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Mel S. Harris and Associates

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Review: Currently I'm on [redacted] I notified this company in both writing from myself. And my bank [redacted]. contacted them, about them trying to garnish my bank account. By law they cannot garnish, social security funds. Only Taxes, Student Loans. or by fraud. I asked the lady on the lady, her name being [redacted]. I would like to view this account I allegedly owe them. I was told by [redacted], it's too late for that and I must remit payment. I would like this issue fixed some how. by seeing the suppose collection letter, or the debt letter telling me I need to goto court.Desired Settlement: stop contacting me. as my social security cannot be garnished at all. but if they still want to contact me, I want to see all documents regarding this case. from who bought this debt. to where my summons was delivered to.



At this time, I have not been contacted by Mel S. Harris and Associates regarding complaint ID [redacted]. Also I did some research in regards to this company. I've come across a plethora of websites that detail information about this company. Here is one website; [redacted] - There are also many more websites in regards to this company. Also this company has violated the different kinds of laws in regards to collections. How they serve people to appear in court. Here is an article from the [redacted]; [redacted] - Also the state this company resides in. Governor [redacted] named Mel S. Harris in this press relase : [redacted] - Also to finally add. Here is a case law file, that has been ruled upon (don't know if they appealed) here; [redacted]

I hope my response is suitable. If not. You know where to contact me at.Sincerely,

Review: Good afternoon,

Two individuals from Mel S. Harris have left messages "asking" me to contact them to resolve a debt. I realized from the voicemail that they might be trying to scam me into paying them for some debt I do not owe. The voicemail did not address who the call was for. The two individuals called from an unknown number and when I do try to return the call, no one answers. There are a ton of negative reviews/complaints about this law firm scamming other individuals and the difficulties trying to correct the damage they have caused. Someone from the law firm I'm employed at received a similar phone call regarding a debt he supposedly owes from 1999!

Any assistance you can provide on this matter is greatly appreciated.Desired Settlement: No further contact by the business



The business has resolved the issue in reference to complaint ID 1[redacted], and I find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


Review: They are trying to get a me to pay a loan in which I already paid to [redacted] group. I gave them the letter from [redacted] stating that this loan has been paid off and the keep telling me that it is not paid.Desired Settlement: I paid this loan and I don't want to have to pay it again

Review: I have received a letter about income execution to collect a debt. I have received no explanation of where this debt has come from or what it is. I am willing to solve this debt if I know what the debt is from. I don't recall getting any prior notices about this debt or judgement. ive made attempts to call the office but I have got the automated system, put on hold, and then disconnected.Desired Settlement: I want an explanation of what this debt is and where its from. once I get this I am willing to make payment arrangements without garnishing my wages.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


Review: In 2008 I was 23 years old and just starting off a new family. My boyfriend and I had a 4 year old daughter and a one year old son with [redacted]. I was laid off work in November and my boyfriend was working part time. Needless to say financially we were not in a good place. Life was no walk in the park. Before I was laid off I opened a bank account with [redacted]. I had my last check deposited there.....which mostly was for my RENT. I went to the store on a Saturday morning to get breakfast for the kids and my purchase was declined. I was confused because I had just deposited my ENTIRE paycheck!! When I called my bank they explained the Mel Harris put a hold on my account and I needed to speak with them to find out why. When I called the firm they were EXTREMELY RUDE. Told me that I had a bill with MCI from 2000 or some crap like that!!!! I was freaking 15 years old in 2000......I had no phone in my name......I was a freaking sophomore in high school living with my mom and and sister. Why would I have a phone service with MCI......which to my knowledge is OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!! This ** with Mel Harris almost caused me and my family to almost be EVICTED from our home!!!! I was given NO warning that they were going to do this and paperwork did not come until AFTER they froze my bank account. They were trying to get all sort of information from how much I had in my account and whatnot. NO COMPANY SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO THIS TO ANYONE!!!!! Why am I coming forward with this now?? Because I have been contacted by Mel S. Harris AGAIN!!!! They are now threatening my account with [redacted].....saying they have a Judgement from The City of Buffalo!!!!!!! I only had TWO Judgements with Buffalo!!! One was paid by the employer who caused it in 2013 and the other is being garnished. This MCI crap isn't even showing up with them OR on my credit report......which I check on a regular basis. And they sent NOTHING TO BACK UP THEIR CLAIM!!!!! WHY is Mel Harris being allowed to do this to people??? I cannot afford for my bank account to be tampered with over something that I had NO knowledge of when I was 15 YEARS OLD...... A MINOR FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!!! What is wrong with these people???? Why are they allowed to collect on a 14 year old debt on a MINOR????? I'm going to do what I have to do to make the world aware of this company and its practices. The first time they did this....I wasn't aware of my rights.....they will be stopped. I'm taking this to my local news and local Consumer Credit Agency. This is HARRASSMENT AT ITS FINEST. Last I checked.....the City of Buffalo handles their OWN debt collection!!!!Desired Settlement: I WOULD LIKE MEL S. HARRIS AND THEIR FIRM TO QUIT HARRASSING ME AND DROP OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!! YOU RUIN PEOPLES LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


