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MindPath Care Centers

5003 S Miami Blvd Ste 300, Durham, North Carolina, United States, 27703

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I was billed twice ($200) for one session and would like a refund.
On 8/8/19 my daughter was seen at the Chapel Hill office. I was charged $200 at the time of the visit. The office later also billed my insurance and was paid $200 from my HSA on 8/13/20. I have been requesting a refund since beginning of March 2020 with no resolution.

Desired Outcome

I would like the MindPath to issue a refund the $200 ASAP.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Sep 14, 2020

After consulting with our billing department, we have learned that a refund check was sent on 4/30 - however the consumer did not receive it. We have issued a 2nd refund check and it was mailed on 9/11. We advise that the consumer contact us if they have not received the refund check by 9/18.

Customer Response • Sep 20, 2020

Hello - I have not received the check as of today, 9/20. I am aware there have been delays with the mail in the last few weeks and would like to give more time before going further with this complaint. A reasonable time to receive the check would be the end of this week (9/25).

MindPath Care Centers Response • Sep 21, 2020

We appreciate the update on the status of the refund check. Please let us know if you have not received the check by 9/25.

Customer Response • Sep 27, 2020

I received the check for $200 on Friday, Sept 25th. Thank you for resolving this matter.

I was billed twice with an overcharge of $100-$120 for sessions that I had met my deductible on. I called a month ago still waiting for my refund
I started seeing *** from MindPathcare on 4/27/2020, I had met my deductible, I see a therapist as well and this has never happened. I got charged 153$ when my session should be $10-15$ max so I got charged I called the next day and they told me "this is just a first time charge it'll be refunded" so I let it go thinking I would be refunded at some point. I had another session on 5/11/2020 I was charged $15.35 my 3rd session On 6/12/2020 was charged $116!!!! I called the billing department and I spoke with a young lady, she told me I was overcharged TWICE , both over a $100 so she told me she was gonna refund me. I got my first $153 charge within a couple days and it's been about 2 weeks since I called, I'm still waiting on my other refund. I called my bank and they told me its on their end, so I called the billing department again. The next women I spoke with told me there's not much she can do because the First Lady I spoke with DIDNT MAKE ANY NOTES!! I don't know how their mistake is costing me over $100 but do not go to MindPath care!!! They will take your money and not care one bit. Never going back!

Desired Outcome

I want my overcharge of 100$ be credited back to my account, I want my Calls to be pulled back up!

MindPath Care Centers Response • Jul 06, 2020

After this complaint was submitted, our billing director spoke with the consumer and the situation has been resolved to their satisfaction. We certainly regret any misunderstandings. Please direct any further questions to our Customer Experience Manager at XXX-XXX-XXXX x

I have had major issues with Mindpath after initially seeking care under Carolina Partners. When the name changed to Mindpath problems become more evident. My initial caregiver was fired for, what was reported to me as, irresponsible medication management. The only available psychiatrist to see in my area blatantly blamed me for the medications I was put on and treated me like I was an addict. It is hard for me to understand such a rush to judgement when I have plenty of excess of the medication that I was prescribed, I only took it as prescribed which was on an as needed basis.
Despite the disrespect, I asked for neurologic testing to assess the causes of my anxiety and other conditions related to it. This requires assessing various neurotransmitter production and transmission and the sequence of other chemical production caused my the aforementioned. The major transmitters trigger production of other transmitters and also hormones that affect the brain in many ways such as mood, anxiety escalation or suppression, related sleep disorders, focus, undesired behaviors and cravings, and so on. The Doctor refused to see me again until I had expensive testing. She refused, as did her office, to supply me with testing codes for insurance coverage verification telling me it was "all covered". I later found out I would be on the hook for $1000 personally with much more being charged to insurance. To my shock, I finally got the test names after a month of trying and discovered they were all ADHD and memory tests which is nothing I am seeking treatment for. Coincidently, these are tests that they are capable of doing in house and also focus on what their clinical research division is doing research on. Holly cow! Denied treatment, forced to take expensive, unneeded tests, given risky medications without their PA being supervised for a year, and then treated with disrespect. Can I give zero stars? And this isn't even considering the multiple appointments they cancelled on me last minute which caused me to miss the window to choose a healthcare plan that would enable me to seek the appropriate care from a different provider as certain providers only take certain plans. Wow.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Jan 10, 2020

