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Max Kendall Lumber & Tin

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Review: I have bought metal roofing from Max Kendall on August 3, 2015 and had it installed. I have started to notice discoloration in the paint that turns into rust. I called the company and they had put me off several times until they finally came out to look at my problem. They told me because the metal was cut with a saw that there was nothing they could do for me. I have asked for warranty info and they have yet to send it to me. The only think they have sent me is a "Job Site Imperfections" manual.Desired Settlement: Being the reason I bought metal roofing was because of the 45 year warranty, I believe that the metal should be replaced and installed at no cost to me.



We received your letter regarding [redacted]. lD # [redacted].I have attached several pictures of his roof, my response to him, along with information from several companies regarding improper installation, and a response to you about my visit to his property.I personally was assigned to look after this case for my company so I am responding to your letter. Mr [redacted] stated in his letter we put him off several times and "we finally came out" I told Mr. [redacted] that I could come anytime during the week and he told me that he could only meet on Saturday's. I agreed but we are only open 5 hours on Saturday and we work a limited staff. I told him we would take care of looking at his claim as soon as possible on a Saturday. I did meet him December 19th approximately 3 to 4 weeks after he contacted me.When I arrived at his home I found that this metal was not properly installed. His installers had cut the edges of this roof with a saw. This clearly will cause this roof to rust where the filings lay on the metal. Mr. [redacted] personalty told me at the house that the metal was cut with a skil saw. This is the source of his problem and voids the warranty on the metal. The information attached from the steel company clearly states this. Mr. [redacted] also had some of our brand new roofing panels on the ground that were exposed to the same elements and they had absolutely no rust on them because they have not been exposed to the raw filings from the saw. This is an unfortunate mistake on his installer and not Max Kendall Lumber. To add to what I found while I was there, there were several spots on the roof where there was duct tape in random places, misplaced screws, and bent trim. I have attached a few pictures of this aswell. This has nothing to do with his rust from his sawing, but shows that this roof was obviously very poorly installed. This unfortunate problem is in no way any fault of our company. With that being said you can see in my e-mail to him that we offered him a 20% discount on any metal, trim or accessories to try to help him correct his problem.Matt Kendall###-###-####



I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I have received Max Kendall's response through the mail and do not think it is acceptable. I have rust spots across my entire roof which is 40ft wide. I find it very hard to believe that it all came from the cutting of the metal when all that needed to be cut was one side. I also believe that if there would have been warranty information delivered with the metal a lot of this could have been avoided. I have requested numerous of times that I get a copy of the warranty information and so far all I have received is a manual for "Job Site Imperfections". I would still like to get a full copy of the warranty so that I can read over it. Also, I would like to know who the direct supplier is for Max Kendall.Regards,



I have seen and reviewed Mr. [redacted] response to my letter I wrote to the I will stand behind my original response. I have nothing to add or take away from my previous response as I made sure my point was very clear that thisunfortunate problem was his installers fault and not a problem with the materials he received from Max Kendall Lumber. After reading the responses in this case, I am surprised that no one has requested any information on the Professional Licensed Installer along with who sawed this metal to void Mr. [redacted] warranty on his roof. It seems the finger is automatically being pointed at Max Kendall Lumber. I will state again that Mr. [redacted] problem is unfortunately not with the product he received but with the way it was handled and installed by whoever installed this roof. I suggest Mr. [redacted] contact his installers if he cause this is the source of his problem.Matt Kendall###-###-####

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