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Metro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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Vehicle deposit not returnedOn Tues 4/9/13 I gave a $500 deposit to [redacted] to hold a 2011 Ram 2500. On 4/13/13 we decided we were no longer going to purchase that vehicle. I was told the deposit will go back on our Visa card. It has been a week now and after a few phone calls and an e-mail I still haven't had a response back from [redacted] or anyone else at the dealershipDesired SettlementJust my $500 dollar deposit returnedBusiness' Initial Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]I would be happy to assist you with this refund. Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX ext XXXXX and I will take care of it over the phone for you. I'm sorry this wasn't handled for you prior to this but I will get it done for you as soon as possible.

I recently purchased a vehicle from Metro Jeep and found a few serious problems with the vehicle that they are refusing to fix.I purchased a 2009 [redacted] on [redacted] and picked up the vehicle from Metro Jeep on [redacted] The vehicle was inspected at Metro Jeep and passed inspection. The vehicle was brought back to the dealer because of a safety concern on [redacted] They realized that the sway bars on the vehicle were broken. I also noted that the vehicle was shifting hard so Metro sent the vehicle to [redacted] of [redacted] because they were concerned about the transmission. [redacted] said they didnt see a problem with the transmission. The vehicle was returned to me on [redacted] The car was still shifting hard so I took it to [redacted] of [redacted] who diagnosed it with a transmission problem and bad brakes and rotors and said both need to be replaced. Since the car is still under warranty [redacted] contacted Metro to get the okay to fix the vehicle. Metro said that Balise had to fix it because they misdiagnosed it the first time. I picked up the vehicle on [redacted] and brought it to [redacted] on [redacted] contacted Metro saying they still dont see a transmission problem and they refuse to fix it and they will not replace my brakes and rotors either. I have been without the car for 11 total business days and the problem still is not resolved. The vehicle should not have passed inspection because of the sway bars and brakes but they passed it anyway. Now they are refusing to pay to fix the transmission and the brakes/rotors. Since they do not want to fix it I told them I want a refund becuase it is still under warranty and they said that is not possible.Desired SettlementI would like this business to be shut down because they are passing inspection on unsafe vehicles and selling cars that need a lot of repairs in order to function properly and are not telling the customer before they purchase the vehicle. I do not wish to handle any business with this company anymore I do not want the vehicle because it has caused to many problems and I wish to get my money back (we paid cash).Business Response We are in the process of fixing the vehicle through ford and our service dept.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The vehicle is in the shop for the third time for the same problem it was dropped off to metro on [redacted] 6 and brought back to [redacted] on [redacted] they still have not fixed the problem which is the valve body and [redacted] will not fix it. At this point the vehicle has been out of service for 17 business days and it is a lemon law and I would like a refund whether the vehicle is fixed or not.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Metro jeep returned the vehicle to me on [redacted] did fix the valve body which was the initial problem but the vehicle is still shifting hard and in need of repair. The business failed to resolve my problem because I would like a refund whether the car is fixed or not or I would like a new vehicle.Final Business Response The 09 escape has been fixed and the consumer has their vehicle back.

