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Manny's TV & Appliance, Inc.

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bought a new gas stove and received it broken. Their service does not care enough to fix it quickly, it has faulty electricity on the gas stove - isn't that a combo you want in your house, they will fix it when they have time.

I had a replacement on an air conditioner I just wanted fixed, loved it.this is the third one and my first time ever having a room air conditioner.I called all last week, they stated they would send a tech out or I was told by [redacted] that I could get a vouchr for what I initially paid for. then I called the frigidare corperate number and spoke to [redacted] who stated she was the highest person I could speak to on this matter. I use an a inhaler , which I use twice a day, also chronic neouropathy in my feet and severve burning and pain is extreme. my back, my orthepeditic surgeon said is un-operable. I lost a lower disk and then he found a defect in the hip, and living with a herniated disc, and 4 in my neck. I called mannys service dept. today and he laughed when I sais I was legally disabled and stated his store would not help.he said what do want the ac for to hang meat in your room?then he asked why my mother who is 80 doesn't turn on central air? I told him she gets cold. he then said, well since you have central air I'm ending this call, and hung up on me. I just wanted someone to ck the constant ringing of this product, and has to be on 62-60 to be slightly cold. the cooperate office, [redacted] will not assist me. she stated after 3 gone bad we are done. it is not my fault, they make faulty items. I asked if they had one like my previous one, and a tech below [redacted] at the cooperate office said yes,its on the floor as display but damaged and discontinued. why would they have a faulty item out, and many treating me and as well as not putting things fully together and 6 months later showing up.this store personel and customer service is awful. unless you are purchasing something , they are not friendly and if you call by phone, they basically yell at you,[redacted] in the[redacted]. horrible man, and I think awful with customers. I will never shop there again, but I would like this issue looked at. I am so upset and was attacked verbally on the phone.Product_Or_Service: frig, room air conditionerOrder_Number: waXXXX-XDesired Settlementreplacement or a voucher, since I have had issues with their products, I think its time to leave frigidare and move on. I loved my last unit, why they just don't fix them , truly makes no sense.they are sending a tech out , one of theirs and being on their side I know the out come. it shouldn't be hot in a room with ac on 60, but it is and I can barely breathe due to asthma. thank-youBusiness Response Mrs. Rodolakis contacted Manny's TV on 6/22/2011 and stated her a/c was not working correctly so manny's replaced and installed at no charge.Mrs. Rodolakis contacted Manny's TV on 6/13/2012 and stated her a/c was not working correctly so manny's replaced and installed at no charge.Mrs. Rodolakis contacted Manny's TV on 6/22/2012 and stated her a/c was not working correctly so manny's replaced and installed at no charge.Mrs. Rodolakis contacted Manny's TV on 8/11/2012 and stated her a/c was not working correctly so manny's replaced and installed at no charge.Mrs. Rodolakis contacted Manny's TV on 5/01/2013 and stated her a/c was not working correctly so manny's replaced and installed at no charge.Mrs. Rodolakis contacted Manny's TV on 7/02/2013 and stated her a/c was not working correctly so manny's replaced and installed at no charge.We spoke to Frigidaire about this problem and they sent there own technician to Manny's to diagnosed the a/c's each time and deemed no problem working correctly on each one. Mrs [redacted] contacted Frigidaire 7/14/2014 directly and they decided to exchange her a/c at no charge under customer satisfaction. We contacted Mrs [redacted] 8/1 to confirm that she is happy and all set, which she said yes.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)[redacted] at Mannys is not telling the truth. they never sent one of their techs here to ck units. at 8000 btus they do not diagnose at all, they take and replace. frigidares manager sent a tech out and he stated that this unit was too small for this room. [redacted] never cked the size of this room since the beginning, 3 yrs ago, never. [redacted] called me asked me a lot of questions, all I said to him was a tech came out, wrong size, not happy! he contacted frig. and asked the manager why she did that and why they told me the truth, many , [redacted] was lying. he stated if you have central air I'm hanging up. he also stated he has been here, my mother verified he never has been to this house. he said yrs ago. well I didn't live here yrs ago? so the manager called another company and they are delivering the correct size this week a 10,000 btu, not an 8000, and on the call on 8/1 he still stated no u are wrong, its an 8000 for that room. he offered to give my money bk to go some where else, no money yet? on the 1st he stated he was mannys partner, I asked him 3 times are u sure because I know many most likely had no partners. then he said I never said that , I said he was my boss. [redacted] treats plp terribly, and I feel he shouldn't deal with customers, yelling at them. now I know why my asthma has gotten worse, 3 yrs of being warm due to wrong size unit, I asked the first time , can u measure the room. they didn't want to be bothered and NEVER did it.I never said I was happy ever on the first, I said another company dealing with it now, because mannys didn't want me calling there and told me as a customer don't call, they also never sent a tech out , which I asked for. [redacted] wanted to know who, he kept asking who, I said no not replying, he then called the manager at frigidare and asked why I was told it was the wrong size, they stated because she has the right to know! I AM NOT HAPPY, 3 YRS AND NO ONE COULD JUST MEASURE THE ROOM? THIS IS WRONG AND I'M SURE[redacted] TREATS OTHER CUSTOMERS THE SAME. mannys should not be keeping my money, it should go to frig.

