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We show that Mr [redacted] placed an online order for the Abs After workout program with our company on 9/18/That program includes a day free trial of the Abs After Nutrition systemThe Terms and Conditions are stated on the checkout page, and customer's have to check the box stating that they understand before they can proceed any further to purchase the productI have copied and pasted what is listed on the checkout page below, and I have also attached a screenshot of what it looks like on the checkout page that Mr [redacted] purchased fromI do show that Mr [redacted] emailed us on 10/3/asking for a refund, in which we have fully given to himThe total amount refunded was $I understand that I'll also get a day membership to Abs Over Advanced Nutrition Program included with my orderI understand that if I do not want to be charged for the Nutrition Program, I just have to cancel within days by emailing you at [email protected] do not cancel my membership within days, I understand that I'll keep getting the newest videos each week, and that I'll be billed just $67/month for the next months I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meFrom: [redacted] [mailto: [redacted]] Sent: Monday, August 04, 12:PMTo: infoSubject: Re: - You have a New Message from Regarding Complaint # [redacted] The problem was resolvedAll funds are back in my account Regards, [redacted]

The customer, [redacted] , made an online purchase for our SixPack Shortcuts program, our Done for you Diet Nutrition Guide, and bottles of our Pre-Workout Supplement, Afterburn Fuel, on Thursday, September 11, The customer was contacted on that same day by one of our coaches, [redacted] , who sold the Mr [redacted] an additional bottle of Afterburn Fuel as well as our Insane Home Fat Loss workout program for $211.90.The sales call was listened to and authorization to charge the additional amount to the credit card we had on file for Mr [redacted] for the additional program and supplement was obtained by the sales person Mr [redacted] did attempt to contact our Customer Service department via email on Friday, September 12, but the email that was used was incorrect (***@ [redacted] .com) and, therefore, we did not receive his initial email requesting an explanation of his purchases Our Quality Assurance Department was able to find additional emails sent by Mr [redacted] directly to one of our Sales Coaches via Gmail in which Mr [redacted] stated his disappointment in the programs being online and his request for a refund Mr [redacted] was Issued a Full Refund for both of these orders, totaling $494.75, on 9/17/Attached are screenshots of the refunds issued We have also sent Mr [redacted] a DVD set for our Insane Home Fat Loss workout program, which does not require any equipment, and which will suit his needs much more effectively than the online program he had originally intended to start but which required equipment that he did not have.Our sincerest apologies to Mr [redacted] for his negative experience with our companyIf at any time he has questions regarding fitness/nutrition, he can contact our [redacted] directly, and she will gladly assist him ( [redacted] - [redacted] / [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me In addition I want full refund and cancellation of all transaction done with Mike Chang Fitness LLCThis include an initial $six pack which has a 60days money back guarantee, illegal deduction of $1,and another illegal and unauthorized charge on my debit card 3days ago of $I want all money refunded and contract terminated Regards, [redacted]

The customer contacted our company on 7/He talked to [redacted] one of our coachesThey discussed that the original program that he purchased as digital access only and didn't come with DVD's (I listened to the recorded call)The customer agreed that he wanted a pack of Afterburn Fuel sent to himThe amount which was $1487.09, was brought up times in the conversation, in which the customer agreed to the amount timesHe then tried contacting [redacted] times through emailThe customer stated thet the charge was not authorized and he wanted his money backUnfortunately [redacted] never responded to the customerThe customer then emailed our customer service department stating that he had an unauthorized charge in the amount of $and that he was expecting DVD's with the program that he purchasedThere has been recent correspondence back and forth with our customer service department, in which they will be giving the customer a full refundThank You

We do show that the customer originally purchased the SixPack Shortcuts program and the Done for you diet on 6/23/He was then contact by one of our coaches [redacted] the following dayWe do not show that the charge for the addional DVD set ever went throughWe also do not show that the original order was ever refunded like the coach stated he was going to do, in order for them to recharge him with the DVD set includedThere should have been no reason as to why he didn't have access to the siteWe do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and would be more than happy to refund all of your funds back to you, and send you out a complimentary set of SixPack Shortcuts DVD'sWe will also be going over this complaint with [redacted] (the coach)Thank You

