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Miramar H & A Specialist

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On December 30, 2013 I had called Miramar H&A auto center to get a quote for swapping an oil pan out of my vehicle, due to a very small static leak I had noticed on my driveway. The leak was really small, but I wanted to get it addressed as soon as possible so that my driveway was clear from an oil. I had called them for a quote in which they had quoted me $110 and 2hours labor time for swapping out the old oil pan for the new oil pan. I provided all the necessary parts needed for the swap (Oil Pan, Brand new filter, new drain plug, new crush wash, new synthetic Mobile1 5w-30 oil, and new tube of hondabond silicone sealant mostly all from the Acura dealership. I dropped the car off later around 12:30pm and was told by the shop owner that it would take 2hours to do. I waited patiently for their call so I could pick up my car, but heard nothing till about 4:19pm as they called and said they will not be finished with the car, and it will be done tomorrow (12/31/13) instead. I told them that I needed the car for tomorrow, and that [redacted] had said the work would have been done in two hours, and I couldn't afford to keep my car there, so I asked if I could see the car at 5pm to see their progress, but the gentlemen I was talking to over the phone kept ranting about something about the old sealant has to be cleaned off, and I thought I had agreed to just pick up the car the following day instead. At about 5:09pm, I get a call from the shop, stating the car was finished and if I was going to pick it up, and I agreed yes, I'm on my way. As my friend and I are driving to pick up the car, 10mins later, they call again, and I said I was down the street. As I arrive, the car was parked outside in the front of the shop, and I go inside to pay. I first noticed that I didn't receive any proper forms of paper work for the car, and had to ask for a write up of what was done and summary. As I drive the car home, about 2 miles, I barely go past 2500 RPM as I was afraid the sealant on the new oil pan might not have had proper time to seal properly so I drive the car as gently as possible until I get home. The following day 12/31/13, as I was driving the car, I noticed there was a slight tapping that was not there before, So I pull the dipstick to check the oil, and notice the oil was a little lower than normal, so I topped off the oil at about 1/2 quart addition. I noticed then the noise was slightly less, but still there. Afraid to drive the car anywhere, and being new years day the next day, I leave the car parked on my driveway since no mechanic shops were open that day to get any sort of diagnostics done on the sound. The following day 1/2/2014 I take it back to where it was worked on, but one of the gentlemen said all the technicians were on break and to bring it back at 1pm. So I decide to go across the street at Mira Mesa Autotechs to have them take a listen of the noise. The guy I spoke with, [redacted] said, "the noise is a rod bearing knock", and I asked him what was the cause of this, and he quickly said no oil or overheating of the car. I asked him how much it would cost to fix, and he said it's very expensive, and with the labor alone would run me close to $2000. I was in total shock, and disbelief. [redacted] had said, "it would be cheaper to just swap in a new motor". That was when I was saddened by the news. The car was running perfectly fine prior to bringing it to have my oil pan replaced, and I dont understand what could have gone wrong. I left the shop to go back home to wait till about 1pm or to think about what could have happened and how to address the situation, and called H&A auto to speak with [redacted], but they had said he was on vacation. AT around 2pm I decide to drive the car back to H&A to have them take a look at it, and the noise is still very prominent. I noticed the car was lacking considerable power, as I tried to gas it and it did not go anywhere, and all of a sudden dies on me on the side of the road. I call a tow truck to have them tow it to H&A, and I leave it there over night, and return the following morning. As I get to the shop at about 7:51am, I noticed that all the techs were there, and [redacted] had returned. I greeted him and asked him if he heard about my car, and he said no. I didn't understand how he didn't hear about it, but that's beside the point. I explained what had happened, and he took me back to the area where the car was kept. He showed me that there were no leaks on the oil pan, which I already knew nothing was leaking because I would've noticed it. Then he pulls the dipstick to show me there was oil in the car, which I knew already as well. I asked him what was wrong with the car, and he said he doesn't know. I asked him if we can have some sort of compromise to this so we wouldn't have to go through any legal actions, but he wasn't willing to cooperate. I had my car towed to another shop now, the mechanic there tried to start up the car, in which it did, and automatically said it was the rod bearing making noise.I had recently just purchased this car from Sacramento, and drove it all the way down 7+hour drive with absolutely no issues. The car ran perfectly the day I bought it, up until the following day after the mechanics that worked on it. I really don't know what to do at this point, as I am out a car, and looking at several thousand dollars in repairs when all I wanted was an oil pan replaced.

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Description: Auto Repair & Service

Address: 9585 Black Mountain Rd #D, San Diego, California, United States, 92126


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