I was told I had coverage on the car for at least another 2 years or 36,000 mile which ever was first. I found out after having issues with the car that was not true. I've been back and forth with this car from Metro to [redacted] about the issues. I was told there was a sensory problem cause my tire pressure light was on and according to the store manger that wasn't a concern for that light to be on. Aside from the car having issues covered under warrantee, the other problems that I've been complaining of has not been fixed to my satisfactory because they're still there. [redacted] found the front wheel severely bent a week and two days after I had the car in which I was told I had to pay the deductible [redacted] I was furious and had words with the service department and was told that the wheel wasn't "severely bent" like they said. I recently just got the wheel fixed and was told they couldn't do anymore to fix it, but the car should drive 50% better than before,therefore I didn't have to pay the deductible. The car drives even worse!!! The back passenger window gets stuck at times and the radio fades out. These are issues I could've had fixed if I had known the basic coverage had expired. I will never send anyone to purchase anything and I personally will never do business with there again!!!Product_Or_Service: [redacted]Desired SettlementI would like for them to take their car back and canceled this debt.Business Response We tried fixing the wheel under our used car warranty which this item is not normally covered on a used car warranty because it is not a safety related item. I would be willing to replace the wheel at this point if it would satisfy the customer. If she would like she can contact the service [redacted] to make a appointment to replace the wheel his number is XXXXXXXXXX ex XXXXX.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) This info could have been advised to me from before but was chosen to be withheld. When I picked up the car the paper work stated that the current tire that was on the car was sent out to be fixed and instead of putting the tire back on the car, my new spare tire was used in its place. Why?? There are too many issues that I have that seem to be ignored. When I test drove the car I was told there was a part they were waiting for to fix the light that was on which was the AWD. The next day, [redacted] my engine , tire pressure, and slippery lights came on and I brought it back to them. That's when they sent it to [redacted] and I got the car back that [redacted] only to have the tire pressure light come back on so I brought it to a tire place to be filled or checked out and I was told the tires didn't need any air, to bring the car back to the dealer cause that means there's a sensory problem. I was then told by Metro I had to bring it to [redacted] cause they don't have either the machine/tools to fix it, which means money out my pocket again. I complained of the car vibrating, but when I found out that basic coverage was gone, by [redacted] I chose not to bring the car in for any other concerns because that meant money out my pocket for a car I just purchased. The radio fades out no matter how much I change the settings, the passenger back window doesn't go down at times and this is not due to the cold because it was not freezing cold temperatures at that time, so I don't have my kids to use it. The issues I had brought to Metro's attention didn't seem important. I even started to bring people in with me to be witness. But to keep from getting into anymore power struggles I had decided not to waste my time anymore bringing my car in for the same complaints and no results. A retired salesman had advised me what to do, first go to the store manager then if no results call the, and so I did being overwhelmed by everything that has been going on and definitely the results from this last situation.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) There's a sensory problem with the car still that was suppose to be resolved. If the car was really checked out like it was suppose to when I had spoke to Metro a second time about it, within that week I purchased the car, I wouldn't have been left to start paying out my pocket for things that should've been addressed. I'm still not satisfied with the whole situation and as for the wheel why did things have to come to this, it only consist of Metro fixing one of my complaints.Final Business Response We have reached out to the customer to replace the wheel waiting on call back for an appointment

This was by far the WORST car buying experience Iâ€

Got a leased vehicle from Metro and tried to give it back, also contract was not explained well and some parts were not mentioned at all.I went to Metro to buy a vehicle, they got me to lease a [redacted] traded my car in for [redacted] and gave [redacted] out of my own pocket. they said I can return it at any time no problem (this was said in person). I called to verify a few days before the return they verified that I could. When it came time to return the vehicle they gave me all sorts of problems doing it then went on to say I had to pay them [redacted] to return their vehicle to them there was no damage at all I just had a problem that they didn't tell me about only being able to drive 10,000 miles a year, I found this out from a friend at work since I'm military I need to be able to travel without worry of having to pay per mile. Another problem I had is the fact they told me I would have to make payments for 3 years of the lease but I found out later that it was 4 years, they also sold me a car saying it was brand new but when I got in it it had two miles I was not aware of the mileage had to be less than 2 miles to be considered new. They are being very shady and I feel like I'm being taken advantage of because of my knowledge on this kind of thing and my age. The reason they gave me the [redacted] charge was "I was paying for taxes on, the title, registration, etc.."Desired SettlementI just want them to take the car back without charging me taxes that I have already paid when initially getting the car I looked at the paper work and don't see where they came up with [redacted] and I know they wont sell the car again for [redacted] off after I have had it.Business Response [redacted] took delivery on [redacted] with full disclosure of all lease documents on [redacted] He came in on [redacted] saying he would like to return the car after he had been driving the car for 5 days. There is no cooling off period in the state of Massachusetts that was also disclosed to him with my finance manager when he signed all paperwork. He has at this point decided to surrender the vehicle to the bank. If he decides to change his mind again the vehicle is stored on my lot. Consumer Response I would like to start of with saying that my origional entery had a typo, I traded in my caddilac deville for [redacted] NOT [redacted] the contract states I can terminate the lease aty any point, I looked at it and did not see where it said I would owe any fees. the next thing I would like to point out is thee fees that were being asked for was not termination fees it was stated that I would be paying taxes on the title, and registration, etc...the day I ended up returning the [redacted] to the dealership they origionally wanted me to park it in the big y parking lot and told me I could not leave it in their lot at all, I was told the only reason they would do that is because they might have had intentions to repo the car from me.I also called the bank 30 to 60 minutes before returning the car and they told me my account had not been set up and that I was not in their system, which leads me to believe that I should have never been able to take the car to begin with because it wasnt teqnically in my possesion yet. I honestly want this to be dont and over with I dont want to pay [redacted] dollars to Metro I already gave them [redacted] dollars [redacted] in Cash and my car for [redacted] I feel like im being taken advantage of because of my lack of knowledge on the whole situation from what I see Metro will make out either way [redacted] or not as I perviously stated they already have [redacted] from me, and in all honesty they will probably sell the car for the same price or more regaurdless. Final Consumer Response I was told I would be paying taxes as [redacted] dollars not buying myself out of the lease and how can I buy myself out of a lease when the car was never really suppose to be in my possession the bank had never set up my account yet I refuse to pay money that I should not owe I was taken advantage of with this whole situation. I will not pay money in a car I don't even have in my possession or on my insuranceFinal Business Response We have disclosed all documents in person with [redacted] and if he has any further questions he may come into the dealership. When the customer called the bank the account was so new that they did not have his name on file.

