on the mail. This happened last year - it took a MONTH to get my stuff, and one thing was broken, obviously broken before it shipped - and they SWORE that they had made changes. Meanwhile, the gifts I ordered will be too late. This is my last order ever.

• Dec 28, 2020

Using COVID as an excuse to not provide customer service
They have shut down their phone customer service and refer all issues to be resolved via their email address and those emails go unanswered for a week or more. When you finally receive a response, they drag out any resolution. A request for a refund or repair kit for a damaged item took weeks to resolve. Further, they continue to leave items that are on major backorder (more than months) on their website and then place a pending charge on your account weekly for those items they cannot fulfill. They mislead customers saying that their products are handcrafted in the US at their Aurora site; most of the items are made in China and the quality has declined to nil.
Using COVID as an excuse to not provide customer service

Customer service
Horrible customer service and very racist. Can not believe Neiman Marcus sell there products

• Nov 29, 2020

Customer service
Terrible customer service. They do not honor their policy. I was told they would issue a creit within 10 days if their were any discounts offered, one day after I placed my order, they offered free shipping. When I contacted them they would not honor their offer.

• Oct 27, 2020

I placed an order two weeks ago; the same tea kettle was on Amazon with prime two day shipping, but I thought it might be better to order directly from the manufacturer. Two weeks go by and order status just says 'open'. I've tried to call, emailed twice, wrote to their online contact us form, and NO reply. I am so upset. I can't cancel my order I can't track my order. What do we do? I will NEVER buy this stuff again.

• Oct 22, 2020

No Customer Service
Truly unbelievable. There is absolutely no customer service and for a company that charges these incredible prices for junk Made in China, I shouldn’t have expected anything less, but I saw a vase I liked and decided to go for it. I spent $500 on various items and never even received some of the items! What a fraud. Do not purchase from this company!

• Oct 16, 2020

I cannot believe this is happening. MacKenzie Child is such a reputable and high end store. I have been trying to contact them on the phone and emailing CustomerService for DAYS. No one will answer by emails. No phone communication either. I left message and no answer. This is disgraceful for an organization such as this. All I want the address to return a purchased item. There was no packing slip in the package. Horrible Customer Service. Actually, there is NO customer service. They are ignoring the wrong people.

there is no customer service
email for a week as they have shut down their call center. tens of thousands invested and no-one will return email and obviously no one working on phoning anyone. absolutely horrible to treat good or any customer this way! they should have calls rerouted to people working from home like all my other stores I purchase from have!

• Oct 16, 2020

Absolutely, In my post above I share the same experience. This really is unbelievable from a high end store.

I ordered a skirt on December the 4th. I still have not received this order and this company is advertising that it can be shipped with one day delivery now and I still haven't received mine since December. I love their skirts and am very sorry I won't be able to order from them again. I have been patient and all I want is my skirt or a refund.

To Whom It May Concern, Thank you for forwarding this complaint to my attention Our Customer Care Center is reaching out to Penny and offering her replacements for her knives Typically, we do not accept returns without a receipt In this case we are making an exception to our policySincerely, Jerry R***

Our Returns Department received a box with a clock in it and no further information was provided in the box. They were able to determine that the box came from *** *** and looked into our order system to find that a clock purchased by *** *** was shipped to *** *** and a
credit of $was applied to Hannah's account (the recipient) on 5/31, a day after it was received. There had been no activity under ***'s name other than orders, which neither contained a clock. When the customer called back on Saturday July 22, they were able to provide an order number under which the clock had been ordered, and until then there had been no way to tie the two together. The credit is being moved from *** *** to *** *** today

Please see the attached document that describes our return policy. This accompanies each order when it leaves the warehouse and the return policy is also printed on the back of all store receiptsI am very sorry that the customer is not happy with the policy

I received my check in the mail todayMy complaint has now been resolved. Thank you

I have reviewed the response made...

by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.  Again, as stated in the initial compliant, MacKenzie-Childs makes NO attempt what-so-ever to even try and resolve this issue or even meet me half way.   Who does business this way?  I am forced to keep over $600.00 of unused merchandise (untouched and in the original packaging) that they could easily re-sell. Can the even help me resolve this matter or will MacKenzie-Childs tell the "too bad or tough luck" as well?   I have an extremely hard time understanding this at all.  Please help me resolve this with MacKenzie-Childs or at least have them reach a happy medium, [redacted]

To Whom It May Concern,  Thank you for forwarding this complaint to my attention.  Our Customer Care Center is reaching out to Penny and offering her replacements for her knives.  Typically, we do not accept returns without a receipt.  In this case we are making an exception to...

our policy. Sincerely,  Jerry R[redacted]

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