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Martin Warner A-1 Home Improvements

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First of all this guy is slandering me , telling people which I work for somebody robbed him, I talked to the officer and he is going to call everyone and tell them this isn't true, he also said the house looked great, another thing he did was add a bunch of stuff on and hired one of my guys behind
my back and have him come up and work and paid him because he didn't want to pay me, the day I left the house was about 3/of the way done, he told me he wasn't paying me even when I finished the job, so I told my guys to pack up that he wasn't paying us, he also kept adding stuff on and wouldn't pay for it , like rotted fascia board, wood on the house under the t1-we took off, he would not pay for any extra stuff we had to do, he wanted everything for nothing, then he was swearing and cussing every minute at me and everyone else if we didn't do extra stuff for nothing, this guy wants everything for nothing , then he had me cancel the window I ordered and wanted triple pane glass in the new ones and said he would pay the difference for the new one, I was only charging him the difference, when found out how much the difference was , he didn't want to pay it and then started swearing and batching about when the windows were coming in, I had to reorder them at *** materials because he had me cancel the first ones , which I ordered and r still at *** and I can't get my money back for because they were special order, then he told me he didn't want zip board on the last side we had to do, he wanted 3/inch t1-11, which I bought and left there, there was no pleasing this guy and there was nothing said about anything being stole until I packed up and left when he told me he wasn't paying me when I was done, I have before and after pictures , the place is beautiful from what it use to be, even the officer commented on how nice it looked, and I am retaining a lawyer for slander against him and am going to sue him, and he also called *** and tried to get the windows, they called me and told me, so the story ends with him trying to get something for nothing.He also had me stop working or three times on the last side, wanted to
cut stone out the first time so I could put corner on to finish Siding,
and then he want me to parge the whole last side for free , thinking
that was gonna straighten the side out where they had the old stone
foundation, I told him it would stick out farther if I did that, I told
him he cold reframe and put a new wall there , but he didn't want to pay
for it, Phone message taken on 7/18/16:Martin called to respond: the job is almost 3/doneThe day that I left , when he filed the complaint, he said he wasn't going to pay me when I got to the end of the jobHe also put me in a bind with the orders, and I cancelled the order for the windows since he changed what he wanted to triple pane windowsHe said he would pay the extra, he changed his mind after I told him how much more it would cost, he said order the original windowsI already cancelled them so I could not place another order with the same companyThen everything extra I had done he didn't want to pay me for. (Martin then stated he will email me the rest.)

Marty called again as he saw the desired outcome: I am willing to complete the work in the desired outcome .I do not want him to hire my guys behind my back, and I am only going to do what is on the contract, nothing extra. Extras will be extra money. I also do not want him verbally abusing my employees or me by cussing at us. spoke with the business who advised that the windows are in and have been the hold up is the consumer not allowing access to the property.  The company has attempt to resolve this complaint with the assistance of the attorney general the consumer has part of the material in her posses the remainder are with the contractor.  All supplies are special order and cannot be return the job is more then half way completed.  The company is waiting for access from consumer to finish the job.  The windows and sliding glass door portion is  approximately one day job and the siding is approximately 5 days job but cannot be completed until the windows have been installed.  Consumer need to contact the contractor for access to property.  If the consumer will not allow the contract on the property the matter cannot be resolved.

Phone response, I was there Monday working, I left tools there to continue , materials coming including windows that had to reordered because some came broken. I am going to finish as soon as all the materials are there. have reviewed the response made by the business...

