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Meest-America Inc

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• Oct 12, 2020

Each delivery takes 2-3 months and we are told the package cannot be delivered. Another time we were asked to provide breakfast for the drives as it is a long journey for the driver. We were also told that the drivers needs money for fuel. Now the package was sent back because there was no phone number.

I have sent many such packages to different countries and have never experienced such difficulties. I wonder if this company has solid financial standing and a good reputation. I dont think so.

I clicked on one star as there was nothing lower. what can one say regarding an organization aiding and abetting international fraud? it is an octopus allowing criminals of all variety to steal identities, untold amounts of money and generally a group of individuals I would label insects.

My mother have been doing business with Meest company for about 8 years, and hopefully was satisfied with their service and recommended me to work with them as well. On September 28 of 2015 I attempted one of their office located in Brooklyn on [redacted]Avenue and shipped parcel to Ukraine, while my mother lieve there at that time. I was interested if the company provide shipping of electronic items as I was wondering to sent a Plasma TV as a gift to surprise my mother on her birthday and was given and assured by all instructions of branch representative named R[redacted] S[redacted] that I have to not worrying about delivery or anything else as company is already in business for a long time and the other people sent a lot of electronic items even glassware and they all satisfied with the service. He advised me to deliver TV directly to their office from the Best ** store and they will notified me when item arrived and I'll need just come to their location to pay for shipping to Ukraine. On October 2, 2015 I did everything as he suggested, but as a result the brand new plasma Samsung-40class LED HDTV arrived to Ukraine damaged because the screen was broken. The box of parcel had no visual holes or damages when agent delivered parcel, but he didn't want to bring it inside of house, he called my mother to meet him outside and pickup parcel, as he was in rush. So, my mother got very upset when she open the box and and find out that the scree was broken. Right away she contacted local service in C[redacted] city in Ukraine and created a damage complain with them. At the same time on October 30,2015 I went to local branch office which shipped my TV and no one even apologized until now, just simply gave me a piece of paper and asked me to write a complaint to the company Meest general director Ms.N[redacted] B[redacted] and requested the total amount $400.00 cost of TV and service which was not provided. On the same day I had contacted Toronto office and was promised that they'll will help me to resolve this problem, but needs to do investigation first, which might take about 3-4 weeks and someone will contacted me. I was waiting all month and had contacted them myself, but the personae I spoken before refused to talk to me as shipping label was providing my mothers name as a sender, because R[redacted] toled me if the address is same it doesn't matter under who's name it sent. So I had to purchase ticket to my mother to visit me in United States because Meest representatives did not want to contact me or even provide me any results of investigation they did. After my mother arrived we contacted Toronto office and was only informed that company made decision to provide us $95.00. That was not what we axpected, and we filed complain to consumer protection and received a result couple weeks ago that Meest company agreed to pay the rest $305.00 for our brand new TV which they damaged during delivery. I went again to the branch office in Brooklyn and as always their clueless representative referred me to contact Toronto office. I contacted Toronto they are saying that they send already money to their berooklyn office on March 2016. But we never received them.!! I still hope that we can solve this situation without lawyer involved and a small court, as it will cost much more money as the Meest just samply needs to pay us now as $305.00. In addition I spoke to my mother and she said that she would be agree to receive a credit because she still hoping that she will give a chance to this company and work with Meest again.

I wrote complain directly to the company almost a year ago and did not get result until now as they promised. The company representative keep ingnoring my request to refund money for broken new TV which they were responsible to deliver into Ukraine. As I mentioned in my complain above dated of October 17, that their representative in Canada tolled me that money for damaged LED TV which is $305.00 was sent to local Meest-America in Brooklyn on March, but we do not received them yet. Currently my complaint and I still did not get any response.Desired Settlement: refund money

Review: A lot of things from my parcel was stollen. I wrote complain directly to the company and did not get result in tree weeks as they promised. Now is already 6 weeks after my complaint and I still did not get any response.Desired Settlement: refund money



The customer was refunded $60 for the loss.Sincerely,[redacted]



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

My total loss was at least 500$, all things wich were stollen I listed before.




Dear [redacted] we are very sorry for this whole ordeal with the refund. You will receive a refund from the company in the amount of $300. The company will send you a check. Kind regard,[redacted]Meest-America, Inc, COO



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Has shipped six parcel to International destination. Two of the parcels were crashed and items that valuable to my family are missing. I am asking Meest company to located all missing items and return them to my family - no questions ask.

Worst company ever. Lazy, rude, they didn't do their job; after calling them a thousand times they promised to do what they were supposed to do but still didn't do it on time. They didn't submit the papers for the carrier my container was shipped with on time, as a result the carrier charged me for the container being held more than 4 days. Also, they never accept it's their fault.

