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Milan's On Monroe

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 14, 2017/04/04) */
C.HConstruction / Per *** ***
Response to Case *** : *** ***
We believe did substantial work and quality work for Mr***He would not have continued to use us for further future work as he
did if we were nothing but skilledFurther more my e-mail I am currently locked out of and have not been able to receive e-mailsSo I have been depending on phone calls which some people use e-mails mostly.I have not received or been able to recieve e-mail so looked like was ignoring and was notI am currently working to fix issueI have recently contacted Mr*** and are talking and I have proposed an resolution to himWe have spoken and I have tried to explain and or resolve issueFurthermore I believe he was mostly upset that did not install windows for him because everything was running smooth and we had a decent professional contractor / customer relationship wich I felt we were working together very well on several different projectsMy business is very important to me so is my rating through the B.B.BAnd my customers are the very most priority I have been in business since and work mostly with repeat customers and referrals with little advertising because of the simple fact we do and have done quality work on a consistant basis for over yearsI also know I am not perfect and if anything else I can do to resolve issue I will
Respectfully replying C.HConstruction / *** ***
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 16, 2017/04/11) */
CH Construction refused to fix a plumbing leak that he causedHe refused to even discuss the matterAs I tried to discuss this with him on the phone, the email excuse is *** He has done nothing to resolve the matter as he claimed since I filed this complaintI had to fix the plumbing issue myselfFurther since I filed the complaint the roof he did was inspected and failed the inspectionI had to file a complaint against his bond with the building department to get him to fix that problemBased on previous complaint and my new roofing problems I don't think he actually knows how to properly install reefing productsNo I think his response is *** My experience is that CH Construction does poor or bad work and does not stand by it work and warranties
*** ***

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/10/03) */
On Monday, October 3, XXXX X:XX PM, *** *** wrote:
CHConstruction actually put bid on this roof before was built only the blueprint Mr*** provided , which I still have and the other many prints as changed many times
Mr *** also claims he paid for all materials which is not trueHe paid for $of approx$14,materials for roofAnd asked if he could so he could get airline miles which I hesitated but did as favor since he was traveling back and forth from FloridaFurthermore I asked Mr*** if he would rather have can vent or ridge vents I told Mr*** that a combination of can and ridge vents would be idealI was told to go off print since Mr*** was acting general contractor and owner we took orders from Mr*** Which had no prior experience at allI informed Mr*** that there were no details about vents on print which he aquired from his son in lawI also informed Mr*** on the correct amount of vents wich should be put in and he said we could always do later and so we put some vents in because was winter and did not know wether to put can vents or if he wanted ridge vents and was told to put rest in later after *** and his son in law figured out what they were doingAs far as the pipe boots I again told Mr*** the very poor grade and that was what THE PLUMBERS SUPPLIED FOR PIPE BOOTS , NOT C.HCONSTRUCTIONI also have very many text messages and emails to support everything that have stated and my lawyer also has copies and e-mails etcto support that C.HConstruction was not at faultFurthermore Mr*** has an outstanding balance on many services not paid so far such as metal roof, metal work etcI am very disappointed that has came to this because have worked with these people in past and all was wellthe nail pops that *** is talking about are not nail pops but exsposed nail on last cap which have to do, and are sealed with geocel as are suppose to beAnd the price for vents he is claiming is not what at all would normally cost since I would have charged him a small fraction of what he is claiming since the vents cost $a pieceFeel free to contact me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX
Also did alot of work just to help them out since they were over their head in alot of areas also documented
Thank you C.HConstruction / Per *** ***
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2016/10/12) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I hired a so called professional roofer to install a roof to codeCode states that 1/300th of the roof should be vent area in order to vent properly and is required to not have the manufacturer shingle warranty voided due to a so called professional roofer not following code or even worse, not knowing what code is! I paid for the material he ordered so he must not be knowledgeable of how to calculate the number of roof vents necessary.Regarding the the boots, if he was knowledgeable that the boots where the wrong size he cold have told me that and I would have paid for proper boots as I paid for all the material he said was needed for the roofInstead nothing was unprofessional.I will be certified mailing him an invoice to reimburse me for the $3,I paid to have the roof/vents completed properly and according to code.I will let you know if he reimburses meJay ***

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