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Mary's Pro Tow

6781 W Gelding Dr, Peoria, Arizona, United States, 85381-4717

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Stay away. To echo many of the other reviews on here, the tow truck never showed up. The truck was originally scheduled to arrive at 8AM. By 8:30, the truck was not there. I called the tow company asking approximately when the truck would arrive. The receptionist at Mary's Towing told me that the truck was approximately ten minutes away. Thinking that they were just stuck in traffic, I decided to wait a little longer. By almost 8:45AM, there was still no truck. I called Mary's towing again, and this time they said that the driver "had to stop to get gas."
9AM rolls around. Still no truck. This time, I called my insurance asking where the truck was at. The *** associate told me that the tow truck had "tried to call me multiple times" but I nor my girlfriend had received any calls from them. They also said that the tow truck driver "couldn't find the exit"-even after telling both Mary's towing and my insurance multiple times exactly where I was, (the only exit before the airport), right next to the sign. I could tell by the tone of voice from the *** associate that even she wasn't buying the excuse from Mary's Towing.
If you ever get assigned Mary's towing from your insurance, immediately ask for a different company. I filed a formal complaint with ***.

My daughter's car was NEVER picked after our insurance company setup the tow pickup. In fact, this towing company charged my daughter an "out of service range" charge and they submitted a charge to our insurance company for the service. The car never made it to the repair shop. We had no idea where her car was. Oh, it's sitting right where my daughter left it! This NO SERVICE WAS UNEXCEPTABLE. This business should be shutdown.

Worst company ever made me wait 2 hours for a tow then proceeded to cancel it

This guy nearly instantly cussed me out. *** referred him out without clearing vetting him to service their clients. He tried to get me to pay twice and I said I already paid liberty and you need to contact them for payment and boom like a bomb he went off.

The driver of the tow truck was late, when contacted asking for an update, he cussed us out.

I would never use this company but my insurance company called set this up for me. I received a text that stated if I have any questions I can call this number so I called. The person who answered the phone was very rude, he started yelling at me, and using inappropriate language. This is supposed to be a professional outfit! I am appalled and in the future I'd rather push my car then call this company to tow my vehicle. I called *** back to report the rudeness, at least someone was apologetic for such ignorant behavior.

Very rude company dispatch was a *** called me a *** also. The driver hung up in my wife’s face

Used this company through State Farm Roadside Assistance and was told that it would be no longer than 70 minutes. Got a call a few minutes later from the driver (I dont remember his name) saying he was 15 minutes away. He showed up and was super polite and professional, even with me being a complete mess. He tried to get my Jeep running before he did anything else but the battery was bad. Got it on the truck easily and and got it to the dealership no problem. Even told me what to do when we got there since I've never had a car towed before. Super helpful and quick! Thanks sir, I'm sorry I forgot your name.


I have had 2 encounters with this company within 24 hours. The first individual on the first attempt to tow my vehicle was never rude but he also was not corteous or friendly. His ability to communicate was not the best. He was hard to understand and left me waiting with him for quite some time before I decided to engage to figure out what was going on. The 2nd individual that attempted to tow me was rude. His ability to communicate did not exist. He was hard to understand when he did talk. Most of the time he just did not respond to questions. I ended up telling him how to put my vehicle in neutral as he tried to dig his little screw driver into my counsel.
The 2 individuals from Mary's pro towing we're not able to tow my vehicle.
I cannot recommend Yousef and whoever the last guy was.

Yousef was great. He arrived promptly and was very polite. He made sure to not damage my vehicle while working quickly. Hands down best tow service I’ve experienced.

