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Matvey Foundation Repair

421 SW 152nd St, Burien, Washington, United States, 98166

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At first I thought the company was a solid, good-hearted company. A family run business with morals. But as time passed, as phone calls were ignored, as no-follow-up was presented, no voicemails returned, no apologies made, my opinion has since changed. If you can not get the bid/proposal same day OR the work done soon then I suggest you DO NOT go with this company. As stated, follow-up is horrible and office personnel do not have the friendliest demeanor when helping their clients. Polylevel had the worst customer service, structural could of been better (but not the worst). I really wish you guys would invest in good personnel to execute your projects. They're definitely where you are losing all of your money.

Matvey Foundation Repair has not supplied the transferrable warranty that is supposed to guarantee their foundation repair work for 25 years. I have fully paid for their services. They have also not addressed issues raised by the City building inspector regarding one push pier that was modified by Matvey to appear below grade. The push pier was cut to appear below grade, but was the push pier installed correctly. The building inspector raised concern about the possibility of rusting from cutting the push pier and the possible compromise to the integrity of the push pier as a result. The building inspector also states that Matvey should put in writing the changes to the push pier in their transferable warranty to protect me and future homeowners from issues resulting from their modifications. I talked to John B at Matvey who said he would look at the work that was done and get me the transferable warranty, but nothing has happened to resolve this issues since our last communication 12/6/2019. Matvey claims that I must sign the invoice to get the warranty. Invoices are not legal documents. They were paid directly from my financial institution. They need to fix the push pier and send me the warranty

Matvey Foundation Repair Response • Jan 09, 2020

Hello, Ms ***, The modifications made were not to the push pier bracket or pipe, but the angle iron that was exposed above grade. Trimming it did not affect the integrity of the pier in any way, as the angle iron used was not galvanized, trimming it has no effect on its resistance to rust. Installation was completed per engineering specifications and a Final Summary Letter was issued by third party engineering firm observing installation. City inspector signed off on the project and permit was closed, which means all required standards were met and satisfactory to the City. All components installed are backed by our fully transferrable 25-year warranty. As part of our process, we do not release the warranty documents until we have received the signed form indicating that the customer is satisfied with our installation. Yana SDirector of Production Matvey Foundation Repair1912 South 146th Street, SeaTac, WA 98168O 253 327-1650 ext

Customer Response • Jan 09, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: I have paid for the services in full that should indicate acceptance. Send the warranty document.


Matvey Foundation Repair Response • Jan 10, 2020

Thank you Ms ***. We simply needed confirmation indicating you were satisfied with our installation and have accepted the job as complete per the agreement since we were unable to get the signed document from you. In an effort to eliminate this back and forth, we will use your below statement and your payment in full as that confirmation and will send the warranty.

Customer Response • Jan 10, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: The company has continued to refuse to send me the transferrable warranty for their work. Matvey has been paid in full. There is no reason why I should have to sign an invoice that is not a legal document before they send me the warranty. I will never be satisfied with their work and if they think the by signing an invoice is proof that I am satisfied, they are wrong. An invoice is not a legal document. I will continue this fight using other means.


In November, I had Matvey perform a foundation repair that involved digging a hole outside the foundation and sealing a crack. When they finished the job, they capped the hole with concrete to match my patio. Next time it rained, I found water coming in over the wood sill into my basement. They had sloped the concrete into the building. They admitted an error and corrected that by re pouring the concrete so that it sloped away from the building but then it left a giant puddle in my patio after every rain. I had them come out again and re-do the slope; they were supposed to tie into an existing drain but (without telling me) declared it was too hard to dig & find the pipe so they just left. I later discovered that the re-sloped concrete has already developed cracks and it directs water into a different part of the foundation. This is just poor workmanship and needs to be finally fixed. I can't get anyone to respond to my calls, which I've been making regularly for months now.

Matvey Foundation Repair Response • Aug 01, 2019

With regards to complaint ID# *** stating that Matvey Foundation Repair Inc. needs to make additional repairs, our response is as follows:We at Matvey completed the work per specifications on the original contract, and repaired the area to level with the surrounding patio, per Mr. request. This, however, caused water to slope back towards the home. We corrected this, but that then caused water to gather where the new and old patio meet. In an effort to remedy this, we offered to install drainage, at no charge, to the nearest drain line. We are sorry to hear that his expectations were not met and will be reaching out to Mr. as soon as possible to rectify the situation.Sincerely,Mike MFoundation Division Manager MATVEY Foundation Repair Inc.1912 S. 146th StSeatac WA 98168253-327-1650

Customer Response • Aug 03, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

Mr. M has had ample time to respond to this issue and has ignored my calls, literally for months. I'll believe he's sincere about "reaching out" when I actually hear from him.


