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Marcus U A V Corp

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Review: MARCUS UAV accepted full payment - USD 32,396 for product and did not deliver as per Purchase Order. No product has been shipped and full prepayment (USD 32,396) has not been refunded.

PO and Wire transfer of funds - December 11 2013

Expected Delivery (2 weeks) - December 30 2014

No delivery

Cancel PO and request refund - January 20 2014 Desired Settlement: Full refund of USD 32,396.

Review: In April of 2012, I flew from the Southeast out to Tacoma Washington and met with Marcus UAV owner [redacted]. He tried to give me a demonstration of the zephyr uav, but the weather conditions didn't permit a full demonstration. However, I was satisfied with the performance of his product and his knowledge of the technology. We paid $9,700.00 in full for a zephyr uav from marcus uav. We were told delivery would be within 60 days. For 8 months they kept making up excuses of why delays were happening. In January of 2013 they stopped responding at all. In Feb. 2013 We sent a letter asking for a refund. They replied and asked us to give them 30 days to deliver. After them not making that deadline we asked for the refund. He, [redacted] (owner), then stopped all communication with us and refused to refund. We talked to our local District Attorney about it and he said it was a case of intent to defraud. When we sent a certified letter to Marcus UAV and told them we expected a refund or the DA would file charges against them, they started sending snide comments to us via email and text and telling us we would never get anything from them. We wish we could get a refund, they never answer any of our calls now. We had a friend of ours call and pose as a new customer, they told him to send full payment up front and they would deliver the product within 60 days. Our local DA also told me recently there is an indictment in Alabama for them on fraud charges. I can get proof of this and show it here if it helps anyone else from being scammed by them.Desired Settlement: Refund of $9700.00

Review: The product has missed the promised delivery deadline and very slow response.At first, they had a very good & prompt response in replying my email inquires. We ([redacted]) made an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) purchase from Marcus UAV Inc. on Oct 10th, 2012. They promised to deliver the product by the end of the month if we make a 100% full payment. So, we made a full payment and hoping that we can have the product soon. They told us to come for the training and pick up the product on Oct 31st but they cancelled and postponed to Nov 15. Few days before our flight departure date, this date was also cancelled and postponed for second time. After few months of silence with very little email responses from them (used to be good, but we understand they might be busy working on our order), they finally replied our email and told that we could come for training and pick up the product on March 25th, 2013. We sent them another email to confirm the date but again they kept silence. We proceed with flight and hotel bookings thinking that everything was going according to the plan. They finally replied and told us that the training has been cancelled. This was too late because we already arrived in US. This was the third time they broke their promise.At the time of writing this complaint, we are still in US and trying to reach them but still haven't received any email replies and they didn't answer our phone calls. We felt that they are taking us for granted or worst; a scam. We made some few internet searches and Marcus UAV seems to be legit and has some good reviews from the press such as [redacted]. But we still hope that can verify their establishment.This delay costs us too much loss especially due to their lack of responds on important calls/emails, we had made a trip to US and stranded here without any further news from them. We have tons of project to be delivered but without this UAV we cannot execute them and get any income.

Product_Or_Service: UAV complete system with multi-spectral camera

Order_Number: Invoice #[redacted]Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

If they cannot deliver the product by early May 2013, we asked for full refund and compensation on flight, hotel & accommodation costs. Another option is to remove a component called 'multi-spectral camera' from the UAV unit in order to expedite the building process. We were acknowledged that this component had caused a major delay. They may consider using the 'regular RGB camera' instead. Please do give us any feedback to discuss on this matter before any legal action is made.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/05/08) */

Marcus UAV feels that this issue has been resolved. A meeting on 5/8/2013 at 12pm to deliver the UAV and complete the training as been arrange between an employee of Marcus UAV and [redacted]. If we can work to closing this complaint I think Mr. [redacted] would agree that there is no need to continue. Thank you.

Consumer's Final Response /* (2000, 8, 2013/06/14) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Thank you for assisting us in resolving this issue. Marcus UAV indeed had respond to my request and we met on May 8 2012. I feel sorry for Marcus UAV for not closing this case earlier. Now we communicate as usual. They are back on track. The customer support now is good as we had in the very beginning. Thank you and Marcus UAV for resolving this issue collectively.