Mary's towing was dispatched from a state farm claim. My son put unleaded in my diesel truck and needed to be towed to my repair shop from my home driveway as it would not start..
The tow truck wouldn't load my truck from my driveway he said it would be easier to load in the street. so he made push it in the street. I explained to him that I was concerned about turning on the ignition as I figured it would send unleaded fuel into the system. he said he didn't understand what I was talking about. I asked him to hold on a sec while I called my repair man and got the ok to put it in gear to bring it on the truck. took literally 45 secs. as I approached him and my truck in the street, he started to unhook the truck. I told him I got the ok and he said to late your taking to much time and I should of figured this out ahead of time. i'm not sure what his reasoning is it took him more time to unhook my truck and to just pull it up on the truck. HE HAD IT ALL HOOKED UP AND READY TO PULL UP ON THE TOW TRUCK! I told him he was being a *... and why are you doing this? he left my truck sitting in the middle of the street and just left. I called the phone number that state farm had sent me and got someone who said he was the dispatcher for mary's towing whom I believe was the same guy who just left my truck sitting in the middle of the street. I explained to him what had happened and he said hey, *.... you your a *** and lots of other choice words to me. I was absolutely stunned. then called state farm and told them I canceled my tow. ??? why in the world would this guy accused me of being a racist??? from the moment this guy got here till he left my truck in the middle of the street was extremely unprofessional.

Yosif was nice courteous and took care of me without hassel

I dealt with this company and by far I’ve never had a beryger experience send this is why. I was told that the tow truck drive should be here in 60-90 minutes. After hanging up with my insurance I recieved a call by a gentleman name Yousif. He told me he was only 20 minutes away. He made sure I was safe and asked if I needed anything while waiting. He then picked my car and I and dropped it off at a location I requested. I was done with the service within an hour. He was very respectful and was very apologetic even though the car issue wasn’t his fault. I would recommend this towing company with my eyes closed.

Yousif was nice and courteous both on the phone and throughout the service. He verified my location beforehand, arrived within the time frame, and was a good driver. Great customer service!

Yousif was amazing. Friendly and competent. Thanks for helping us get the car started.

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The tow truck guy was very rude from the moment he contacted me. He was rude at my front door. He was on his phone headset while talking to me and holding another conversation. He leaves with my car and I assumed it made it to the dealership. The next day the dealership calls and says the car never made it there. I then call my warranty assistance because they set up the tow truck company. They called the tow truck guy and asked if he could help trying to locate exactly where the car was dropped off. He rudely said it wasn't his problem and that the dealership needs to do their job and find it. He hung up on the road side assistance twice. The tow truck guy then called me and I requested that he be calm and discuss this and try to find the car. I told him that he was rude to me when he picked the car up. He asked, Oh how was I rude. I let him know and he says "Shut the *** up ***" and hung up on me. I tried to call him back, he answered and then hung up on me again. He wouldn't answer the phone again. The dealership called the tow truck guy. He screamed and yelled at the dealership but finally was able to get it out of him where my car was. He did not drop it off where he should have. I would not recommend using them AT ALL!!!

This company is horrible and should be out of business. The employees and managers are so rude. The tow guy dropped my car off at the wrong location and would not come back and move it to its correct place. If I could of moved the car myself I would of but it didnt drive. When I contacted him and told him he dropped it off at the wrong location he said oh well I'm not coming back. So I called there dispatch and his manager basically sided with him and called me a liar and bh for no reason and the had us on 3 way and both of them continued to yell at me and threaten me because I was irate because he parked the non movable car in someone's parking spot and I could get towed or ticketed for this. I will never use them again they have poor commincation skills and customer service. If you like being yelled at or cussed out, threatened and disrespected then this is the company to go to over a minor error on there part.

So here’s my issue, I dealt with this company more than once. The first driver was great! Got to us quickly and serviced us above and beyond. The second driver was inexperienced and rude. Then he leaves our vehicle in the middle of the road because he was unable to make a turn or put vehicle into the mechanics workshop. Therefore it was no longer his concern. We called the business number only to be told by dispatcher that the “boss” was out of town, and we needed to call someone else. What *** is that.

This company is the worst unprofessional company I have ever dealt with the guy was so rude and nasty he cussed me out for no reason at all, he told me to get the F out the truck, he kept saying f you f you get the F out of my truck I don't know if he was angry or someone made him mad and I just happened to be there so he took it out on me but I have a towing service that I paid for and he was totally out of order and so rude and downright nasty. It got so bad I had to call the police and once the police was called then he calmed down but I will never use them and anybody that I know I will tell them never to use this company. I have tried calling the office to speak to a manager or supervisor or someone higher up to let them know what had took place, and no one has returned any of my calls.

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Address: 6781 W Gelding Dr, Peoria, Arizona, United States, 85381-4717

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