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10/17/16   [redacted] 4747 Viewridge Ave #200 San Diego. CA 92123   Dear [redacted]:   We have researched the residents work orders for the past 3 months.  We have found that every work order that was put in was addressed.  When we tried to make contact with resident due to not having a working key was for the two most recent work orders.  Once we received a working key we went to take care of repairs.  After reviewing the resident’s service record and discussing with staff we have found that the thermostat was not being operated correctly. While in the unit each time maintenance found the AC to be working correctly and during that time performed preventative maintenance on the AC as to prevent additional work orders. On 10/11 USA AC came out and verified that the AC was working properly.  That evening maintenance was able to speak with the resident over the phone and instruct her on proper use of the thermostat, which lead to the resident notifying on call maintenance that he was no longer needed and the AC was working fine. At this time we do not see that there is any compensation due as we have responded to all requests and confirmed the operation of her unit every time.   Regards, MG Properties Group

4747 Viewridge Ave #200
San Diego. CA 92123
Dear [redacted]:
Resident applied on 2/2/16 and was approved based on
credit and proof of income from job and settlement.
When asked if we...

took vouchers she was informed we do
not accept vouchers but we would take a check from the county.
Resident moved in on 2/9/16.  On 2/13/16 she turned in voucher form to be
filled out. On 2/19/16 we informed her
again we do not take vouchers. 
We accepted her application based on our rental
criteria and proof of income.
We do not accept vouchers. 
MG Properties Group

10/10/16   [redacted] 4747 Viewridge Ave #200 San Diego. CA 92123   Dear [redacted]:   We want to apologize for the inconvenience, we had reached out to the resident as we did not have a working key...

for her apartment. We tried to contact the resident to inform without any response. As soon as we received a working key from the resident, we went to repair A/C and advised the resident should she experience any issue to let us know.   Regards, MG Properties Group

11/3/16   [redacted] 4747 Viewridge Ave #200 San Diego. CA 92123   Dear [redacted]:   We have reviewed settlement and found the following: The resident did not turn in keys to the apartment on September 30th, 2016 as stated in...

settlement and did not pay the amount they should have prior to vacating.  This resulted in breach of contract and gave us the right to send to collections. At this time amount has not been paid and we do have a judgement on their account.   Regards, MG Properties Group
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[The business is lying. Attached is the settlement from the Superior Court of California. The settlement clearly states that the Business keeps my deposit and I will pay $2338 to the business( without a due date) and the business is granted possession of the apartment unit by 'writ of possession' no later than Oct 1st, 2016. The return of the keys is not and never has been a precondition of 'writ of possession'! The contract is forfeited as stated in the judgment, so there isn't such a thing as 'breach of the contract' as the business stated in it's response! Plus, there isn't a single word in the judgment talking about 'the keys'. The business is making all kinds of terrible excuses to try to cover it's wrongful actions.   Again, the business imposed a false collection case on top a false eviction case. As stated in the attached settlement, there is NOT a due date to the amount I owe the business. If an amount is not due, the business can not collect it. Even worse, the business claimed that I owe them $2371, which is not the same amount agreed in the Judgment. The collection not only had a wrong reason but also a wrong amount. This is a very good example of what I had to deal with for the past 14 months.  The business was and is never doing business following right ethics and industry standards. ]

Review: When I was looking for an apartment I was looking to find one that accepted a voucher from San Bernardino county for move in expenses. When I called Terricina Apartments in Ontario, CA, the agent that answered the call was Mary. I explained the situation and she said they accept the program. When I went to look at the apartment I asked again to make sure. Again she said yes. We started the paperwork, they stated they need the check before we could move in. A county representative call and talked to the apartment office before issuing the voucher. My in-laws advanced the money with the understanding that it would be paid back over 4 paychecks as I would have a credit of $2717.94 to go towards rent. I delivered the voucher for their signature on 2/13/16. The voucher has a 7 day limit. On Friday the 19th I received a call from Mary at approximately 3:15 telling me they will not accept the money now. I spoke with corporate office and they refuse to do anything.Desired Settlement: Our account credited the amount of $2717.97.




