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McHill High School

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In 2010 I took a class online and got my diploma for 300 from Mchill high school. And when I attempted to enter college they told me it wasn't accredited and I would have to pay for that, since then it's been useless and I want my money back.


I am having a problem ytrying to reach someone concerning my diploma that I received in 2012. I went to apply for a job as was told that I needed a transcript in an envelope that was sealed and I have been trying to reach someone and can’t get a phone number to call. No phone number

I am afraid that I was scammed as well by them could you let me see the diploma to see if they match? I don't want your info you can white it out just a copy so I can confirm that where I applied is the same school. Please get back to me as soon as you possibly can thanks so much


Review: On Dicember 2012 I contacted Mc Hill to ask them if I could use this cerificate when aplying to college. I was told by the representative I could. She also offered me a copy a transcrip and the apostille to revalidate this certificate in my home country. It took me a year to save enogh money to finish paying this debt ($800) and get money to apply for college. When I did, how ever, I was required to have the highschool send an official copy of the diploma and transcript so I could be accepted. I contacted Mc hill and the representative told me that I would not be able to use it on college and that if I wanted I could ¨¨legalize¨¨ my diploma for 850 additional dollars. I want my 800 dollars back.Desired Settlement: I want my money back. I want my 800 dollars back. I don´t have the card I used since a friend lend me her card... I need my money back in cash.


Review: Last year I took internet classes with the above school and completed the course work and received my high school diploma, I paid about $220.00 and received my diploma, now the school is telling me I need to pay an additional $150.00 dollars to have my diploma assestation. I was lead to believe once I completed the work and paid the one time fee, now they are requesting more money and refused to refund my money so I can take a class in my state.

Review: I purchased a diploma from mchill high school for close to 300 dollars and the state education board doesnt reconize the school now the school is asking for more money to "register" the diplomaDesired Settlement: if the diploma is not accredit to the us department of education then I would like a refund

I am afraid that I was scammed as well by them could you let me see the diploma to see if they match? I don't want your info you can white it out just a copy so I can confirm that where I applied is the same school. Please get back to me as soon as you possibly can thanks so much

Review: After completing an assessment test in 2012 the Mchill Highschool site contacted me and offered a highschool diploma for a cost. At that time the school did not say anything about having to complete future attestations to keep the diploma. Now they have been aggressively calling and trying to contact me requesting further payment for this said attestation or they threaten that previous diploma will be void. When expressed that this seemed suspisious and very much scam they employee ([redacted]) hung up the phone. When I tried to contact him again he said he didn't want to hear what we had to say. Furthermore their website boasts to offer free lifetime verification of documents. However after 2 years they are requesting more unexplainable funds.Desired Settlement: Since the school did not explain or make any mention of future attestation requirements or any future charges and because they are now threating to void past diploma they should refund funds that were previously charged. Further more they should train they staff with customer service skills as they were very rude and offered no understanding or clarification of options (if any).

Review: I have been reading all the complaints about McHill High School placed by unfortunately souls such as myself that did not do enough research. I admit, understand and accept that. I also came here to pile on more complaints on this so called institutions without any high expectations for resolve. But... I am by nature " Hopeful". The icing on the cake was that I was told that the email I received last week in regards to attesting the high school diploma by the state and that I was given a discount of $300 of what usually would costs $700 in attesting what I believed to be something that should already be legit. I believed I rattled this so called [redacted] whom called me from a [redacted] by replying that he was doing me no favors and that it should be the schools concern in attesting what ever and that I did not like the fact that I was being harassed and bombarded by calls in the crack of dawn. Lastly I would like to add that I asked if he was mocking me and then he answered "yes" and proceeded in hanging up and calling again now.Desired Settlement: Since no one, not even the ones who I believe could actually do something about this, would do something about it; I also would like to see these guys caught and be charged with the many things I am to tired to list. Get my $200 back if possible even though I don't care anymore because I am most likely not going to get it back anyways. But most of all... Clean out the Internet of these false non accredited "Educational" programs and in place legislate a law where all claims of instituting Educational assistance Programs Online would have to go through verification and if failed, would have to be tried by law. Thank you.