Matvey Foundation Repair Response • Aug 14, 2019

Hello ***,I was sorry to hear that we at Matvey didn’t meet your expectations. Know that those voicemails I received were promptly relayed to our handyman production department, even if I didn’t respond directly to you. I understand both Jim S (production manager) and Mike A (foreman) had been working to remedy the situation, with Jim reaching out to you last week. He and Mike are the best suited to handle the situation as it stands. However, should you wish to communicate with me, don’t hesitate to reply to this email.Thank you, Mike MStructural Division Manager

Customer Response • Aug 16, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

They have already decided they won't do any further work and have informed me as such. I quote directly from their email to me which I will note was not sent to the as I believe they are obligated to do:

(Sent Aug 5 by *** with no additional information as to the human behind the email address)
Good Morning ***,
First I'd like to apologize that you felt that we had lack of communication on your project, and I'm sorry you felt the need to contact the But what I would like to point out to you that Matvey Foundation Repair fulfilled our contracted duties.
Per contract that you signed, our responsibilities were to do concrete repair on front stoop with railing attachments, and to waterproof back wall at water intrusion, which to my knowledge was done successfully. I have not heard any complaints about water intrusion. When we re-poured the concrete, we re-poured back to the original line of concrete.I know your complaint was water puddling at house on pad. Mike A has made an attempt to help you out on this, which is out of the scope of contracted work, and at no charge to you. These are fixes that he was hoping would help you out, but has not seemed to have worked.I do believe Mike did his best at trying to move the water away from the house.
It seems the solution to your water problem would be to remove and re-pour the entire pad with a proper slope that would drain away from your house and into a proper drainage system. I know Mike had mentioned a drain system at the outside edge of pad to divert the water, but any rain, sprinkler water, etc. that gets on the pad would still run to the house.
Again, I apologized for any inconvenience and frustration you have had on your project, but again, Matvey Foundation Repair did fulfill it's contracted obligations. So I am informing you that if you require any more work to be done at your property from this point on, we would have to charge you our Time and Material rates.

Thank You

So in essence, "pound sand."

This is my response:

Who are you and why are you contacting me outside the context of the complaint?

Mike M at every point has agreed that Matvey was in the wrong and needed to fix the problems it created so it comes as a surprise to me that suddenly you're declaring that you've fulfilled your obligations. I suppose I shouldn't be since you've stalled and ignored me consistently over this work.

Now I guess I need to decide whether or not it's worthwhile to hire a lawyer to make you finish the job. It probably wouldn't be worth it monetarily for me but at least I'd cost you twice what it would take to just come do the work.

I will be entering your response into the record at the so that future potential customers can see how you treat people.

So this is where we stand. Clearly they have decided that the few hours' work it would take to correctly complete the project isn't worth it and they are willing to leave their shoddy workmanship on display for all. This is Matvey everybody. Buyer beware.


Matvey Foundation Repair company did not fulfill the contract agreement. When given their competitor's bid, they did not matched their competitor's bid like they promised. They did not use structural steel products as stated in the contract, they used wood products for support. They left 2 huge cracks in the wall due to uneven lifting. They did not match new concrete color and texture with existing surfaces, silver spray paint from a can was used to spray over the concrete cracks. They went ahead and charged me the full amount when I had called to complaint after I've told them "NO" not paying the other half payment. They threatened to put a lien on my house and did not cooperate.

