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Massage Envy Spa Reviews (127) I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does satisfy my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted] I understand that by choosing to accept the business response that my complaint will be closed as resolved Regards, [redacted] ***

The business has responded Please see below: This client spoke to one of our managers and froze her membership on November **, for months, which was after her complaint was submitted to your organizationTherefore, unlike she mentions it in her letter, we did reach out to her to address her complaint and she decided to freeze her membershipPlease note that we did look for her sun glasses in the massage room interrupting another client's massage and potentially creating another customer service issue at no fault of ours as we tried to accommodate client's X requestShe also does not mention this fact in her complaintWe do have witnesses present on staff who will confirm this fact and will confirm other facts about this incidentIf anything, they looked shocked because of the disrespectful request and tone that client X had as she was being completely inconsidered to another client who was getting their massage at that timeWe did not find client's X glasses in the massage room (!) or anywhere else in the spaThis client has no proof or evidence that any member of our staff took her sun glassesPlease also note that her therapist is visually impaired (completely blind) and could not have taken her glasses no matter where she left them in the roomHer therapist felt very offended, discrimi nated and personally hurt for being accused of such thingClient X mentions that she reached out to Massage Envy "hospitality department" immediately upon arriving homeWe did receive a notice from our support office but it was dated December *, not November [redacted] as she claims she did (!)Please note that we have a security camera recording of the entire conversation that client X had with our manager and we are prepared to submit it to your attention as well as for the client's review to make sure that all facts of the conversation are captured accuratelyRegards, Andrei K [redacted]

Mr [redacted] purchased a month membership with us on 8/14/ In mid-January he provided us with a letter stating that he had moved out of the area, which we accepted as his days written notice to cancel his month membership We left him a message on 1/16/stating that his final dues payment would be pulled on 2/14/and that his membership would be cancelled effective 3/13/and all unused member services would need to be used by 3/14/ We are very sorry that he was unable to use those services in the standard day time frame provided We would really like him to take advantage of those services, so I went ahead and extended that time frame another daysHis unused services are still available for use until 4/13/ Having said that, I do not believe his portrayal of our actions is accurate or fair This is my understanding of the facts: We received an online appointment request (email) from Mr [redacted] on Monday, 3/9/at 12:am requesting a hour massage on Friday 3/13/at pm or 2:pm with a female therapist I understand that one of my front desk staff called Mr [redacted] back on Monday (3/9) and received his voicemail, but did not leave a message We received a second online appointment request (email) from him on Tuesday, 3/10/at 10:pm requesting a hour massage on Friday 3/13/with a specific female therapist of ours at either pm or pm I understand that another member of my front desk staff called Mr [redacted] back on Wednesday and again received his voicemail I was told that another inbound line was ringing when his voicemail was playing, so she did not leave a message and instead hung up to take the inbound call with the intent to call back I understand Mr [redacted] called into our clinic shortly after quite unhappy and unpleasant with my staff because he had received calls from us, but no voicemails He told my employee he wanted to speak with someone at corporate about us not leaving detailed messages My front desk employee explained that the therapist he requested was completely booked on Friday and we did not have availability to book a hour appointment for him with any other female therapists My employee told me that Mr [redacted] said he was going to contact one of our other Madison locations to try to book an appointment to use his services prior to 3/ We are sorry that we were unable to book a hour massage for Mr [redacted] with that specific therapist in the hour window he specified I believe that therapist was entirely booked up for that day But we were in no way “unwilling to book” Mr [redacted] 's massage services We simply did not have the resources to book the exact time, therapist and type of service he requested Please understand that the majority of our appointments are and minutes So a hour appointment can be a challenge to schedule on short notice, especially when someone wants to see a specific therapist and when they are booking during our busiest times (Fri – Sun) I understand that the therapist Mr [redacted] requested actually had a hour massage appointment cancellation on Friday, just hours after he spoke with my front desk staff on Wednesday I understand my front desk immediately contacted Mr [redacted] and left a voicemail that we now had an appointment available with his requested therapist on Friday We did not receive a call back So my front desk attempted to contact him again on Thursday to offer him that Friday time slot (which we had been specifically holding for him for hours now) They left him a voicemail and sent him an email, but never received a response And now I see that instead of responding to us, he filed a complaint with the His complaint says that the Problem Occurred on 1/26/and that he talked to the company on 1/27/ We can find no record of Mr [redacted] visiting our clinic on either of those days I would certainly hope that if he had a problem with our business on either of those days, he would request to speak with a manager for resolution