We purchased an apartment style, stacked washer/dryer combination in [redacted] 2013, and agreed to have Manny's install it. In so doing the installers jammed the machine in, such as to squeeze the dryer vent against the wall, causing it to malfunction from day 1. When we complained, the service manager and others kept trying to blame other aspects, primarily the venting. They insulted my intelligence alleging that lint, which NEVER interfered with the prior dryer (replaced due to heating element burn out)was a pre-existing problem, caused by flexible piping. After replacing the venting going into the attic, having a new exit hole built into the wall, to shorten the distance, the problem persisted. An independent repairman found the problem, which went right back to the installation BY MANNY'S CONTRACTORS/EMPLOYEES. When their poor workmanship was repaired, the venting was fine. We suffered a year of literally no dryer, with condescending lies from Manny's personnel, whose only expertise is avoiding responsibility. Suffice to say, I'll never set foot in that place again.Product_Or_Service: Frigidare Washer DryerOrder_Number:[redacted]XAccount_Number: [redacted]XXXXXDesired SettlementHaving gone a year without dryer services, and spending [redacted] to have the relatively simple solution to the problem Manny's agents caused, applied, AT THE VERY LEAST reimbursement of the [redacted] would be appropriate, though an additional [redacted] for the year of incredulous avoidance of responsibility and inconvenience would be appropriate.Business Response [redacted] spoke with Mr. [redacted] regarding the repair that was due to his home venting. Mr. [redacted] said he hired a person to relocate the vent hole in the wall which tells us the venting was not correctly installed. This is not a procedure which delivery would due and was told that at time of sale. We wanted to work with Mr. [redacted] and requested a copy of the bill to reimburse him, he said that he didn't get one. Still have not received a copy to reimburse himConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Contrary to the misspelling loaded reply - including my name, while it is true that the vent hole had to be repositioned, that was obvious to his installers, who said nothing of it. Instead, they jammed the appliance against the venting, cutting the exhaust off at the very source. For a full year they disingenuously pointed to every other aspect of the venting, and NEVER simply pulled out the appliance to see their installers' "handy-work," subjecting us to a full year of improper operation. THE PROBLEM WAS CAUSED BY THEIR INSTALLERS, AND THEY NEVER PROPERLY INVESTIGATED IT. It may be arguable as to whether the installers should have actually done the work to allow proper operation, but they certainly should have apprised us, and, moreso, MANNY'S SHOULD HAVE PROPERLY INVESTIGATED, RATHER THAN POINTING IN EVERY DIRECTION BUT TO THEMSELVES. The receipt has been sent. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)They have yet to perform. Statement was sent via USPS, and is copied below: Date[redacted]Invoice #[redacted]Bill To[redacted] & [redacted] XXXXX[redacted] XXXXX[redacted]Total(XXX) XXX-XXXXQuantity Description AmountRemoved new existing washing machine/dryer combo from closet, determined thatinstallers had flattened the dryer exhaust hose while installing to fit in existingcloset. Cut out section of drywall behind washer/dryer for clearance of new hose.Installed new hose and slid washer/dryer back into closet. Checked outside forfunction of hose and determined there was proper airflow with machine running.[redacted]In attic, shortened existing dryer vent hose and rerouted to front wall with installingnew vent on exterior to stay within parameters of optimal length for exhaust hose.[redacted]Final Business Response Thank you for the invoice, a refund check will be sent out in the next 7-10 business days.

Complaint Unhappy with Washing Machine that was sold to me. Does not fit my needs for washing. Not explained. TOLD me I cannot return it. No policy on returns.I purchased a Maytag Centennial washing machine with Commercial Tehnology on 5/13 from [redacted]" at the [redacted]'s store in Hadley,Mass. Machine was Delivered 5/17 in the afternoon. First wash was one top sheet & one bottom. Very little water goes in new high-tech machine. Machine could not handle two sheets. Bounced and moved across floor. BOUNCED bad. Because Top locks I could not get open. When stopped. Sheet was not spinned dry It was soaking wet. Manual says it will probably not do big items. IF I HAD KNOWN this I would never purchased it. I am very unhappy how little water goes in. Clothes are slapped around with very little water. I need to do rugs & blankets alot. I WAS NOT INFORMED that this machine is not capable. I WENT in very next day - MAY 18 at 10:00 AM. AND told [redacted] - [redacted] (who I have used for years and boughts thousands and thousands of dollars of merchandise from)..that I was unhappy and did not like this machine. I said if I had seen a demonstration in store. I WOULD NEVER PURCHASED IT. I said I would like to exchange for another. HE SAID NO RETURNS!!!!!!!THeir receipts and web site says nothing about returns. He flatly refused to do ANYTHING for me. I am in shock after all the business my family has given this company. I'm not asking for my money back. I want an old fashioned machine that does not have a sensor to decide how much water to put in my machine. I want one that doesn't bounce and bang across my floor. I could never put this one upstairs in my home. I was expecting better service. These machines were not clearly described to me as to how little you can do. I have big foam dog beds that I have to wash. WATER won't cover these!!!! I want to get another machine. I was given no choices - but to leave the store very unhappy and thinking I'm never ever going to do business with these people again. I am not stuck with a $699.00 machine that does not wash my clothes. AND [redacted]'s really doesn't care. I guess that speech on tv..about giving good service cause "we live here" by [redacted] himself is really worthless.Desired SettlementI would like [redacted]'s to take back this machine and let me purchase another washing machine. I am willing to pay more if I have to in order to get a machine that will fit my needs to wash my clothes. I've always used Maytags. First Maytag lasted me 30 years. This last Maytag is 16 years old.

