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Mercedes- Benz of Collierville

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Mercedes Benz of Collierville, did something to my car and don't want to own up to it, I went in for a simple oil change. They are full of lies......I took my car in for a routine oil change. the salesman notice that my check engine light was on, I informed him that I was told it was the air flow sensor. He ask if he could check it, I said sure, he call me and said that's what it was, I asked him how much would it be, he said 650.00. I told him that I would bring it back, that's when he told be he would see if he could get me a loaner car. He call me back and said we have one for you, can you be here by 1:30. He only took a copy of my drivers license he didn't ask for insuance information, which I thought that was strange.All this occured on August 2nd 2014, On August 4th he called me and said the part would be in on the 5th, He called me and said my car was ready, I asked him was my car running good, he said YES! I picked my car up on 6th of August, before I could get on the express I called ([redacted])and told him that my care what's running right, he told me to drive it a little to see how it does. I said ok. I went home did not drive it again until the next moring, August 7th I could barely make it to work my car had no pull to it, as soon as I got to work I called [redacted] and told him about what my car was doing, they sent someone to bring me loaner car and picked my car up. he call be back and said that it was a hose or something that they had to order. He said that would take care of that with no charge, I thought that was strange but I said ok, On the 8th of August [redacted] called me and told me that the part would not be in unti Monday with was 11th of August. ok on August 11th called me and said my car was ready. I informed him I would pick my car up after work..again I picked my car up and it was was shaking very bad, to the point it will make you nervous. I call [redacted] once again, he said the same thing, drive it a little, I told him that I don't drive my car much, I'm at work 9 hrs a day, he said he didn't have a loaner car for me he said he would call me back. I decided to take my car to them on my lunch break and leave it. [redacted] did not call me back, I called him after I got off work ant 4:30 and he said they wouldn't know anything until the next day, I said ok. On August 15th, he call and told me that my motor mounts where broke, I told him that my car was not riding like that before I brought it to them, Im trying to get and explanation why didnt you tell me that on August 2nd, I spoke with the Mgr on August 18th and he said my motor mounst and transmission mount were broke. How can that be and I did not have any problems with my car before I left it with them. Something has to be done. I need a lawyer. now they are trying to charge me 1000,00 dollars for motor mounts, Can someone please help me with this situationDesired SettlementI don't want them to touch my car, I just want someone to fix what they messed up and Merceded should pay for itBusiness Response When[redacted] brought her car in on August 2,2014 it was for both a check engine light and an oil change.At that time we replaced a mass air flow sensor and replaced the engine oil. When the car returned with the check engine light on again the boot for the mass airflow sensor was leaking and we replaced at no charge to her. On the last visit the vehicle was brought in for vibration when stopping and the check engine light was not on. Unfortunatley the car is an 03 with over 150k miles, and the motor mounts and trans mounts are collasped due to age as our certified trained tech advised.To add the drivers side headlight is out and the super charger is going out on the car also.We offered her a discount of 20% off the repair. We are willing to do the repair at the dicount discussed but we do decline someone else doing the work for us to pay for.

Misdiagnosis of problemsI sent in my vehicle to be repaired. I was told by [redacted] service dept. That car would be thoroughly checked and she would call back with cost. I told her that I needed thorough diagnosis because I had just purchased vehicle. I had to call her back after several hours of waiting 8 t be exact. She said I needed a tire pressure monitor a brake flush and an oil change. The cost for that would be $1046. Parts and labor. I agreed. After fixing that and having my car for several days. [redacted] says we found out that the monitor wasn't only problem, you also need to replace Four sensors because your new monitor won't read old sensors. That will be an additional $1442. I say why didn't you tell me this before I spent all the money on the monitor. I would have waited if you had told me total cost. She then says the person that sold you the car already knew about this because it is in our system from six months ago. My response was if you knew six month ago why didn't you tell me before having me commit to $1046. I ask to speak to mgr [redacted] he has yet to answer my message or return my call. Price for tire system went from 600 to 2000, I asked them to remove the part from my car. They wouldn't and [redacted] said Mgr. [redacted] sent me a message saying he will not cover or change any aspect of this. UNSAVORY PRACTICES!!!!!Desired SettlementI want them to cover atleaste half of the extra charge that they added on due to their negligence in diagnosing my vehicle.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] GMContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted][redacted] bought her [redacted] Mercedes-Benz ([redacted] to Mercedes-Benz of Collierville on September 17th,2015. The [redacted] had been purchased elsewhere. [redacted] had never brought her vehicle to Mercedes-Benz of Collierville prior to this visit. When [redacted] brought her [redacted] into Mercedes-Benz of Collierville for service, she requested an oil change, stated that her right turn signal and parking lights where not operating, the tire pressure monitoring system was not working and the low tire light was on.[redacted] also indicated that Precision Auto had diagnosed her car needing a tire pressure monitoring module and she wanted that diagnosis verified.We confirmed that the tire pressure module was not operating and [redacted] approved the repair. Once the module was repaired it became apparent that all her tire pressure sensors were not operating. Until the module was replaced additional diagnosis was not possible.[redacted] was advised that due to the age of her vehicle and the mileage (184,932)computer diagnosis was not possible because of her non functioning control module.[redacted] was kept informed of Mercedes-Benz of Collierville's technician's findings throughout the repair process. Once the module was installed in [redacted]'s car, it could not be removed and re-sold. Merceedes-Benz of Collierville will offer [redacted] a one time 20% discount on the replacement of her tire pressure monitors as a gesture of goodwill.

