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Miami Auto Broker

1919 NW 18th Street Suite 206, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, 33311

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Lied about no accident history!
Buyer Be Ware! These guys lied to me about the history on a grey Gallardo Spyder I purchased in February. The car has frame damage beneath the passenger side headlight. The bumper has been replaced and the hood repainted. My advice - go to n honest dealer-these guys are not that.

Pictures are worth 1,000 words. See attached showing the vehicle and the frame damage. I gave Michael every opportunity to reply but got nowhere so Ill post up pictures of the truth. When I received the car the spray nozzle on the passenger headlight was snapped off. Michael tried to blame the vehicle shipper. Nothing I could do so I ordered the part from Lamborghini and replaced it myself. Have to say I was more than a little disappointed to see the frame damage and broken headlight tabs when I started taking things apart to replace the snapped part.

I purchased 2013 BMW from ***, MAB. Car condition was dramatically misrepresented. I received a non-negotiable title.Never heard from them again
I purchased a 2013 BMW, VinWBAYP1C56DDXXXXXX, from Miami Auto Broker, *** on 12/30/19.I paid in full $29,500.00. The car arrived in Colorado Springs, Co around 1/6/20. Upon inspection I determined the seller had dramatically misrepresented the condition of the vehicle with pock marks throughout the front of the car, as well as door dings and scratches on the sides. I had asked him about these potential issues prior to the purchase and he flat lied about them. I paid $650 for the shipping charge as well. A week or so later I received the title to the car and took it to the DMV for registration. They informed me the title was non-negotiable and provided a letter stating so. I call *** and told him about the problems. I priority mailed the title and the DMV letter back to him. He received the package. I have heard nothing back from *** nor Miami Auto Broker. The vehicle cannot be driven and now sits in storage with no license plates on it.

Miami Auto Broker Response • Jun 04, 2020

Document Attached***
As a dealership we apologize for Mr. unhappiness and BUYER's REMORSE. We hold our dealership to highest standards on customer service and ship cars around the country on a weekly basis. The title was delivered in a timely fashion and sent back to us and then corrected and sent back to Colorado and delivered to his doorstep on 3/13/2020 before the case was reopened. I've attached the paperwork. All our vehicles are housed inside a 15,000 square foot indoor showroom and we pride ourselves on the nicest pre-owned inventory in South Florida. No accidents and no stories. We sell 10-20 million dollars of inventory of cars every year and most our inventory is sold out of state and transported out of state. No implication of any car's condition is represented wrongly or has been done. All our vehicles are sold "AS-IS" unless manufacturers warranty is remaining and represented to the highest standards in representation and our nationwide reviews speak for themselves over the years when 80% of our inventory is sold to customers out of state.

II am requesting to get a refund of the money that was deposited for the 2011 Range Rover Supercharged due to non financing
I purchased a 2001 Range Rover Supercharged from Miami Auto Brokers on 6/15/2019. Originally I was informed that the lienholder First Choice Capital was going to finance the vehicle. I arrived in Florida, paid the deposit and was advised that they would send me the documents from them once they signed. I returned home with the truck and was advised 3-4 weeks later that the original lienholder did not do the deal. I asked who I needed to make my payments too being that I had not received any paperwork yet. I was informed by *** that they we're trying to get me financing with another company. I was advised that he would call me once this was approved. I called again 3 weeks later and called to update my insurance for the lienholder information. I was then advised that Miami Auto Brokers is my lienholder. I then asked if I could get updated contract paperwork so I could review the specifications of the contract. I requested the information over and over and no one would send me the paperwork. I purchased this vehicle on 6/15/2019 & I was not able to get my DMV tags until 9/2019. I called and emailed and texted asking for thr paperwork so I could make my payments. They would not send me any paperwork. To this day I have still not received any paperwork for the contract between Miami Auto Brokers and I. The only paperwork I have is the original paperwork from the lienholder that did not happen. They picked up my vehicle on 6/24/19 and stated that I owe for 5 months. I do not see how I owe this amount when there is no date of when our contract started. I have requested to get my money back due to the fact that they could not get me any financing. They will not return my calls to advise on what he process is that needs to be taken. I have also asked to retrieve my belongings from the vehicle and they just told me today where the vehicle was. I asked about my downpayment and they will not reply.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund of my deposit due to the company not being able to find financing for me. I understand that I did have the vehicle since 6/15/2019 but I was unaware that I did not have financing. There is no legal contract binding us stating my payments or the legalities of the contract.

Miami Auto Broker Response • Nov 22, 2019

The Downpayment was for the car purchase. The Loan and financing which went into default has nothing to do with the original car purchase where the downpayment was applied to lower the amount of the loan to make the payments reasonable.
Customer failed to meet contract terms of loan for the amount financed of $18,999.35. The Contract was signed by the customer on 7/15/2019. The First payment was due on 8/14/2019. The Customer failed to make any payment of the loan. After 90 days the car was repo. We gave the customer 90 days before
we repo the car. We still didn't recieve 1 payment and the customer had driven the vehicle 10,000 ***. I've attached the pre-repo contract and original finance contract. Any other company would have repo the car after the first missed payment on 8/14/2019. We gave the customer an additional 60 days for a total of 90 days and still didn't recieve a payment.

Customer Response • Nov 26, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They are referring to the original contract with myself and another lienholder for the original deal that fell through. This makes that original contract null and void. If there is a new lienholder and new agreement. Then both parties have to agree to the terms and conditions stated in that new financial agreement. I never agreed to the terms of the new agreement. Nor did I see any new contract stating the new monthly payment amounts terms or conditions. I was told in a text that I was two months behind and I replied and asked how when I never received any new paperwork between the two of us. *** and Miami Auto Brokers. In the original agreement with the lienholder I was ordered to pay a fee of 1700..00
. I then asked if they were no longer the original lienholder where does that fee go. Is this something I will still be responsible for? They never responded. Therefore I am requesting to have a refund of the money minus the three months if they choose to charge me a rental fee or whatever. Its not my fault that they could not provide me with financing. When I left with the truck I was under the impression that my vehicle was being financed with that company only to find out 4 weeks later after receiving no paperwork. That they

Miami Auto Broker Response • Nov 27, 2019

Ms. contract is clearly signed with Miami Auto Broker as the Lienholder on 7/15/2019. Please move this to litigation with the courts and dismiss this complaint.

Customer Response • Nov 27, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Where is this contract between Miami Auto Brokers and myself. Please submit a copy of this signed contract. We will be taking this matter to further legal matters. I was sent documents to sign and send back via mail that was pertaining to the new lienholder and not Miami Auto Brokers. This was the bank that *** stated he could get to approve the loan. After signing and sending back. I never received a copy of anything to show the terms and conditions of a contract. I then spoke with *** again and he implied to me at that tine that they were just going to be the lienholder of the vehicle since they couldn't find financing... I then asked for some type of paper trail and they have yet to provide this to me. Thank you...

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Address: 1919 NW 18th Street Suite 206, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, 33311


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