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Midwest Custom Contracting

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June 28, 2017Disput Resolution DepartmentRevdex.comID: ***Midwest Custom Contracting, LLCDear far as the contractor meeting certain requirment that the City of O’fallon requires, we meet every requirementand had a compactor ready available onsite to start compacting the
entire driveway not just the 12’ from the roadthat is the only requirement from the City, we had the expansion joint as required by the City.Also the customer’s state in their BB complaint that they tried to contact the contractorPer phone records we havehad NO phone calls or text from the customer after June 13th .On June 9th, the customer gave me two $dollar bills and a big HUG and told me how great of a job I was doingand that nobody could work along her husband all day the way you haveOn June 9th, MrThe customer (husband)and I ate lunch together at his favorite restaurant in Wentzville of which I bought lunch for the both of usHe hadNO issues with me at this point in the project.As of Thursday, June 9th, 2017, the homeowner and I had completed the extras on his job that were not in the scopeof work consisting of:Removing dirt from the needed area for the driveway and installing in the back yard to level out his property.This was a to hour process that we did not bill the homeowner for doingWe dug trenches across feet of future driveway pour and to foot outside of the concrete pour for bothfront downspouts on separate lines consisting in to hours of workWe installed schedule PVC pipe from downspouts across said area to areas in the yard for future pop-upsOn Friday, June 10th before leaving, we gave the homeowner a 10’ section of 12” pipe for his future drive-waywhich we discussed pouring and installing at a future dateWhile homeowner was standing next to me, he heard me discuss the details of an 8:am Monday morning,June 13th inspection of the job.( speacker phone)All prework was complete, the only thing left to do was at the homeowner’s request.(This also not a requireent in our contract) was to compact the 1” clean rock which is not a requirement whichwas confirmed by the City inspection officer on Monday morning at 8:directly to the homeownerOn June 13th, we brought a 16xrock compactor to ensure best compactionThe inspector stated that we needed 1” minus in the approach 12’ from the road 6” thick and he would have noproblem coming back to reinspect that area before we pouredCode requires any driveway over 16’ wide must have a minimal 12” culvert pipeAfter installing the culvertpipe, the driveway would have been perfect to the road and any lower would have caused an area to pond waterand on the next available strong freeze would cause displacement of the driveway possibly to the road or to thehome or to the driveway itselfThe amount of sac with fiber mesh concrete needed for this driveway based on 2,sqftof 4” thick sacfiber mesh concrete is yards with 10% over for possible low spots in gravelIt is a total of yardsTwo different loads of rock were needed: The first consisting of and 1/yards of inch clean rock, the secondconsisting of yards of rockTotal rock and 1/yardsThe amount of rock used on the job was 100% at 4” thick and an additional 8yards was spread out over the driveway to give a basic driveway depth of well over 5” (I ASKED THE HOMEOWNERIN FRONT OF THE INSPECTOR WHERE IS IT NOT 4” I WALKED AROUND THE DRIVEWAYKICKED MY HEEL INTO THE ROCK MORE THEN 4” DEEP IN MANY PLACES)He at NO time pointedone area out that was less than 4” (IN FRONT OF THE CITY INSPECTOR)On the issue of timing of work after the contract was signed, as anybody in the area should know, historicalflooding ocurredUpon the homeowner’s request, he would like to leave the area and help a family memberwho had just bought a new homeThey would be out of town until MAY 20th and DID NOT want ANY workcompleted on his project until they were back in townNo neighbor would charge you $a week to park on their propertyThis is just another falsehood from thehomeownerJune 13th, the homeowner knew we were pouring their concrete and on June 10th, we left each other happy.Whatever made him change his mind, happened after thatIncluding myself, we had a man crew with the concrete company notified that we were pouring on June 13thand planned on being finished the following dayI have a signed change order with *** The customers for $6,total due when concrete is pouredI paid each of my workers hours of pay for the inconvenience and unrational judgement of the homeownerWe were one hour day for men and hour day for men from completing the projectThe contact signed with the ***’s was for a basic driveway broom finished with a place just for their camper.There was no mention of wire mesh, guarantees, completion timeThey were aware we were pouring theirconcrete that morningThey came out of the house when we arrived both with a chip on their shoulder***The customers told me to get my nasty tractor off of her propertyThe customers said to me you are NOTpouring no concrete and to get it out of my headI thought at first he was just joking and she followed up behindhimI told the inspector who was there on the site at the time, please inspect it and he told MrThe customers1” clean is a residential industry standard and compaction was NOT necessaryThe only requirment forcompaction is the 12’ off the side of the road and it must be 1” minus compacted(we had a 16xvisible forthe homeowner to see because we were going to compact the whole driveway just to make sure they were happy).We have the rental receipt for the compactor we had with usMrsThe customers and I have a contract that stated plainly they owe Midwest Custom Contracting, LLC$6,due when concrete is pouredIf concrete is poured, please us our $6,promptlyOf the $6,owed to Midwest Custom Contracting, LLC, $4,was to be paid to the concrete and rock companyfor their parts in the projectAll negociated and to be paid on the day concrete was poured$2,leftstanding is owed to Midwest Custom Contracting, LLC After the $is paid to the concrete company ***
*** *** for services rendered thus farWe have tried to answer ever statement and question that the The customers had concerns withIn my view,somebody offered them a cheaper price no telling what it was and their intentions were just to save themselvesmoneyI am willing to put this behind me by the simple payment of $2,to Midwest Custom Contracting,LLC and $payment to *** *** ***MrThe customers many times expressed how tough he wasBragged constantly about being a golden gloveboxer and beating up people bigger than him since he hit his uncle with a lamp at age 13, he told me on Thursdaynight at the local restaurant that he almost knocked a stupid *** person out but said they werent workhis timeOur salesman showed up to discuss upcoming projects and Mr.The customers walked up to him andtold him to leave his worker alone and get out of hereI have his name if you need itAlong with the City Inspector, *** *** and Myself witnessed his erratic behavior and his wife’s noncoherientramblingsI feared so much for myself and my bobcat that I drove my bobcat down the street and askedthe neighbor if I could park it there while I went to get my trailer to retrieve my bobcatThe only action MidwestCustomwants is for the supplier to be paid and Midwest Custom Contracting, LLCAt this point I see noreason to press criminal charges against his threats and allegiations that he said verbally to me.Thank you,Midwest Custom Contracting, LLC

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Address: 2109 Walz Cir, Jefferson City, Missouri, United States, 65101-1823


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