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280 S Lemon Ave #1507, Walnut, California, United States, 91788-2655

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Jun 10, 2020

Bought a SoleusAir dehumidifier from Menards 5/2019. Came with a 3/5 year warranty. Used for 3 months last year and when I went to use it this year nothing. Contacted SoleusAir as instructed in the warranty. I was told they don't handle the warranty, a company named Chigo does. They gave me a phone number which I called and that company said they don't have anything to do with dehumidifiers. I waited several more weeks, emailing a warranty claim to SoleusAir 3 times. I got another email with the same information, only a different email address and different phone number for Chigo. Neither work. I finally took it back to Menards. STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING NAMED SOLEUSAIR...THEY DON'T STAND BEHIND THEIR WARRANTY.

RA# *** was issued for a dehumidifier. The cord was received on 1/13/20. I still don't have the reimbursement check and no answer when you call.
The dehumidifier was bought on 7/20/18. I communicated with the company and was asked to send back the cord, which I did. The power cord was received by them on 1/13/2020. I have emailed and called many times. Their phone system does not let you connect or leave messages for anyone.


Mon, Jan 6 at 5:36 PM


RA# *** has been issued for you. Please cut the last 6-7 inches off of your power cord and mail it to us at:


We are currently out of stock on the model that you have. Once we receive your power cord, a refund check for the amount of $179.99 will be mailed to you.

Please allow 4-6 weeks processing time for the check to be issued and mailed to you.

Desired Outcome

full refund of what they said I would get.

Customer Response time Apr 29, 2020

I did receive a check from them a few days ago. They have never responded, but now that they have paid, you can close the case. I am so thankful for what you do for the consumer.

5/22/19 filed complaint about my 70 pt Dehumidifier not collecting moisture. I had it less than 1 year and the warranty is 3 years. I requested a replacement after cutting off the cord and sending it back to Soleus NA. After several months with many e-mail communications I decided to just get reimbursed for the product. On Feb 2020 I called *** and she said my check was at the accounting dept had to be signed and then mailed out. My case number is ***. As of today I still do not have the refund check. I really want a replacement machine but for some reason they are not able to send me one. This process is going on now for 10 Plus Months and want it resolved.

Desired Outcome

I really want a replacement machine, If they don't have my same model number I would like an upgrade model. 2ndly a refund will do if a replacement isn't an option.

MJC America Response time Apr 17, 2020

Accounting office has processed and released *** this week. Please allow 7-10 business days to receive the check via USPS.

Customer Response time Apr 23, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I don't understand why Soleus NA would not warranty their product until I filed a complaint with the It just goes to show you that this company doesn't want to do the right thing until they are forced. This warranty claim has been going on for 11 months. One would think this company would want to do the right thing but they didn't and in my eyes, this company isn't worth doing business with.
Beware if you purchase their products.

Mar 10, 2020

I have a Soleus Air dehumidfier (***) that I purchased in 2012. I found out that there is a recall on this model. I contacted the company and they gave me the instructions on how to disable the dehumidfier and send proof of it to them in exchange for a check for $168.00. After I sent the required information and the cutoff electrical plug from the unit (via UPS), they said it would take 2-6 weeks to receive my check. I sent the required material on November 12, 2019. After a few weeks I called the recall center *** and asked if my claim had been processed. I was informed by them that my claim was processed on November 21, 2019 and that it would be between 2-6 weeks from that date till I received the $168.00 check. As of Jan 6, 2020 I had still not received the check. I called and they said that the check must be cleared by the parent company GREE Electronics. When I requested an address they told me they do not have that information. I called again on January 13, 2020 to find out if my check was sent out and they said no it had not been released yet by the parent company. Again I asked for an address and they again told me they don't have that information.

Desired Outcome

Refund I would like my refund for the recall ($168.00) as soon as possible. Under their terms they said it would be 2-6 weeks from the time my claim was processed and it is now overdue.

Customer Response time Mar 10, 2020

The company has provided my refund. Thank you

There customer care negative 5 star
product reliability negative 5 star
responsiveness to troubleshooting and repair Negative 5 star .

I will never purchase or ever tell anyone to purchase their products!

I will tell people to buy someone else's!

