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Meda-Care Transportation, Inc.

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I understand the concerns raised by *** *** *** I am sorry that we were not able to provide the service, especially in light of the circumstances of the event
We have a GPS tracking device in each vehicle, which allows us to verify if a driver was present at a particular
location, at a given time Per our investigation, the driver arrived at the scheduled time to pick up the consumer He was not able to locate her after waiting for minutes As he had other scheduled trips to perform, he had to leave Once the family contacted us to indicate that the passenger was not picked upped, we offered to send another driver, who would have arrived within minutes However, we were told that they found alternative transportation, which was understandable given the scenario
We regret not being able to service this passenger in the manner expected, not only by the passenger, but our own standards and practicesThis has been addressed with staff, and we will continue to improve upon the services offered to our consumers
Rad Galitsky
Meda-Care Transportation, Inc

Non emergency medical transportation is often a shared ride type of service, in that more than one client may be picked up along the way to their appointment, as long as the additional pick ups do not cause a significant delay and, most importantly, do not result in the consumers being late for
their appointments Our company policy, for private pay clients, is to transport consumers by themselves If, for some reason, individual transport is not possible, the clients must be notified prior to the transportation taking place When I spoke with this client's daughter, I apologized and explained that the scheduler made a mistake in scheduling another consumer to ride along Even though the second client lived close by, per our policy, the two consumers should not have been scheduled to ride together I immediately called the driver and told him to proceed in taking the client directly to her appointment and not to pick up the second client The client did make it to her appointment right on time.I am not sure how the misunderstanding happened for the return trip While we do wait for clients upon request, the rate for the wait time is not what the client's daughter is claiming I checked with the phone agent who took the call and she does not have any record of the requested wait I explained this to the client's daughter when she called I also explained that, while I could not guarantee that we would be able to wait for the client (as there were no notes to that effect), that we would be sure to pick up the consumer very quickly after she calls for the return trip To that end, the return driver arrived within minutes after we received the call.It is true that the driver, on the return trip, did not have a receipt book with him The client was offered to either have the receipt be emailed/mailed the same day or to be invoiced and submit the payment later.In summary, clearly there were mistakes made in scheduling the trip and there was a miscommunication in not having set up the wait time I apologized to the client's daughter and made every effort to ensure the client made it to her appointment on time (which she did) and was transported home promptly after being finished with the appointment (which, also, she was) I, then, followed upped with those responsible to ensure similar mistakes do not occur in the future.Sincerely,Rad G***PresidentMeda-Care Transportation, Inc

Hello,Ms*** contacted our office on the day of the transportation, and discussed the scenario with our General Manager, *** *** Mr*** indicated he would investigate the concern, and discuss with the operator, as we do our very best to ensure all passengers make their
appointments. Ms*** indicated the operator arrived at approximately 12:45, did not wait or call, and just left without giving her an opportunity to board the vehicleUpon investigation, we determined her vehicle actually arrived on time, at approximately 12:11PM, and then waited until 12:36PM before indicating she did not show to board the vehicle, and proceeding to his next scheduled pickup. The driver indicated he called the number associated with her home, as on the manifest, but received no answerHe waited as long as possible before proceeding on his route.Ms*** also asked this be made as a formal complaintI explained that although I would investigate this, for this to be a formal complaint, she would need to contact her scheduling representative, thus the complaint is logged as required by established protocolIt is not clear if she filed the complaint as required, or opted for this venue. Medacare Transportation regrets Ms*** was unable to attend her scheduled therapy, and strives to ensure passengers receive quality service, arriving to their respective locations safely and on-timeShould Ms*** wish to discuss this further, she can contact Mr***. Sincerely,*** ***PresidentMeda-Care Transportation, Inc
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint
*** ***
10/23/14- I viewed the response from Rad ,president of Meda Care Transportation and disagree with himI do believe the driver came to *** because the administration saw him drive by the front door and not stop to wait for *** *** and her niece*** arrived minutes after the assigned time at the front doorThis must be a miscommunication problem within the company because I clearly gave instructions where she was to be picked upWhat was that driver doing for the stated time that he was supposedly at *** and where was he ?
Also,by the time we heard they did not arrive,it took another 15-min to speak to the manager about the situation because the customer service that took the complaint could not do anything about the situationAs a result the *** missed the visitation for her brother in laws funeral and the service was placed on hold x min so that *** could attend
I will not recommend this service to anyone ,ever !
*** ***

The issue with Medacare Transportation cant be resolved because of thier inability to tell the truth as well as give me a formal apologythats really all that I'm looking forbut until then, this issue will absolutely not be resolved in my eyesThank You

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it If you and the business have reached an agreement and compliance is set for a future date, we trust the business will comply Please contact us after that time if the matter is not resolved as agreed and we will review the complaint and proceed accordingly.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***

Dear Ms. ***.As the president of the company, I do want to apologize for the fact that you had to miss your appointment due to the issue with the transportation We take very seriously the responsibility of getting our consumers to and from their appointments, in a timely and courteous manner Obviously, there was the issue last week and for that, I am sorry I hope you allow us another chance to provide the service to you On my end, I will try to ensure things go well for your future rides.Sincerely,*** ***PresidentMeda-Care Transportation, Inc

Good morning,Thanks for bringing your concern to my attention.  I will follow up with the drivers to ensure they treat you with respect and professionalism your deserve.  We value you as a customer and we;ll do what we can to ensure you receive the highest quality of service.Sincerely,Rad...

G[redacted]PresidentMeda-Care Transportation, Inc.

Hello,I am sorry to hear about the issue  you had with your return trip.  Safety is our number one goal, as well as courteousness of the drivers towards the clients.  We will check into the circumstances of the incident and will follow up with the driver.  Clients always have a...

right to sit in the front.  I would encourage you, if you run into another situation where a driver does not let you sit in the front seat, to contact our customer support and ask to speak with a supervisor.Sincerely,Rad

I am sorry about the issues you've been having.  One of our phone operators made a mistake with  your trip for 10/23.  This has been addressed.   Your file has been updated with a note to ensure you are always set up with a wheelchair van.  This should ensure that you...

do not have issues in the future.Sincerely,Rad G[redacted]PresidentMeda-Care Transportation, Inc.

Dear Sir or Madame at the,   My name is [redacted] L. [redacted] and I was currently in a dispute with Medacare transportation. In my second to last notice the asked me for a response to an email I hadn't received yet. And I made the mistake by answering that my problem was (Not) resolved before I finally received the apology from Mr.[redacted] at Medacare Transportation. I would like to retract that last email. And instead replace it with my accepting of Mr. [redacted] apology for his company and say that the issue is resolved. Thank You.             Sincerely, [redacted] L. [redacted]

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Address: 270 Northland Blvd Suite 227, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, 45246-3660


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