Another time I had to use them was a small parcel weighing 17lb. They charged me for 25lb and shipped it 3 weeks later than they were supposed to. Should have never used them. Will never do.

Review: A scammer used Meest to order products from me with a stolen credit card and had it forwarded to [redacted]. Meest did not verify the identity of the person prior to forwarding the product to [redacted]. Now they are avoiding my email to return the packages. They seem to be aware that it is common for people to use the forwarding service along with stolen credit cards. To sign up for an account, they should verify and keep users identity on file so they don't have repeat offenders.Desired Settlement: I'd like Meest to return the packages or pay for the product since they should have verified the persons identity before forwarding the shipment and close the account of the identity thief.



Dear [redacted]we are sorry that your customer and our customer turned out to be a scammer.If we find out about a scammer, we return the goods back to the owner if this is possible.It is possible if the goods are still in the company's hands.If the goods are delivered to the recipient, we can do nothing about.Also, many scammer, used stolen credit cards to pay for their shipment to our company.Sometimes, they pay with a different credit card to us, and it is not simple to identify your scammer, since he often deals with you separately, at a different time, using different information. Please, provide tracking numbers for the boxes that your goods were shipped in. Once we find out about the scammer. We close his account with us. There is a lot we cannot do.Kind regards,

Review: On 10/16/2015 an agent from Meest America came to my mother's apartment in [redacted] to pick up an 8 kg box to ship to the US. When he walked in, the box was opened and they let him see everything. My mother and her friend (I have a name) only had a US declaration and asked him whether they needed a new one, but an agent responded "no need, THIS one is good enough" and gave them a copy of it. They made a separate DETAILED list of the items too. My mom's friend asked an agent if it was OK to ship medicine, told him that it was for heart/blood pressure. He responded "that's fine, they never open boxes, they trust us, don't worry about it". Because my mom was in a wheelchair healing from her hip surgery, she wanted to ship her things to avoid hassle with the luggage.

When the box arrived in [redacted], they replaced the US declaration with the UA one, didn't copy the list of the things and slapped an empty piece of paper on the box. When the box arrived in NJ no one called to let me know. Finally, tired of waiting I called myself and gave an agent an old declaration # which he couldn't find, of course. After I asked him to search by my name he said "actually there is a box that has been sitting here for days but the receipt number is different". When I told him how upset I was he said if I had a complaint they have a special "claims' department for that. So, on November, 18th I emailed 'claims department' but never heard from them.

When we received the box, it was falling apart, taped all over with Meest America tape and was missing precious medicine! I right away called NJ office and the lady so casually asked "but the medicine usually is not allowed, didn't you know that?" After I told her that their agent in [redacted] convinced my mother to place it in the box, she said she didn't know anything and that they have no connection? Really? If they are your partners and deliver packages for you, there is your connection. You are dealing with the same clients, you are connected!Desired Settlement: A) Don't they know they should bring correct UA declarations with them and leave the correct copy of it? Instead he left the one that couldn't be tracked?

B) Had he told my mom that the medicine wasn't allowed, my mom would've taken it out right before him and brought it with her on her flight to the US on October, 30th.

Medicine or no medicine it's the product that costs money. Your partners in [redacted] sent a clueless employee who encouraged my mother to ship her medicine and as result, she lost $250. Who you trust in [redacted] with your clients and parcels - is your problem. No matter how bad you want to point fingers - YOU are responsible for them. How many more unaware elderly clients had they lied to?

Because of your partners gross incompetence and neglect my mom had lost money and I need it back. The only thing I can do to show her that there is justice. I have been your client for years and never thought that one day you or your partners in [redacted] will rip me off like that.



Dear [redacted]we are very sorry for this unpleasant incident.We shall investigate the problem and refund you the cost of medicine.Please, give us a couple of days for the investigation.Kind regards,Natalia B[redacted]

Review: I have been doing business with Meest America for around 3 years. Their customer service does not exist. Their personal including their manager by the name [redacted] is very rude. They are unable to solve a problem. I need them to fulfill their obligations and deliver the box to my customer in [redacted] According to Meest in America there is no problem with the box and it is on its way to the customer. According to Meest in [redacted] the box has been stopped and [redacted] office if waiting for an American office to release the box. [redacted] office is saying there was a restriction for delivery put by the American office. American office is saying that it is not true. It has been going on for 3 weeks now. This is not the first time a have the same issue with the delivery of boxes. A year ago they delivered a wrong box to my customer. They have never resolved that problem neither. The box with the merchandise I sent was lost and a different box was delivered to my customer. So I took a loss of $1,000.

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