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Mirabella Investments Group

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Dear Ms. [redacted],
My name is [redacted] and I am a managing director for Mirabella Investments Group, LLC. We are registered with state of California. We are a real estate services...

company, we specialized in buying non-performance second notes/mortgages. Our model is working with the homeowners to create a win-win solution to keep them in their house. As a note, non-performance notes/mortgages meaning the homeowner has not pay the mortgage at least a year or longer.
Regarding Mr. [redacted] complaint, I personally contacted him directly as his lawyer suggested. He expressed that he would like to stay in the house. So, I have told him in order to determine how much they can afford to pay monthly. He need to fill-out the "Loss Mitigation Application", which we requires:
- 2 recent pay stubs
- 2 recent monthly reports for checking and saving
- 2 tax returns for 2012 and 2013
After sent the documents in a .Zip file via Email. He said he could not open it. I then send the documents individually in .PDF file via Email. He once again told me that he could not open the .PDF document? Interested, thought. So, I have to send the documents via US Post Office. After two phone calls and a week went by ... he acknowledges to received the documents. Another week went by, he sent me an Email stated that "it will take him sometimes" to fill-out the documents. Which normally, the homeowner can fill-out with-in a day or sooner depending how serious they are to save their home.
I have advise him that he needs to fill-out the application soonest and we tentatively schedule a phone conference with him and his wife to go over the application and determine how much they can afford. Anyway, he has not contact me since and this is about 3 weeks ago.
Well, we do have our procedures/processes that if the homeowner did not make any progress within two/three weeks of contacted. The legal department will start the foreclosure process which they first contact a local lawyer firm to send a demand letter and if the homeowner do not respond within 30 days or so (depending on state). They will continue down the legal path to foreclosure the property. 
In a mean time, I have left Mr. [redacted] phone messages and advised him that without any communication or progress on his file the legal department will start the foreclosure in which they did. This is NOT a threat as he wrote. 
Regarding "do not send payments to this address" as he stated. We don't want the homeowners to send in any payment to our office address. As (1) we have not create and agree on the workout agreement (2) we use a third-party to collect/receive the payment and doing the accounting.
I hope I present my side of story. However, please contact me if you have any questions of need additional information. 
[redacted]Account ManagerMiraBella Investments Group ("MIG")Phone: ###-###-####Fax:    ###-###-####Email: [redacted]

Review: I was contacted by this company stating they had purchased the 2nd mortage for my home. After getting a packet from them I was required to fill out a authorization to release information, as well as send 2 months of bank statements, pay stubs, and tax information for the year 2012 and 2013. The packet also includes writing down assets/investments, household expenses and income,taxes, and other vital information to return back to them.In an email the company representitive states, and I quote "do not send payments to this address" marked in bold print with a background in red.In one phone conversation he threatened to advise his legal department, because the documentation had not been returned.Even the original documents by this company were not signed properly.Desired Settlement: I would like Mirabella Investment Group to verify their licensing in the state of California, for the business they say they do, fully and completely.



Dear Ms. [redacted],

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Description: Real Estate Loan Modification

Address: 9011 Mira Mesa Blvd #246, San Diego, California, United States, 92126


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Mirabella Investments Group, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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