We appreciate that this concerned individual took the time to give us this feedback, as we strive for excellence and are always looking for opportunities to improve. We have reviewed the concerns. On Tuesday, Dec 31st, our Customer Experience Director, *** called him and the call went well as this person thanked her for taking the time to help. Ms. provided him with the information requested and promised to follow up with additional requested information. On Thursday, January 2nd, as promised, Ms. left him a message stating she had the information requested. According to Ms., he returned her call in less than an hour. He was concerned after learning from his insurance company about what he would need to pay. We understand that healthcare deductibles and co-pays are often confusing and frustrating for people. MindPath Care Center is covered by most major insurance plans. We are unable to change the pricing of healthcare for the individual and hope that he finds care. He has the direct number to call back with any additional questions and we will be happy to help as best we can.

Mindpath Care Centers did not follow HIPAA and security protocols and allowed a patient portal to be created without my permission or knowledge.
I have been a patient of this provider for 12 years and never provided my email address due to domestic safety concerns. On 1/3/19 my electronic health data was altered in their database and a patient portal was created. On 1/4/19 and 1/9/2019, restricted and secured modules within the patient portal itself was breached. These data breeches are documented in the activity logs of the portal. Called 6/4/19 to inquire about account and was notified that a patient portal was already set up for my medical information. Called again on 6/9, 6/12. I emailed request for medical records and electronic audit log on 6/20, 8/19, 8/20, 8/22, 9/16, 9/18, 10/23, 10/29. I sent certified letters to compliance officer *** on 10/6 and 10/29. I have not received any response or communication.

Desired Outcome

Provide requested documentation of my electronic medical account, EHR audit log, EHR third party access log, and user logs detailing who accessed my account and when.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Jan 07, 2020

We are saddened to hear of any patient's concern about privacy of their health data and acknowledge receipt of her complaint. The resolution of this issue requires our electronic records company to answer some very technical questions about their platform, and we have been actively working with them to establish a paper trail and an explanation. This is the first complaint we have ever received about such an issue and we are treating it seriously. It may take us a bit of time to work through this, but we will respond directly to the patient once we know precisely what happened, and have a paper trail of what took place.

Customer Response • Jan 07, 2020

You were notified of this issue in June 2019 and I appreciate your due diligence. If the data was compromised before the patient portal was requested by an unauthorized person, your in-house, two-step verification procedure, if followed correctly, should have prevented any portal from being established in the first place. In addition, scanning the HIPAA Release of Medical information form into my record, would have also provided additional security. Please forward any and all documentation you have regarding my mental health EHR and contact me directly.

Customer Response • Jan 07, 2020

Good Morning. I am just following up on the email I sent on January 23, 2020 and my request for documents of my account and my son, ***'s account. I have listed them again below:

EHR third party access log.
EHR user log
Complete EHR audit of my record since 2014.
Billing and payment record
Insurance submission.

As you know, the information requested was included in my complaint. As of today, January 31, 2020, I have still not received the requested documentation.

Please forward all requested documentations as soon as possible.

Thank you

MindPath Care Centers Response • Feb 07, 2020

As of 2/7/20 we have responded personally to the client and have provided her with everything we are able to provide. She also has been provided contact information for any further concerns.

