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I got scammed
I ordered a leather couch and loveseat that was supposed to be Ashley. What I got was a cheap, fake leather plastic piece of crap. I continue to make my payments and have asked to send it back. I was charged over $500 for the shipping which took almost 2 months to get. Now I try to log in to view contract and what I still owe and they tel me I have no account with them. Yet my payments are still being deducted. Beware of this company. I really wish I did more research before I bought this junk. I’ve even had 2 different Ashley furniture reps inspect the couch and love seat and confirmed it is not their brand. The markings of of some foreign company you can’t even search for online. I want them to take this junk back. I don’t even care about the money I’ve paid at this point. Keep it. Just take this junk back and stop charging me.

I unfortunately only found this page AFTER searching for how to cancel my order/account with MDG.
Question for anybody that had to deal with them during cancellation:

How do I make 100% sure that my account and order are both canceled?

I ordered a 50" Samsung 4k Smart TV to replace another brands 42" 4k SmartTv that died after 4 years of zervice.
I've already dealt with 3 different sales agents and paid my initial down payment =to the 1st months payment and I still dont have the tv nor confirmation of item being shipped. It's been 2 weeks since I was approved and placed the order and verified all info.

How should I go about making sure I have my down payment, refunded as soon as possible, without too much hassle?

Wow, I ALMOST, literally just the second, started payments in a laptop, glad I read these reviews, I will wait another week or so, and buy a computer outright!

Buyer Beware!- The customer service department is a nightmare! they will transfer you over and over to keep from talking to you. If you want to cancel the account and the automatic payment, you have to call this number (1-800-906-0975) ext 352. Please do not buy from this company, they will say you are approved, allow you to pick the item and enter all of your banking information, then try to switch the contract with higher deals. Bait and Switch. You have to call the number mentioned above to cancel. Good luck with that. they will send you to the sales person, who will try to convince you keep the account for 30 days. The sales agents are working on commission, and want to take all of your money in taxes,. and added shipping fees, which will make the product you are buying 3(times) higher than what you have selected.

I was thinking of buying a 65 in flat screen tv but after reading some of the horror stories im deciding not to my fixed income cant take several withdraws and then sayimg they need more money for all u who have lost money and the head aches I feel for u and decided not to follow through ill find another way thanks and good luck

Review: Since I purchased a laptop last july,to be paid back in bi-weekly payments and paid by debit card transactions I have accumulated non sufficient fund and late fees almost every single payment I have made to them.(even though the money in my bank account has always been there assuring they get paid as agreed.I seem to only get a response from them as my payment is again not made.In the beginning I had a problem with my bank account and had to close because of what Chase Security claimed of unusual account actions(not blaming mdg in that matter)i opened a new account with chase and proceeded to let mdg know about my bank account change.

Since then I have changed payments from bi-weekly to the 15th of the month(so far 1 monthly payment)this was an option they gave me,considering once a month to me seemed less problematic as 2 payments per month..................Dating back to July 30th 2013,My account balance I owe them has reduced by only $119.I understand the financing charges they take that is not my problem,the problem is the excuse that they couldn't draw the payment I agreed to pay,and not 1 single time has it been my fault.I have emails I have sent them or replied their customer relations.

If you need more information I will gladly forward to youDesired Settlement: I just want to pay them off without any more excuses from them they never got payment,I am just so annoyed at the way they have dealt with me,I am still in communication with them to fix this matter by the way,I thought filing a complaint was my next move, I seem to going no where with MDG USA



MDG has waived the additional penalty fees that the customer is complaining about.

Review: Threats and returns

They don't allow returns in under 30 days forcing u into a contract they have also made threats of hurrassment charges possible if I talk to a representative about it they did so twice to me in email I will not and can't deal with a company that treat customers like that so I have refused t pay them anymore mone due to the threats and a contract that gives people no rightsDesired Settlement: That my accounts marked paid in full and that I will never deal with them again or speak to them or about them




I would like to respond to this

customer concern that we received from your organization.

This is a [redacted] customer so

I’m not sure that this issue belongs with the Delaware branch of the

This customer decided to stop

paying for the items he is financing from MDG, totaling more than $4500, while

also keeping (stealing) the products. He characterizes our attempts to recover

our money and assets from him as ‘harassment’.