Requesting refund for dehumidifier that died after 13 months of 2 year warranty.
My dehumidifier was purchased 12/21/18 on and had an "E2" Error on 1/16/20. Called SoleusAir on 1/17. *** called me back on 1/21. Had me troubleshoot plug, but said error meant it was not fixable, but still under 2 year warranty. I asked what I needed to do and she said just email her my receipt for a refund (and I even said "that's it?" and she confirmed that was it), which I did and disposed of the dehumidifier - since she said I just needed to send her the receipt. Later, I had an email from her saying I had to send 7" of the powercord to them for the refund. I called her immediately after reading the message and told her that I disposed of the item, but still had the box and paperwork. She says it's policy to have the cord for the refund. I said she should have told me this when I asked what I needed to send her. I asked for a manager multiple times and was finally given an ext. The mailbox has no name and I have left multiple messages that have not been returned. At one point, *** said there is no manager. She seems to be the only person who answers the phone there. She told me to email customer service, but again, no response. I am attaching the receipt for the details of my purchase. I just want my money back as promised and will be purchasing a different brand. *** should have disclosed from the beginning that I needed the receipt and power cord for the refund. Since she did not, I thought I was fine with the receipt (since that is all she said I needed to send in) and disposed of the dehumidifier. I can send anything from the box and/or manuals instead of the cord, but she says no and no one is available to escalate to - so I am addressing with to get this resolved.

Desired Outcome

Refund of my purchase

Sep 20, 2019

Waiting for a refund on a Soleus air conditioner, it is under warranty. I was told to cut the cord and mail it into Rowland CA,XXXXX. I did this and the cord was received on June 21st. I was told that it would take 4 to 5 weeks for the refund, which is $389.79. The model is *** called on September 1st to see if it had been sent and it had not. You only get a customer service
rep, she can't tell you why the refund hasn't been mailed. I asked to speak to the accounting dept,
was told they don't take calls.
As I had to go buy another air conditioner I do need this refund. They couldn't replace the air
conditioner as they were out of stock.
Product_Or_Service: Air Conditioner

Desired Outcome

Refund I would like to receive this refund as promised!

Customer Response time Sep 23, 2019

Received the refund of 389.99.

Soleus Air provided false information and false promises regarding replacing my broken air conditioner that they said was under warranty.
At the end of July 2019, my *** BTU Air Conditioner that is a Soleus Air conditioner bought through Fry's Electronics on February 2018 started malfunctioning. The air was no longer cooling and it was making a weird noise. After speaking with Fry's Electronics about this issue and unable to solve problem, I was encouraged to contact manufacturer. I called Soleus Air on August 5th, 2019 to see if there was anything I could do to fix it and find out what exactly was going on. I was speaking to ***, who told me that it must be my compressor, and due to what I described, there is nothing that can be done to fix it.

I told her that I purchased it at Fry's electronics a year and a half ago and that it has been past a year for their warranty. She said that I was eligible for Soleus Air's warranty since I still fell under their 2 year warranty. She promised me a free replacement once I emailed *** the receipt from Fry's Corporate. I was very relieved with this information since I am a Disabled Combat Veteran and live in a very small and old studio that has poor ventilation. I need cold air on to help with my disability, otherwise I get panic attacks and feel claustrophobic.

After emailing *** the receipt, she said I was not eligible for their warranty. I was surprised to hear this and called. After going through a lot of stress just trying to reach somebody through their voicemails, I finally got ahold of *** again. *** admitted to making a mistake and since I did not purchase my air conditioner through a specific company then I only fell under the 2 year warranty. Which is a ridiculous thing to have. If you purchased any product with this company it should be the same warranty. Regardless, she admitted to providing false promise and information and said that a Manager will contact me to see if they could honor their original promise and replace my air conditioner as promised.

A few weeks went by and nobody called me to discuss this issue. So today, August 27th 2019, I called and spoke to *** who got me connected to a MANAGER. I told the situation to the manager and he tells me that since I had an "older unit" it was only eligible for a 1 year warranty while the new ones they are selling (which he tried to sell to me on the phone) were 2 year warranty.

I tried negotiating with him and telling him that while I understood this policy, *** still provided me that promise and gave me not only false information but a false promise. I strongly believe that despite mistakes a company must honor what they have agreed to. It shows poor etiquette and professionalism when you provide false information and promises to a customer then back out because you gave them the wrong information. I cannot afford to shell out $300-$500 for a brand new air conditioner that MANAGER even admits himself that mine is not only old but faulty because of the compressor.

I was told by Fry's that this was a brand new model. Now yes, that could be partly on Fry's for false information, but to have an air conditioner malfunction after not even a year and a half of owning it and only a year of using it (I had it off for 6 months during winter) shows me that Soleus Air does not care about customer service and instead will sell faulty air conditioners that malfunction past warranty so that the customer has to buy their new products and be eligible for their extended warranty.