Review: We ordered a Zephyr 2 UAV system and made full payment to MarcusUAV on the 9/4/13. Payment was acknowledged via email on the 10/4/13. Also in this email MarcusUAV estimated the shipping date for the 10/5/13. The system was not received by the 10/5/13 so an email was sent enquiring on the status. We received no reply. A second email was sent on the 2/6/13 and was acknowledged. In this email MarcusUAV said they would travel to Australia in July to deliver and train us on the system. We had heard nothing by the end of July so we sent another request expressing our concern at how long everything was taking. MarcusUAV replied saying it would now be the end of August when they came to Australia. Follow up emails sent 4/9/13 went unanswered. Email sent on 1/10/13 setting deadline of 11/10/13 for delivery otherwise a request for a full refund would be made. No reply. Another email sent on the 7/10/13 was not replied to. Official request for refund made on the 12/10/13. We stated that we required a full refund by the 18th of October otherwise we would lodge an official complaint with the 20/10/13 no refund received and complaint lodged.

We believe we have been more than reasonable in dealing with MarcusUAV and have given them every opportunity to fulfil their obligations. They never indicated any reason why they could not ship the product. Therefore, the only conclusion we can draw is that we have been the victim of a scam and that the product we ordered does not exist.

Summary of our dealings with MarcusUAV

First enquiry email sent: 14/3/13

Quote Received: 28/3/13

Payment made: 9/4/13 USD$18 345

Payment acknowledged: 10/4/13

Estimated shipping date from MarcusUAV: 10/5/13

First request on shipping status : 24/5/13 (No reply)

Second request on shipping status: 2/6/13

Proposed new delivery from MarcusUAV: July 2013

Third request on shipping status: 30/7/13

Proposed new delivery from MarcusUAV: End of August 2013

Fourth request on shipping status: 4/9/13 (No reply)

Fifth request on shipping status: 1/10/13 (No reply)

Sixth request on shipping status: 7/10/13 (No reply)

Request for refund made: 12/10/13 (No reply)

Complaint lodged with 20/10/13Desired Settlement: Full and immediate refund of $18345



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 13, 2013/11/26) */

Order cancelled. Refund being issued.

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 15, 2013/11/28) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Marcusuav sent an email on the 16th of November saying "I am working on your refund. We hope to have this resolved within the next week." which we accept.

However, it is now the 29th of November and I have not seen a refund. I will not close this issue until the funds are in our account.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 27, 2014/04/14) */


This complaint is still unresolved. The business has refused to refund my money after they have promised to do so. I have had a debt collection firm chase them with no luck.

I'm from Australia and not familiar with US law so I would like to know what my legal options are to try and recover my money. If somebody could let me know who I should talk to and how I should proceed in regards to this matter that would be most appreciated.


Review: In April 2014, I ordered from MarcusUAV Inc. a UAV system for agricultural purposes and paid in full the amount of $31, 895 as requested by the company. They promised a delivery time of 2-6 weeks.

It has now been 9 months since I ordered the product, and I still have received nothing.

In response to my mutiple emails asking for an explanation, the company promised delivery in august, then in september, then in november, then in december, and finally in january 2015, but I still have received nothing but excuses.Desired Settlement: I would like to have your help in getting either the product I ordered or a complete refund.

Review: The company I represented approved the purchase of a Zepyhr Unmanned Aerial Vehichle in March 2013, with an expected delivery date of 6 weeks. In June the company sited manufacture issues, so we decided to cancel the contact and request a refund. The company acknowledge our request and continued to try and provide the equipment. They finally accepted our request but wanted one more chance to deliver, with the stimulation that if we didn't like equipment, they would process our refund, that was on August 28, 2013. There delivery date was estimative to be September 30. We have not received the equipment, our refund, and the lead representative has failed to return calls or emails over the past 30 days.We would like to receive our $10,075 refund.

Product_Or_Service: MarcusUAV

Order_Number: [redacted]

Account_Number: $10,090.00

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

return of our funds in full...



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2013/10/30) */

Contact Name and Title: [redacted]

Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Contact Email: [redacted]

The Customer [redacted] requested a refund which is currently in process. We will follow up on confirmation once the refund has been completed.

Review: Dear sir/madam,

I have contacted MarcusUAV since 1st Feb 2013. At the beginning, they are very aggressive in marketing and we have communicate closely. Our deal is I have to sign an agreement with Marcus UAV to become their dealer here in Malaysia. In return I will purchased a complete Zephyr II Marcus UAV from them. Which I did. I have signed the agreement on Feb 15, 2014 and on the same day I have TT the amount of USD12,105 to their given account.

I have the proof for all the signed agreement and also the payment proof. I can submit or email it to you if required.

First they promise to deliver once the export license is approved. Which is within 1-3 months. After more than 3 months there is no update o what so ever from MarcusUAV. When I emailed them for an update, they said they are in process of upgrading it to a better version Zephyr III and I will get the better version instead of the old one. So they ask me to wait again. Then no news for another 3 months.

In December 2013, the owner [redacted] contacted me and said they lost my documentation. I have email all the signed documents and proof of payment to him. Then there is no news again.