I belong to USAA Federal Savings Bank. They offer a car buying service. Trurcar. I chose this dealer ship since they showed the lowest price. If a dealer belongs to this car buying service it is guaranteed that the customer will receive the discount. My discount was $3,521.00. I brought the paperwork in with me. I went into dealership and my salesman was [redacted] I told him I wanted a Black, white, of silver with a sun roof and the cd player with subwoofer. He first showed me a yellow/gold Jeep Grand Cherokee. I told him NO. He then brought a blue Jeep Limited. It was the wrong color and incorrect options. I told [redacted] that I want what I want, he replied "we will locate one for you" He came back a while later and stated "no one in the area has one". Unfortunately I needed a vehicle that day as being with out one was not an option. So I bought that blue one, I had no choice. After buying it I went to another dealer ship and found one that I wanted, so Metro lied to me! The salesman also told me that "it was better to sell one off the lot, since it was less expensive for them". [redacted] also told me the touch screen was the same from the 8.4 to 4.6 another lie. This dealer I believe gave me the bait and switch. No one there has tried to rectify any part of this. It is a dealership that is out for the money with out and care for the consumer I believe. I am angry and very dissatisfied with what happened. I was just told by [redacted] the [redacted] that "I should of walked away" Perhaps I should have! But I needed a Jeep Grand Cherokee That day. With what [redacted] said and did along with what [redacted] said about should of just walked away shows the type of dealership it is. There is more but I am out Character's. I would never go back there again.KJLProduct_Or_Service: 2014 Jeep Gran CherokeeDesired SettlementI want a new Jeep, with what the options I wanted and color with no charge to me what so ever, with the $3521.00 discount.Business Response Dealer has been in contact with Mr. [redacted] to discuss this matter.

Bought car 6/30/2014 with gap ins cancelled ins within 30 days and never received a credit to my account. No phone calls or email have been returned.Gap ins was purchased on 6/30/2014 through dealership I cancelled policy in writing on 7/22/2014. Their policy states you have 30 days to cancel for full refund. I am now 90 days without payment. No phone call or email responds. I did catch finance manager [redacted] at the dealership he said he would take care of it. But he also said that this was cancelled a month. Before hand and after calling the the gap ins company they told me it was never cancelled.Desired SettlementTo be paid or my account credited the amount due 835.00Business Response we canceled the contract and the lender will be credited and the customers refund will reflect in his next statement

