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Mid Columbia Gymnastics Academy

Gymnastic Instruction

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User Anna S.

Mid Columbia Gymnastics is awful! I enrolled my 3 year old to recreational classes for one 45 min session each week. The first 9 months she was there, she loved it. Unfortunately, the last month she attended, her coach became very unprofessional, impatient, and short with the children. I'm not sure what her problem was, or why the change. Maybe she was sick of her job or going through something in her personal life. But treating sweet 3 year olds like that is un-accceptible! I saw the light go out of my daughter's eyes when the subject of going to gymnastics was brought up. She went from loving it, to dreading it. I pulled her from the class. I am not going to continue having her go to a class that is only 45 min a week, that is supposed to be for FUN with a coach that treats the 3 year olds like they are in military school- horrible!

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Mid Columbia Gymnastics Academy rating

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Category: Gymnastic Instruction

Address: 1523C Fowler St, Richland, WA, 99352-4733

Website: http://www.mcga.org/

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