Review: To whom it may concern,

I'm a prospective tenant at Sterling Village in Vallejo CA I was sent to move In on 10/1/15 at the rate of $1681 I've informed management that I couldn't move in until 10/7/15 due to pay schedule. It saddens me to know that your company would tell me that if I move in 6 days later I'd be looking at 1781 monthly what a spike! I let the representative know that I wasn't comfortable with that and that she could cancel my application and see my holding deposit to mail mailing address. She told me that it was non refundable. In CA any type of deposit is refundable a fee is non refundable so my $45 application fee I understand not getting that back but expect my holding deposit back being it did not state non refundable also I have not signed any lease agreement. I hope to hear from someone to clear this matter!Desired Settlement: Refund my $200 holding deposit



Hello [redacted], October 15, 2015 We received your submission to the regarding the holding deposit at Sterling Village Apartment Homes. We are so sorry to hear you were unable to rent with us. We wanted to explain the holding deposit policy to be sure we are on the same page. Our deposit to hold agreement was signed by yourself and our leasing agent. It states that the holding fee is refundable should you cancel your rental within seventy-two hours. If a cancellation should occur after the seventy-two hour limit, your holding deposit (which is a fraction of the full deposit) will be forfeited. We did speak to the community manager regarding the application status and we show on record your first application was submitted on August 25, 2015 where you paid the $200 holding fee and $45 application fee. We have record you chose to cancel your approved application on August 29, 2015. At this time, we did honor the return of the holding deposit although it had been slightly over the seventy-two hour limit as a courtesy. On September 11, 2015 you returned to re-apply for an apartment home. At this time, we did not charge another application fee, we simply re-applied the last application to your new apartment home. You agreed to a move in date of October 1, 2015 and paid the new $200 deposit to hold amount. On September 28, 2015, seventeen days past the hold date, we received a call from you that you wanted to push your move in date back even further. The rent payment, with our pricing system, changes daily and is based on the day you chose to move in. So, the rental amount did increase as it would for anyone would adjusted their move in date. You chose not to rent with us at the higher price and had surpassed the seventy-two hour refundable time frame for your $200 deposit to hold so at this time, the $200 was forfeited. Holding the apartment for you for those seventeen days cost us a loss of rent over $950 which you are not responsible for paying back. If you would like clarification on the actual deposit to hold agreement you signed, [redacted], the community manager is more than happy to review it with you. Please contact her at the leasing office at your convenience [redacted].We wish you the best in your next home. We have sent a copy of this letter to the, as well. Regards, [redacted]

Review: More than a month ago my wife and I reported a leak in our kitchen ceiling to the apartment management here where we live. It has now taken more than a month to rectify the problem. Maintenance personnel have come by a minimum of seven times, never with any notice, to enter our apartment to try to fix the problem. I knew it was a leaky pipe in the ceiling and suggested repeatedly that they remove the drywall and repair the leaky pipe. The maintenance men told me repeatedly that it was a leak from two different apartments above us. I emailed the apartment management about 9 days ago and reminded them that we still had a leaky ceiling. Yesterday I called the apartment management, after receiving an email stating that they had to enter my apartment yet again to try to fix the leak. I told the manager they could enter today, but not on Friday, as my wife and I had to take my 82 year old Mother to an important appointment. We arrived home yesterday with a notice taped to our door by the apartment management stating that they would enter the apartment on Friday (when I told them we could not be here and would have to leave our dog in the apartment), that if our dog was here they would call animal control to have her removed and if we did not cooperate the management would commence a court action against us! I was stunned, to say the least. In any event, I contacted the management here again and the home office in San Diego and they agreed to do the work today. They FINALLY removed the drywall and, indeed, found a leaky pipe and repaired it. They still need to come back and repair the drywall. My wife and I are ENTITLED BY LAW to the peaceful enjoyment of the premises here we lease. The constant, unannounced interruptions over the past month have seriously interfered with that and the downright hostile, harassing letter on our door yesterday was inexcusable.Desired Settlement: I wish to receive a written acknowledgment from the management of this apartment complex and the home office about their failure to fix the leak in our apartment in a timely manner and their rude and threatening behavior towards my wife and me. I also want written assurance that this harassment WILL NOT occur in the future and I want a rent adjustment to compensate us for the management and maintenance of this complex interfering with our peaceful enjoyment of the apartment we lease for more than a month, to which we are entitled by law. Alternatively, if they terminate the employment of Apartment Assistant Manager [redacted], that will satisfactorily substitute for the monetary remuneration we are requesting. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

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