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Medoptic, P.C.

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Review: In 2013 I was receiving Medicaid from the State of PA as I am Disabled due to an accident. I made an appointment to see Dr. Sylvia M[redacted] at Medoptic, P.C. located in [redacted], PA. When my exam was complete I was unaware that I had to pay $50.00 for my Glasses until I was informed at the office. I did not have $50.00 at that time. I was told by Jose that I had until the 31st of January 2014 to order them. Once I started receiving Disability I no longer qualified for Medicaid. I went back to the office on 1/30/14 and ordered my glasses. Jose said that there were frames that would only cost $50.00 and the lenses would be $149.95 for a total of $199.95. I paid for the glasses using my debit card. I was then informed that I would receive my glasses in approximately 2 weeks. About 2 1/2 weeks later I contacted the office to see if my glasses were ready and I was told no. I then waited another 2 weeks, called the office again and was told by Stephanie that the lenses came in wrong. It is now March and I still have no glasses. I finally got a call that they were ready. I had to return to the office 5 different times regarding the pillow cushions on the inside of the frames needed to be adjusted. In the end the cushions broke off. I went back to the office and was told that I was over the 30 days to have them replaced. I complained that they were not that old to have spent $200.00 for 3 months. I met with Jose and he replaced them with a plastic frame. I was sitting in my car and all of a sudden I here a popping noise the frames split in the same exact place on both side of the frames. I finally went to [redacted] 8/11/2014 to see if they could be fixed and was told no. So I had to purchase new glasses. They also told me that the lenses that were put in are to big for the frames that is why they broke. I have tried to contact the Dr. I have left 6 messages on there phone spoke to an employee and asked to have the Dr. contact me. As of today 9/18/14 I am yet to receive a call back.Desired Settlement: I paid $199.95 for glasses that I was only able to wear for 4 1/2 months. I will gladly return the glasses to Dr. M[redacted] and have them refund me the money that I paid for them. I feel that I have done everything that I can to get in contact with the Dr. to discuss this matter and have not been able to do so all on their part for not returning my phone calls.



October 8, 2014Dear [redacted]:With regard to the above customer/patient's statement. On 1/30/13, I did examined the above patient accepting her insurance from the state of Pa. Medicaid program – [redacted]. After her examination, she was informed that her insurance allowed her at NO CHARGE a presbyopic lens which is a bifocal with a line. Patient declined the bifocal with a line and wanted a progressive no-line bifocal. At this time, we had to check what her Medicaid insurance requirement. According to the state insurance lab ([redacted]) required a copay of $50.00 for a no-line progressive bifocal. (see attached insurance form with their charges). My company, Medoptic does not do state jobs, this is done by the contracted state lab for Medicaid programs. We have no control of their charges and we do not know ahead of time what their copayments are until the patient is examined with a final prescription. [redacted] at that time had no money to pay for the progressive bifocal; therefore, my optician, Jose, informed her that she had until the end of the year to purchase these special lenses as long as her Medicaid insurance was active.Patient returned to the office on 1-30-14, a year after claiming that she had no money to purchase eyeglasses and that she no longer had the state insurance ([redacted]). At this time, my employee, Stephanie told her we had some discontinued frames at a discounted price – no warranty-final sale. A [redacted] frame with a wholesale value of $52.50 was sold to her for $50.00; however, a progressive bifocal with no insurance was sold to her for $149.95, which is the lower end of my progressive lenses that we sell. Patient agreed and paid a total of $199.95. Patient is correct about the normal waiting time for a progressive lens' job to complete is 2-3 weeks; however, in this case, the lab that we use broke the lenses once and another time came back incorrect. Our policy is that we inform the patient of any problems with the lab in case they choose to cancel the order. Attached is a copy of the patient's card showing that she came in on 1-30-14 and glasses were dispensed on 3-1-14 a total of only four weeks. At the time of dispensing the glasses, patients are to sign the card if they are satisfied with the job. Patient left happy with the frames and signed the card. See attached.Afterwards, date not sure, patient came in as mentioned in her complaint with the nose pads and frame misaligned. An adjustment was done at NO CHARGE to the patient. My company, Medoptic, does have a posted sign in my optical area stating "Medoptic is not responsible for any left frames for repairs, remakes or adjustments". Again, as a courtesy to [redacted], the nose pads were replaced at no charge (we usually have a charge to replace nose pads, as I have to purchase these).During my 25 years of experience and my optician's 15 years of experience, we have never heard of a frame just “popping" by itself. Most likely the patient sat on the frame. However, as a courtesy and fairness to this patient; we ask if she brings an official letter from the person in [redacted] that stated that the lenses were too big for the frame and that was the cause of the breakage, we will be happy to replace the cost of the frame of $50.00 that she purchased.As for the six messages she left, I have five different employees that takes messages at different times and they had no reason not to give me the message. I did not receive a message.Finally, in my professional opinion, when I see a patient on medical assistant – a needy patient, they should get and appreciate what is offered to them at NOCHARGE! This patient should have taken the free eyeglasses that the state offered her. No extra purchases are needed, as a progressive bifocal lens is a luxury not a necessity. If [redacted] would have accepted what the insurance had offered her, there would have not been a problem.Thank you. Sincerely,Sylvia M

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