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MICOST Rent to Own

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• Sep 14, 2021

I do NOT Recommend MICOST RTO! THEY NEVER ANSWER THE PHONE. They refuse to take payment over the phone. And definitely over charge at 44% interest as well 3% on line payment. We payed 3 payment and the payment NEVER WENT DOWN. SO NOT USE MICOST RTO. And your not allowed to pay off what you owe on line.

I make my payments..on or before due... get recites.. the lady keeps saying I didn't make them.I make my payments on or before time..have recites to show..they were paid..the lady.. sends me letter.. that it isn't paid..threatening letter...for payment..which was paid..I have money order traced..which I had to pay for..she cashed the money..but wouldn't tell me..made the next payment..have recite for she said.. it didn't have called..she wont answer..if..she does she is very hateful and smart mouthed.. go thru..the lady needs to be..fired or checked up on with her taking other peoples moneyDesired SettlementFIRE or replace the lady in charge..cause she is very disspectfull to everyonegive me time to remove my things..then come get it..the blocks belong to meAND..refund what has been paidBusiness Response This customer had several issues with getting payments made on time. The last payment attempt was online and the bank returned it to us stating that they were unable to locate the account or it was invalid. As we usually do, we contacted the customer to inform them of the issue and explained that generally when this happens, it is a matter of the customer mistakenly entering an incorrect or insufficient digits. We asked that they please log online again and attempt to resubmit their payment, we added no charges for this error. The customer became angry and demanded to have the building picked up, claiming that there was no possible way that they could have made the mistake. The building has been picked up and resold and this contract is closed. Thank you. MICOST RTO

