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Review: I purchased a "Sorrento Executive Buffet Cabinet" online from Mayline for $1577.99 on 10/11/13. I received the buffet in two exceptionally large boxes attached to a pallet. I noticed upon unpacking the items that two parts were damaged and called Mayline immediately. I told them that there were damaged items, that the instructions did not match the item I purchased (ALL parts were labeled incorrectly, instructions were impossible to read and there were items that looked as if they were fabricated incorrectly- larger or smaller than they should have been). They sent me additional instructions (which were the same) and told me the two damaged parts would be send shortly (the back of the unit and the left side). Weeks later I received, not the parts requested, but another unassembled buffet. I decided to try and put together the new buffet, not swapping out parts to complete the other, so that the parts hopefully all fit. I came across the same issue. All the parts were labeled incorrectly, the instructions did not match, the hardware was inferior to be able to hold an item of this heavy weight together, pieces were cut incorrectly, the "plastic" finish coating bubbled up every time I would insert a dowel, cam fastener or cam post as instructed, there were holes where holes should not have been, there weren't holes drilled where holes should have been drilled- it was complete junk. It seemed to me that their quality control department had completely overlooked the fact that this "buffet" was not manufactured correctly and could not be assembled in the way it was manufactured. I contacted Mayline and they insulted me by saying that perhaps it was my problem, not their product and that "nobody has ever complained before." I told them that I have put together every item in my house with ease, and that this was not put together properly due to a manufacturing error on their part. They said that their clients were mostly businesses and that I would have to file a complaint with the manufacturer- iFurn. I contacted iFurn via email and was told that they were working on a full refund for me and that they would not have another buffet with the same issues sent to me. Two weeks went by and my emails were not answered. I finally was able to contact "William" with iFurn, only to be told that Mayline refused to provide me with a full refund and I was given a choice: I could accept a $250 refund and keep the disassembled buffets that were sent to me OR they would hire a professional installer to come to my house. I responded to iFurn that I would have the "professional" installer come to my home, however I preferred a full refund. If Mayline advertises to the general public, they should stand behind their products. This product is defective. Period. Sending me additional buffets to "make up" for the issue is not going to solve the issue. Sending a professional installer to assemble an item that is not able to be assembled is a waste of my time and a waste of their money. Bottom line is, I want a full refund. They can pick up their buffets- they are useless.Desired Settlement: I want a full refund of $1577.99 for this buffet. Mayline can pick up their unassembled items.



We received Complaint ID [redacted] concerning Mayline’s Sorrento Executive Buffet Cabinet. We understand the end users frustration but I feel Mayline did everything in their power to satisfy this customer. The buffet cabinet consists of 11 pieces to be assembled plus drawers and doors. We sell approximately 524 of these cabinets a year with very little complaints. We agree there is are many pieces to put together and it should be a job for two people. The instructions are complete and each piece is labeled. We had 25 buffets cabinets with a certain lot number and had no other issues with any of our other customers who had that lot number. I do not want to say that the end user is not giving correct information I am just stating some facts. We did send a replacement cabinet at no charge and made the offer to have an installer complete the install. This product was sold through a Web Dealer IFurn.

At this time Mayline is not willing to offer a full refund.

Kind Regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Regardless of the number of components in this order, they are fundamentally manufactured incorrectly. Regardless of how many of these items are sold, both buffets sent were manufactured incorrectly and therefore are not able to be assembled. I challenge an installer to put this together. Regarding the labeling of the items correctly, they were not. Mayline should have my initial two complains on file stating that ALL of the parts were labelled incorrectly, in addition to items that were damaged in the shipping process. Mayline's own customer service representative told me that their "instructions were outdated and incorrect." I appreciate the fact that these items are popular, however the fact remains that their customer service and products are less than stellar.

Sending TWO buffets that are manufactured incorrectly is not a solution. Sending an installer out will not help put together an item that is not able to be assembled correctly to begin with. I have had a contractor look at this item and tell me that they would have to "add fasteners to allow proper support, alter the lengths of the sides of the buffet so they would fit, drill holes where holes are supposed to be," pretty much gives me a good idea that your items are basically IKEA grade materials.

Not standing behind your product and giving a full refund is pathetic, and quite frankly insulting. I am shocked at Mayline's response.




Mayline really feels when we offered to have the Cabinet completely assembled at no charge was the answer to their problem.

Thanks, [redacted] / Sales Operations Manager



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I just wanted to let you know that Mayline sent professional installers to my home on Saturday and deemed Mayline's buffet as defective. The installers (not associated with Mayline) took the buffet back and are requesting that Mayline refund me. I have not heard from Mayline yet, however I'm wondering if we should we keep this complaint open until a refund has been established? Having the complaint open seems to be placing pressure on this company to do the right thing, and as of now, I'm not confident that Mayline will refund me my money, even though they've accepted the return.

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Description: Office Furniture & Equipment

Address: 619 N. Commerce St., Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States, 53081


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