We show that customer's original order with our company was on 4/16/for $97.00, which that came a $recurring charge if not cancelledadditional charges had been added to his account for $each on 4/30/and 5/The customer had then made another large purchase of supplements from one of our sales coaches on 5/11/in the amount of $1,The customer had then requested a refund for everything on 6/4/He was told that he needed to send back the product, and supply to us the information of the shipmentWe show that the customer refused our package on 6/15/He was informed by our refund specialist that once the items arrived back to our warehouse, they would be refundedUntil now, we are still not showing that the package has been delivered back to our warehouse.We had still refunded the customer in the amount of $1,on 7/12/16, even though our policy is that we have to first receive the product back in order to process the refundWe were able to refund of the rebills for $and we also refunded him the shipping cost of $145.00, which is usually not refundable per our termsWe felt as though for the inconvenience that we would give him back the money for the shipping costThere are charges that are currently on his account that we could not refund due to them being to old, and our system will not allow itThe only other option to pay back those additional $97.00, and $charges would be for Mr [redacted] to give us his [redacted] information, which was stated to him in an email on 9/7/16, we have not heard anything back from himOnce he supplies us with this information, than we will go ahead and refund the rest of what he had purchased with us, which is $164.00.Mr [redacted] also was emailing in from his secretary's email address and name, this is why there was so much confusion, and why the agent had to ask repeatedly for the information attached to the customer's accountAlso instead of responding to the same ticket/email, the customer would start a new ticket each time, resulting in total tickets for this issueWe would like to apologize for the inconvenience in this matterLike I have stated above, once we get the [redacted] information for Mr**, we can have him paid back in full for all purchases with us amounting to $This included the $shipping charge (this is usually non-refundable) that we have refunded back to the customer already I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

On Thu, Mar 13, at 5:PM, I am responding in response to this claim against usWe show that the customer emailed our company on Feb4th, about a charge on her account in the amount of $The customer was responded to on Feb5th, by one of our customer service agentsIt was explained to the customer that when they signed for the Afterburn Fuel that it comes with a trial period, and if not canceled, then they would be charged a total of $on a monthly basis for an additional month of the Afterburn Fuel until it has been canceledThe customer stated that the transaction had disappeared, and asked to have the monthly rebill canceled so there wouldn't be anymore chargesThe agent canceled the monthly program for the customerWe received another email from the customer on Feb6th, They stated that there were now showing the charge of $on there credit card nowIt was again explained to the customer the reason for the chargeThe customer stated that they did not want the charge or the additional productSince the product had already been shipped out on Feb5th, 2014, the customer was asked to return or refuse the product and to let us know when that was done via email, so we could issue the refundThe customer stated that they would return the product when they got it as long as we paid for shippingOur agent explained to them as long as they refused the package when they got it, they wouldn't have to pay for shippingWe did not here from the customer after that, and in our system it shows that the product was delivered on Feb8th, I also wanted to mention that I have issued a full refund to the customer's accountThey are not required to send any product back for the inconvenienceThey should see the credits within the next couple of days

The customer purchased the SixPack Shortcuts Program from us on 4/This came with a day trial of advanced fitness coachingThe customer would have to contact us in order to cancel the trial, and not be charges $on a monthly basisWe do show that a charge occurred on 4/ for $67.00, and again on 5/for $(this charge has already been voided in our system)The first and only contact that we received from the customer is an email on 5/28, in which they stated that they were unable to reset their password and he was trying to cancel his account One of our agents responded about hours later, and let him know that he had reset his password and had voided the $charge on 5/ I have went ahead and fully refunded the customer’s account, and canceled his membership with us Thank You

Offered money back guarantee, but refuses to honor itWants me to pay to send back an empty bottle of a useless product before I would get a refund

