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Mid Columbia Mobile Propane

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Mid Columbia Mobile Propane Reviews (3) have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, *** ***

In response to claim ***This person has been a customer for many yearsInitially she used propane for heat as well as cookingAs the years went on she chose to change to electric heat only using propane for cookingIt is company policy that we do not rent tanks on cooking only as the
propane usage is not beneficial to usIt is also our company policy that if you do not use the capacity of the tank in a years worth of time your tank rent will increase or you will be switched to a smaller tankWe do not rent anything smaller than a gallon tank, which is what this customer hasYou can, however, purchase a smaller tank at a *** *** type of store
This customer had been delinquent on her bill multiple times throughout the years, which is why she was changed to a COD accountIn an effort to help her out, no finance charges or late fees were chargedWe spoke to her multiples times throughout the years regarding her propane usage and our policiesShe was well aware of the fact that her tank rent would increase if her usage did not increaseIn October of a $yearly tank rent was chargedTo date, she has only paid $of that tank rent, which was months lateShe has refused to pay the other half of the tank rent billHowever, since we picked up the tank the $was removed from her account
When her tank was picked up, it was emptyIt was NOT at 30%We had been monitoring her tank, waiting for it to be empty before picking it upShe last bought gas in NovemberShe purchased gallonscooking usage would have used gallons in months time
*** ***
Mid-Columbia Mobile Propane

RE: Complaint ID [redacted]  The only facts in Mr. [redacted]'s complaint are that he ordered propane from Mid-Columbia Mobile Propane in 2015 and he wanted a bigger tank than the 150 gallon tank he owned. To clarify, Mr. [redacted] indeed had a 150 gallon tank that he owned. When he called Mid-Columbia...

Propane for service in 2015 he decided to rent a 500 gallon tank, (not the 1000 gallon tank that he claims). Mr. [redacted] asked if Mid-Columbia Propane could store his 150 gallon tank as he would not be using it. In October of 2015 the requested 500 gallon tank was set and filled with 457.2 gallons of propane at $1.29 per gallon. Mid-Columbia Propane has a lease agreement signed by Mr. [redacted] for the 500 gallon tank. It is Mid-Columbia Propane's policy, which is clearly stated in our lease agreement, that tank rental is subject to change due to annual consumption of propane. You must use a minimum of the water capacity of the tank in one calendar year to maintain regular tank rental. When it came time for Mr. [redacted]'s next annual tank rent to be billed in November of 2016, it was found that he had not used the required minimum of 500 gallons of propane to maintain the normal tank rental fee. Mr. [redacted] was billed a larger tank rental fee for which he never paid for, nor did he purchase more propane from Mid-Columbia Propane. Numerous phone calls with messages left were made to Mr. [redacted] to discuss his delinquent account with no return calls. Numerous statements were mailed as well. Finally, in May of 2017, [redacted] made contact with Mr. [redacted] and our tank rental policies were explained to Mr. [redacted]. It was agreed between Mr. [redacted] and [redacted] that Mid-Columbia Propane would switch out the 500 gallon tank for a 300 gallon tank. It was agreed that Mid-Columbia Propane would pump the propane from the 500 gallon tank to the 300 gallon tank for a $75.00 service fee. The 500 gallon tank was 35% full equaling 175 gallons. Mr. [redacted]'s extremely passed due tank rental bill was adjusted to reflect the smaller tank. This was done in June of 2017. The tank rental fee along with the service fee were never paid for. Again, numerous phone messages were left and statements sent regarding the delinquent account with no response from Mr. [redacted]. On August 23, 2017 [redacted] called Mr. [redacted], leaving a voicemail, stating that if he did not receive a return call by end of business day his tank would be locked off due to his severely delinquent account. Mr. [redacted] did not respond to the voicemail and his tank was locked off, as is common practice with delinquent utility accounts. It was noted that the tank was 50% full. Mr. [redacted]'s statement of yet a smaller tank being dropped off is false. The following day, August 24, 2017, Mr. [redacted] called Mid-Columbia Propane and spoke with the secretary, he was spewing profanites and making false accusations regarding his account and tank. [redacted] was at a service call at that time. That same afternoon [redacted] returned Mr. [redacted]'s phone call and received his voice mail. It was [redacted]'s intent to clear up Mr. [redacted]'s misunderstanding of the events that took place and to schedule time to unlock the tank. By Friday, August 25, Mid-Columbia Propane still had not heard from Mr. [redacted]. It was decided that due to the highly escalated manor in which Mr. [redacted] reacted that Mid-Columbia Propane no longer would be able to service his account. A service technician from Mid-Columbia Propane took Mr. [redacted]'s 150 gallon tank, which had been stored at Mid-Columbia Propane's shop, along with his regulator and 15 gallons of propane, which is the amount of propane due to Mr. [redacted] after subtracting his passed due amount of $177.71, and returned it to his house. Mid-Columbia Propane's 300 gallon tank was removed from his property. It also states on our lease agreement that Mid-Columbia Mobile Propane may enter your premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make any necessary changes/repairs or to remove the tank. Respectfully, Lindsey E[redacted]Mid-Columbia Propane541-386-1375

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Address: 450 Gears Rd. Suite 625, Hood River, Oregon, United States, 97031-8446


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