The company was also very disrespectful towards me despite my numerous attempts at trying to find a solution. I told them that I didn't want to report them to but they did not seem to care about this. I tried not to let it come to this but I had no choice. I strongly believe this company needs to be accounted for and honor their agreement.

Desired Outcome

I want a full and free replacement of the product I bought. The MANAGER said they no longer make the model I have so I want their newer model, which is actually $100 cheaper than what I originally paid for at Fry's.

Soleus window air conditioner stopped working after one year. Still under warranty but no service has been provided after 2 weeks of trying to contact
Purchased Soleus window air conditioner from *** on June 30, 2018. Model ***,
***. Warranty is 2 years for components and 5 years for compressor. I called the technical support number numerous times for two days. Each time a recording said to hold for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the phone would disconnect. I went to the website and the same contact number was listed. I entered all of the information about the problem and model number, etc., into the chat box as indicated. No one responded. Two days later, I emailed again and included all information a second time. I also indicated that the warranty registration had been sent in last year when the unit was purchased. The company should have the information on file. Finally, on 7/11/2019 two weeks after initially trying to contact the company, I received an email asking for evidence of the purchase. The email was from someone named *** who asked me to provide a copy of the purchase receipt, name and shipping address, and phone number. The rep indicated that I would be contacted with further instructions.
I sent a copy of the purchase receipt through email but no response. After waiting at least 24 hours, I responded again at 2:15PM on 7/12/2019 and sent a second copy of the receipt along with all contact information including two phone numbers (again). There has not been a response yet. The company is not open on weekends according to the website so no one is going to contact us for at least two more days. The total cost of the unit was $422.63. It was purchased at *** in *** It was purchased with a credit card.
It seems absolutely unreasonable for the consumer to need to struggle this much to communicate and receive service from Soleus. I tried to locate information about where this company is located, but there is no address in the operating manual. Lack of transparency is concerning.

Desired Outcome

We just want the air conditioner to work. We would be satisfied with repair service, replacement, or a refund. At this point, I would be more pleased with a refund so we could purchase an air conditioner from a more reputable company.

Jul 10, 2019

I bought a Soleus Air Dehumidifier *** from Menards on September 1, 2018. The warranty states that:

Three Year Components Limited Warranty
Five Year Compressor Limited Warranty
Soleus N.A. warrants the accompanying Soleus Air Dehumidifier to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the applications specified in its operation instruction for a period of THREE (3) years for components and FIVE (5) years for the compressor from the date of original retail purchase in the United States.

If the unit exhibits a defect in normal use, Soleus N.A. will, at its option, either repair or replace it, free of charge within a reasonable time after the unit is returned during the warranty period.

As a condition to any warranty service obligation, the consumer must present this Warranty Certificate along with a copy of the original purchase invoice.

I contacted Soleus Air using their online *** identifying the problem. On Thursday, June 20, ***:*** AM I contacted Kevin Lim speaking with him on the phone and sending him the sales receipt from Menards as proof of purchase.

Kevin Lim contacted me back by email on Thu, Jun 20, ***:*** PM instructing me to:
Please cut 6 inches of the cord and plug.
Once cord is received replacement unit will be shipped to you.
Return address:
Soleus NA
Receiving Dept.

I cut the 6 inches of cord and plug, sent it by USPS to the listed address on June 20, 2019. Soleus Air had received my cut cord and plug on June 24, 2019.

I called and finally got through to a live person on July 8, 2019 starting at 5:16 pm and spoke with a human employee. Instead of honoring the warranty "Soleus N.A. will, at its option, either repair or replace it, free of charge within a reasonable time" Soleus is refunding my price paid minus the sale tax of 7%. The warranty does not specify a refund but replacement free of charge.
Product_Or_Service: Soleus Air Dehumdifier

Desired Outcome

Replacement After I was told Soleus will refund my purchase price of *** instead of replacing the unit free of charge. I paid 7% sales tax for a unit that failed within 9 months into a five year warranty. Sales tax is *** If Soleus will not replace the dehumidifier with a new DME-95IP-01 then I want a refund check for

Emailed Soleus about product within 3 year warranty period, they say they're out of stock and to contact the retailer (outside of return period).
Yesterday (5/1/19) I contacted Soleus about a Soleus Air 70-Pint Dehumidifier (model ***) purchased on 8/23/17 (which has a 3 year warranty).