Review: I took and evaluation test online to see where I was at with my education so [redacted] could enroll me into the classes I needed for a highschool diploma. They said I had exceed the evaluation and qualified for a diploma right away, all I'd need to pay is 200$ instead of 300$ since I was military. We paid them the 200$ they sent me the degree, and whenever I went to enroll into college I found out it was fake.Desired Settlement: 200$

Review: I was attending the victorville high school and I was informed before I started this school, and that this was accredited, and things, and now the school the school name has changed to Mchill and I cannot use my diploma to attend college l because they say that the school is not accredited. I have tried to call the school and the number has been changed. I would like my money back from this scam school because the diploma is not real.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund because I am not able to attend college because these people have scammed me out of money, and I have a fake diploma.

Review: I paid for a high school diploma. I took the test and pass on August 29 2012. But when I was being hired on they found out that this diploma was a fake and lost my job.Desired Settlement: I would like my money back

Review: [redacted] is a fake, and a fraud. This is a diploma mill. There is an Arab claiming that his name is [redacted], which is a fraud.Desired Settlement: Find these crooks and put them out of business. This business hurts many people who are trying to better themselves and get an education. This place is not accredited, their accreditation is a fraud, they have no mailing address that can be tracked. Law enforcement needs to get involved.

I took the online test they said I passed charged me for the diploma it was mailed to me looks legit months later received a call they said they would need 500.00 more to have the [redacted] sign and stamp but the diploma I received already has [redacted] signature but no stamp.QUESTION: On [redacted] Accreditation Reviews don't sound promising.I think I MAY OF BEEN SCAMMED.

Review: Recieve a diploma last year March just to find out the are a fraud when asked to speak with the dean was very rude and hung up on me been calling no answer I informed them I screen shot all the coversaions I was told I would get a refund on my card never did now the number witch suppose to be 24/7 they see my number and never answerDesired Settlement: All my money and for them to be shut down for false advertising

Review: This online school offers diplomas that are fake. They are not accredited and it is a scam.Desired Settlement: Don't invest in this school. I am unable to get a refund due to their 180 day refund policy.

Review: I had gotten my diploma from the mentioned Online site February of 2014. All had been fine until I started getting phone calls from them saying I had to pay $250.00 or be fined $5000.00. I have tried to call the numerous times and would get hung up on. I eventually spoke to the "manager" He too hun up on me. I believe this is a scam. I later found out a friend of mine who also got her diploma through them as well has been getting phone calls too.Desired Settlement: I would like an investigation to be done. I know I am not the only one this is happening to. I have two siblings and several friends all have gotten diplomas through Fortville High School. If found to be a scam I would like my money back in full for both time I had sent them money. First to get the diploma and a second because they misspelled my name and had to send $150.00 to have it fixed and ent to me.

Review: Well I thought I came across a great way to get a diploma...turns out it wasn't it was a quick scam I didn't see it coming until I went to sign up to go to college .so next time I'm online I'll be a little more careful.I knew something was wrong when the college I'm applying for didn't call me back after I did the fafsa to qualify for college .also the transcripts looked a little off.the registration number seemed to good to be trueDesired Settlement: I would prefer another diploma, if not available then just the money back would be great ...whatever you guys can do would be great anything will do at the moment .thank you for your consideration in this manner that I'm dealing with at the moment

Review: The school is a fraud it say its accredited and real when I used the transcripts I was automatically disqualified for a position at my job due to false transcripts when the school told me its accredited it stole my money and gave my false documents I noticed there is no address as well and it is numerous ppl whom they are stealing money for something false .Desired Settlement: Would like a refund in full

Review: I took my test online recieved transcripts and diploma and was told I could use them to enter college. So I gave them my Debit card information. When attempting to gain entrance to college was told my school was not accredited.Desired Settlement: I want my money back! I would not have purchased this if I knew it wasn't accredited!

Review: I contacted McHill High School to obtain a high school diploma for the price of $450.00 in 2012 to further my education. When I received the documents after completing the course, there was an error in my birthdate. I contacted them and they said I must have given them the wrong information and so it would be $60.00 to correct the documents. I felt that it was not my error and told them that the information they took from me over the phone was recorded by them and they should have a record to show it was not my error. The gentleman on the phone and said lady, you want your documents corrected you have to pay. Some time later I tried to enter a college and take on line classes and that's when I found out the documents were not accredited and the school was a fraud.Desired Settlement: I would like my $450.00 returned.

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Address: 6802 Paragon Pl, Richmond, Virginia, United States, 23230


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