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Monoc NJ Hospital Serv. Corp

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Review: MONOC Case# [redacted] On Monday, May 26th 2014, I was taken to [redacted] Hospital's emergency room by ambulance because my leg gave out on me. I had various tests done. The determination was that there was no urgent or serious medical issues. It was deemed that I should have Physical Therapy for my knee. On Tuesday, May 27th 2014 it was decided by hospital staff to order Physical Therapy and process my discharge from the hospital. The hospital asked me how was I going to get home. I told them to call a cab for me. There are at least 3 taxi services in the local area of which I live. My residence is approximately 1.5 miles from the hospital and would be roughly a 4 minute ride costly around $8.00. The staff of the ER of [redacted] Hospital instead said no, that they already called an ambulance service at that it would be arriving at the hospital to pick me up at 9:00pm on Tuesday evening, the 27th May. While I waited per their instructions, I was then told that the ambulance would be running late. The hospital ordered the ambulance and told me that they did so because they ordered wheelchair service because they did not want me walking with my cane. Their sole purpose for the hospital ordering ambulance transportation instead of calling a cab for me was specifically for the wheelchair service. When the ambulance finally came very late that evening, they did not have a wheelchair with them, and I walked out of the hospital with my cane and got into the vehicle.

I have received an itemized bill from MONOC for a total of $103.40. This includes $90.00 for wheelchair transportation service which I did not receive., along with $13.40 for mileage fees. I sent a check to the company for the $13.40 mileage fees.

I have been receiving harassing phone calls and letters from this company demanding the additional $90.00Desired Settlement: I desire for this company to stop harassing me for the additional $90.00. I requested a cab. I did not call for ambulance wheelchair service. I did not receive ambulance wheelchair service. I did not authorize the call to this company, and I did not authorize the charge.



I’m writing this letter in response of your letter regarding a patient’s complaint.

On 05/27/2014 [redacted] Medical Center called MONOC Ambulance and ordered the transportation for above patient. We transported [redacted] from [redacted] Medical Center to the patient’s residence. This service is called Wheelchair Ambulance Transportation. Medicare insurance does not pay for these charges. The patient is responsible for the balance.

We did not know about any circumstances the patient wrote in your complaint. She has to complaint to [redacted] Medical Center who ordered this service for her.

I have enclosed Ambulance report and Assignment of Benefits with patient’s signature, stating that the patient understands that she is primarily financially responsible for all costs of transport.

Review: to: of NJ

Re: MONOC (Monmouth Ocean Hospital Service Corp.) [redacted], NJ 07753 [redacted] Dear friends,

on July 18, 2013 I was delivered by MONOC ambulance to [redacted] Emergency Room.

During my pick-up and transportation time (distance is about 3 miles), MONOC Ambulance crew managed to provide me with a huge variety of services, tests, procedures, etc. At least, I came to such conclusion by receiving their Invoice.

Unfortunately, all their hard work was abbreviated in their Invoice as "PARAMEDIC TREATMENT LEVEL I".

As far as the total price for this work is $ 2000 (!), and I am responsible for paying my portion of it, obviously, I am very curious to learn what stands behind such impressive price.

I requested the more detailed (preferably, line-by-line) list of ALL procedures that are now stated simply as "PARAMEDIC TREATMENT LEVEL I".

Unfortunately, my verbal request for this information remained without the answer.

I'd be very grateful to receive the detailed explanation of all procedures performed on me during my transportation (with their respective charges). I am not familiar with Medical Billing, nor would I like to raise any baseless accusations, but...To be honest with you, such Invoice looks like financial fraud, and I have a strong intention to proceed with discoveries related to this issue: to present it to the Bar, to make a comparison with other providers, & to find out how it was possible for such amount of procedures to be performed during such a short time.

Thank you in advance for your assistance

Sincerely, [redacted] NJ 07728Desired Settlement: to receive the detailed explanation of all procedures performed on me during my transportation (with their respective charges).

Review: On 03/22/14 I had a seizure, my son called 911 and [redacted] Police and [redacted] Volunteer Ambulance was dispatched. Because 911 called another ambulance co, called Monoc came to the scene. They are billing me $2564.80. I have disputed this bill because they are claiming they assisted in the ambulance. That is not true, my wife rode in the ambulance and I was taken to [redacted] Hospital via [redacted] Ambulance which is Volunteer. I was aleady awake by the time they got there and [redacted] was in charge, I have a report from [redacted] Police and [redacted] Ambulance to prove what I am stating. I have no problem paying for the mileage for them to come to my home, which amounts to $114.80. I have called there and have written them letters along with my proof under their sugestion and have gotten no where. They have now sent the bill to collections. There are many complaints on line regarding this company for the same overbilling business practices. If they had taken me in their ambulance or had rode with me in the [redacted] Ambulance I would understand the charges, but they did neither. I explained to them I have no medical insurance, so I am on my own for the hospital bill etc... This is beyond a money issue, this is an ethical issue, they did not perform the servies they are stating they did and they said it would be resolved if I sent proof whiich I did, but they have done nothing to help me and instead have placed me into collections. I spoke to a representitive from your company today, they suggested I put the complaint through your office and perhaps the attorney general. Whatever you could do to help would be appreciated. Thank you. [redacted]Desired Settlement: The outcome I am looking for is an adjusted bill to reflect the actual service and mileage charge wheich would be $ 114.80.

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Description: Ambulance Service

Address: 4806 Magil Road, Neptune, New Jersey, United States, 07753


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