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McCarthy Pools Corporation

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While calling the service center, the employee I dealt with was completely disrespectful and unprofessional, the details of which are listed belowOn [redacted] nearing but prior to 5PM, I called McCarthy Pools service line to follow up about an appointment scheduled for earlier in the dayI had tried calling several times earlier in the day, but could only reach the answering machineDuring this call, I was trying to find out if the technicians scheduled to service my swimming pool had in fact come during the dayThe gentleman I dealt with did not know the answer, and said he would not be able to find out, given that his day ended at 5PM, and the technicians would not return until after leftI asked if he would mind leaving a note for the technicians to call me and follow up that evening, and he declined this requestHe consistently stated "They were still out working." I asked if there was a chance they would still be coming, if they had not already, he did not knowI then asked if he would mind calling the technician to see if they had in fact come and gone, or if they would be coming near the end of the dayHe said noDuring this point in the conversation, the gentleman's tone was consistently escalating, including a rude demeanor and a constant interruption of my questionsHe continued to state he would not know if they had come until the morningI began to ask what would be the best time to call back in the morning, as on my end, there seemed to be a connection issue (nearly all times I have called the company it is difficult to get a live person on the other end.) His response to me was that "There is no connection issue, we are talking right now." I then told him that in fact there was, because over the past week, I have tried called upwards of ten times per day in order to speak to someone and am often not able to get a hold of a personHe did not hear the end of this sentence as he interrupted me stating "You are lyingYou do not call ten times a day." At this point, I began to comment on his disrespectful tone and interruptive behavior, to no availHe continued to treat me disrespectfully, rudely, and continued interruption, insisting several more times that I was lying about the number of times I had tried to contact the businessI told him that I had tried several times earlier that day [redacted] to contact someone, several times the day prior [redacted] and several times on Sunday [redacted] His response to my attempts to call on a Sunday was laughter, followed by "Did you really expect someone to answer the phone on Sunday?" On several occasions I also overheard him speaking to someone (likely a co-worker) in the background asking, "Is she like this with you?" At this point, I told him I would rather him speak with my husband as I was no longer comfortable with his tone and level of disrespectAt this point he claimed he could no longer hear me and hung upI tried immediately calling back only to get the answering machineI left a message explaining my discontent with the way in which I was treated, asking for a call backNearly hours later I have still not heard back, including calling the main line to leave my name and number asking to speak with a managerIn addition to being treated disrespectfully on the phone on this date, I am also concerned that after hiring this company and they, having performed a walk through to determine if our pool was able to be serviced by them (in which they determined it was), they showed up only to say the pool was not ready [redacted] and they would have to come back when full with waterWe were then told the filter needed to be re-plumbed and would cost an additional [redacted] (approx.), which was not trueThe filter simply needed to be reassembled, which we have since done ourselvesI feel as though they were trying to charge us for unnecessary laborThis incident however, is not as concerning as the treatment and service provided on [redacted] given the gentlemen's rudeness in nature, unwillingness to answer questions, or lack of trying to help determine if our pool had been serviced.Desired SettlementAt this point, it is my opinion that this business should be making it a priority to come and finish the job promisedThis is after coming initially on [redacted] only to state the pool was not ready to be serviced and with follow up phone calls stating they would not be able to come back at a time of mutual convenience until [redacted] (This is after performing an initial walk through during which we could have prepared the pool for [redacted] This time was determined on a phone call on [redacted] at approximately [redacted] PMThe company, which was supposed to return on [redacted] with permission while no one was home, failed to show up on this day, and the major issue was that the lack of communication and respect afforded by the employee I spoke with on this dayIn my opinion, this company should be responsible to come and finish the job of opening and balancing the pool at a time to convenient to us, not to them.Business Response I am in receipt of a Complaint Activity Report dated [redacted] from a Mrs_ [redacted] and wish to respond to your Complaint Department accordinglyA brief history of my company and recollection of the events with this complainant follows:First, I would begin by stating that McCarthy Pools is a year old company that has installed nearly 6,pools and continues to service 3,pools annuallyOur busiest time of year is late Spring when we service approximately 1,underground pools, the majority of which require service between [redacted] - [redacted] each yearTo my knowledge, there has never had a complaint filed with the Revdex.comam not only the Service Manager but an owner of McCarthy Pools and take pride in our products and service which is why we have such a great reputation in the industryI personally fielded the call in questionI have fully read Mrs[redacted]'s statement and without hesitation would honestly say at this time of the year my demeanor is more "business like" than other seasons simply because of the number of calls managed on a daily basis but I always do my best to be as accommodating as possible and at no time did I feel I had been disrespectful or rude to her.As for services provided, a technician was sent to open the [redacted] pool on [redacted] but upon arrival it was determined the pool was not ready to be opened due to the water level and missing accessories (pump and filter) necessary for start-upHowever, we did remove the cover and leave the chemicals, and instructed Mrs[redacted] to call the office when the water level was high enough for start-upMrs[redacted] called on [redacted] to inform us the previous owner had come over the weekend to hook up the pump and filter and start the system and we scheduled for [redacted] knowing that the homeowner would not be present but had Page Two Revdex.combeen granted permission to enter the propertyAt [redacted] on [redacted] Mrs[redacted] called and spoke with me to determine if our crew had completed the serviceI believe any disconnect came when I was unable to immediately determine at the time of her call if our employee had been to the job, and I was unable to determine if any re-scheduling was necessaryMrs[redacted] wanted no part of hearing thatI simply told her that I would be unable to reach the technician until the morning when I had the work order, and would call back to reschedule, if warrantedOn [redacted] I read the work order