Their response from *** was: "I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with your unit. Unfortunately we are out of stock at the moment. We recommend you contact *** to assist with a replacement unit."

This is well outside of ***' (the retailer) return policy, and *** is not responsible, nor should they be expected, to honor a manufacturers warranty.

Desired Outcome

Replacement or refund.

Purchased 4/6/2016 received 4/11/2016 purchased AH1-CC-01 HEPA Air Purifier
I purchase the Soleusair from Wayfair and the price was 228.99. I called Soleusair customer service to reorder my Filters for said air purifier last year and was advised that they no longer made the filters for this unit. I only had this unit less than 2 years when they stopped making the filters. The only contact information for them is the customer service number of X-XXX-XXX-XXXX and they advised me there was nothing they could do. I have tried and tried to find replacement filters with no success. In my search for the filters I got upset to find that this unit is still be sold by third party sellers like Amazon, Ebay, etc and customers have no ideal that they can no longer get the filters required to this unit. I would have to purchase a complete new unit in order to get filters which would costs be anywhere from 250.00 and up to replace this unit. This is unfair to sell a product and then disconnect making the filters for it forcing the consumer to buy and new unit. I believe they should either replace my unit with a new one or refund me my money.

Desired Outcome

New unit or refund of my money due to the fact that the company still have this unit of the market and they discontinued making the filters and you can not find them anywhere. I have to purchase a whole new unit which is not fair to me.

Dehumidifier stopped working. I submitted warranty claim, but have not received replacement product or refund yet.
I contacted Soleus on 08/05/2018 about a warranty claim on a Soleus Dehumidifier ***, *** that I purchased from *** on 9/17/17. The device stopped working properly. I had some conversation with *** and went through the proper steps for filing my claim. I sent them the power cord as requested with delivery to their facility on 08/29/2018 (***). It took until 09/13/2018 for a reply back saying they were out of units in stock. I followed up with *** on 10/3 and 10/10 with emails and have not received any status of a replacement product yet.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking a timely delivery of a replacement unit for the broken one that was warrantied.

Customer Response time Oct 29, 2018

Replacement unit for warranty was received 10/23. I emailed *** on 10/22 inquiring on the warranty claim and have not heard anything back. She claimed that she would contact me when the unit was shipped, but she never did that. The new unit is working as expected. The communication from the company is extremely lacking for a warranty claim, but eventually, I got the product replaced with a working unit.

SoleusAir dehumidifier HMT-D70E-A worked for only 1 summer, 2017. Does not work and product out of warranty. Customer Service didn't care to help.
Bought SoleusAir dehumidifier HMT-D70E-A in Dec 2016. Used it spring/summer 2017 in basement, worked great. Put it in storage, then tried it this late April. Device just runs the fan, doesn't pull moisture from air. Tried troubleshooting as directed by company. Still not working properly. Talked with Customer Service and complained a dehumidifier should work for years, not months. Company was not interested to help or offer a discount/coupon on replacement since I was out of warranty. I told them, "You realize if you do nothing, I will buy any brand besides SoleusAir. Customer Service said, "sorry". And conversation ended. No suggestions for fixing it, for trading it in, for any help.

Desired Outcome

I mistrust SoleusAir dehumidifiers now. Company won't help to resolve this. But I need a dehumidifier as the rainy spring season is here and basement air needs to be aided by a dehumidifier. So I would like SoleusUS to refund my purchase from ***, Crystal Lake, IL.

Dehumidifier was on a recall, we were promised our money back since December of 2016. As of today July 27,2017 we have received nothing .
We purchased a Soleus Air dehumidifier 4/8/12. Model *** Heard about the recall in December 2016. We called the company and were told they would refund our money and we would receive a package to send defective parts back to them in. We received the package in April 2017 and parts where sent back. We called back 5/3/17 to see if everything was properly received. Company stated they received everything and a check was being authorized at that time . We called again 6/26/17 to ask about check, company stated it was authorized and being expedited. Called again 7/7/17,,spoke with a supervisor, who stated again, check was authorized and was again being expedited. Called again 7/24/17 again said check was authorized and was expedited. Next step is telling you that we have not received the check and now they have been reported. During the last correspondence with the company the girl was rude and mad when we told her we were reporting them. Phone # we have been calling is X-XXX-XXX-XXXX. We are hoping you can help us concerning this matter and getting our money back. Thank you for your time

Desired Outcome

The check we are waiting for is *** but since all this hassle we've had would like a total refund of *** Any one of those two would be great .

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