On 7/1/2014, our records indicate that Mr. [redacted] submitted a web order for our Afterburn Fuel Sample Packs for $4.95. When submitting his online order he had to agree to the Terms & Conditions which state that the customer will be setup to receive a full bottle of Afterburn Fuel after 14 days... of purchase and will receive a new bottle each month thereafter, for 5 months or until the customer cancels.As per email and phone discussions that our Customer Service Manager, [redacted] ***, had with Mr. [redacted] 's daughter, [redacted] , we have processed the requested and agreed upon refund via PayPal today, 1/15/2015, in the amount of $162.70 USD.On a side note, Mr. [redacted] stated that he did not authorize and/or give permission for any of the charges, including the $4.95 initial online purchase. Upon thorough investigation of this complaint, it was found that the email address supplied upon purchase is for a [redacted] and the phone number we have on file does not match the one that Mr. [redacted] supplied to the BBB or the alternate phone number supplied via email to our Customer Service Department (###-###-####). It is possible that this [redacted] is the individual who placed the initial online order and would explain why Mr. [redacted] was not aware of the purchase. If there are any questions, the customer or his daughter may contact me directly. [redacted] | Mike Chang Fitness LLC [redacted] *** | [redacted] *** Tel: ###-###-#### | [redacted]

Mr. [redacted] made an online purchase on April 13, 2014 for our Sixpack Shortcuts workout program and a "2+1 Afterburn Fuel Bundle". When an online purchase for the Sixpack Shortcuts Program is made, our customers will be directed to a secondary page that offers our new program members the... option of taking advantage of special pricing for our Afterburn Fuel Pre-Workout Supplement. Our customers have the ability to opt out of this by clicking the "No Thanks Paragraph" below the offer. Mr. [redacted] is claiming that he did not order the additional supplement, but a receipt page displaying the details of the order along with login information for our member site is the final page that all of our online customers view. This page would have immediately shown Mr. [redacted] that he had in fact purchased the Afterburn Fuel supplement as the final/receipt page shows a line item breakdown.Mr. [redacted] was also emailed by our Fulfillment Center an email with tracking information for his Afterburn Fuel Supplement.The first actual contact that was made between Mr. [redacted] and Mike Chang Fitness was via email to our [redacted] @ [redacted] .com address on November 17, 2014, 7 Months after the original purchase. The email that Mr. [redacted] sent on 11/17/14 was checking on the request that he stated had been sent in June 2014. It seems that Mr. [redacted] sent an email on June 30, 2014 to the wrong email address. Instead of sending in his request to***@ [redacted] .com, he sent his email to "***@ [redacted] .com". The missing "s" in the email is why we never received his original request. Mr. [redacted] ' June 30, 2014 email was still past our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Period that is clearly stated in the Terms of Conditions.Had Mr. [redacted] contacted us by June 13, 2014 we would have definitely given him a No Hassle, No Questions asked Refund for the Afterburn Fuel Supplement,per our Terms & Conditions. Please let me know if there is anything else that we can do regarding this matter.

BEWARE!!! When you order abs after make sure you read the last pages before you click I agree!! You will be charged $monthly for months and they don't tell you about it! It is no where on the site but hidden in the last pages! THIS IS A SCAM!!!!

***Please take note that [redacted] is no longer with Mike Chang Fitness and that his last day of employment was on March 7, [redacted] became a member on January 15, by purchasing our Monster Mass Program and Done for You Diet nutrition guide via a phone order with one of our coaches, [redacted] [redacted] made another purchase via phone with coach [redacted] the following day, January 16, 2015, for our Muscle Protein supplementOn February 17, 2015, [redacted] purchased our Muscle Building Vault (MBV) program through our Members Area and on March 4, 2015, unhappy with the MBV program, [redacted] asked that our Customer Service Representative, [redacted] ***, switch his MBV access to our Accelerated Abs program [redacted] had coaching conversations regarding his programs and supplements with Mr [redacted] as well as [redacted] during this time periodHe also received email contact from our Personal Success Coaches regarding how he was doing on his programsAll of our Programs and Supplements are covered by our Day Money Back Guarantee [redacted] emailed us requesting a refund on May 12, This refund request came long after the Day Money Back Guarantee period for all of the purchases that had been madeHad [redacted] requested a refund on or before March 15, for the Monster Mass Program and Done for You Diet nutrition guide, on or before March 16, for the Muscle Repair supplement, or one or before April 17, for the Muscle Building Vault/Accelerated Abs we would have been able to process his request with no questions askedUnfortunately, since the request was made far outside the Day parameter, we are unable to process [redacted] 's requested refundWe can have one of our Certified Personal Trainers/Personal Success Coaches contact him in order to show him how to best utilize his programsPlease do not hesitate to contact me if there are any further questions or needs regarding this matter [redacted] Quality Assurance Manager | Mike Chang Fitness LLC [redacted] [redacted] *** [redacted] [redacted]