Review: Approximately 10 years ago, there was a transaction made where no one can give me any information as to what the transaction was for; and Mel S. Harris & Associates, LLC started sending me letters in 2007; stating that I owe for this outstanding debt. When I inquired to the nature of the transaction; no one could tell me; when it was purchased; for how much, nor provide any supporting documentation for the charge.

I have provided Mel S. Harris & Associates, documentation that not only did I not make the transaction; that I didn't even live in the country when the transaction was made; and lived out of the country for almost 3 1/2 years after the transaction was made; in which I provided documentation.

Now they have put a lien against one of my bank accounts; although they have documentation that I didn't make this transaction.Desired Settlement: Every year; for the last seven (7) years they have contacted me; and I have always been cordial and polite and provided them with all of the information that they need to ensure that this is not a transaction that I have generated. Yet and still they still constantly harass me as well as place liens on my bank accounts and contact my employers.

I want it all to STOP; this is a fraudulent practice; and one that needs to be properly policed.

Review: On Oct *, I received a summons for [redacted]. The lawyer listed was this law firm. I called as soon as I got home from work and spoke with a [redacted]. I asked for a contract to show how [redacted] obtained my loan and also an itemized breakdown of charges and any payments made. She refused put me on hold for about 7 mins. Came back on the line told me I must be looking for a fight and said she'll see me in court. She said that my time to see those papers has past. How am I supposed to oppose or pay this debt without seeing proper paperwork? Also this debt orginates in South Carolina. The statue of limitations there is three years. Times up!Desired Settlement: and to stop trying to collect on a debt that not eligible bc of statue of limitation laws



Dear [redacted]:

Please accept this as a response to the above complaint of [redacted] ("the complainant") against MEL

S. HARRIS AND ASSOCIATES, LLC. ("MSH"). This response is based on my review of the electronic activity file, documentation received and scanned by MSH, and documentation generated by MSH. All of the aforementioned files and documents are maintained in the ordinary course of operations.

The complaint herein revolves around complainant alleging that upon receipt of the summons and complaint in this matter that she immediately contacted MSH by telephone and that an MSH representative refused to provide her with documentation in response to her untimely validation request.

Mel S. Harris and Associates, LLC (hereinafter "MSH") is a law firm with a practice primarily limited to debt collection. In this matter, MSH represents LVNV FUNDING, L.L.C., a good faith purchaser of a debt that originated with HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. as a Platinum MPL Orchard Bank Non-Prime MasterCard ending in [redacted].

Pursuant to 15 USC § 1692g, on 2/**/2013, MSH sent a demand letter to complainant at the address listed as her present address on the instant complaint ([redacted]). This letter notified defendant that she had 30 days after her receipt of the letter to dispute the validity of the debt or any portion. MSH did not receive any notice of return mail. Thereafter, after the validation period lapsed without any response from complainant, an MSH attorney reviewed this matter and a summons and complaint were issued. On 10/*/2013, complainant contacted MSH upon her receipt of the summons and complaint. Complainant requested documentation from an MSH representative stating that she disputed the debt. The MSH representative informed complainant that the validation period had expired. Complainant became agitated and argumentative with the representative. The MSH representative placed complainant on hold so that the representative could place another incoming call on hold. When the call was resumed complainant again became confrontational with the representative. The representative advised complainant to seek legal advice and follow the instructions listed on the summons and complaint; and the call was ended.