This was by far the WORST car buying experience Iâ€

Vehicle sold with open recalls and defective exhaust.ON [redacted] I purchased a used 2007 [redacted] from the above-mentioned dealership. Upon test driving noticed TPMS light was on. Vehicle was purchased from the sales representative [redacted] Did not feel the light was a concern as all tires had proper tire pressure. Upon reviewing [redacted] report there were open recalls noted on this vehicle, again not concerned as I knew that [redacted] would correct the open recalls. Picked up the vehicle on Friday, the [redacted] of [redacted] with the TPMS light still on, got home and figured out the problem was with the spare tire, and corrected the issue myself. On the morning of the [redacted] of [redacted] having no dashboard lights on, I proceeded to the dealership to have [redacted] Inspection performed. The car passed the inspection successfully. After leaving the dealership went to [redacted] to have the open recalls addressed. On that day they completed the open recalls two of which involved safety defects. Upon picking up the vehicle from [redacted] it was noted that the vehicle had an exhaust leak, broken rear swaybar link, and a rear pinion seal leaking. I purchased the rear swaybar links myself and installed them, the dealership reimbursed me [redacted] for this. The exhaust leak and rear pinion seal were put off until [redacted] 2015, to look at these concerns. I was told that [redacted] parts would be replaced and I would be responsible for the [redacted] deductible for the used car warranty. I informed them that these repairs should be covered by them as it was noted on the PDI that the rear pinion seal had been previously replaced by them, and the exhaust leak should have been noticed on the [redacted] Inspection. After going round and round with [redacted] the [redacted], I negotiated a 50/50 split on the [redacted] deductible just to get the car out of there. I don't feel the [redacted] bill should be paid by me because all of this should have been covered by them. Also, talking about the incompetence of this dealership when the car was first purchased and I was replacing the rear swaybar links, I noticed four wheel weights on the right rear tire, the oil filter was leaking, and the cabin air filter was filthy, all of which I fixed myself. After the exhaust leak was fixed by them, I noticed a rattle and immediately called both [redacted] and [redacted] at the dealership to inform them of the issue, and still have not heard back from anyone.Desired SettlementI want my [redacted] dollar refund.Business Response The customer signed a discloser form with the [redacted] at time of purchase that he had a [redacted] deductible on all used car repairs after the sale for 30 days or 1250 miles. The repairs were made to the vehicle and for the inconvenience we split the deductible under no circumstances was the exhaust out of tolerance when he took delivery of the vehicle but I made the decision to fix it to satisfy the customer. The customer since he has been told that he is not getting refunded and has harassed multiple employees of my dealership with voicemails and in person threats. That is not the way that I conduct business with my customers and in the same respect hope that my customers can be held the same standard. I would prefer that the customer has no contact or harassing threats to any of my employees.

Was way overcharged and taken advantage of while purchasing a car.On [redacted] I went to Metro to purchase a new cherokee. I left paying 500 a month for this car, not even 12 hours later I called to try to cancel the contract and get out of the car. I was told there was no way he could do that, even though it hadn't even been 12 hours since I signed the paperwork. It's been 5 months with this car and multiple people have told me I was taken advantage of and to file a complaint and I never took it seriously until today when another sales person pointed out that on my paperwork it says I was charged $3,000 more than what the car was worth. The sticker price was $27,500 and I got a $500 rebate but somehow they ended up charging me $30,050 for JUST the car. That was before any of the title tax or registration were added on. This place has awful customer service! If you are at all happy with overcharging and taking advantage of people buying new cars, your business isn't going to get very far at all. So now I am almost $8,000 in negative equity and there is absolutely nothing I can do to get out of it.Desired SettlementI would like to get out of this car, since now I am stuck in it for 7 years with so much negative that could've all been avoided had they not taken advantage of me.Business Response We regret that Ms. [redacted] is dissatisfied with her vehicle purchase but the claims that she has made are untrue and appear to be based on a misunderstanding of the details of the purchase. We have attempted to contact her in order to go over this and are waiting to hear back from her.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I never got a phone call or anything from metro. Final Business Response Ms. [redacted] called us and came to the dealership and traded her vehicle in for another one. This issue has now been resolved.

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