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Worst company to work for.
I know this company from south Florida where I used to live. My daughter work for them in the corporate offices in Coral Gables once the pandemic his they send everyone to work from home. The office manager denied her leaving the office and work from home.
My daughter brought this situation to the office manger's attention he fired her on the spot. I work for them in Charlotte NC, once I started my training, they were paying me. Once Istar working by myself the company told me the new way of salary was Commision only no regular paychecks strictly commission. and the commission table was unbelievable. The company commission was under $10.00 per service call plus the electronics you have to sell to the customer so your commission will be higher.
WHAT A WASTE OF A COMPANY ! Burger King pays more .

Mastec in video
This is a terrible company that’s doing the security install fir BRINKS.
My suggestion after a nightmare with this man that was in the phone constantly with his girlfriend, STAY AWAY. Everything is a lie. Dropped the camera in the driveway! Couldn’t connnect the cameras to the central unit keypad, was here for hours.
2 questions I asked him, he just answered with lies. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MASTEC techs :((

Mastec Raleigh Chris Johnson
Stay away from this company, they are discriminatory. If the big man doesn't you he lies. My husband was one of the hardest workers they had and left for other offers, he recently reapplied and Chris Johnson proceeded to lie saying his in now all of a sudden not rehireable because of his very 1st day several years ago he was observing. It was his first line position and his very first day, he followed every instruction and also worked for Mastec for several years with never a single discipline. So my advice stay far away, because it is ok with them that lies are told. To me that is a definition of a s[censored], may karma come sir.


Review: My complaint is with Mastec of Richmond, VA. Mastec is the contracted installer for [redacted] in this area.

We ordered [redacted] service and scheduled an install date. An appointment was set for a technician to arrive at my residence for the install. I took a day off from work to be there. (An aside, when I don't work, I don't get paid.) The technician never arrived nor did I ever receive a call he would not arrive.

I called [redacted] and was put in contact with a Mastec representative [redacted] scheduled the install on a Sunday morning about 8 days after the initial install date and the tech rep promised someone would arrive at my home by 10am. No one showed up. At 11am I called the Mastec company and was told the install was still scheduled but no one could tell me when. Around 3pm I received a call from the installer who said he was on the way. He arrived around 3:30pm.

The [redacted] sales person promised cables could be run thru the walls to the TVs in my home, the Mastec installer told us they do not run cables thru the walls but instead drill holes in the floors. The [redacted] salesperson told us they would install the [redacted] receiver on the roof of the home, the Mastec installer told us they do not normally install on the roof. After the installer had left I called a representative of [redacted]. On speaking with [redacted] representatives I was told that fishing the cables thru the walls was a custom service and additional charges would be applied. The Mastec installer never informed us of this and if he had we have asked for the custom service. We really did not want holes drilled into our hardwood floors.

After some discussion we agreed to the drilling of holes in the floor and the Mastec installer agreed to do a roof install. The installer began the work. We felt we were being held hostage to drilling holes in our floors and the alternative was no installation would occur.

After about a half hour he came to me and said he did not have all the parts and was going to call other installers to see if someone could bring him what was needed. He did make contact with another installer who agreed to bring the parts our installer continued the work by running the cable under the house and drilling holes.

I showed him where the holes should be drilled and after he began I noticed he was having great difficulty. I asked if he needed help and he said yes. I began drilling holes for him and used my drill and bits. His drill had stopped working due to his battery dying. Together we continued the install.

We completed running the cables and he promised he would tie the cables into the floor joists before he finished the job. The he climbed a ladder to the apex of my roof where the [redacted] would be installed and I held a flashlight for him as by now it was dark.

He again began having difficulty at the roofline so I retrieved my personal ladder and went onto my roof to assist by holding the antenna post while he affixed it to the house.

Once the cables were run and the antenna was in place he began connecting the TVs to the cables. As he did this he said that again he did not have a part that was supposed to be used but had something that would work and he would come back the following day to switch out the parts and attach the cables laying on the ground under my house to the floor joists. And at this point I had been working with this installer as his helper drilling holes and moving furniture. I did almost as much work as did the installer.

Once connected were established he then proceeded to give my wife and I some instruction on how to use the remotes and service. It was now close to 11pm (he arrived at 3:30pm). We asked him to finish out for the night since he had promised to return the next day.

It has now been 3 weeks since the installer was there and he has yet to return. Ten days later I spoke with his supervisor who also promised the job would be completed but could not give me a firm date when someone would return. It has now been 7 days and I have heard nothing from anyone. We still need to have whatever part switched out, cables attached to the floor joists as promised. Further I, while reviewing and evaluating the installers work found that the installer had disconnected but not re-connected our [redacted] while he connected the [redacted] box. I also found the installer never connected the telephone line to the [redacted] box as was required. I also determined the installer never connected the [redacted] box to the home network as was also required. These steps are part of a normal install or so I was led to believe.

My next course after registering this complaint will be to call [redacted] and register a complaint with them. I am considering asking that [redacted] cancel my contract if possible.

This is absolutely unacceptable service from Mastec.

I would hope someone could do something about this company, they should not be allowed a business license to operate in Virginia in my opinion.Desired Settlement: Payment in the amount of $500 for unnecessary damages done to the hardwood floors and a written apology from the manager of the Mastec office would be acceptable.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates that the business has not responded to you directly. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

At this time, I have not been contacted by Mastec regarding complaint ID [redacted].


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Description: Cable TV, Internet & Telephone Installation Service

Address: 2721 Carpenter Upchurch Rd, Cary, North Carolina, United States, 27519-9732


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