There is simply no legitimate

complaint here, as evidenced by the information the customer sent to the,

stating that he was ‘forced’ into a contract (he signed up willingly,

obviously), “harassed” by MDG (when we asked for the money he agreed to pay),

and his admission that he is refusing to make his payments (and keep our

products!) for no clearly stated reason.

MDG will continue to pursue this

contract in full as per the contract agreement that was signed by the customer,

as well as attempt to recover our stolen property. The accounts absolutely will

not be marked as ‘paid in full’.

Please let me know if there is

any further information you require as I can produce the contract in question,

as well as other supporting information that will show that MDG dealt with the

customer in good faith and in accordance with the law.



Review: I have been contacting MDG to get my money back. I closed my account and requested for a refund they claim it cleared with my bank, but my bank said you cannot refund a closed account. I just want my money back. I canceled services with them, they are not trying to give me my money back. If they bank did not accept it MDG should see that.Desired Settlement: I have been contacting MDG to get my money back. They are not cooperating or trying to help me.



A refund in the amount of $58.57 has been posted to the customers account as of 3/12/2014.

Review: I placed an order with this company order [redacted] back around 10/17 roughly with sales agent [redacted], I provided everything he requested, initial downpayment, copy of credit card, bank statements etc, over 2 weeks later still nothing was really happening, on 10/23 I spoke to him again and he requested me to sign the back of my card and take a picture and send it to him, I did, he received it and then talked to his finance dept and they said everything was good to go, on 10/24/2013 I spoke to [redacted] again to get an update as he never made a follow up phone call to me on the 23rd like he said he would, so on the 24th he said that the shipping dept was requesting additional money from me (3 x payments) more before shipping, at that point I told him to cancel my order and process a refund for the one and only payment I did make of $33.46, he became argumentive with me but said he would, I requested an email showing the cancellation. I waited several hours on 10/24 for the email showing the order was cancelled and I would be getting my refund, never came. I contacted the fiance dept who stated they did not see a request for cancellation requested and transferred me to mr asghar who is at ext 507. again I asked him to send it and that the fiance dept did not see the cancellation request, I asked for his supervisor who mr asghar stated was not in the office, I asked about the cancellation and he stated that he forwarded it to his manager for approval but its a process and takes time. as of today 10/25/2013 my order status still does not show it has been cancelled. I WANT MY MONEY BACKDesired Settlement: I WANT MY ORDER CANCELLED AT MY MONEY RETURNED ASAP!!



A refund was posted to the customers account 10/28/2013.

Review: I had $20.00 or more taken out of my bank account and it has overdrawed me to the point that the charge is now over $100 all I ask is a refund of what was taken out of my bank account the problem is it was taken out because I had authorized for it to be taken out but then I was not approved for financing and then I did not receive anything backDesired Settlement: I just want what was taken out of my account to be posted back into my account



A refund was provided to this customer 9/23/2013. It just takes a few business days for it to appear in the account

Review: 1 Picture/scan of Government issued Photo ID to match your name and DOB

1 Picture/document to match your name and service address, e.g., [redacted] mail

pictures of front and back of debit card (only if using visa/MC/debit)

The most recent bank statement listing 45 consecutive days of transactions [redacted]make sure that account# or last 4 digits, dates, balances are visible[redacted] and include MDG USA Forte amount showing as “processed” (options: multiple screenshots or all pages of official statement)

I spoke to a Supervisor Saturday Oct 5th 20013, I was told that that my computer would be mailed out Friday Oct 11th, 2013 and they withdrew the money form my debit card (DIRECT EXPRESS), Then I get a phone call from my sales person requesting more money and was stated to me that the Computer would not be delivered until sometime in December and she asked for more money Tuesday oct 8th, I told her no but they want to keep taking my my money from my account, They already have several law suites against them, I was lied to and was told everything was in-order and my computer would be shipped Friday Oct 11th, Know the want more moneyDesired Settlement: Them shut down so no one else has to go through this



A refund was posted to the customers account 10/10/2013.

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