Until today, exactly more than a year, there is still no news of delivery and they didn't offer me any solution even though I have email a few times.

This problem has made me lose a lot of potential businesses and projects as I keep delaying my clients because I trust their system and their words. It is totally irresponsible and dishonest in doing business this way. There are many MarcusUAV advertisement in our local websites. I hope they are genuine manufacturer, otherwise there will be many victims like me. Hope you can help because we are from oversea so it is hard for us to take an action. I believe US is a country with highest respect of law. Thank you.

Desired Settlement: Full refund.

Thank you.

Review: On the 26th of September 2014 our company ordered a Marcus UAV Deluxe Package from Marcus UAV and made the full payment up front. Marcus UAV confirmed payment in writing and gave a delivery date of 25 November 2014.This date came and passed without us receiving our drone. When making an inquiry, they promised we will receive the drone by 15 December. According to [redacted], the sales executive, they experienced delivery problems with their suppliers. Again this date came and went without receiving our drone. Consecutively a date was proposed by [redacted] for the 25th of January. Today it is the 2nd of March and still we have not receive our fully paid up drone. We eventually phoned [redacted] by 2 occurrences, where [redacted] promised to come back to us with a delivery date. Needless to say, she never gave us such a date. After Googling Marcus UAV, we discovered that this is the typical modus operandi of Marcus UAV, with very few clients having received their orders, even after waiting for a full year.Desired Settlement: Refund the total amount of $36 770.00 to our company

Review: We made an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) purchase from Marcus UAV Inc. on 22nd June, 2012. They promised to ship the the product by 20th July if we made a 100% full payment of $18800 USD, which we paid. The product did not arrive, We then received advice it would be shipped in October 2012, again it did not arrive. In December 2012 they advised the delay was due to additional research and development and we would be satified with the end product. In June 2013 they then advised the delay was due to dramatic updates to the hardware they were using.

We requested a full refund in August 2013, and received long email going into detail about issues and assured us they would ship the goods in September 2013. We have continually tried to contact the supplier since then for a refund or delivery of goods since this time but have not received any reply. It is now December 2013 They are still advertising on the internet and I notice other Disputes have been resolved with the BBC intervention. I hope you can assist us also.Desired Settlement: We would like a full refund from the company of $18800 USD. They have been provided with bank account details already to the email address on their website.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/12/23) */

Customer contacted for resolution preference.

Review: Paid for UAV 8 weeks ago and no communication on delivery date to date. They acknowledged receipt of money but they don't reply emails on delivery date. I am very frustrated. Desired Settlement: I want to review the order to scale it down and get some refund. I want to know precisely when the order will ship.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 17, 2014/06/27) */

Dear [redacted],

I apologize that you have had a difficult time and it is unfortunate that your location has banned UAVs as you told me. As per your request in our recent communications, due to the ban a refund will be processed. Please continue to contact us directly regarding the status of your refund.

Thank you.


Review: hi there,Im [redacted] from UAE ( United Arab Emirates ) , I got trouble with these company ( ) , I make an order for one of their product and I deposit the total money in their company account on 28-06-2012.they said during 8 weeks , my order will be ready . 8 week passed, I sent them , they said we need more 4 week. I wait for another 4 week and sent again the same execution , we need more time because we are upgrading our system and you gonna get the new upgrade for free ! just give us more 8 week !!8 week passed, No body contact me ,, I sent emails after emails but I didn't got any reply ! all that's story happened with the guy name [redacted] / sales manger.On 8/25/2013 I received an email from [redacted] said that my order will be completely ready for shipment by the end of September, I reply I don't want the product any more !!Until now I didn't receive any thing ! I have the money transaction copy and save all the emails with the company.My Mobile # +XXXXXXXXXXXXRegards,[redacted]

Product_Or_Service: UAV ( Unmanned Aeiral Vehicle )

Order_Number: [redacted]

Account_Number: Invoice No : [redacted]

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I just want my money back that's all I don't want there product any more, I don't trust them



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/12/23) */

Customer has been contacted for refund information. Sorry things didn't work out.

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 15, 2014/02/10) */

From: [redacted]

Sent: Wednesday, February 05, XXXX X:XX PM

To: complaints

Subject: RE: Complaint Case# [redacted] (Ref#XX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-X-XXXX)

Hi there,

Until now I didn't receive any thing from that company [redacted] although I sent them email.

Please, tell me what should I do ..


Review: Failure to deliver the goods in accordance with the contract,or refundDesired Settlement: we hope recieve refund ASAP.

Review: Paid for product in July, flew out to pick up end of August 2013, not ready, promissiing product every 90 days, still no productDesired Settlement: Refund of money or immediate delivery

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