The day of the visit in January I was dissatisfied with their services and told them I was not interested in the twelve month program They said I had signed a contract and had to fulfill it They were very pushy and not very professional and I was dissatisfied According to all the complaints I read online there are several complaints against this company I can no longer afford to pay the monthly $membership for this and I am not interested and believe I shouldn't be charged a yearly fee of $ I am not working at this time and living paycheck to paycheck weekly on husbands salary only The first day I wanted to cancel the contract not in March This was on the first visit in January

I am not interested in the services of Massage Envy I never did say I was satisfied with their services and feel I shouldn't have to pay them anything I feel that I was pushed into signing and at that same time I said I was not interested in having a twelve month contract with themI have contacted the manager and I am not interested in their services and feel I should not have to pay

I am rejecting this response because: When I called to complain for regarding my sisters appointment I understood she had so many days to use her massage I purchased for herWhen I cancelled my membership I specifically asked I would lose my remaining massages and I was told I would still be able to use them and would not lose themThis is not a gym membership I don't join those for specific reasons because I know I will not utilize their services it would beA waste of my moneyWhen I sign the contract for this massage for minutes the it was my intent to use every massage purchasedAgain if I knew that I would lose over $in massage I would have come every weekend until I exhausted my remaining massagesI work in the world of sales and I know how specific things are left out and when the customer loses out for the person who dropped the ball and forgot to disclose all information until it was too lateI know what I was told and I would like what I'm owed and that is massagesI will take the massage my sister never got as a loss but I want what I paid forPleaseThanks

Complaint Information: At Massage Envy Spa, we always strive to accommodate our client’s requests for appointmentsWe have extended hours during the week and are open on Saturday and Sunday as well - with a full staff of Licensed Massage Therapists and certified EstheticiansAs part of Massage Envy Spa’s Wellness Program, members have the added advantage of using their member benefits at any of our over locations nationwide (including several here in [redacted] !) making it extremely convenient to schedule an appointmentWe have had esthteticians on staff the entire summer and if the hours at our clinic were inconvenient for her she could have used any of the Massage Envy's in the local area which she was aware of because she had used the [redacted] locationShe also did not keep paying her monthly fees despite her annual agreement with usWhen she enrolled we waived the $enrollment fee and she was entitled to use the clinic at our member rates while she was a member which she didLastly, we let her out of her membership agreement prior to the annual date and worked out an arrangement to settle for the four months of dues payments she owed us by waiving months of fees

[redacted] Hello [redacted] , I received you letter and would like to respond back I apologize for the late reply however it took me several weeks to contact the client due to them being out of town Here at Massage Envy our policy for reserving a reservation is to hold the appointment with a credit card regardless if they have a gift card This is protection for the business and upholding out cancellation policy We of course try to work with our client as much as possible and I am upset to hear that this client was not given a better experienceI have spoken with the client and resolved the matter at hand to make sure they have been taken care of and are happy Please let me know if I can supply any additional information.I hope you have a great day.Thank you! Audrey M***General ManagerMassage Envy Loveland [redacted]

Steer clear I've been a member here from the first year they opened The service has gone down hill Difficult to get appointments, therapists change all the time, and really can get the sane one from one visit to the next Result in large credit balance difficult to work off Management never really tries to accommodate If you cancel you're membership you have to us your credits in days or lose them This seems like a predatory practice
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

To whom it may concern, Attached is information that clearly refutes Mr***'s assertions. Not only is all our communication with him attached (I had to put it in word format since I can't attach emails on this site, but more importantly his signed and initialed contract that CLEARLY
lays out the details of the contract. Not only do we have this on file, but he receives a copy of this and has three days to review the contract if he likes and could have cancelled. We have done absolutely nothing wrong. Period. Scot ***Owner, Massage Envy Spa StCloud

re: ID ***You indicate you need more information in order to respond but then don't provide a means to do so There is a link for "clarification." Is that where I am supposed to respond?I understand now that you don't fine companies, etc., but then what CAN the do to
resolve this company's unscrupulous business practices? This has not been made clear.If there is a resolution, I would like firstly ,a full cash refund for $which was the cost of this card. Secondly, and the purpose of my complaint is I would like to see Massage Envy prohibited from falsely selling "SPA" package gift cards that don't provide a "SPA" package

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10527281, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

Employee convinced my wife and I to sign up for membershipsIt was poorly explained due to lack of training, and we absolutely cannot afford this!
On February 14, 2015, my wife and I went to Massage Envy and each received a massageUpon paying, we were told it would be cheaper to sign up for a membershipI've signed up for many memberships before, and this seemed no differentIt was very poorly explained that there would be no feasible way to cancel this membership were it to become unaffordableAfter a couple of months, I called and went into the location several times to attempt to cancel, but was told that a Massage Envy membership was "like an apartment lease, and could not be cancelled unless a doctor wrote a note that you couldn't receive a massage, or you moved at least miles from the nearest location." In October 2015, my wife was offered a promotion with her company, but we would have to relocate to Asheville, NCWe decided to accept the position, and prepared for th