in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Regards,
[redacted] I would like to respond  Martin did come out Monday  I do not recall mention of problems with the windows in the past  other items were mentioned to have been order  he has reported he would be out to work on at least two occasions and did not show even with good weather  i feel we are trying to work out the problems  new work done needs to be corrected and Martin says he will do this  also have a leak in roof we do not agree were from  would like to keep the case open for awhile longer Attn. [redacted], Complaint Handler
We have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve our complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear in attached document. To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.
Respectfully Submitted,
[redacted] and [redacted]2 See below:We were in disbelief as we read Mr. Warner’s reply to you.  Although some of what he says is based in truth, the facts have become convoluted and misrepresented.  First of all, we wish it to be known that we have retired from professional positions.  {A teacher for 38 years and a career firefighter}  We worked hard all our lives raising our family of five and sending them to college.  We finally had enough money to do the much needed improvements to our older home.  We feel and can substantiate that Mr. Warner has taken advantage of our good intentions.  Since Mr. Warner ceased working for us, we have had three other contractors give us estimates as to how much of the siding project was complete according to Warner’s contract.  These contractors all agreed that between 25% and 35% of the house siding, gutter and window replacement project was complete which will refute Mr. Warner’s claim that “3/4 of the job was done.”  Actually, not one side of the house was completely finished.  Yes, we have before and after pictures to document this allegation. According to New York State Law ~ Home Improvements Contracts, Mr. Warner violated several sections of these laws.  “Any contract payments received by a contractor from a customer prior to the substantial completion of the job must be put into a trust or escrow account in a New York State bank within 5 business days and the customer must be notified where the money is being held within 10 business days.”  Mr. Warner went directly to the bank with our deposit of $8,000.00 and cashed it.  The bank called us for confirmation that the check he held was actually written by us.  He did not deposit this money in escrow, and did not begin the job for several more days.  The fact that he had a {3 to 4 year old} boy on the job site unsupervised is also violation of New York State Law and a safety hazard.  There were many negative aspects to his business practices. We felt sympathy for his workers which would arrive with no direction or supervision and wait for materials not on the job site in a timely fashion.  Materials were delivered by him in the back of his Cadillac Escalade or in his trash dump trailer.  Some materials were damaged due to this method of transport and he used them on our project anyway. We provided food, soda, water for his men each day.  His hours averaged from 11:00 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m. at the latest and he would not work if it looked like rain.   He did not come for four days because he said, his mom was seriously ill in the hospital.  Later that week, as one of us was talking with his brother on the job and asked how their mother was doing, he said, “She’s fine.  She just had to go to the Emergency Room for half a day and I took her.”  This was only one instance in which he did not tell the truth.   We extended use of our home phone to Mr. Warner as his cell phone did not work in our area.  We opened our home to the workers to use our bathrooms.  His workers depended on him to show up and pay cash for their weekly work.    The overheard discussions on Friday from his workers were full of worry as to whether he would have the money or not.  The bad language on the property was atrocious.  We are religious people and found it very offensive.  It is an insulting and incorrect allegation that [redacted]n was cussing Mr. Warner out all the time.  Mr. Warner said we hired his workers behind his back.  This is not true.  Mr. Warner worked short workdays and not ever on Saturdays, so his crew was unable to work, as well.  One of his crew was talented in carpentry and mentioned to us he would love to earn extra money and wished he could work longer days or Saturdays.  We hired him on one Saturday and he replaced an exterior door which we had purchased.  We paid this man and this was not part of Warner’s Contract.  Since the time that Mr. Warner walked off the job, we have paid other workers {not of Mr. Warner’s crew} to repair damages and fix shoddy workmanship from Warner’s work.  We have a list of these damages and costs of repairs.  The three replacement windows were part of the original contract.  At one point, [redacted]n requested about the difference in price from a double pane to a triple pane window due to energy purposes.  There was never a request to purchase triple pane windows, so there was no need to cancel any order of the original windows.  We were waiting for these windows in order to complete the two sides of the home.  Mr. Warner received our down payment of $8,000.00 on May 11, 2016. He did not order the windows until June 2, 2016.  It is true that [redacted] Materials was called in an attempt to secure the windows which we knew had been delivered there.  Mr. Warner, being a cash customer had to pay a deposit.  That deposit should have been part of the $12,000.00 paid to him already for 25% of a job he left incomplete.  The windows were bought with the deposit money.  In practical thinking, if we paid for the remainder of the windows it seems to us—we are not getting something for nothing as Mr. Warner states; only purchasing again windows which we have already paid for.   As any contractor should realize you can uncover things that need to be fixed.  There were additional items that arose due to the age of our older home.  If these items were not a part of the original contract it was financially taken care of by us the homeowner.  For example, the back of the garage had a rotted fascia board, window sill replacements, etc. all these items were afforded by homeowner.  [redacted]n made several trips to our neighboring True Value store to obtain lumber, plywood, etc. needed for repair.  We paid for all of this on our account and it can be proven.  Concerning the south side of our home, by the time the crew under no supervision had ripped and torn off existing siding the worry of the integrity of the seal of the home became an issue.  They had pried at windows which now leak, screens ripped, treated deck board broken, interior window sill broken, exterior window trim on back and front of house damaged, phone line for upstairs has not worked since they tore it off the house.  The original contract stated to install zip board on entire house excluding attached garage.  Several factors had [redacted]n changing his mind concerning zip board on the south side: the job was taking an excessive amount of time, it would be faster to just cut out bad spots and install zip board there and to minimize more damage to secure the integrity of the seal on the south side of the house.  This was actually saving Mr. Warner lots of money as the zip board was an expensive product. The ripping off of existing T1-11 would have been labor intensive.  The day Mr. Warner walked off the job, [redacted] did not say he was not going to pay him the remaining $4,000.00 left on the contract.  He did state that perhaps there should be an adjustment since Mr. Warner did not have to pay for the zip board or labor to remove it.  Mr. Warner at this time went ballistic and started yelling and swearing.  He then packed up and left.  [redacted] did not need to have the daily frustrations that Mr. Warner’s job placed upon him.  We have recently returned from Boston where he has had his fourth heart operation.  This daily stress and lack of direction from his crew were an added tensions for him.   In conclusion, we understand your Bureau’s need to see both sides of the issue.  However, the truth of the matter is the ultimate bottom line.  In our opinion, Mr. Warner should not be in business to prey on retired people like ourselves.  When questioned about his existing status, an F rating at, he stated, “It’s okay, all I have to do is take care of a few little things and they’ll up my rating.”  If this is true it is truly sad due to the fact that people depends on your Bureau for honest ratings and perhaps that is not the case.  Due to the fact, we have hired a competent contractor and he has already purchased all materials needed to complete the siding project our desire resolution has changed.   Our new contractor is completing our home at the cost of $16,710.00. We have paid Mr. Warner $12,000.00 for a job that was 25% complete.  We want him to return $6,000.00 of our money. Respectfully Submitted, [redacted]  August 14, 2016

Installed vinyl siding on the rear wall of my home.The first big wind that blew in, several pieces of the siding fell off.I called Mr.Martin Warner owner of A-1, 6 or 7 times ,he told me the repairs would be taken of,6 months later still no repairs have been performed.

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Address: 1744 Us Route 11, Kirkwood, New York, United States, 13795-1604


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