I made a one time purchase of a few of their productsToday, I am being charged for those products monthlyI never changed my one time purchase to a monthly subscription, nor have I received the products I have been charged forI have tried on many occasions to contact a representative but to no availThe products did not work for me the first time, and I sent them back for a refundI have also yet to receive the refundThis has been a total nightmare

On 7/16/15, [redacted] purchased the Sixpack Shortcuts (SPS) program with the free Done for you Diet nutrition plan for $online He received a call later that day from one of our coaches who spoke to Luke about combining our other programs, Insane Home Fat Loss, Muscle Building Vault, and Monster Mass, with his SPS program to get his desired results fasterLuke agreed to the additional programs for the additional charge but the order was declinedLuke emailed in to our Customer Service Department on 7/16/seeking to obtain a refund as he was under the impression that he would be receiving DVDsOur Customer Service Manager informed him that as a courtesy for the misunderstanding we could send DVDs at no additional chargeLuke stated "If you send me DVDs you can keep my moneyI still want to get in shape." Luke's mother emailed on 7/24/requesting that the $be refunded immediately and that the Advanced Fitness Coaching free trial be cancelledThe Refund was processed on 7/24/for $and the AFC trial was also cancelledAttached is a screenshot of the processed refund Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions
Complaint ID ***The above complaint # has been successfully resolvedThe company refunded my money after I threatened action
Roman';">Please contact me should you need anything additional
Thank you for your serviceWhat would consumer's do without you?
*** ***

On August 2, Mr*** purchased our Six Pack Shortcut program for $USD.
Prior to being able to purchase the program, Mr*** Agreed to the Terms & Conditions which state that if he does not wish to continue the Advanced Fitness Coaching monthly subscription he
will have to cancel within the Day Trial(Terms & Conditions Attached).
Immediately after the purchase was made, Mr*** received an email with his receipt for the Six Pack Shortcut Program as well as his login information for our Member Site where Mr*** could immediately access and/or download the Six Pack Shortcuts workout videos(Screenshot of Date/Time that the Welcome Email was sent Attached)
Our QA Department was unable to find any email correspondence from Mr*** in regards to his order or canceling his Advanced Fitness Coaching subscription.
As per Mr***'s Desired Settlement, refunds for all orders/charges have been processed.
On 9/24/14, the two charges of $USD for the Advanced Fitness Coaching Subscription were refunded.
On 10/1/14, the original $USD charge for the Six Pack Shortcuts workout program was refunded.
(Attached are Screenshots of the refunds processed with the assigned Gateway IDsThe Gateway IDs can be supplied to Mr***'s bank in order to expedite the refund process on their end)
We would like to send Mr*** DVDs for any program that we offer (Six Pack Shortcuts, Monster Mass, or Insane Home Fat Loss)
While we understand that this will in no way changes the negative experience that he had with us, our hope is to continue to help him any way we can in reaching his fitness goal.
Mr*** can contact me directly to determine which DVD set he would like.
*** ***
Quality Assurance Manager

Upon listening to the phone conversations between Mr*** and one of our Fitness Coaches, everything that Mr*** stated is true and correct. There is no excuse or reason for the type of treatment he encountered and the negative experience he had while speaking with one of our team
members. We would like to clarify that the Team Member that Mr*** spoke with on December 4th is not one of the Supervisors within the Mike Chang Fitness TeamWe Do Not tolerate the type of treatment that he experienced and the person directly related to this complaint has been reprimanded for conducting himself in such an unprofessional mannerThat is not what we are aboutUpon reviewing Mr***'s account I found that a “Do Not Call” note was placed on Mr***'s account shortly after the phone conversation took placeWe have removed Mr***'s account from our system completely in order to guarantee that he would not be contacted again; as he requested.Again, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and the experience that was had with one of our Team MembersAs per Mr***'s request, a written apology was sent to him and he will not receive any phone calls or emails from our Company

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