Matvey Foundation Repair Response • Jul 31, 2019

With regards to complaint ID# *** stating that Matvey Foundation Repair Inc. did not fulfill the contract agreement, our response is as follows:On April 19, 2019 the customer signed into a contract to permanently stabilize the foundation of the existing structure. We did accomplish that service to the fullest. The customer was in the process of selling the house and the prospective buyer suggested our company do the work. The customer did obtain bids from other companies and eventually chose ours. We completed the project on April 24, 2019 and afterwards the customer sold the home where the install occurred and moved to a new location. The complaint that we did not match a competitor’s bid is based on a false premise. During our diagnoses of the project, we offered a more comprehensive, and albeit, a more expensive solution. The customer declined that suggestion and opted to have a less expensive solution installed. We did apply a 10% discount to the price of the project. While we do offer to “match” a competitors price, the match is based on an “apples to apples” installation. Should the project solution differ from a competitor, the price for the job will certainly be different.To the point that we installed wood products, that claim is completely erroneous. We installed 4 push-piers, 4 pin-piles, 4 retrofit brackets and 4 angle-irons. Each of these products are structural steel. Our steel products come with a nationally backed 25 or 75 year warranty. We did shim the existing posts after the foundation lift with wooden shims; a standard practice in our industry. We installed the shims at no cost to the customer. With regards to the 2 cracks in the wall as a result of “uneven” lifting. The contract on this project stated that we will attempt to lift and level up to 4”. At minimum the foundation is stabilized after an attempted lift. It is not uncommon for walls to crack during and after a lift occurs. When cracks start to occur during a lift, we stop there. Moreover, the terms and conditions of our contracts state the following…From Line 9: Due to multiple factors (i.e. existing building defects, previous attempts at leveling etc.), Matvey Foundation Repair does not warrant that the building will be entirely level upon completion of the job. Moreover, Matvey Foundation Repair is sometimes unable to achieve full lift due to concrete defects and structural steel issues. By initialing below, the client understands and agrees to this.From Line 12: When lifting a structure that has settled over time, there will likely be cracking in the structure. Any installations that were done in the past, such as installation of doors, window, and moldings may be affected by the lifting of a structure. Pre-existing cracks in a structure that are visible or not may open more. Moreover, lifting settled areas may cause weight transfer to other portions of the structure which can potentially sink. Matvey Foundation Repair will use extreme care to prevent and/or minimize any damage/alteration of existing structures. But due to the nature of structures, there is always a potential for cracking in structures in or around the project site. Matvey Foundation Repair will not be responsible for damage or repairs. If you are concerned about the likelihood and extent of such potential damages, please discuss with your design technician.The additional complaint about not matching concrete and texture with existing surfaces is also addressed in our contract terms and conditions. Line 17 states: Matvey Foundation Repair will not be held responsible for: Matching new concrete color and texture with existing surfaces-regular grey concrete is used.This is a common occurrence in our industry and matching new concrete color and texture with old concrete texture and color is nearly impossible. We did spray paint the cracks to improve the aesthetic appearance of the cracks; not with the intent to match color and texture.To summarize, we did charge the customer the full amount of a discounted price for the services we were contracted to provide. We attempted to lift the foundation up to 4”, permanently stabilized the foundation by using steel products, shimmed the existing posts and completely fulfilled the contract agreement. We adhered to the terms and conditions of the contract, with specific attention to the line items mentioned. The customer also agreed and understood the terms and conditions by signing the contract. The customer had every opportunity to use another company’s services after receiving multiple bids. Lastly, the customer received a complete installation that allowed for the successful sale of their house allowing them to move into their new home. Sincerely,Ken AVice PresidentMATVEY Foundation Repair Inc.

We contacted Matvey Foundations to help with our basement, which had been hand dug out by a previous owner.
At that time our primary concern was the dirt shelf walls which were eroding under the support posts for the floor and the potential for the foundation to be undermined as a result of the eroding perimeter dirt wall of the basement.

Matvey sold us on a job that sounded like the perfect solution, however the contract was not followed and after paying Matvey over $25,000 the result did not correct the original issues. Had we known the contract would not be followed and was actually not possible to perform the stabilization of the walls, prior to beginning the job, we would not have gone with Matvey to perform the work in the first place.

After the first work crew was finished we contacted the sales person, about this; he came out and agreed that the work had not been done as specified. They agreed to replace the four Smart Jacks on the south side of the basement with five to seven foot Smart Jacks down to the floor level as they were still on unstable dirt walls. The contract was modified to address these issues. After the second attempt it was noted that the four replaced Smart Jacks on the South side were still on dirt piles, pulled down from the dirt walls they had sat on before, and were still not down to the floor level and were now four to four and a half feet tall and not the full 5 to 7 feet as outlined in the contract. We contacted Matvey again and the salesperson told us that he was ”…very satisfied.”

We had a structural engineer come out and evaluate the Matvey work and they agreed that the 4 posts in question needed to be brought down to ground level as stated in the contract as well as getting the perimeter walls stabilized. The original reason that we contacted Matvey has not been corrected.

This has all been reported and documented to Matvey and they have been unwilling to make the job right, stating that it was our own fault for not being present to supervise their crew. We had been withholding payment pending the fix however they threatened a lean on the house if we did not pay, so we did.

We obtained an estimate from another foundation company that would fix the unresolved original issue of stabilizing the dirt walls and the four south side supports replaced by Smart Jacks would be another $35,000. Copies of all communication, contracts, structural engineer report and the bid to correct the portions of the work not completed as per the contract by Matvey available on request.

Matvey Foundation Repair Response • Nov 09, 2018

Dear ***,

Thank you for sharing your candid feedback with us. We sincerely apologize for the experience you had with our company. We strive to provide excellent customer service, products and warranties to all of our customers and work hard to exceed customers’ expectations.

Your issue has been escalated to our executive team and I have been informed that they have reached out to you via phone this morning to discuss a resolution. They are hoping to talk with you at your convenience to see how we can earn back your business and your trust.


