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Milwaukee Bucks, Inc.

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On Fri, 16 Oct at 8:10 AM , [redacted] wrote:To whom it may concern,the business had issued the appropriate refunds.thanks for your help.kind regards,[redacted])

Review: I've complained numerous times about the value of my season ticket experience and also asked where I stand as far as what I've gotten for what I've paid for. I've also complained about the very poor and condescending type behavior displayed by the ticket agents I've had. I feel that I've been mislead, mistreated and almost to the point of possibly discriminated against. I will atach thestring of emails that seem to have left me out in the cold with no semblance of resolution.Desired Settlement: I was at one point willing to go ahead and finish out the season as a ticket holder, but the arrogance and tough stances, noncompliance type attitudes that I've encountered leave me feeling with a very hostile feeling about the organization, as if me or my type isn't quite what they are targeting. I haven't been given correct information I've asked for. Its difficult to spend money when you know you're not wanted. Ticket agents just brush you off or seem aloft, and management gives stern ultimatums, and I've supported the organization and town much longer than most of them have been around. But its fairly clear to see from the makeup of the front office that my type isn't desirable. we'll leave it at that. We all know racism is alive!

At this point, I'm asking for a full refund, and I really should be asking for damages for the crappy way I've been treated at times.



Email to [redacted] on 2/8 summarizing his payment issues:Subject: Milwaukee BucksFrom: [redacted] <[redacted]>Date: Sat, February 08, 2014 4: 14 pmTo: [redacted] <[redacted]>[redacted],Here are the details of your 2012-13 Bucks ticket plan.You had previously agreed to a Full Season Plan (43 games) in section 217 row A seat 7 for a cost of$42.60 per game (preseason game on 10/12 is $34.60) for a total of $1,933.80.In agreement of you paying $1,933.80 the Bucks were to provide you with tickets to every 2012-13home game at a reduced rate from the single game price, $100 arena credit and 4 ticket credits. We alsooffered our season ticket holders a complimentary game if they attended the 1/7/14 and 1/27/14games, which you did, bringing your ticket credit total to 6. All benefits associated with our full seasonticket plans are contingent upon receiving payment in full for your agreed upon ticket plan.To date you have received tickets for 27 games {10/12/13 - 2/3/14} and have attended 17 games. Youhave tickets for all games or had your ticket representative contact you about your tickets andattendance, but have missed 8 games.The 8 games not attended are: 10/12/13, 11/2/13, 12/21/13, 1/10/14, 1/15/14, 1/25/14, 1/29/14,2/3/14.To date you have paid $934.89 leaving a balance of $998.91.We do not provide refunds for previously committed to games if you simply do not want to attend thegames as you had previously committed to a full season ticket plan. We are willing to work with you onproviding some options for those 9 games you have missed if you are willing to continue with yourprevious commitment on a full season package for the 2013-14 season by making a payment towardsyour balance due.As of today your account has been suspended and all tickets for the remaining games have beendeactivated until an arrangement has been made an a payment has been received for the remainingbalance previously agreed to.Please let me know what additional information you are requesting from the Milwaukee Bucks and ifyou would like to proceed with your ticket plan.Thank you.[redacted]###-###-#### • ###-###-#### (Direct line)[redacted]From: [redacted]Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 2:07 PMTo: [redacted]Cc: [redacted]Subject: Re: Emailing:ViewComplaintMessage.htmOnly one that I was aware of before we started dealing with payment issues and that was when hewanted to go eat in ATI for OKC an he just wanted to pay the $45 per person not the additional cost ofthe tickets. He dealt with [redacted] on game night and we ended up comping him the ATI tickets. He wasclaiming that his old rep would let him go in there and eat any night he wanted to if he paid the $45 perperson.That is the only service issue we have noted besides the emails from him regarding payments needed.[redacted]Milwaukee Bucks###-###-####[redacted]Sent from iPhoneOn Feb 26, 2014, at 1:13 PM, "[redacted] <[redacted]> wrote:Did he have any service complaints along the way, or was the entire issuetied to his failure to pay?[redacted] wrote:In the meantime, here is the information [redacted] and [redacted] were able to put together ([redacted] is cc'd):Below will be a chain of correspondences between members of the service team ([redacted] andmyself) and [redacted] - [redacted]..He had previously indicated to me that he was going to continue with his payments, but uponreceiving a new rep as he requested, he continued to want to "wait and see" until after the all starbreak and trading deadline before he decided if he wanted to finish out payments, we indicated thatthat is not what a season ticket commitment was and then after giving him multiple options tocontinue we finally made the decision to return and deactivate his tickets for non-payment as wecould not get him to commit to a future payment.Please see below for the most recent communications between our staff and [redacted]. let me know howelse we can help.[redacted]Milwaukee Bucks[redacted]###-###-#### • ###-###-#### (Direct line)[redacted]



Review: On Saturday 10/3/2015 the Milwaukee Bucks held their 3rd Annual Fan Fest.

After waiting 2.5 hours in line to get an autograph and didn't get one, I requested a refund for the Basketball I had purchased that same day from the BUCKS Pro Shop. I was told to go to the Bucks Pro Shop and give them my receipt so they could issue a return.

I did as they asked and they "issued a refund".

On Monday 10/5/2015 I checked my statement online to see if the return had been successful. I saw that I was charged TWICE and no credit had been issued.

I gave them a day to solve the issue and then contacted them via email to solve the issue.

it is now thursday 10/8/2015 almost 6 pm and nobody has made contact with me about this issue.Desired Settlement: I WOULD LIKE FOR BOTH CHARGES TO BE CREDITED TO MY CARD ASAP



On Fri, 16 Oct at 8:10 AM , [redacted] wrote:To whom it may concern,

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Description: Athletic Organizations, Sports Teams and Clubs (NAICS: 711211)

Address: 1001 N 4th St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, 53203


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