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I discovered today that Magazine - had put through an authorized charge on my bank card. I never authorized this! When you go to their website, all it is is a flat screen and and no other links. The phone number has two options, but both take you no where and then your call is automatically disconnected. Be ware! Take immediate action against them! I contacted Chase and they are not only going to investigate, but also are going to let other banks know about this fraud!


I had subscribed for Reader’s Digest US edition by paying $ 15 through HDFC CREDIT CARD on 20 August 2018 . Now the company ‘ MAGZINE-SERVICES.NET has automatically renewed the subscription without my consent by changing ₹ 1206.58/- in INR from my HDFC CREDIT CARD on 21July 2019.
This is not fair and NOT expected from an international organisation, I request the Magzine Services to cancel the renewal of subscription and reverse the charges of $15 as soon as possible- Sweta Gupta, [protected] FOXFIRE CIRCLE CARMEL IN 46032,e-mail- [protected]

Desired Outcome


I have no idea how this company is able to continue to withdraw money from my account without permission. I have spent hours trying to find a way to cancel this subscription that I never started without success. I will report it to the BBB however I still can't seem to stop them from taking out money.


On 9/5 magazine-services NE 09018 illegally charged my bank credit card for $22.98. I did NOT authorize this charge. I have reported the illegal action to my bank USAA in San Antonio, TX this morning 9/6 and to the police. This is a SCAM!



I just found a transaction in my bank account from Magazine-Services.Net. I DID NOT authorize any such transaction. I don't know this company and hadn't ordered any books, magazines or periodicals. I have reported this fraudulent action to my bank and to the police. I will put this on our neighborhood blog for their awareness.
Since I can't submit this without selecting a star I've selected one star. But I would give this company a minus 10 if possible.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


Review: This company took my order for a Fatheres Day gift on ONE magizine subscription for 12 issues (1 MOnth). They have placed 5 charges for the $29.95 against my bank account all back to back and daily. Each one has a different confirmation number ! My Bank has CLOSED my bank account due to FRAUD. When Icalled them they refuse to issue credits to my account and say that even if they have already received their money once they continue to put the card back thru a pending process for the next f days. I spoke to my bank who has informed me that they have paid them twice at this point and they have two maore charges pending!! I am very upset not only have they taken the money out of my account twice already but they are continuing to charge agains my bank account and they refuse to credit me back. The Bank has froze all of my accounts and I now can not go get my needed medications because of their fraud.My bank is Bank of the West ([redacted]) ###-###-####I am so upset this is theft and now I can't even touch my own money[redacted]Desired Settlement: I want all of my Money back and they owe me for inconvience !! What I have to go get a title loan to eat for the next 10 days because of their fraud. I have [redacted]. But my accounts are all froze because of them.



In response:

Due to the resolution of the original complaint we have already refunded and canceled the magazine subscription in full in accordance with the consumer's original desired settlement. It's very upsetting to us and misguided that the consumer feels we are punishing them simply because they contacted the which is absolutely not the case, especially since we simply gave them their desired resolution. Unfortunately, I believe that there was simply a misunderstanding by the consumer while reading the bank account details between the payment card authorization and the actual settlement of the transaction and possibly some bad advice along the way because there was only one transaction settlement which you can see from the consumer's own financial statements provided as proof of payment on 6/**/13 for 29.95. Even if there were multiple transactions that were reversed the alleged transactions would show here too.

To address the consumer's concerns about closing the payment card account used to originally purchase the subscription, even if the consumer closed the specific payment card originally used in the transaction the financial institution must resolve the credit now issued to the closed payment card as per their payment card agreement. I do not have the consumers payment card agreement details but every institution we've dealt with will simply have this credit sitting on the previous payment card number (even if its "closed" it still exists for a period of time) and it is simply transferred to the consumers new payment card account or issued to them in a credit payment in some form. This is a very common occurrence in the payment card industry so all card agreements have to account for it in some way or another. If the consumer still believes they will never get the credit, we recommend that they call their financial institution that issued the payment card and simply charge back against the payment for $29.95, which is always an option for a payment card customer and frankly why we have a 100% money-back guarantee because as a merchant I would much rather simply refund a customer than have a charge-back processed against our merchant account.

To avoid any future issues we would simply ask that the consumer simply purchase the subscription from any other number of vendors that sell the subscription.

Kind Regards


Vice President of Operations



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here] Firsat off this was a gift for Father's Day !! When I spoke with the VP of this company I was very specific that I did want for my Father to receive the magazine. That my Bank had finally fixed their trying to charge my credit card so many times. I am not some kid who does not know how to read a financial statement. The Vice President made it abundantly CLEAR "That he was Canceling the already paid for subscription to the Model Airplane magizine" as a PUNISHMENT for me "Having the nerve to report the company in the first place" ! There was NO MISTAKE ABOUT HIS WORDING of just that !!

I want to make sure other people are warned about this man "[redacted] " the vice president, how they over charge your credit Card and mis-use your credit information... Then when you do what any normal person would do and Report them to the He makes sure you do not receive the product you have paid for "[redacted]" you from ordering and then further treats you like a child by "PUNISHING YOU" for turning him and the Company in for their attempted Fraud!! I will pre-warn everyone I know not to use this company and have mad sure all the west coast Model Airplane -Hobby clubs are aware of this company's actions so that they can choose to deal with a Good Company that will not cheat them and then use any action as a reason to punish the consumer.

Thank you

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