and informed may technician that he needed to return and finish the jobThe technician went back on [redacted] at [redacted] PM with Mrs[redacted] present to finish the opening, and complete an instructional review of the pool's operations with her..Our hours of operation are posted on our website and it was bit unreasonable for her to think that our business office would be open on a SundayI do not feel my statement "Did you really expect someone to answer the phone on Sunday?" was disrespectful just a statement of factI am very sorry that my answers were not what the customer wanted to hear but I was doing the best I could to address her concerns.As a gesture of good faith, I apologize to Mrs[redacted], and will immediately address and schedule her additional services as expeditiously as possible.Please call if I may be of further helpSincerely,[redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The first inconsistency I would like to address is that on [redacted] the filter and pump were both available to the technician, however, unassembled, which we did not know how to do having never owned a pool beforeAll equipment needed was availableAlso, given that a walk through of the pool was done prior to this initial service, it was frustrating that the pool water level was considered too low to openI feel this could have been communicated prior to [redacted] ensuring the pool was opened properly, rather than needing to reschedule a visitRegarding the phone call on [redacted] the demeanor and tone used with me was the catalyst causing the complaint to be filed, which should be an indication of the level of disrespect"Business-like" is not an accurate description of the phone call(I was willing to overlook the initial incomplete service, as well as the fact that was I told over the phone I would be charged for additional parts and to have the filter and pump lines re-plumbed - an assumption that has been proven untrue given that the filter is up and running and never required additional parts or plumbing, but only required assembly.) I am surprised to hear that the Service Management/Owner of the company would defend his actions regarding the [redacted] phone call, as his tone and demeanor were completely unacceptable from a professional standpoint, which included referring to me as a "liar" on several occasions, as noted in my original complaintAlso, given that I was trying to determine if the technician had been to my residence that day to perform a scheduled service, I was, and still am surprised, that no communication with the technician on this day was attempted, even though my request was as simple as leaving a note to have the technician contact me when he returned to the service centerEven after this request was denied, I was willing to wait until the following day to connect about whether or not the service was performed on [redacted] however, when trying to determine an appropriate time to contact the company, given my frustration in the ability to connect with a live person rather than an answering machine, is when the unprofessional nature of the phone call acceleratedI am also disappointed that given the extreme unprofessional nature of this phone call, which I followed up with an immediate phone call that evening by leaving a message clearly communicating my discontent, as well as another follow up the next day requesting that a manager reach out, I have still yet to hear back from anyone at McCarthy Pools to address my concernsIn my opinion, an appropriate response to receiving two phone calls requesting a call back, would be to contact the customerFinal Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The pool opening was not completed by this company, it was completed as a combination effort of myself, a friend, previous owners, and professional advice and service from another pool companyThe only service provided by McCarthy Pools was the initial removal of the cover on [redacted] and the first dose of shock- at this point the opening was far from completeIn the meantime, we were told by McCarthy Pools that our filter was missing parts (which it was not) and needed to be re-plumbed (which it did not), and that we would be charged additionally for labor that was not necessary, parts that were not needed, and arriving for additional service (which should have not been necessary, had we initially been told that the pool was not ready based on the water level- this could have been communicated at the time of the walk through that the company did prior to arriving [redacted] In addition, to address the following comment made by the manager/owner: "I have never been disrespectful or unprofessional to anyone in my forty year tenure at McCarthy," I once again refer back to the comments made on the phone, particularly calling me a liar and stating to someone in the background "Is she like this with you?" These comments are disrespectful and unprofessionalIn addition, after being disconnected, to not return phone calls to a customer after the customer has reached out twice is also not within professional standardsTo state the pool opening has been completed, while true, was certainly not the result of McCarthy Pools, and instead was the result of seeking other professional advice and serviceHad the owner/manager communicated with me as requested, perhaps they would have been the ones to completed the jobI am still confused that the manager/owner has twice now stated he has apologized to the customer, however, I have not yet heard from him in any fashion except through the response systemThere has been no apology offered directly to me, though I had twice reached out after our disconnected phone call, specifically asking to speak with a managerA company's track record and reputation is irrelevant in regards to the events that took place, particularly the phone call that sparked this complaintThis company's continued display of poor communication is why I am still not satisfiedIn response to this statement: "I do not know what to do to make this consumer happy I have apologized and the pool opening is complete," as stated above, there has been no apology offered directly to me, and while the pool opening was complete, it was not because of McCarthy PoolsFinal Business Response I am in receipt of the Rebuttal from the Consumer dated [redacted] from a Mrs[redacted] and wish to respond accordingly.I stand by my original response and once again wish to state that McCarthy Pools has been in business for over fifty five years, and has a well-respected presence in its industry and the communityMrs[redacted]'s resolution to this complaint was for our company to be responsible and come to finish the job of opening and balancing the pool at a time convenient to herThis task was accomplished within a five day period during our busiest season which in my opinion as acting responsiblyI didn't feel it was necessary for me to further contact the consumer once my technician had satisfactorily completed the job, and do not feel I need to contact her nowI have never been disrespectful or unprofessional to anyone in my forty year tenure at McCarthyand the fact that there has never been a complaint is a testament to that factI do not know what to do to make this consumer happy I have apologized and the pool opening is complete.Sincerely,[redacted]

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Description: Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design

Address: 221 Turnpike Road, Southborough, Massachusetts, United States, 01772


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