On 10/*/2013, MSH received complainant's instant complaint. Complainant's allegations listed in the complaint are misguided. An MSH representative correctly informed complainant that she failed to timely dispute this debt after receipt of the 15 USC § 1692g letter. Upon hearing this information, complainant became argumentative and the call was ended shortly after it began. MSH remains amenable to resolving this matter with complainant in an amicable manner. Additionally, complainant alleges that the time to commence suit on this debt has passed as the statute of limitations in this matter is three years since the debt allegedly originated in South Carolina. This matter concerns an HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. Orchard Bank MasterCard,

which has a statute of limitations of 4 years under the State of Nevada statutes. Accordingly, the date of last payment was in January of 2010 and suit was timely commenced in July of 2013 making complainant's statute of limitations argument moot.

I hope this response adequately addresses complainant's concerns. In light of the's new written policy making the text of this response publicly available on the website, and in accordance with the provisions of 15 USC § 1692c(b) prohibition against third party disclosures, MSH will provide any documents to the upon request pursuant to a confidential agreement. Please contact [redacted] (Ext [redacted], email [redacted], direct fax ###-###-####) if you require anything further. Thank you for your attention to this matter.



I settled for 400$. Just want others to be aware of the sy antics made by Mel S. Harris attorneys.

Review: June ** 2015 I am trying to buy a home for my family and I to live in on my credit report is a public record from Mel S Harris from 2008 that was a judgement against me from 12-**-2008. I was never served any legal documents and yet the case still went on. While I did live in [redacted] for a predpoid amount of time we move to ** in July of 2003 five years before all this happen. Worked a couple of jobs in 2011 when I worked for [redacted] in ** they had the [redacted] marhsalls take ten precent of my pay when I called the marhalls office they stop all collections. Now it is almost 7 years later and they insisted on me paying them to clear this up and told me I would receive a letter by fax the day it was received which was Friday at 10:03 A.M.. Called they're firm at 11:30 A.M. was told that the letter would be fax soon just needed to be signed and notarized, at 1:30 P.M. called again was told all the lawyers were out to lunch as soon as they came back it would be sent. Called at 4:45 P.M. was told it would be faxed in five mintues could not wait around for it because my son was graduting at 6:00 P.M. when I returned at 8:45 P.M. still no fax and it ies holding up the closing of my house plus I fell that they had know right to strong arm me into paying 1596.38 but I did and they never held up their end. To me they are as bad as loan sharks . What can be doneDesired Settlement: I needed a letter of satisfaction and would like my money back cause being on s.s. disaiblty I am on a fixed income



At this time, I have not been contacted by Mel S. Harris and Associates regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

Review: I reached out to the company on May **,2015 to find out why my [redacted] account was frozen . I was given information from the representative that it was due to an old credit debt over 14 years ago , and correspondences were sent back in 2006 and since it wasn't a return to sender they took the address as being current . In which I explained to her that I never got any letters referencein this matter or any contact by phone . I personally never opened an account with the company that she quoted and no longer in business . she then instructed me to send over my current lease to prove that I no longer lived at the address they had. She also went on to quote the federal law on how my bank is suppose to send me a check for the difference in my account and they would work out a payment plan cause as of right now it would be very hard to prove that it wasn't me who opened the credit card account . She also stated that she would contact the levy and liens department to get the hold taken off . I went back into my branch and spoke with someone who contacted Mel Harris and associates and fax over to [redacted] permission for them to take the hold off . I also had to have a letter notarized stating that a check for $450 ( bank issued ) would be sent to them . I checked my account on the [redacted] of May to find out yes the hold was taken off but Mel Harris had taken every penny I had in my account in the amount of $2,900.00 but not the $450.00 that I signed for and was notarized as a legal document . I would like my money returned and they take what they asked and was signed upon in writing the $450.00 . The person that I spoke to was [redacted] at ###-###-#### . Ext [redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like the money that was taken out of my account minus the $450.00 that they was suppose be given by a bank issued check . The total amount $2,450



At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Mel S. Harris and Associates has been resolved.

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