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Mark F. Olson DDS

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Review: Here is a copy of my last email to Dr. Olson's office. [redacted] his wife and bookkeeper will not negotiate. I feel strongly that they misled me in respect to co-pays on the procedures their office performed. [redacted] insists to her collection service that I knew there would be a co-pay on this service, which is exactly the opposite from the truth. Please read the following email text I sent on January 21st, 2014. Dear [redacted]: I have left you and Dr. Olson phone messages disputing your insistence that I owe you a balance for dental work performed in 2012. Please be advised, as I have advised your collection service, that I still firmly believe that you over-billed me after exceeding my yearly limits on my plan without consulting me first. My wife and I have researched this matter thoroughly with our insurance provider and can only reach one conclusion. The plan covered the procedure (in full) but could not pay what you billed because you exceeded the yearly cap. You then made adjustments to my bill and implied that my insurance company was not going to cover the full amount. The ending result was the $150.00 overage that you proceeded to bill me with and has now led to a collection proceeding. Now I am forced to dispute the charges and counter any moves you make as long as you insist that the bill is valid (which it is not). You should have known what my yearly limits were from the beginning, as I told you "I did not ever want to pay out of pocket" when I initially agreed to sign up with your practice. I will not pay this bill unless a mutually satisfying resolution is reached. You act like all of this is my fault, when in fact, you are the one who should have been on top of this. Unfortunately, you have lost me as a patient, as I had no problem with the dental work aspect. Please read the attached copy of the letter I sent to [redacted]. Everything on that letter I intend to implement if we can not reach some sort of agreement.Desired Settlement: I am willing to meet them have way and pay them $80.00 dollars as payment and full along with removal of any negative credit reporting with respect to this complaint. I will not pay the $189.000 (they have added interest now)they say is now due. Paying this bill for the full amount goes against my principals of doing business in a fair and honest manner. Going half way on at $80.00 is bad enough. Dr. Olson's office should be more flexible in resolving this matter.

Review: 3 yrs ago Dr. [redacted] gave me an unnecessary procedure & over-billed $300 above our agreement. I disputed it then, but now he sent me to collections.

Date of Treatment: XX-XX-XX Dr. [redacted] Acct # [redacted]

I Agreed to $820 bill ($665 to be paid by Ins and $164 paid by me in cash that same day). I later found out that the treatment he gave me was unnecessary. This is the first fraudulent act he committed against me.

Dr. [redacted] later billed $1100 to Ins. and then billed me for the additional $136 which ins. did not pay. This is the second fraudulent act against me. I disputed this in writing to Dr. [redacted] over 3 yrs. ago. I thought the matter was resolved.

I just found out that last Fall Dr. [redacted] turned my account over to [redacted] Services, a collection agency, who filed negative reports against me with all 3 major credit bureaus. Dr. [redacted] now claims I owe $168. I have disputed this in writing with Dr. [redacted], [redacted] collection agency, and all 3 credit bureaus. I have not had a response from Dr. [redacted] or [redacted] yet. All relevant documents are enclosed by US mail to you.Desired Settlement: I want Dr. [redacted] to reduce my balance to zero, as I do not owe him a single penny. He as already been paid as I agreed. He has also been paid more than I agreed by my insurance. I want him to stop the collection action against me. I want him to instruct the collection agency to remove completely all traces of the negative reports against me as if they never happened. I want this matter resolved immediately or I will sue Dr. [redacted], [redacted] and the credit bureaus.



Business' Initial Response

Per the patient's signed financial agreements with our office and signed financial treatment plan, he is responsible for any amount not paid by his insurance company. Since the account has been turned over to collections and is now a legal matter, The will also be included in this legal matter since the has decided to print false information about [redacted] F. [redacted] DDS Inc. The legal team for [redacted] F. [redacted] DDS Inc will be in contact with the regarding their participation in this case.

Consumer's Final Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I do not accept the Dentist's response. 1ST- I challenge Dentist to PRODUCE the "signed agreement" showing the amount I agreed to. 2ND- the only amount I agreed to was verbal and I have no signed copy. That amount was $820, and I have this unsigned agreement. The dentist has been paid more than $820 by both insurance and me, so he has been PAID IN FULL. 3RD-The dentist (AFTER TREATMENT) fraudulently billed my insurance in the amount of $1100. I NEVER AGREED TO THIS. IT WAS DONE AFTER MY ONLY VISIT TO THE OFFICE. I NEVER SIGNED AGREEING TO $1100. THE ALLEGATION THAT I DID BY THE DENTIST IS A LIE!

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Address: 6668 Lonetree Blvd Ste 100, Rocklin, California, United States, 95765-3752


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