*** signed up for a 12-month membership on December 12, after an hour massage session with ***After her first payment in January, her consecutive membership payments up to this July, were declinedWe did not hear from the client in regards to her suspended membership which is why she
was billed for the remaining months in full, totaling $*** called recently after receiving the billWhen we spoke she mentioned that she had changed credit cards in February which is why the payments were declinedShe also said that she did not sign up for a month-to-month commitmentI offered to fax or email her signed agreement, and potentially work on a compromise so she would not owe the full balance but continue a monthly plan to pay off her past-due payments of monthsWe are still waiting to hear back from the client so that we can come to a fair resolution. Tell us why here

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2015/10/07) */
Contact Name and Title: Gina W*** - Clinic Ad
Contact Phone: ***
I spoke to *** *** twiceThe first time to let her know I understand her frustration and to let her know I would be addressing this matter with upper
managementAs checking her account on my end I could see nothing but the one dues payment
After working with upper management we had contacted our corporate office and ***'s credit union
I spoke to *** a second time and explained who we contacted and that they had to look into why this had started up againI asked *** to please keep me updated if this happens again and that any over charge would be refunded
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 10, 2015/10/15) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
There was only debit and no extra hold for the month of October

In response to this complaint, I was made aware on the morning of February 1st that Mr*** called on his way to our Clinic to bring his daughter for her scheduled appointment and let my front desk associate know that he thought his daughter may have a feverHe wanted to know if he should still
bring her in or rescheduleThe front desk associate told him that it was up to him, and if he had called the Clinic earlier, it would have given us a chance to fill the appointment spot, allowing us to waive the same-day cancel feeHe said that he didn't know earlier that she was sick and proceeded to raise his voice asking why we would want him to bring a sick kid into the ClinicThe front desk associate told him that we wouldn't want him to, but per our same-day cancellation policy, we would have to charge for the session to pay the therapist for the time reservedHe started yelling at the front desk associate, threatening to complain to our Corporate Office that she was very unprofessional for even wanting to charge him for this session and if we do charge, he would cancel both of their membershipsAt this point, she called me and informed of the situationMy response to her was to make the exception to waive the fee and not charge for the sessionSince his daughter is sick, it's not worth causing Mr*** to get more upset and go to the Corporate Office since we could take care of the situation in-ClinicMy front desk associate called Mr*** back, letting him know that we were waiving the cancellation fee for this appointment and that she hopes his daughter feels betterMr*** thanked her for her understanding, for being professional about it and for calling him backMr*** then apologized to the front desk associate for the way he acted earlier in the conversationThe front desk associate said he was welcome and to give us a call back when his daughter was feeling better to rescheduleI am baffled by this complaint, seeing as how it was handled professionally at the Clinic level and he was not charged for this sessionI will process Mr***'s membership, along with his daughter's, effective upon receipt of a completed cancellation formMr*** stated in his complaint that he is willing to forfeit his and his daughter's remaining sessionsOnce the memberships have been cancelled, those sessions will no longer be availableThe cancellation forms have been mailed out today
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

Clients membership was cancelled and monthly credits were returned

*** *** had a month Wellness Program with Massage Envy at Southtown in Bloomington. On August 29th she requested that her Wellness Program not auto-renew on a month to month basis. Sara our Membership Manager sent her a Cancellation form Via email on Sunday, August 28th,
at 6:08pm. The cancellation form is attached with Miss ***'s signature. On the form it states that Miss *** would have days from the termination date of the Wellness Program (November 5, 2016) to use any and all accrued but unused Wellness Massage Sessions which would give the sessions an expiration date of January 5, 2017. She did have sessions remaining one of which she transferred to her sister *** ***. *** attempted to schedule an appointment after January 5, to use the session her sister had transferred her though it was expired. Miss *** was informed of the Cancellation Policy and Expiration of accrued but unused sessions when we went over her Wellness Agreement on March 5, 2016, when she signed the Cancellation Form on August 29, and again in the voicemail that Sara the Membership Manager left her on October 25, 2016, and again when she called to complain on January 28, when her sister tried to schedule the appointment at the Oliviette location. Massage Envy is a Membership based business much like a Gym Membership. If a client weren't to go to the gym for months they would not expect their money back or for the gym to extend their membership for months after termination. We give our clients the courtesy of using their sessions days after the termination of their membership. *** and her sister chose not to use those sessions and our system automatically expires them out. Please see all attached documentation (Wellness Agreement, Cancellation Form, Formula Notes documenting voicemail left, and Email sent on August 28, 2016)

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