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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: True, [redacted] never stated that he fired *** He said she's said and done several things she should have never done, and she no longer works here, so I assumed she was fired, but that's really irrelevant The only reason I kept saying ' [redacted] told me' was as matter of fact that she was the only one I was allowed to speak with until he called, and every time I said what she told me that answer was 'well she no longer works here', not really anything about the car or what was done (or not done) to it That is why I felt that he was hiding behind her words and not dealing with the real issue Whether she left on her own or not has nothing to do with my vehicle If the water pump and thermostat were functioning properly, why did the car start running hot as soon as I picked it up? Seems like that would have fixed the problem since they keep harping on the fact that is the reason it was brought in to being with And how does [redacted] know if he was not in town until the car was moved off the property? He told me he only knows anything because he got 'bit and pieces' from *** I don't know what happened while the car was in their possession I have been told several conflicting stories [redacted] and [redacted] both said they ran it for an hour, stationary, and it was 'fine' [redacted] told me that [redacted] said it was NOT driven at all (I'm guessing except the few feet from the garage to the front of the store) and should have been He also said yesterday that it was not driven and when you get it out of a stationary position it can cause other problems He has therefore suggested I am the first to drive it, but that they drove it around before I got it, so both cannot be true He keeps saying running it hot caused the damage, implying that I did that I did not Any time the car began to run hot I stopped it, and either waited or put coolant in They can stop implying that I ran it hot, because that is not true I don't know the exact mileage we drove it on Saturday, July 2nd, but I can find out if necessary We took the car about 1/mile, it started running hot, we let it cool, headed back to Meineke, and in the middle of the street in front of the shop the temp went all the way to H We turned in and parked it and have a picture of that, with the mileage We also have a picture of the current mileage, which has an additional miles I can only go by what [redacted] (the other mechanic) told me He said that [redacted] called and asked for an update on the car and that he was not going to give him one without consulting me If they talked after that I have no idea It surprised me, maybe that's normal, but I wasn't sure why [redacted] felt the need to call him in the first place, especially after he told me he had never heard of the place I was taking it to The age and mileage of the vehicle is irrelevant If Meineke is not capable of working on cars that old or with high mileage that should be stated ahead of service Other than running hot and having to constantly add coolant, the car ran well and has never had any other issues If that was a problem why is it just now being mentioned? Nissans run well with high mileage.As to the additional comments: Considering the reputation of Mr [redacted] / Meineke around town, I didn't expect him to do anything, but was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt The last thing I asked for was my money back from what they did, since I have proof that the vehicle was still running hot, it obviously was not fixed I did not ask for him to fix the head gasket, although that would be nice, and I do think it is a direct result of something Meineke did (or didn't do) I wish his tone on the phone yesterday matched his tone on public record [redacted]

regarding the claim for( [redacted] ) [redacted] we sorry about what happened we going to refund her the for the part and the labor ( on camshalf sensor ) and the dollors diffrent on the tires mis quoted ) sorry about the miss understanding and we will get the rims power coated for her and we appolgize about the hole sutition and the mis understanding costa mesa ( [redacted] ) general manager mr***

At this time, I have been contacted directly by Meineke Discount Mufflers regarding complaint ID [redacted] , however my complaint has NOT been resolved because: In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted]

[redacted] brought in his car with a misfire on cylinder The car was recently tuned up, and we diagnosed the problem as either a bad fuel injector, or a bad engine cylinderWe explained to [redacted] ***, that the fuel injector was the least expensive option, but he might need an engineWe replaced the fuel injector, which was bad, and the car still had a slight misfire, but it was not as bad as before the repairWe explained to [redacted] ***, that he had a bad cylinder and that meant that his engine needed to be replacedWe told [redacted] ***, we would credit him the cost of this repair, if he wanted us to replace his enginethere was no other way to diagnose the problem, other than replacing the fuel injector

April 29,2015Dear ( [redacted] ***)On March 7th, we performed a basic oil change for [redacted] on her [redacted] (Documents attached INV, INSPECTION WORKSHEET) We performed the requested service, but now the customer states we did not change the oilWe did everything listed on the invoice (#***), the tech also recommended a wheel alignment do to uneven tire wearOur customer reviews are above 95% ( [redacted] ) and we work real hard keeps our customers.Thank You Bill R Jr this time, I have not been contacted by Meineke Car Care Center #regarding complaint ID [redacted] .Sincerely, [redacted]

We fielded this call Monday morning, January 23, 2017, regarding sidewall damage to the tire in questionWhen attempting to research this tire with our distributor while on the call,the tire could not be found, of which the customer was advisedThis turned out to be because the tire was discontinued by the manufacturer in the intervening timeAs a result, we gave the situation the benefit of the doubt that the tire would have a warranty with the intent of performing the research later so as to not waste the customer's time on the phone tracking down this tire's specificsIt was not a tire brand typically sold by us as we are a Cooper Tire seller by trade, so we were not immediately familiar with the warranty specifics of the tire in question Because the tire was discontinued, we ordered a similar tire through our wholesale tire distributor along with submitting information regarding the issueThey called us back the following day (January 24) to inform us that the tire in question did not have any mileage warranty - only a defect warranty covering the first 2/32" of tread wearAdditionally they provided us this manufacturer's information with regards to sidewa ll damage not resulting from manufacturing defects so long after the date of manufacture (as referenced in the complaint), although not in an easy-to-transfer formatWe provided a different easier-to-access link to the customer with why sidewall damage would not apply to a warranty, even if the tire purchased did come with a mileage warranty (which it did not) Thank you for your consideration Gresham Meineke Car Care Center