Service Manager-[redacted] did not repair car as verbally informed. General Manager-[redacted] was rude, call wife a liar and she believed SM.On July 15, 2015 our car was involved in an Auto accident. In spite of running over a 2x4 medal like object that was propelled backward by another vehicle, we were able to drive our car to the Mercedes of Collierville dealership. When repairs were supposedly completed, a text message was sent.On July 25, 2015, we arrived at the Mercedes of Collierville dealership. While leaving the dealership, the braking system malfunctioned causing a near collision with another car. At this time, the engine light appeared as well as the gear had difficulty shifting which prompted us to return the car to the service area for assistance. This is when the advisor [redacted] instructed us to place the car in neutral and shut off. He then said it would take an hour to check fully. After approximately fifteen minutes, the Service Manager-[redacted] came and said he had figured out the code and that he had fixed the problem. Then, [redacted] explained that probably because they unplugged the transmission to get to the crankshaft that it had to recycle and go through adaptation which usually takes an hour. [redacted] denied that anything was unplug and the code did not indicate any engine problems. [redacted] did not inform or warn us about the Red engine light meant serious problems. He stated he had reset something and it would be fine. He stated they had test drove the car. After leaving th dealership, we drove home which is approximately seven miles and parked. On the next day while traveling to church services, the car engine reappeared and the gears were again unable to shift(repeat as at the dealership). By allowing our car to depart from their dealership, the Mercedes of Collierville knowingly placed our lives in jeopardy by ineffectively correcting the engine problems as well as the potential lethal situation without explanation or warning. On 7/30/15,[redacted] informed us that the dealership staff informed them that these incidents occurred with several of the Mercedes and they made their decision based on Mercedes staff. GM-[redacted] notified us that [redacted] told them not to talk to us, [redacted] denied this statement. Ms. [redacted] also called my Wife a liar and she believe her service manager-[redacted] which said he knew nothing about the engine light being red , which is the same [redacted] that said he "reset code and fixed it". This rude GM conducted this conversation in the open sell area in front of others, embarrassing us and then walked away leaving us standing.( We requested to sit in private and discuss this matter). Being African Americans, and the GM and SM being white, there were a lack of culture sensitivity/diversity which is perceived as an ultimate disrespect. This unprofessional behavior and attitude displayed an inadequate customer service skills possessed by the General Manager as well as staff. This experience and verbal attack which was demonstrated publicly was totally unwarranted thus causing extreme embarrassment. Desired Settlement1.GM and SM need to go for diversity and customer service training-and apologize. They violated our privacy by openly discussing our business in public. GM Dunning refused to give pertinent car information of findings about our own car and services we paid for-we should be provided this diagnostic and historical information. Our Car should be fixed because it is worst since being at their service department/dealership. Business Response Case # XXXXXXXXTo whom it may concern:The [redacted] brought their [redacted] in to Mercedes-Benz of Collierville after an accident that effected only the under carriage of their vehicle. Their damaged vehicle arrive on July 15, 2015 with 137156 miles on it. Upon inspection by their insurance company [redacted] it was determined that the heat shield, front drive shaft for their 4 matic transfer case and under carriage lining must be replaced. The replacement was performed by a Mercedes-Benz technician at Mercedes-Benz of Collierville. The [redacted] returned to pick up their vehicle on July 25, 2015. ( ** XXXXX attached)On July 27th the [redacted] returned to Mercedes-Benz of Collierville with the complaint that "check engine light is on and vehicle will not change gears", we had their vehicle again looked at by a Mercedes-Benz of Collierville Master Technician and their insurance company ([redacted]). This new issue was determined to be the gear shift assembly malfunction. It was determined by our Mercedes-Benz technician and the [redacted] insurance company that the shifting issue was not related to their accident. At this time the [redacted] vehicle had 137224 miles on it. [redacted] XXXXX attached). The [redacted] refused the repair.It is the opinion of the Master Technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Collierville and the [redacted] insurance company [redacted] that their new concern was not related to their accident or the subsequent repair. In fact, they had been able to drive their car 65 miles without incident.In response to all other allegation by the [redacted] our belief and experience was exactly the opposite of the experience they described. Mrs. [redacted] took copious notes of every word we spoke. She and her husband made several false and hurtful allegations. We remained in the showroom at a private table after I pointed out that my office was quite crowded with people working car deals at the end of the month. She and her husband agreed that the privacy in the showroom area would be best.The [redacted] were given every document relating to their automobile that they requested, except those which as a Mercedes-Benz Dealer, we may not distribute to the public. I even pointed out which document I could not provide and why.The accusations of racism , lack of customer service or concern and name calling are not only shocking but extremely hurtful. The [redacted] called us names and indicated that we were liars after we provided documentation that did not support their claims.[redacted]

I took my car on May 14 for service on check engine light problem. Return car on Jube 9 for check light. Check engine light is still on. Took car to shop on May 14 one of the items were check engine light on. Pick up car on May 23, paid $895.00 for that part of the service. Before I could get home car cut off 3 times. I call [redacted](service advisor) 10 minutes after I left. I told him my car is not cutting off and riding very rough. It was not cutting off before I took it to the shop. I return to the shop on June 9, engine light is now back on, paid $341.09 for repair for engine light. A week later check engine light is back on. I told them to check car and advise of any problems on May 23. They said they did not find any additional problems beyond the ones' they repaired.Desired SettlementRepair car for money already spent. Repair engine light problem. Fix problem related to car cutting off and riding rough.Business Response Client came in on May 14 with Service engine light on. The code in the system was 019 which we replaced an injector valave. On June9,2014 the car returned with a code 013 and we replaced intake temp sensor. The car was back in our facility with the light back on with code 026 and we replaced the trans upshift module. These codes are all three difrent problems with a 1994 year car. We did not charge her for the last repair and have returned the car back to the client.Talk with [redacted] this morning and the car is doing fine.

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