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I have been a Mavis customer for over 20 years and have been generally happy with their service. This has now changed. My tale of woe: The TPMS light kept coming on every few weeks, and after filling up with air, it immediately went out. I brought my car (a 2013 Toyota Prius model 3) into the Lawrence, NY location (facility # 7098624) on 8 June 2019 to have the tire checked for a leak and repaired. I was told that my TPMS was leaking around the stem and I needed an entirely new unit because the washer could not be replaced. I have since found out this to be false. I confirmed with the manager that Mavis would re-program the TPMS. After having Mavis replace the TPMS, the TPMS light remained on and I was told that it could take a day for it to turn off. Experience has shown that when I have filled a tire up in the past the light extinguishes within a minute. I bought the car back the next day with the light still on and was told it was never programmed. The TPMS system was re-programmed by Mavis, and the light went out, only to come back on within a week. I brought it back, it was reprogrammed, the light extinguished only to come back on within 2 days. I brought it back and was told it went back on because the tire pressure was low, Mavis filled the tire and the TPMS light stayed off for a day. Remember, I originally brought the car in because I suspected a leak in the tire. On 25 June 2019, when I got to my car at 4 AM to go to work, the tire was completely flat. Fortunately, I have an electric air pump and re-inflated the tire, drove an hour and 40 miles to work. I checked on the tire around noon and it was totally flat again. I called roadside assistance to install the spare, only to find out that the lug nut lock I was given back by Mavis was not mine, did not fit my lug nut lock and so the wheel could not be removed. Roadside assistance was able to plug the tire while on the car, which cost $30. As he rotated the tire to find the leak, it was obvious that something was inside the tire, banging around.
I returned to Mavis on 29 June and was told by the manager on duty (Travis) that he was only there temporarily, there was nothing he could do, and I needed to get in touch with corporate. When he tried to pull up my customer record, he could not find it. The previous manager put in my plate as a dealer plate, without a number. He also misspelled my name and put in the incorrect model number of my car (it is a 3, not a 5). This is the information from the invoice:
Work Order # 248834, Invoice # 637629, cash sale (even though it was a credit card sale), $124.90.
I have been in touch with the local Toyota dealer, who has a master key and can replace my wheel locks at a cost of around $120 for parts, labor and tax. I have called Mavis customer service to report this fiasco (ticket # 375934) and was told I would get a call back 2 July “at the latest”. Naturally, in keeping with Mavis’ fine customer service, I never got a call back.
This is what I expect from Mavis:
Refund of $123.90 for an unnecessary part and programming.
Payment of $120 for parts, labor and tax for Toyota to replace my wheel locks because Mavis lost my key.
Payment of $30 for the fixing of the leaking tire while on my car (which Mavis neglected to fix in the first place).
No charge to me for removal of the tire from the wheel to remove whatever is inside, re-balance and replace on car.
Total payment due me: $173.90

I had the pleasure of being serviced by the assistant manager Porfilio and floor mechanic David and had the most satisfying and friendliest professional service. These guys fixed the problem in no time and had me on my way. They were the most professional customer service guys I have encountered in quite a while. You two guys are AMAZING ! Thank you Ossining Mavis Tire !

Review: Deceiving pricing quote practices for front suspension car repairs.

Mavis explained the repairs that needed to be done.

But..Mavis refused to give a written estimate for repairs totaling $2413.48

They bundled labor cost per part installation and individual cost of part estimate, in fixing front suspension.

I obtained a detailed retail cost list for all OEM parts installed from a leading Auto Part retailer.

The repairs took 6 hours to complete.

Based on an hourly labor cost of $85/hr that they charge along with the total cost of the parts, I estimate that they overcharged me by more than $450.00.

It is clear that the labor per individual part estimates have huge overlaps when more than one parts are installed. For example, you only need to raise the car and remove the tires only once in order to replace more than one part.

Or in the case for a brake flush, you can drain the brake fluid while you perform other tasks on the car. I estimate that for an individual brake flush, they charge the cost of the fluid plus half an hour of labor. Their pricing of $79 for the brake flush is reasonable when they perform as an individual task but not as part of other extensive repairs on a car.

Mavis pretends to give some discounts to various tasks they perform, but in reality generous labor cost is bundled in the quoted prices of each individual part.

Hopefully, my complaint may result in changes and improvement of estimate quote practices by car repair shops.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for $450.00

Mavis should change their estimate quotes by:

1. Giving a written estimate

2. In case more than one part is installed they should charge the cost of parts plus actual labor hours instead of the sum of individual part bundled with a labor cost.

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