Once you miss a payment they become rude and will not let you talk to resolve the issue at hand.I recently got a 12x24 building with the garage pkg and shortly thereafter had to switch jobs unexpectantly which resulted in me getting behind on my payment. I understand im in the wrong and its my fault so when I contact Micost rto to set up a payment plan like it says in the letter they mailed to me the owner is very rude and hateful, will not let me talk to get the issue resolved, she kept belittling me and showed me no respect whatsoever. She demanded the full payment amount of $247.53 be sent today or it would be obvious I can't afford the building and that I needed to go clean it out so it can be picked up. She kept trying to put words in my mouth, for example, when I told her that I could have my payment before I can have the building cleaned out because I have a truck in the building that is tore apart and there is a car that is broke down in front of it that will not move she tells me since im refusing to clean it out that she can place charges against me to reclaim her property. I never refused to clean it out but I think she is failing to realise how many parts and peices there is to a vehicle and the weight of those parts that one person can't just go carry everything out. The car in front of the building had the steering column mess up and you cant turn the switch on to get the car out of gear which means it would have to be moved with a tow truck which I don't have the money for obviously and she wouldnt give me the time to explain this to her so we could come to an agreement. She was very unproffesional, demanding and depending on the outcome, I will never recommend her business to anyone. I drove over an hour one way and past several other [redacted] building lots on the way to hers because her salesman was really talking them up like great company etc. Also depending on the outcome this incident will be posted to every social media site I can find with her business info and a warning of her business practices. I noticed her company has had other complaints to the of this exact nature with some very recent. It seems she could benefit from some customer relation courses and she needs to relize sometimes there may be an issue with payments but her behavior and attitude towards that person will eventually make or break her company because no matter what the word will get around on how she treats people and how she runs her business. Desired SettlementThe resolution id like is for her to apoligize to me and my husband(she talked with him after I was too upset to talk with her) and set up a payment plan like the letter states can be done because demanding cash the day you call is not a payment plan. Im not trying to jip them out of a building like she thinks I am all I was trying to ask her was for a lil time to get caught back up since I just started getting a regular check again as I could have the past due balance caught up pretty quickly if given the chance to and it seems that them working with me is in their best interest as well cause the whole issue is over money right?.. so if she has to pay someone to pick it up then has to list it as used and wait for someone else to purchase it with no guarantee of when that would be then she still isn't receiving any payment correct?...I can have a small "faith based" payment of around $35 out of todays paycheck and I know that's really nothing to her but its alot to me and the rest on september the 3rd.Business' Initial Response This customer has failed to make a payment since June. They now owe over $495.00. Micost RTO was contacted on 3 different occasions by [redacted] with different dates and promises of when we would receive payment. The 4th time Ms. [redacted] called was with a promise to bring her account up to date the first week of Sept. (this was Aug. 22) When told they would need to send $100 by that weeks end and they would be allowed to float the remaing balance until the next paycheck, they became angry and argumentative and stated they didn't have even five cents. At which point they were told that if they could not afford to make their payments, they should please clean it out and we will be happy to come get it. We run into customers every week who are doing the same thing, trying to keep something they cannot afford and will not pay for. In the end, Micost Rto agreed to allow them to send a mere $50 as a show of good faith and the rest with the next pay period. To date,we have not received payment. You will notice the complaints that we get are always the same, someone who is grossly behind on their payments and is angry that we are not "cooperating". We understand unfortunate circumstances happen to people from all walks of life and we have been known to work with indiviuals in many situations. However, this always requires that the customer have a previously good track record of making payments with us and that they keep their promises. This customer has made only 1 payment on their building and as stated before, that was in June. Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Her account isnt true...she first demanded full payment of $247.58 (this is when I was just under a month late..the date was around mid august) or clean the building out. It was when I told her that I can have it paid in full(sept 3rd) before I can have the building cleaned out cause I have a complete truck torn apart in the building and when its in a thousand pieces I cant just roll it out as there are things that one person cant lift and carry on there own and that I couldnt have it cleaned out by sept the 3rd. This is when she tried to claim I refused to clean it out and threatened me with charges. When that didn't work she demanded a $100 payment then it went to $50..I feel the only reason she lowered it was because she realized she couldnt get it picked up right away and if the building was accesible to her at that time she would not have lower the amount. The issue I have is the way you get treated once you get behind. As originally stated I get that im behind and its my fault but that does not give the owners the right to treat you the way they do. When we called the first time we told her a date based on when I was told I would get my first check from my new job. After calling her my manager then informed me she had told me the wrong date of my first check so I called a second time to let her know and that's when she became irate and wouldn't let me talk to explain why I was calling back. Since I filed this complaint a 2nd payment has come due (august)...I don't know anyone that hasn't gotten behind at one point or another in their life unless that person has alot of money and how she treats ppl shows in her response to this complaint and shows her character. I also understand she is running a business but is she that broke that she can't give someone a lil time to get it caught up or is she being crooked and taking advantage once someone misses a payment so she can pick up the building and screw them out of the money they invested in it (I already have almost $600 in it counting the downpayment, delivery, and junes payment) so that should show her im serious and that im gonna pay for it or I wouldn't have wasted my money if I was planning on just letting it go back. I still say she needs a few courses in business management and relations that type of thing. And for the record that "mere" $50 that we agreed to is in the mail to her. I hope her actions result in the appropriate downgrade of her business rating as it should...will never patronize her business again or anyone company thats affiliated with her.Furthermore the payments are due on the 20th of every month...we made one call to her when we realized we couldn't make the july 20th payment and told her when we could pay it based on when I was told id get my first check from my new job...then after I was told the wrong date of my first check I called a second time to see what could be worked out..thats when she lost it...I did not make 4 different promises to pay like she is stating...however I did hang up on her twice that day after she became beligerent and raised her voice...after I called her back for the third time and she realized I wasn't going to put up with her treating me that way is when she calmed down enough to work out the $50 if you count the 3 times I called her that day plus the one call in july I guess that's where she is getting the 4 calls from Business' Final Response This is unfortunately a situation we see repeatedly in this line of work. A customer umable to afford their building and angry that we will not "do them a favor" We carry many hundreds of contracts. If a person fails to make their payments, their building will be repossessed. This customers payments are due on the 20th of each month. The phone call resulting in this complaint happened on August 22nd. At that point the customer owed for both July AND August, plus late fees. The complaint was filed with the on August 26th. You may notice the discrepencies in her/his story here... Additionally, we have call logs that prove all the dates I am stating are accurate. First the customer claimed it would be in our best interest to let them keep the building because we would be losing money with the cost of pick up/ resale/ redelivery... Now they are claiming we are trying to cheat them since they have already paid so much. Not a lot of sense being made here. This will be our final rebuttal with this matter. The customer is delinquent on their payments. We clearly state that we have the right to pick up a building if it is even 2 weeks overdue. This customer is trying to claim they haven't had even $.50 to send us since June (Nearly September now)If you are unable to pay for an item you are leasing, you should not feel entitled to keep it. As stated before, we see this all the time in this line of business. It is unfortunate.

