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Review: The managers at Midwest Realty are extremely rude (and I don't just say this because I broke my lease and am frustrated about that). They talk over you, don't return phone calls, their email address comes back as undeliverable for their website, I called the corporate office several times and was told the manager was out of the office but when I explained I couldn't email and am a teacher and having a hard time finding time to deal with this issue all of a sudden the lady was available in the office. Here's the background information on what I'm trying to have resolved:I currently live in the [redacted] in [redacted]. We moved in June 15, 2013. In January we decided we would not be renewing our lease and since I will be out of the country for the second part of June this summer we wanted to move out before June so we wouldn't have to pay for June and deal with moving and all that with being out of the country. We signed all the paperwork and got it turned in right away since the manager told us there was a waiting list and that if we got it turned in our apartment would definitely be rented out for June. I told her over and over again that we would even get out in May if we needed to so that it would be available whenever somebody wanted to move in (we were definitely willing to cater to the new renter's needs and very flexible in moving out early!). She called us that same day to notify us that she found somebody that could start renting either before June 1 or not until after June 15. Again, my roommate and I were more than willing to move out at anytime in May so that it would be available for her to move in. So we told her over and over again that we would definitely be out in May so she could move in even a couple days before June 1 if she needed to. However, the lease was signed without any input from us and the girl is not moving in until June 15. So now we are stuck not only paying $100 for breaking our lease early (which really we moved in on the 15th anyways...) and then now we have to pay for half of the month of June. I understand that there were no other apartments available, however I don't think that's our fault. If that girl is not able to move in until a certain day even though the apartment is available earlier why is she being catered too and we're being charged? Really we could have found somebody ourselves but I didn't do that because the manager kept saying it would be rented out for sure for June. I am extremely frustrated with how the whole situation was handled, I called to ask her if she would talk to the girl about moving in early and she never called me back so after 2 weeks I went into the office to talk to her and she began shouting at me and talking over me. I am requesting that we are not charged for June as this is not our fault that the other girl doesn't want to move in until later and again we would have just found somebody ourselves (I understand they would have had to go through background check and everything). Please let me know as soon as possible what we can do to resolve this issue. Thank you.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that we pay the $100 for breaking our lease but that we are not charged for the month of June for rent.



CPK Notes regarding lease break B-212 [redacted] and [redacted]

During lease signing on approx. 6/10/13 while going over all of the terms and conditions I explained that

if the tenants ever needed to break their lease they would be responsible for the vacant time period

between them moving out and the new tenants moving in and a $100 re-rental fee. I also explained

that they aren't able to sublease the apartment and that if they needed to move out early they should

contact the office to go through the proper procedures.

Prior to 2/17/14 [redacted] called the office on at least one occasion asking about the lease break

procedures. I explained that she should give a 30 day notice and then we can advertise the apartment as

available. She would be responsible for vacant time and a $100 re-rental fee. I explained that depending

on when she moves out during the month and how much needs to be done to turn over the apartment

it could be anywhere from the first of the month, but typically we always get someone in there on or

before the 15th

• [redacted] stated that she wasn't sure if/when her roommate was moving out but that she

was going to be studying abroad and will definitely be moving at the end of the school year.

On 2/17/14 [redacted] signed the intent to vacate for May 31, 2014. She was not sure if [redacted] would be

moving out and when and stated that I should call [redacted] and ask her what she is going to do so she

doesn't keep harping on her. I am certain that I explained that if they both move out on or before May

31 that we will have it re-rented very quickly since we are getting a lot of interest but don't have any

other apartments on notice.

[redacted] emailed me asking for a-rent certificate; I responded right away also asking for a

definite answer to if/when she would be moving and when I could get a signature on the intent to

vacate form that [redacted] initiated listing a move out date of 5/31/14 and reminded her that the lease

goes through 6/30/14. I gave her the option of staying in the apartment alone or bringing in a new

roommate if she wanted to stay.

On 2/24/14 [redacted] called asking if her roommate had signed the intent to vacate yet. I advised she had not.

[redacted] stated she felt like she was being a mother to her roommate by having to ask her multiple times.

On 2/26/14 I emailed [redacted] asking if she had decided what her plans would be when [redacted] moved out. I

let her know I was getting a lot of interest in summer move ins and did not have any other apartments

on notice yet. [redacted] responded that she will be moving when [redacted] does.

On 3/10/14 the intent to vacate was signed by [redacted]. I believe I called [redacted] and let her know that I

received the signature because I remember having a conversation with [redacted] letting her know it was my

only notice for the summer so far and I would have no problem getting it re-rented. [redacted] said she will

move out whenever she needs to in order to have the apartment ready and re-rented as soon as


On 3/11/14 [redacted] and I had a showing with [redacted]. We advertised that we had a 2 bedroom

apartment on notice for May 31, but that they are looking to possibly be out sooner than that and could

hopefully rent for June 1"'. She stated that she would like to move in either June 1'" or June 15"' would

be a good date as well. She filled out the application and rented the apartment with a guaranteed move

in date of June 15"' and I advised I would contact the current tenants and find out exactly when they

planned to move out to see if June l"'would be an option. I remember discussing this with [redacted] and

she was excited and stated she would be willing to move by May 1'" if it helped get the apartment ready

faster. I explained she would still have to pay May rent, but that would be fine if that was what she

wanted to do. After running the application and calling [redacted] back letting her know she was approved

she asked about adding a roommate and scheduling a lease signing. She brought in the roommate's

application on 3/18/14 and decided on a move in date of June 15"'. She stated that she is going to study

abroad this summer and she will get back on 6/12 and with her trip she would like to wait until after she

gets back. We signed the lease with a move in date of 6/15/14.