This company has bounced me around between THREE different providers in the past year, without notice and with extra charges to see a 'new' provider (even though it's their fault, not mine). And all I have needed is medication management. Not only that, but they charged me $100 for a service I didn't even receive... now weeks later, lots of phone calls between them and my bank, and still no refund. Though they've claimed they 'did all they could do' to refund the money they took out of my bank account. Also, their online portal is a joke- there's no way to access your charges/bills and even though you can 'send' a message, they cannot respond to you with a message back. This is the worst medical provider company I've EVER had to deal with, and I've had some doozies.

I was falsely issued a no-show charge for an appointment which I was present for and was told was cancelled upon arrival
After dealing with a large number of administrative errors by Cary Partners in Mental Healthcare, including their incorrect filing of bills to the wrong insurance, sending of bills to the wrong address, and sending of prescriptions to the wrong pharmacy, the latter of which resulting in missing doses of medications that I was required to take daily and incurring additional charges from my pharmacy as a result of needing interim medications while prescription issues were resolved, I chose to discontinue my treatment with the office.

When calling to complain about a prescription being sent to the wrong pharmacy, I stated that I no longer wished to be seen at that office. However, I had one final appointment still scheduled which I had planned to attend to transfer my medical care to another provider.

Upon arriving at the office for my appointment on February 14th, at 8 AM, I was told that I was not scheduled for an appointment on that day, and that the appointment had been canceled. I had also not received the normal automated reminder of the appointment. However, I was able to speak briefly to the doctor that I had been seeing, and I told her about the reasons I was leaving as a patient. Immediately afterwards I contacted another healthcare provider to schedule an appointment.

On Friday, March 8th, I received a hand addressed letter from CPMH, dated March 1st, saying that I had missed an appointment on February 14th. The letter was "signed" by my former doctor, though the signature was photocopied. This was likely a form letter produced by the company's administrative department. The following day March 9th, I received a bill for $60 for a no-show for the same appointment.

This no-show appointment, which I am being charged for, is one in which I was physically present at the office at the time I've been told that I was a no-show. Moreover, I was told at the time that the appointment had been cancelled.

Desired Outcome

I wish to have the no-show charge removed from my account. In addition, any messages or charges to my insurance provider on this matter must be rescinded and corrected at no charge to myself.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Mar 12, 2019

Hello ***, I'm sorry for the issues that you had while being seen at our Cary office. I have been informed that ***, the head of our Customer Experience Department, has contacted you and helped to resolve some of the issues you had. Again, please accept our apology, and we wish you nothing but the best in the future.

Customer Response • Mar 13, 2019

I was called today and told that the erroneous no-show charge is being reversed. I am waiting to close the complaint until I have received a document confirming a balance of $0 on my account.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Mar 13, 2019

Our Customer Service Department has confirmed that a statement showing a zero balance was mailed yesterday (3/12/19.) Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns.

Customer Response • Mar 21, 2019

I received the notification of 0 balance. My name was mis-spelled, but otherwise everything seems to be in order.

This practice, 3 different offices, has failed me in my care for mental health. I was a many years patient until the doctor that I'd seen left the practice.

Three different office locations and a provider there were of zero help.

I've read rotating doors for medication, etc and I have to agree.

One experience that I had was with my last appointment ever in the Cary office, I drove 45 minutes to the appointment, signed in 10 minutes ahead of my appointment. After 50 minutes NO ONE checked to see if anyone has signed in or if anyone was in the lobby. I then went to the window and knocked. I told the lady that I'd been there for 50 minutes and needed to reschedule. She apologized and stated that she didn't know I was there.....I told her I'd signed in. End of this story was that I began receiving no show charges. After multiple calls and voice messages without anyone bothering to call me back, I reluctantly paid the fee.

I recently called an in-network provider to make an appointment and when the answering system stated "Carolina Partners...." my heart sunk. I reluctantly waited and made an appointment. Went to that appointment, left feeling unheard with a Rx that I did want. Was to follow up in two weeks. Got a call/message the next day talking about a follow up appointment the next day.....just two days after my initial appointment. Never a follow up. I'm waiting to see if they put me on the books for a no show and charge me.

