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Mass Auto Recycling

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I purchased a car for $3,000.00. I received a bill of sale for $1,000.00 and was told the excise tax would be cheaper. From the day I purchased the car it hasn't been able to pass inspection. I brought the car down there multiple times for repairs, even over night a few times for repairs. Each time I picked it up I was assured the repairs had been fixed and everything was "all set." To this date, the car will not pass inspection. Desired Settlement$1,000.00 for out of pocket expenses for parts and labor. $1,000.00 for his record of purchase. Also to make repairs so the car will pass inspection. Business Response October 24, 2013RE: Case #XXXXXX: Ms. [redacted]2000 Nissan AltimaTo Whom it may concern;My name is [redacted]. Owner and President of Mass Auto Recycling Inc. I am writing to you in response to Ms. [redacted]'s complaint against my company. The following letter will hopefully explain, at great length, the position I take in her complaint.I thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.1. Said vehicle was purchased on 3-11-13 with 142,489 miles. Car was sold with guaranteed inspection, as well as, 30 day/1,200 mile drive train warranty. 2. Vehicle was brought in on 3-18-13 with 142,813 miles for a. Check engine lightb. Car shaking at 60 mphc. Rubbing noise on L**rear tirei. All issues addressed/fixed at no charge to customer, no deductible collected.1. Fuel filter replaced2. Tires rebalanced3. Car still under warranty and has rejection sticker. Told customer to put 100 miles on vehicle. Customer was told if check engine light did not come back on, to go ahead and get a sticker. Customer was also told that if the check engine light was to come back on to bring car back.4. Vehicle was brought back in on 4-1-13 with 143,151 miles.a. Check engine light (2nd time)b. Clunking in LR tirei. All issues addressed/fixed at no charge to customer, no deductible collected.1. Ball joint replaced2. Tie rod end replaced3. New O2 sensor.5. Customer was once again told that if the check engine light did not come back on, proceed to get an inspection sticker, if the light did come back on, to return the vehicle once again. Ms. [redacted] never contacted us again one way or the other after picking up said vehicle.6. On, or about, October 8, 2013 a gentleman called Mass Auto Recycling representing Ms. [redacted] stating that car would not pass inspection. I explain to him that the car was 6 months over the warranty but, for her to bring the vehicle in to see what we could do. ** replied with ''next week maybe''7. On October 14, 2013 I receive a letter from Ms. [redacted] with slips for repairs and parts, as well as, a copy of her complaint to the Upon reviewing her receipts/slips I have noticed several discrepancies. a. 6/5/13 Ms. [redacted] purchased one wheel and tire for said vehicle 144,587 miles (right rear tire)[redacted] XXXXX)i. Mounted ii. New valve stemb. 6/5/13 Ms. [redacted] had all four wheels spin balanced[redacted] XXXXX)c. 6/14/13 Ms. [redacted] had water pump replaced[redacted] 230 [redacted]d. 6/20/13 Ms. [redacted] had replacedi. Front axle (not differentiating left or right)ii. Rear link (not differentiating left or right)[redacted] XXXXX)8. 8/7/13 Ms. [redacted] purchased an Air Flow Meter for said vehicle[redacted] XXXXX)9. 8/29/13 Ms. [redacted] purchasedi. Wipers blades (2)ii. Radiator cap10. For receipts dated 6/14 (water pump replacement) and 6/20 (front axle and rear link), there are no discerning marks to whether these are quotes or, if the work was actually done. If so, how these garages were paid, as well as, most service garages document mileage. There is no mileage on these said slips11. On 10/16/13 [redacted], representing Ms. [redacted], arrives with said vehicle to Mass Auto Recyling. The vehicle now has 147,381 miles.a. 3,597 miles over the warrantyb. 7 months over the warrantyc. Still driving on original rejection inspection sticker12. I told [redacted] that I would fix whatever needed to be done in order for the vehicle to get an inspection sticker, charging the $100 deductible, if he was able to leave the car. . [redacted] did not want to leave the car or, pay the $100 deductible that I waved the two times the vehicle was returned. ** stated that he wanted Ms. [redacted]'s money back, along with, the cost of all repairs. My response was no. 13. [redacted] left with Ms. [redacted]'s vehicle. Consumer Response Response from [redacted] 11/13/13RE: Case #XXXXXXVehicle purchased 3/11/13 142,584 miles I bought the car back on 3/12/13 with approximately 142,615 miles. The motor was stuttering the check engine light was on; the left rear tire was not the same size as the other and clanked while driving. Also the front and back ends were shaking very hard and the car was leaking anti-freeze. I left the car and returned on 3/15/13. I was told the fuel filter was replaced, the tires were rebalanced and to drive the car for 100 miles to see if the check engine light would go off. I returned on 3/18/13 with the same issues. I could not drive the car 100 miles because of the shaking. I left the car to have it looked at again. I picked the car up on 3/21/13 and was told a ball joint was replaced, a tire rod end was replaced, and a new O2 sensor was replaced. I was told again to drive the car another 100 miles to see if the check engine light would go off. After driving on 290 for about 5 miles, the car was still shaking very badly. On 3/22/13, I called again with the same problems and was told to bring the car in next week. On 3/27/13, I called once again and Mr. [redacted] told me he was busy and to call back the following week. At that point, I became very frustrated and felt intimidated by Mr. [redacted] and decided to save money from my part-time job and have the repairs done correctly on my own.-------------------[redacted] 11/15/13[redacted] XXXXX telephone: XXX-XXX-XXXXRE: Case # XXXXXX Ms. [redacted]To whom it may concern,My name is [redacted] On 10/10/13, I spoke with Mr. [redacted] over the phone concerning Ms. [redacted] automobile.I brought it to his place of business on 10/15/13 while Ms. [redacted] remained in the car outside. I walked up to Mr. [redacted]'s office and we discussed issues and repairs made by Ms. [redacted].** had copies from parts and labor, the, and business cards from two garages who would verify that they had done the work stated at the cost stated. ** stated he wasn't happy with the complaint first and foremost.** was upset, and when I asked why sell her a car for $3000.00 and give her a bill of sales for $1000.00. ** replied, "I helped the kid out with the sales tax and it doesn't matter if I sold her the car for $10,000.00."Mr. [redacted] asked me to drive the car into the bay in his garage to look at it. Mr. [redacted] along with a mechanic looked at the check engine and lifted the hood. ** asked me to leave the car, pay his $100.00 deductible and he would "take care of it." I told him on behalf of Ms. [redacted], that she would not agree to that. ** then became very rude, stating he could have done all this work himself and that "[redacted] was a rip off and [redacted] were bums."After the discussion, I asked him if we could reach a resolution of $1000.00 of the $3000.00 paid for the car and $1000.00 for parts and labor. Ms. [redacted] would then inherit the cost and responsibility of any repairs to pass inspection. ** then told me that I was trying to extort him; he approached Ms. [redacted] and repeated the same thing.As I was standing there she replied, "No, I would like to make a different resolution." Mr. [redacted] replied, "Well goodbye. I'm just going to have to get my paperwork together.This is my first-hand experience and I have Ms. [redacted]'s permission and consent to send this response.Written by: [redacted] 11/15/13Approved by: [redacted] 11/15/13

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Description: Auto Wrecking

Address: 69 Webster Court, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, 01603-1967


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