Micost unjustly charged a late fee for July2015, but used this to shorten the days til nxt due, and are insisting past due yet payment made every montIn august 2014 I took over a storage unit that had been purchased and brought to one of my properties by a previous tenant. I took over a monthly rental and we agreed that the payment would be due mid month each month. Even though my online payment show that all the payments have been sent each month on similar times with no payment being issued after the 15th of any month. They insist that July 2015 was received a few days late and therefor incurred a late fee. Micost charged the late, but they also started shortening the time until next due, stating that they were doing so because the full rent was not received. And now insist that I am past due even though a payment has been made every month and only one payment was made late. In corrisponding with them they state crazy things like "We would appreciate you reviewing your payment history further and taking note of the fact that we did not pick up your building when you fell on hard times and were forced to skip months and double up on payments. Thanks and Happy New Year! -Tom" No payment has been made late and I have banking proof of this. And even so, they are using double jeopardy by charging a late fee and reducing the number of days covered by each rental payment. The above copy pasted section responding to my complaint shows how impossible it is to work with them.Desired SettlementCorrect the erroneous late fee for July 2015 and correct the "monthly" billing date back to mid month. Provide me with Uniform Commercial Code that allows double jeopardy late fee billing practice, or agree not enforce portions of the rental agreement that are illegal.Business Response Contact Name and Title: Cory - managerContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@gmail.comThis customer began being late in May. We realized the paper checks were coming from the bank and suspected the customer may not be aware her payments were arriving late and we attempted to contact her but with no success. Her invoices reflected the late charges and still we heard nothing from her nor did she send in the fees for the consistent late months. We have attempted to correspond pleasantly with her via phone and email but have found her to be unreasonable and she has even stated she does not care how it works she just wants us to fix it. We deal in thousands of contracts, we have attempted to resolve it with her, she is of the nature that will not let a person explain while talking on the phone. We regret that this is the case, the only resolution to this is for the customer to bring her account up to date. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Notice in the response they avoided committing on the Double Jeopardy of charging late fees and reducing number of dates covered by the payment. Further communication with them, they are now trying to state that the previous owners payment history is mine. As our contract began in August 2014, here is a copy of their last corrispondance: Dear Mam, Please review your records for the tail end of 2013 and beginning of 2014. Not to mention the delinquencies in 2015. If you need us to, we can provide you with a payment history again. Currently you are 18 days late. Thanks and happy new year! -TomTo[redacted]@gmail.comMessage bodyI will need a full payment history for this account emailed please. my records show that all payments have been made on this account. and are as follows since the 1st of the yearThese are the dates my bank states that each of my payments have been delivered:01/13/201612/08/201511/12/201510/14/201509/03/201508/13/201507/13/2015... information was emailed to Micost on 12/05/2015 less the January payment as showing the December payment as processing. I am asking Micost once again to correct the account, as there are no late payments made during the period of my contract with them.In reviewing my payment history they have also included the previous owners payment history. I have posted a copy of this with note that my discussion with micost in taking over the rental was that the rent would be sent out between the 8th and 10th of each month due to the fact that all of my income is rental property, late after the 5th of each month, so my deposits go in on the 6th and bills paid from that, to write my lease with them so that this would be acceptable. I have followed this course. Final Business Response We have moved this customers due date to the 12th as it was originally when the customer took over payments on this contract. After reviewing the customers payment history, we have added the late fees of all payments received after that date to the current amount due. The customer has been notified of this change and asked to pay the outstanding late fees. Failure to comply will result in the due date being adjusted again. Failure to send in the late fee with future late payments will result in due date adjustment as well. This will be our final correspondence with the in this matter. Thank you!

I pay said company for a building I purchased. The building is defective. It has been 6 months and no cooperation problem. I purchased a building approximately 6 months ago through a third party. I noticed a major issue with the building. I contacted the place where I bought the building numerous times with no response. I then contacted [redacted], whom I pay every month. No one has made a effort to fix the problem. I would just like for someone to please assist me with the matter. Desired SettlementFor some one to please fix the problem. I Def. need the building or I wouldn't have bought it, or a full refund would be suffice. Business Response MICOST RTO is not responsible for the craftmanship of the buildings we finance. We are merely the bank, offering financing for people who can not afford to pay for a building outright. This customer did contact us with his complaint and we directed him to call the vendor from which he purchased the building. It is the vendors or the builders responsibility to stand behind the quality of their work. That being said, we did contact the vendor in his area earlier in the week and informed him of an unsatisfied customer. We were assured that they would take measures to inspect the building within a weeks time to access if there is a problem and that they had already spoken with Mr. [redacted]. This is not an issue with MICOST RTO. We have informed the customer that we will pick up the building if they wish to terminate their contract and no longer rent to own.

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