I purchased a refrigerator from Mannys and shortly after I I started having problems with it freezing my food. They came four times and finally said they did all they could and not to put my food in the Christer drawer. Now it freezes food in different areas of the refrigerator and has stopped making ice altogether. I called [redacted] (the brand of appliance). They said it was out of warranty but they would they would authorize a repair since I had been having trouble from the beginning. They recommended a repair company who came to look but never returned to do the repair. I called [redacted] again they gave me the names of other companies to call but tried to push me into paying for an extended warranty. I asked why since the problem was from thebeginning of purchase. She said it would be approximately $200. I have since thrown away bags of Vegs. and fruit that have frozen. Each time it is repaired and it continues to freeze.Product_Or_Service: [redacted] counter depth refrigeratorDesired SettlementAt this point I am afraid to go shopping. After all of the repairs and the problems seem to be mounting up. I think that the appliance is a lemon and I would like a replacement. Business Response 8/8/2013 MANNYS SERVICE TECKNICIAN REPLACED FAULTY THERMASTAT AND CONTROL BOARD AT NO CHARGE. TESTED PROPER OPERATION. NO CALL BACK FROM CUSTOMERConsumer Response Thank you for your response. Manny's has not heard from me because I did not think that there was a point. I still have some produce freezing and I was told not to have food too close to the walls of the frige. I really can't imagine trying to do that. I called [redacted] the maker of the refrigerator and they want me to purchase an extended warranty. I have had problems with the frige since the very beginning. My problem is not solved and I am currently saving up for another refrigerator. I will never purchase anything from Mannys in the future. Considering the fact that I have already purchased numerous appliances, washers, air conditioners etc. and now I am not a valued enough customer to replace a faulty product that I bought from them.

I bought a Viking dishwasher ,from the moment it did not work,no hot water,no drying,and the soap door did not open.try to return it [redacted] Refused I bought a viking dishwasher XX-XX-XX received it XX-XX-XX it was installed the very same day it did not work. I call the service dept they tell me they dont repair Viking dishwasher , I said how can sell something and dont repair it. I call Viking customer service a numerous time. a repair man came out from 75mi away. at this point I do not want this thing and try to return it [redacted] would not take it back. I paid $2071.86 VDB451SS. And I call lots of time to speak to the manger, dont not receive any call back. they did tell me to use more Jet dry.Paid with a CCDesired Settlementi bought another dishwasher from someone else and it word greatBusiness Response On 10/15/13, Ms.[redacted] came to our store and specifically requested a Viking dishwasher, model VDB451SS. She declined our offer to professionally install the dishwasher and chose to pick it up herself on 11/4/13. On 11/10/13, Ms. [redacted] returned to our store, complaining of various problems with the dishwasher and demanding to return it for a full refund. Following standard procedure, we offered to send an authorized Viking service technician to her home to assess the situation. Ms. [redacted] refused to allow anyone to go to her home to inspect the dishwasher and repeated her demand for a full refund. During this discussion, it was revealed that the dishwasher had been installed by Ms. [redacted]'s husband, who may not be qualified to do the installation. Because this is a high-performance, professional quality dishwasher, it is especially important that the installation be done properly to ensure that the dishwasher performs as it was designed to. We continued to attempt to resolve the situation amicably, but Ms. [redacted] has steadfastly refused to allow us to inspect a dishwasher which we have reason to believe was installed incorrectly. She refuses to return our phone calls and has issued a chargeback through her credit card company. We strongly believe that this situation could have been, and still could be, resolved fairly to the satisfaction of all parties, if Ms. [redacted] would allow a technician to examine the dishwasher, as is normal procedure in these situations. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Everything In there letter is a LIE [redacted]'s and his managers should be ahame of their self for say so many lies . [redacted]'s did refund my money but a comumer should not have to be treated like this , I will Never buy anything from [redacted]'s again and I will tell my story to everyone who going to buy a appliance, how was treated . Being told you you Bought it you owe it, is no way to handle a defected products, and then [redacted]'s TV , Were better because we live here. He to change that saying. D. VFinal Business Response When the customer finally allowed a Viking servicer to go to her home, it was determined that there was indeed a defect in the dishwasher. Because a defect was found, [redacted]'s was required by law to issue a refund to the customer. If a defect had not been found, we would not have taken back the dishwasher. It should be obvious from the tone of this customer's correspondence that she has never had any intention of co-operating with us on this matter. I, for one, don't appreciate being called a liar by someone who obviously has a bad case of buyer's remorse.

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