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Millbury-Sutton Home Improvement, Inc.

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He was very careless in everything he did, sloppy and did not do things properly. Charged me more than originally stated. Did not return my calls.I asked for an estimate to install a laminate floor and install a new counter top. Which Lowes installed anyway, all he did was call a plumber to finish installing the sink. When making the countertop level he scratched my refrigertor and gourged my cabinets. He said he would fix the refrig, but only used a black pen to fill in the scratch. The floor was done in a shaundy way and the nails for the trim should have been the skinny ones that don't show but he used nails with a big head which is big and shiny which everyone notices. When installing the baseboards he left a two inch gap next to the wall instead of fitting it to the wall. He didn't even fit the floor under the door jams, there are big gaps there also. In trying to remove the old baseboards one sectin he used a saw and chipped my ceramic floor - never even offered to fix that. The original price was $1300. I expected an additional $500 but he charged me $2200. I called for a itemized list of charges but never received a call and he would not answer my email.I don't ever want him back because of his sloppy work but would like $600. back for the frig,cabinet, the big nails, and overall mess on my backsplash etc.Desired SettlementBecause I would not want him back I would like at least $600. back to have things replaced.Business Response This job was done nearly 2 years ago. At the time I did the job Ms. [redacted] never mentioned any of these item. She paid me my final payment and seemed satisfdied at the time. The "shiny nails" are from a finish nailer designed for this purpose. Ms. [redacted] was told at the time thall thr new baseboard needed to be painted. As far as the scratches go, it made no sense to purchse a refridgerator before the kitchen was done. It is a exteremley small kitchen that brely fits 1 person. I did the best I could to repair the scratch. The extra charge wass for extra work that was done. Which she agreed with, at the time. Having a new floor installed and a new countertop for $2,200 is a bargain. I told her that there was a chance of damaging the existing backsplash and that she ws better off to replace it. She didn't want to spend the money. Ms. [redacted] has Champagne taste and a beer pocket book. She has no idea how much things cost today. If she had said something 2 years ago, I would have went back and fixed whatever it was. After almost 2 years, that is not going to happen now. Neither is any kind of refund.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I notified Mr. [redacted] asking for an itemized list of what was done and the cost, and never received a response. The original quote was $1200. because I was paying for the countertop separately from Lowes, who installed it, so he shouldn't charge me for that instalation. What he had to do was remove some of the backsplash and make the spot for the countertop level. This is when he scratched my refrigerator and made a hole in my cabinet. I never said anything about a new refrigerator, just fix the scratch. Using a black pen is not fixing the scratch. As far as the baseboards, I am the one who stained them all before he installed them. The finished nails are not suppose to be seen, I have talked to others about this. He even used baseboard pieces that were split, and I had told him about this but he used them anyway. We had discussed the backsplash, he was to remove one row so that the countertop could fit. I said I would put in a new backsplash at a later time. I didn't want to spend the money at this time especially with Mr. [redacted] after seeing the carelessness he and his [redacted] showed in my home. I have a good Idea what things cost because I shop and price things ahead of time. I just didn't know he would be so sloppy and careless. He is not a finished carpenter more like an unfinished carpenter. Not fitting the baseboard to the space and breaking my ceramic floor when he sawed the old baseboard out was surely a not caring person.They would throw things on my range or just throw the hammer and chip the baseboard. Installing the floor was a joke. His grandson didn't care either banging in the floor and ruining the pieces. I just want everyone to know that Mr. [redacted] and his help are not professionals and to think twice about hiring them. Lowes people even put a covering on the floor when they were walking in, and they barely had any mess. [redacted] couldn't even put the one piece of the countertop backsplash without the glue being all over the countertop and is a sticky mess. I wouldn't want to say anything in front of him because of his attitude that one of his helpers even warned me about, because [redacted] had scratched the floor and they had to take it out and replace it again, Due to his carelessness.I paid him $200 on 9/4/12 I paid him $500 on 10/18/12I paid him $1500 on 11/2/12I still had to call him to fix and electrical outlet that was done wrong.Beware of Mr. [redacted] and his helpers.Final Business Response I am not going to go round and round with a person like [redacted]. Why did she wait almost 2 years before saying anything. I was never made aware of any of these issues until now. I was never afforded the opportunity to rectify any of these issues. I beleive the reason for that is because most of what she says is a bunch of lies. I never used cracked baseboard. I spent more than a day leveling the cheap cabinet that she had. Was I suppose to do that for nothing? I was never anything but courteous to her, so her being afraid to say anything to me is a lie. Just like the rest of her complaint. The nail holes should have been filled in after the baseboards were installed with a filler that matched the stain. Tha the obligation of the painter not the carpenter. The carpenters job is to assure that all the nails are recessed. I know of no invisible nails that I could have used. She is correct. Lowe's did install the countertop. All contractors used 3 parties. Like plumbers and electricians. I never charged her anything for the countertop except what Lowes' charged me. Even though I did all the leg work and running back and forth to Lowes' a number of times. She is just looking for a way to get a few bucks. She expected us to to all this work and not create any dust. I am not an electrician, butI tried to help. I didn't install the outlet and now she's trying to blame me. Every once in a while you run into some customers that are never satisfited no matter what you do. They are constantly looking for something to complain about. [redacted] is one of those. Luckily someone like [redacted] doesn't come along very often. As for resolving this issue is concerned, I'm done!

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Address: 25 Shirley Ave, Millbury, Massachusetts, United States, 01527-4224


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