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Maldini's Ristorante Italiano

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I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]

Review: I ordered a pizza from this establishment for delivery through [redacted] their preferred method of order on their website. I was given an estimated time of delivery. Thirty to Forty minutes after estimated delivery time it was delivered cold. Which means I waited over an hour and a half to receive a cold pizza. Upon calling the restaurant and asking to speak to the [redacted] my call was initially disconnected. I called back and spoke with a [redacted] (sp?) he had an accent and really couldn't understand his name, which I had to ask him for he did not identify himself when he got on the phone. I explained the pizza was cold and late and he told me they were busy and behind on their deliveries. He also said they couldn't control how many orders they receive from [redacted]. I then asked him if they can't deliver pizzas why are they accepting orders. He immediately got defensive and stated, "I am not going to teach him how to run his business." Which made me angry. That is very unprofessional and certainly not customer oriented. After arguing he explained he was the [redacted]. I informed him that his mouth just cost him my business for the life of the business. He then wanted to explain why they were behind or why grubhub causes issues, I don't know and don't care. I do not appreciate a business acting like my time wasted waiting for something they said they could deliver within a reasonable time but couldn't is an inconvenience to them. That offering, with an elitist nasty attitude, to send me another pizza in another hour is somehow even appropriate. Not once apologizing for my inconvenience. I wasn't able to find them listed on which is about right because they clearly are not a respectable owned business.Desired Settlement: I require an apology for the loss of my time waiting for their pizza. I require an apology for the [redacted] lack of manners or for someone to tell him this isn't where ever he is from and just because he feels it ok to talk to women like they are beneath him it doesn't work that way here. I got my money back through [redacted] so I do not need a reimbursement but I can not get my time back and I have to now find another source of food. Their time is not the only time worth something.

Review: We picked up food for carryout and upon getting home in middle of eating we noticed a roach in the food. I took it back to maldinis and was told I put it in the food myself I was asked to leave and was threatened to have the police called on me for speaking about in the restaurant in front of other patrons. The owner/manager then got up in my face and stared to tell me I was soft trying to start a confrontation but that's not why I was there. I went back with a legitimate complaint and was treated like a criminal/scam artist. This is not about the money at all because I didn't accept a refund from them this about unsafe and unhealthy conditions for a restaurant. Not to mention the unprofessional was my it was handled.



In regards to complaint #[redacted]This person came to my restaurant and made a huge scene. He threw the foodcontainer onto the counter and began shouting profanities. He was offered arefund, which he refused. He was informed that the bug in his food did notcome from our kitchen, that it was impossible due to the strict standards wekeep to maintain a clean kitchen. After this he went from table to table ofour dining patrons telling them that we serve bugs in our food, and startedmaking an even bigger scene, making all of my customers nervous. They allthought that he was drunk. The police were called and he was told that hewas never allowed to return to, or place a delivery order with Maldini'sever again. There was NO roach in his food. There was a tiny little bug,the kind that flies around your porch light at night. It did NOT come frommy kitchen! We have never had any incident of this occurring at Maldini's,EVER! We have attached a copy of our health department evaluation with thisemail,( please make sure that it shows up on your site!) stating that ourkitchen received perfect marks. There were No violations, No hazards, Noinsect issues! In fact, Mr. [redacted] sent the very health inspector whofound my kitchen to have zero violations, thus proving that the bug issuedid not come from my establishment. We tried to still be accommodating tothis customer by offering him a refund, but he was intent on making a sceneand having the police called. What else could we have possibly done torectify a situation that was not even our fault? We have a great reputationin this city, and in our neighborhood. If he continues to slander our namepublicly through social media or by any other means and threatening my smalland local business, we will be forced to take legal action.Sincerely,[redacted]



I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]


Review: I have been going Maldinis for about 6 years spending up to $100 sometimes. The food has always been good, and I've even referred friends to Maldinis. Tonight, Sep 5, 2014, my son and I went in to the restaurant like we do most Fridays. We ordered a salad and a Stromboli with same extra sauce on the side. I couldn't wait to dip into the food, especially the sauce. I was so SHOCKED that the sauce tasted like they opened a can of tomato sauce (with no spices at all)! I complained to the waiter and he offered me ranch dressing. Who ever heard of using ranch dressing on a Stromboli! My son ate his salad and a couple pieces of the Stromboli. I could not eat anything because the Stromboli tasted dry. The waiter brought the bill and I asked to speak to the [redacted]. I sat there for about 20 mins. or so until I finally asked the waiter where the [redacted] was. As it turned out, the [redacted] was also the [redacted] who didn't have time to talk with me! The [redacted] came over and said she was sorry that I didn't like the sauce but did I ask for the marinare sauce. She said if this was the first time in 6 years I was unhappy, then that was good and the [redacted] would offer the other sauce and nothing else. I said that after being a customer of 6 years I felt I shouldn't have to pay for the Stromboli like any other reputable restaurant would do to keep a customer. My son got upset and the '[redacted]' finally came out and basically said he was too busy and he would take care of it the next time (which there will not be a next time). In the meantime the woman [redacted] started smarting off to my son and I told her to stop talking to him (a customer) like that. She said she could talk to him anyway she wanted and for me to basically shut up as we were distributing other customers. I said you're going to lose a customer over $20 and she said yes. Then two waiters starting to yell at my son and they threatened to call the police if we didn't leave. I finally convinced my son to leave.Desired Settlement: I'd like an apology to both my son and I from the [redacted] and especially the extremely rude assistant [redacted] (woman) and the two waiters who shouldn't have been involved in the first place.



I apologize that this customer was not happy with her sauce. The recipe has not changed since we opened our doors in 2005. This customer did, in fact, eat the majority of her meal & still took the left overs home with said sauce. In all honesty this complaint had nothing to do with sauce. Her son has been problematic that night and previous nights due to alcohol consumption. He goes around my restaurant flashing a fake police badge & making scenes. This has happened more than once. He uses his fake badge to try and intimidate my staff, who all know he is NOT a police officer, often times interfering with the dining experience of my other customers. Just last week he tried to get my server to get him an espresso with sambuca (alcohol) to go! My server told him that was against the law, at which time he flashed that ridiculous badge, & my server still told him NO!

I apologize if his mother felt uncomfortable, but he has caused too many problems too many times and it was time for him to leave, he was drunk and disorderly and was causing a scene in my business. My other customers thanked me for having asked him to leave. There was a reason that 4 people had to participate in his removal from the restaurant. I will not apologize to him.


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Description: Restaurants, Full-Service Restaurants (NAICS: 722511)

Address: 4811 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, Virginia, United States, 23225-3143


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