After the lease was signed I remember speaking to [redacted] letting her know the lease was signed and the

new person was moving in on 6/15 and she would be responsible for 6/1-6/14 and the re-rental fee. She

was unhappy with that because she said she wouldn't have broken her lease if she would have known

that she would still had to pay Y, the month. I explained to her that I let the new tenant knows that you

wanted someone in sooner, but it didn't work out with her schedule, but assured her that the lease is

signed and we do have it re-rented.

On 4/9/14 [redacted] left a message asking if the person moving in on June 15 is willing to move in any

earlier. I did not call her back at that time because nothing had changed. In between this time and the

next phone call I did call the new tenant and again asked if there was any possibility of her moving in

before she goes on her trip. She stated with finals and getting ready for her trip she does not want to

move during the month of May and won't be in the country on June 1st so she wants to stick: with the

lease that was signed and the move in date of June 15.

On 4/15 [redacted] left a message asking for a resolution on the new tenant moving in on June 15"'. She said

she felt like we just took the first person and she would have found someone herself if she would have

known we wouldn't fil! it right away on June 1st.

On 4/21/14 [redacted] came in and we discussed her move out. She was upset that she was still having to

pay for 14 days and the re-rental fee when she could have been moved out earlier and had someone

else take over. I explained to her that her notice was for 5/31/14 and that we attempted to rent the

apartment earlier than June 15, but the new tenant changed her mind and decided that moving in in

Mayor on June 1'" wouldn't work for her because she was going to be out of the country until June 12.

The lease is signed for June 15"' and that is when her obligation will end. She said she could have had it

re-rented by herself if she would have known we would have taken the first person. I explained that we

had no other apartments to rent and with a signed lease we cannot just move her to a different

apartment and keep looking for others. Our application process is first come first served. I explained

that she was the one choosing to break her lease and we had it re-rented almost immediately after the

notice came in and I couldn't help it that the approved tenant changed her mind about when she

wanted to move in. [redacted] stated that she could have advertised it herself and I told her that she could

have done that, but the date still would depend on when they turned in their keys and the new person

would have still had to go through our channels to be approved. She was visibly upset that we didn't

rent it earlier and wanted to talk to the corporate office. I gave her [redacted]'s name and phone number

and sent an email to [redacted] explaining what had happened.

I can absolutely swear that on more than one occasion I explained how the break procedure works and

that I can't guarantee a move in date because it all depends on when they turn in their keys and what

needed to be done to the apartment and when someone else would want to move in. I did tell her that

I was certain it would re-rent quickly, in which it did. I feel we properly handled the re-rental and did

our best to have the new person move in earlier than June 15. I always explain the lease break

procedure the same way and I try to use examples of "if you move out on the 31st and someone moves

in on the 15th then you are responsible for the days that it is empty and the re-rental fee."



Dear Sir or Madam:

I have reviewed this complaint one more time with our staff and we come back to the same decision, we did nothing wrong. The Complaintant ([redacted])signed a lease contract with our [redacted] that had a lease termination of June 30, 2014. It was the Complaintant who wanted to break her lease contract with [redacted] and asked us to assist her in finding a tenant. The Complaintant signed the Intent to Vacate on February 17, 2014 that stated she was breaking her lease and would be vacating on May 31, 2014. Her roommate, [redacted], came in to sign the Intent to Vacate on March 10, 2014 also indicating she was moving out of May 31, 2014 and breaking her lease (Lease was not due to terminate until June 30, 2014).

Country Park's manager was successful in finding a tenant on about March 11th to rent the Complaintant and [redacted]'s apartment but that the new tenant did not know if they would be moving in on June 1st or June 15th but would decide and let the manager know. By the manager renting the apartment would save the Complaintant and [redacted] either a full months rent or at least a half a month rent. I want to state we are not obligated to do this for them as they were still on a lease until June 30, 2014. Here we thought we were doing the Complainant and [redacted] a favor and were saving them money by finding a tenant to relieve them of their lease obligation.

Once the new tenant finalized their study abroad time table they notified Country Park on or about March 18th that they would be moving into Country Park on June 15th. The Complaintant and [redacted] were notified immediately of the new tenants decision.

1. We are not required to find a new tenant for the person who is breaking their lease. We must make reasonable efforts to. We did that.

2. By finding a tenant we saved the Complaintant and [redacted] money as they now did not have to pay a full months rent to fulfill their lease contract obligation.

3. We cannot make a new tenant move in earlier than they want just to accommodate the outgoing tenant.

4. Once the new tenant decided to move in on June 15th (after going through the approval process) we cannot go back and tell them sorry you we will not rent the apartment to them now because the existing tenant want them in on the first. We would have a complaint against us by the new tenant.

So as I stated above we did nothing wrong and will not reimburse the Complaintant and [redacted] any additional money. We worked with the Complaintant and [redacted] and tried and accommodate their request to find a new tenant for them so they did not have to pay the final months rent under their lease contract.



I live in Village green apartments which is owned by Midwest management. The staff is rude and never accept their mistakes. The heater was not working and was fixed after 3 weeks. I had to call 3 times to get it fixed and they are rude while addressing.
The other incident which made me write this review is that even after depositing the rent check 8 days before due and the person responsible for collecting the rent has lost the check and charging me $25 late fee for not paying the rent. They are never willing to accept the fact that they have a defective system where they have lost the check and stop blaming the customers for the same.

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Description: Property Management, Condominiums, Residential Property Managers (NAICS: 531311)

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