If you have to depend of this practice for mental health, you may well deteriorate like I have in the last 6 years!! I will never ever make another appointment with any provider afiliated with Carolina Partners in Mental Health.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Jan 02, 2019

Hello ***, I'm so sorry for the issues you have had at our various offices, we have begun to investigate this matter. Our Customer Experience Department will be in contact with you. They will do whatever they can to resolve any and all issues you may have. We at Carolina Partners take patient satisfaction very seriously and want to make this right for you. Have a great day.

If I could give zero stars...would definitely do so. Horribly unprofessional, unethical, no real care, in it for the drug referrals evidently. Treated me as if I were already admitted. Obviously in the business for money made from drug kickbacks. Avoid at ALL COSTS.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Nov 02, 2018

Hello ***, I'm sorry you were unsatisfied with the service you received. I assure you we receive no kickbacks from any drug companies as that is illegal. Our Director of Customer Care would like to contact you and try to resolve any issues that you have. Again, I am sorry and do hope you have a wonderful day.

I believe this issue started with the fact that I had a change in insurance May 2017. I provided my insurance card to the office at each visit. Earlier this year, I received a statement asking for payment of services rendered. The statement reflects that I made copayments but asked for payment of remaining balance as there was no insurance on file. I realized that the charges in question had not been filed with my insurance. I attempted to call Carolina Partners but was not able to talk with anyone. I submitted an email as they requested on May 15, 2018 and provided an image of my insurance card so the charges could be filed with my insurance company. I did not hear back from anyone until July 2, 2018 after I received at least one more statement and left a message on their voicemail. Finally on July 30, 2018, I received an email response stating, "Thank you for contacting CPMH Patient Accounts. We have refiled your 1/31/18 visit with your updated insurance information, , and are currently waiting on a response for this date of service. This date of service is will not be reflected in your balance until we receive a response. Unfortunately, we were unable to refile your 8/15/17 visit because it is past the timely filing deadline set by your insurance company." I promptly checked the insurance website and contacted the insurance company via phone. There have been no claims filed and the timely filing deadline is in fact one year from the date of service. I continued to check on my insurance account online and as of August 13, 2018, there are still no claims on file from CPMH. I submitted another email to CPMH and have not had any response. I have been a patient of Carolina Partners for many years and up until this issue, I have been satisfied with the car I have received.

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I ask that CPMH consider this issue resolved. I provided my insurance card at each visit and I paid my copayments for my office visits. Even if my insurance card was not up to date on their files at the time of the visit on August 15, 2017, I provided a copy to the billing office in May 2018, 3 months prior to the timely filing deadline. It is obvious that they did not file the claims since they did not know that claims could be filed within a year of the date of service.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Sep 06, 2018

Hello ***, I am so sorry for the issues that you had in regards to your service. It is my understanding that one of our specialists has contacted you and that the matter has been resolved to your satisfaction. Again, I am sorry that there was an issue in the first place, but I am very glad that the matter has been taken care of to your liking. Thank you for your feedback and I hope you have a wonderful day.

CPMH is falsely charging me for services I never received.
I had appointment with two contractors with CPMH. The first ***/ therapist and the other ***/ who prescribes meds. for my ADHD. *** would see me for therapy sessions with her, there were several times she was late starting the sessions and I would have to wait and then she would end the session a few minutes early. There was a particular visit she had just forgotten all together apparently. Because of my work and school schedule I have had to cancel and reschedule appointments with ***. *** said that I did not give her 24 hrs. for the last cancelled appointment and is now charging me $60 for that cancelled appointment, though that is not accurate. I have contacted CPMH's office several times and told them about this, and several times they told me that they would follow up and for months have not followed up. I tried calling them again today when I got the same correspondence in the mail saying I owe them $120. $60 from ***, again not accurate and $60 from ***. If I had to change and appointment for either person I have called and requested a new time and day for the appointments. I do not owe CPMH. I need them to check their records and reverse these charges and send me something in writing stating they have done so.