Matvey Foundation Repair

I am choosing no stars. I had a very disturbing experience with this company. I had a small slide repair that they bid and won. Due to the slope, there was a time limit for completing the work by the end of September. They agreed to start September 4. One week before starting, they asked me for a meeting with the owner, Matthew, at their headquarters in SeaTac. After driving 40 minutes to get there, I received a call from Matthew rescheduling the meeting several days later. At the later meeting, Matthew listed several expenses that would be added to the cost. Given the now short timeline, there was nothing I could protest without the slide remaining unrepaired all winter long. I called them several times that week only to find that they were preparing a new bid, at nearly three times the cost of the original bid. I have never experienced anything like this in nearly forty years dealing with construction trades.

MATTVEY dis an excellent job of reinforcing my sagging front steps.
The crew showed on time., look professional..
I will be telling people what a good they did..

Matvey recently repaired the foundation of my nearly 90 year old home. From estimate to completion they provided excellent service and work. Brian did my estimate and so thoroughly explained what needed to be done I had almost no questions, Tara and Olga in the office helped with permitting, engineering and scheduling and were both helpful and efficient. The crew that did the foundation repair work were professional, friendly and they worked hard to get the project done. I am pleased with the results and would recommend this company highly as the entire experience was very good.

Matvey Foundation did a great job poly lifting my settled 20'x20' aggregate concrete cracked patio. There were various crack points and the team (headed by 'Daniel', assisted by sales rep 'Rob' and 2 other great technicians) did a fantastic job. They also poly-leveled my outdoor steps that had sunk 4 inches. They worked efficient and very clean. Ben Brandon (my original contact) came out to the house to review and present an immediate estimate. Great job there too.No sales pressure and I scheduled it with Ben a few weeks later. Rose in the office always kept up good communications. Very satisfied and I would not hesitate to use them again. Thanks for the hard and great work Matvey.

I wanted a sagging dining room floor raised. The 1st tech measured a 3" drop and said they could lift it with new posts and beams in the basement.
They did the work but only succeeded in raising less than an inch and called the job finished. I complained and they sent another tech to remeasure. He then determined that the real cause of the problem was in the foundation which would have to be raised before addressing the floors sag. He estimated that cost at over $40,000. If I'd known that at first I would not have begun with the post and beam work in the basement. I think they could have, and should have, determined the real problem the first time, not the second. I'm left with my slanting floor still and 4k out of pocket, plus I feel the resale value of my house ihas been adversely affected.

Matvey Foundation Repair Response • Mar 19, 2018

RE: ***, ID #*** Dear Ms.: This is in response to Mr. ***’s March 8, 2018, complaint, ID #***. We regret that Mr. is not satisfied with Matvey’s services. The first technician who inspected the site (whom is no longer with Matvey) believed that the floor issue could be corrected with the use of new posts and beams. Unfortunately, due to pre-existing foundation problems that were subsequently discovered by a second technician, the posts and beams could not achieve a full lift and complete leveling of the floor without additional work being performed on the foundation. The existing foundation has settled and needs to be lifted before further lifting and leveling of the dining room floor can be performed. The technician advised Mr. on an estimate for the additional work. The installed posts and beams were necessary but, without the additional work on the foundation, they cannot achieve their full benefit. Certainly, the posts and beams have not adversely affected the house, nor do we believe that they would have any adverse effect on any resale value. Any settling of the foundation pre-existed any work by Matvey. In any event, we do appreciate Mr.’s position and, for purposes of maintaining customer relations and as an extension of good will, Matvey is willing to waive the remainder of Mr.’s bill and will accept the sum previously paid as payment in full. In exchange, we would require Mr. to execute a release, which we can provide to him upon his acceptance of Matvey’s offer. We would ask that Mr. confirm his acceptance to us in writing via mail or email within five days of the date of this letter. Sincerely, Matvey Foundation Repair

Customer Response • Mar 19, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Checked in before coming, arrived on schedule, completed the work, cleaned up after themselves, spectacular job, what can I say. Call them.

We received outstanding service from everyone at Matvey Foundation Repair from the office staff to the gentlemen who estimated the job to those who did the actual work. We would not hesitate to use them again—but I believe they did such a great job of lifting the garage floor that we are unlikely to need these services again. They were punctual, thorough in their explanations, and cleaned up after themselves. The work was completed on time and exactly as specified. All of the workers were polite and respectful of the property and family. I give them my highest rating. Unfortunately this review does not let me select the option to say that I would definitely recommend this company to friends and family—but I absolutely would recommend Matvey. Please disregard the rating button below that says otherwise. It must be a glitch on the website.

Matey was very professional start to finish. We were very pleased all the way, from estimate to final work completed. Highly recommend!

Matvey Foundation Repair fixed a 1 1/4 inch crack in my west side deck that extended in a wavy line for almost the entire width of the deck. They did a perfect job, raising the concrete aggregate side that was lower up to meet the other side that was at the original height. They did a very good job of matching colors so the repair almost does not show. I recommend them for this type work. Very professional crew.

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