I spoke with Ms [redacted] this morning and we are in communication going forwardShe has my number and will call me when she gets a diagnosis from the alternate repair facility [redacted]

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me they gave me back my money on my alternator thank you very much Regards, [redacted] spoke with the businessThe $was refunded by check

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meRegards, [redacted] ***

We apologize for the late response to this complaint to your officeIt is never our intent to dismiss any complaints of any kind from our customersFor whatever reason, we were not able to find the original complaintI did however, research the previous services performed for MrThomasIt seems that he had oil changes performed for his vehicles on the same dayOne was a full synthetic oil change and the other was a standard oil changeSince the service writer at the time of the services is no longer present at this location, I cannot ask him what the exact issue might have beenI have reached out to Mr [redacted] to discuss with him what those issues are and to rectify them to the best of our abilityWe have left Mr [redacted] a voicemail and await his replyWe will do everything we can to rectify and satisfy Mr [redacted] .If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact me.Best Regards, [redacted] ***Group Mgr – Meineke Car Care Center [redacted]

To whom it may concern-Mrand Mrs [redacted] did in deed bring their BMW to our store as describedThey called at the end of closing and ask if there was anything we could do about their cooling system leak and they were not sure as to when they could get the vehicle to our storeWe did in deed tell them that it it was after hours to leave the vehicle in the parking lot and put the keys in the key drop, and they did that as wellThe following morning we got the keys and drove the vehicle from the parking spot and approximately feet into the shop as there was no coolant in the coolant reservoir or the engine because there was a blown hose under the intake manifold that we could not see until intake was removedAfter diagnosing the leak which was the customers concern and with the issue of no coolant in the motor a test drive was not able to be preformed without risking damage to the engine which we would not want to doWe called the customer and gave them the price to fix the cooling leak and got their approval for the repairsAfter starting on the cooling system repairs the customer called and ask if we could test the battery as they were having battery related issuesSo we tested the battery and it in deed come back as a weak battery and needing replacedWe gave them a price and they approved the repairsThis is where the story's do not matchThe certified technician that worked on their BMW is more than capable of replacing a battery and very well knows the difference between the positive and the negative side of the batteryThe positive side of the battery also comes with a red cap on it that matches the red positive wire that has to be removed before hooking up the positive red cableThis makes it nearly impossible to hook the battery up backwardsWe ABSOLUTELY DID NOT hook up the battery backwards or improperly install the batteryWe also have the proper "battery saver tool" that we plug into the vehicle while replacing the battery that saves the electrical settings and memory in the vehicles computerThe complexity of the coolant repair was times harder than the battery replacement on this vehicleBoth repairs completed buy us we're done properly and and completed properlyAny other accused issues to their fuses or other systems to this vehicle were not caused by Meineke or related to the repairs we completedWe are sorry they are not happy with the transaction but we can assure you we are more than capable of completing the repairs we did on their vehicleIt also states on the bottom of their receipt that any warranty repairs if any MUST be completed at a Meineke locationThere is approx one thousand Meineke locations nation wide to assist in this and the customer chose to take their vehicle to a BMW dealer for other issues beyond our control

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's offer If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to meI will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolvedIf the company does not perform as promised I can get back to you at: [redacted] Regards, [redacted]

I really don't what else to add to the conversation Ms [redacted] and I had over the phone Would like to clear up a few things though,I NEVER told these ladies I fired ***, I clearly stated [redacted] was no longer here anymoreMeineke installed and charged for a Water Pump and Thermostat which are still functioning properlyThe vehicle did not run hot in our possession, and it was driven around the building and parking lot, as well as stationary in a HOT shop for an extended timeThe procedure of Installing a water pump and thermostat doesn't cause engine damage or blow a head gasketRunning a vehicle hot even for a very short amount of time is what causes that damageThe mechanic at the other shop did not refuse to give me any informationThe vehicle in question is years old with roughly 247,miles on it I'm sorry that these ladies are having a tough time with the vehicle, I truly amOur business, nor ANY automotive repair facility is going to fix incidental or consequential damages from an engine over heatingHere is a snippet from a web blog ( explaining the #reason a head gasket becomes faulty, whether is blows immediately or not."A blown head gasket can be very bad newsIt’s either going to cost you money to have it fixed, or you’re going to have to do the job yourselfEither method will cost money, but doing it yourself can save you the cost of laborBefore you can repair it, however, you need to know the causeThis can be a problem since there can be a number of causes for a blown head gasketWe will start with the most obvious,OverheatingThe biggest cause of a blown head gasket is overheatingUsually, the head gasket armor around the cylinders can become crushed, and if this happens, the seal is lost and your engine will lose compression, leak coolant, and/or the gasket will erode

I am rejecting this response because: because this owner is not telling the truth he never once mentioned anything to me regarding lifters he only mentioned that in this message secondly that was the reason why I went in there and ask for a diagnostic check is because it was making clacking noises to begin with so for him to say that I never mentioned any noises asinine secondly he charge me for a battery and stated that there were more than one sale that was out I did not need a new battery and while he was telling me about the radiator cap he failed to mention that the hoses that are attached to the radiator or water pump where damage and needed to be replaced I've now had to place that replace that today he is a liar he overcharged me twice I understand possibly the first diagnostic check to tell me what's going on but not the second and because he couldn't come up with a reason why there was a noise he just chose to pull something out of the air at my expense if this is the way he treats long-term customers I hope he won't be in business for long I don't take my car up there without there being a reason for it if you look at the history he's done a lot of work on my car and for some reason or another he decided to lie about this situation it's pretty much all I have to say

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