Desired Outcome

I need CPMH to look over their records, I need them to confirm the times and dates I have rescheduled appointments, I also need them to reverse these charges and send me something in writing letting me know they have done so.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Sep 06, 2018

Hello ***, I am so sorry for the issues that you had in regards to your service. It is my understanding that one of our specialists has contacted you and that the matter has been resolved to your satisfaction. Again, I am sorry that there was an issue in the first place, but I am very glad that the matter has been taken care of to your liking. Thank you for your feedback and I hope you have a wonderful day.

I used their telemedicine service on 04/10/2018. They are in-network, I confirmed this with my insurance provider *** prior to the appointment. I paid $20 copay for this appointment. Shortly after I received a bill for $155.00. I called the billing number on my invoice ***. Nobody answered and it went straight to the voicemail. I left a message with my name, account number, and concern I had with a phone number they could reach me. No one contacted me back. I called several times and each time had to leave a voicemail. I contacted *** 3 times, each time they tried to reach them as well, each time were only able to leave a voicemail. Each time confirming that their contract with them does not allow them to bill me past the copay of $20. On May 7th, 2018, I emailed them at the listed email address (***, explaining my situation and asking them to contact me back. It has been almost two months now, no reply. I receive another bill for the same date of service dated on 06/01/2018. I called them again, again nobody answered. I don't want this to go to collections just because of their billing error. No one will call me back. I called other number meant for scheduling appointments and they forward me to the same billing number every time and to the same voicemail every time.
Product_Or_Service: Therapist Appointment
Account_Number: Account:

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I want them to contact me back and resolve this billing issue. They need to fix it in their system so I won't be getting this bill anymore.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Jun 25, 2018

Contact Name and Title: ***
Contact Phone: ***
Contact Email: ***
Hello ***, I'm sorry for the issues that you had with our service, it has been brought to my attention that the misunderstanding has been resolved. Please feel free to contact us at *** if you have any further concerns. I hope this finds you well, have a wonderful day.

Customer Response • Jun 26, 2018

Thank you for resolving this issue.

Carolina Partners has an unbelievably inefficient and disorganized administrative and customer service department. Their intake specialist scheduled me for an appointment with a doctor who was not in-network for my insurance (despite my asking to see someone in-network), so I was required to pay the full fee for the service. Instead of recognizing the mistake and offering a refund, I was given the run-around for a year, with multiple customer service reps telling me differing things. They are very difficult to get ahold of. No one made an effort to contact me about the claim, even after leaving numerous messages asking to speak to a supervisor. This organization does not care about its patients, and can't bother to recognize and fix its mistakes.

My counselor (***) just disappeared! She cancelled our last appointment. The company said she came into the office, turned in her computer and quit. I had been working with *** for a year and she just dumped me and her other patients without any notice; and no arrangements for continuity of care or anything. It was a real slap in the face.

MindPath Care Centers Response • Feb 09, 2018

We apologize for Ms. unannounced departure and agree that leaving abruptly can potentially ruin trust with our clients. Please let us know if you would like to be scheduled with another clinician to assist with your treatment. We have many clinicians that have been practicing with us for many years and are committed to their patients. Thank you for your feedback.

Stay away! I've never seen such gross incompetence and lack of professional conduct. My son has been without his medicine for over a week now due to failings of a departing doctor and of the emergency on call doctor. My wife and I have called and left voice mails day after day. We have called other offices and had urgent emails sent to office manager and still no returned calls. This is unacceptable. Of all places a mental health facility should offer the ability to get ahold of someone. This practice is ridiculous and I will share my horrible experience on every platform possible not to hurt them, but to help parents and other possible patients. Looks elsewhere for care. You'll thank me.

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