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Review: Milano and I signed a contract after providing an estimate to do some masonary work on our house. This was a smaller job and the contact total was for $1,500. We signed the contact and provided a $375 deposit (which Milano cashed on 6/12/15).

The contract stipulates the estimated job completion of June 2015. After 2 months of hearing nothing we began calling each week to schedule the work, they never scheduled and told us each time that they would call us. Finally after 3 months of no work being completed, or us ever being contacted by them we requested the refund of our deposit.

The office person whom we spoke to, said that the owner writes the checks and would mail it out to us. It is now 3 more weeks since then and we have still recieved nothing. We call every few days and recieve the same story, the owner writes the checks and will mail your refund.

At this point we have been the victim of sales fraud since there has been no completion of their contract and there is no action to refund the money. It has been 16 weeks since they cashed our deposit with no work being completed or refund recieved to date.Desired Settlement: We expect that as promised by Milano, that they will refund our deposit of $375 in a expeditious manner.


Review: We had extensive work done on our sidewalks and front steps and the driveway was repaved. We have some weeds growing through a small section of driveway. I've repeatedly called for someone to come out and check it. Ive called 4 times in the past month and I'm told the message will be passed on to the owners. Today the rep who answered said there's no record of my calls! In the past few calls a young woman told me she had emailed the owners about the problem. But I've had no response by phone or visit.Desired Settlement: They've come here before to patch an area where weeds grew through last fall. I hope they will repair this area as well.

Review: Milano contracting refused to honor the coupon from their advertisement. In the contract dated 5/28/13, they listed the price of $4,800 to install paver in my patio. Through his communication with me, the sales rep [redacted] indicated the coupon of $300 is applicable to this work. I submitted my deposit of $1200 together with the coupon of $300 to Milano, as instructed by [redacted]. Upon completion of their work in mid June, after I paid for rest of the amount $3300, they called and said they would not accept the coupon because the "price was already a discount". I asked to speak to the manager/owner of the company, and heard no response from them. After my repeated requests with no responses from them for more than two months, on 8/21 I received an invoice. The invoice lists "patio per contract" amount and "discount per [redacted]" amounts, both of which were never shown or communicated to me in the original contract dated 5/28/13 or anywhere else. Both were made-up amounts by the business as a way to dishonor their own coupon.

Additionally, Milano destroyed my lawn during the two-day work period in June. They drove heavy machines directly into my backyard, leaving an area of about 1,000 square feet of lawn completely dead. I called them right away and was told "just wait for two weeks", and the grass would grow. I waited for several weeks, nothing grew. By mid August, two months after their work, nothing but weeds grew. The lawn is destroyed and completely unusable.Desired Settlement: 1. Adjust bill. Honor the $300 coupon, and clear bill to zero.

2. Compensate damage to my lawn. To repair the damage, the estimated man-hour plus all materials including seeds, water, fertilizer in the amount of $1,200. The amount shall be paid in cash or check.



Customer was given a proposal on 5/24/13 for a patio of 392 sq ft for an amount of $4500. Customer called and requested a revised proposal for a larger patio of 480 sq ft. She asked [redacted] (estimator) to included any and all discounts to get a final price of $4800. In the terms of our contracts, it states that "no coupons will be accepted on any discounted price". She was sent an invoice showing that she already received a $710 discount on the patio. In regards to restoration, even though the homeowner didn't opt for any restoration work on the job, the crew installed 6 yrds of topsoil, seed and straw the day of completion. The only thing we didn't do was set up an irrigation system for her. To this date, she refuses to pay the balance of $300.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Milano's story is false, the response is complete unacceptable.

We called milano to replace our existing patio. A sales person called [redacted] from Milano first gave us a quote of $4500, we called him back to confirm we can use the $300 coupon. When he came second time, he confirmed that we can use the coupon, and told us "just mail the coupon, we will accept it." During his visit he did a re-measurement and said the patio size is bigger than the first measurement, and raised price by $300. We are not happy about it but since he said we can use the coupon, the price is still $4500($4800-$300), and he promised to do a good job, we decided to use them. The contract we signed showed the price is $4800. DID NOT show any "discount" of $710" Milano said. and DID NOT have terms like "no coupons will be accepted on any discounted price".

Three Mexicans from Milano can did the work, We found two biggest problems. First, the contract required them to replace the patio ANDd a 6X6 area, They removed old concrete of the patio and 6X6 ares, but they only installed brick on the old patio, DID NOT install bricks on the 6X6 area. Second, their folk lift and truck destroyed our lawn. We asked the workers, they said they don't have enough bricks, so they can't install bricks on the 6x6 area but they will put seeds on the area "it will lok just as good", when asked about the lawn they said they will "take care of it" and "everything will grow back in two weeks". From what I see, they put some munch on the lawn, not good dirt, no seeds and no straw. The bottom line is the grass didn't grow back, if anything grown, it is weed, lots of it.

My wife called them three times to resolve the 6X6 area and lawn issue, she talked with [redacted], the offie girl and could not get this resolved. We told them multiple times to get the owner call us because we are NOT HAPPY abut the situation, but no body called back. The last call we made we told them we will file with, they threaded to sue us if we do so. And mailed us an invoice with new price of $5510 and $710 discount. which has no binding effect because we never saw it before the job, and never agreed on it. It is just a piece of paper they want to deceive people and twist story.

In last complain, we said we want them to cancel the $300 check, reimburse our seed and labor cost for regrown the loan. I would like to add additional reimbursement of $300 for the 6x6 patio area they didn't install per contract.

Either [redacted] lied himself or owner told him to lie to get the bussiness, either way I am not paying for it. And the 6x6 area is worker mistake, Milano should deduct from their paycheck, and give that money back to me.


Review: I responded to Milano Contracting, LLC in person and signed a contract with [redacted] Milano (Owner) to rip up and install a new driveway at my residence on September 22, 2014. I was advised by the owner that before any work could be done I would be required to pay an initial deposit of $XXX.00 with two additional payments (one when when the work was started and a final payment upon completion). The was work was started on October 14 and completed on October 30th 2014.

In the contract that I signed it clearly states "Milano Contracting guaranties all work for one full year after completion date". I was told by [redacted] (employee who gave my estimate for the job) the guarantee starts to run from the date the job was completed not started. I was also told by [redacted] that the guarantee covers a year so the driveway can pass through the winter without any problems.

During the beginning of spring I started to notice that the driveway was rutting away. I contacted Milano's on 4/16/15 and spoke with [redacted] the receptionist and was told someone would get in touch with me regarding the driveway repair. No one contacted me. I again contacted Milano's both on the phone and in person on 05/04, 5/12. While in the office on 5/12 I saw [redacted] and explained my situation to him.

[redacted] came out to my residence and assessed the driveway, he stated to me that the driveway needed to be redone over completely and would relay this information to the owner. I did not get a response from them and again contacted Milano's in person on 5/19. 5/21, 5/27. On 5/27 I spoke to the owner in person and he stated that he didn't know what to do about my driveway and asked me if I had any suggestions. He stated he would come out to look at the driveway himself between 5/27 and 6/5. I still haven't gotten a response from him and responded in person again to Milano's and was told that the owner was not there. He is giving me the runaround and is not honoring the contract signed by him.Desired Settlement: I would like Milano to honor the contract signed mutually by both parties on September 22, 2014 and repair my damaged driveway the correct way. If this is not feasible to Milano's I am seeking a full refund for my damaged driveway including whatever difference is required by another contractor to repair or redo my driveway. I have spoken to him ([redacted] Milano) in a professional manner and he just keeps ignoring my request for repairs to my driveway.

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