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Mooney's Relocation Specialist, Inc.

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Review: I hired Mooney's for my move from [redacted] to [redacted]. Day 1 was packing, Days 2-4 were moving. Most of the problems originated on Day 4 and additional issues were found after Mooney's left.

In summary:

1) The movers did not pay attention to what was written on the box. After each day's move, I identified what I could and had that moved to the right room the next day. I was available all day – if I was not right by the truck, I was helping a mover. If I was helping someone else, they would put things in the garage or in whatever room regardless of what was written on the box. So I essentially paid to have things moved twice. I should not be paying for this inefficiency. I have since found numerous boxes that were clearly labeled that were not in the right room. For example – all books went upstairs. On Saturday, I found four boxes of books in the garage, one in the extra bedroom, four in the foyer. At this point I estimate about 25-30% of the boxes are in the wrong location. I can’t see some of the boxes towards the end of the garage, but at this point I’m guessing that percentage will continue to hold true – if not worse. So far I have had 3 people here for 3 hours moving boxes into the right rooms (9 total hours). Plus 30 mins each Wed and Fri for the movers to move boxes to the right location – for a total of 10 hours in rework.

2) The treadmill was not assembled – Mooney’s dissembled it during the staging move and pack. It was also damaged during the move. Since it is not assembled, I don't know if it works any longer.

3) One day there was an injured mover, so he could do considerably less. He seemed like a good worker, so that was unfortunate. I'm sure everyone had to stay later that day because of this.

4) There were some things that it may not have been clear where they should go since my new house did not have a 1:1 mapping to old house (i.e., the master bath and the hall bath were now the same bathroom). Again, if I was not there (because I was helping another mover), it could end up in any room or the garage - they did not ask. Please note I was available throughout the entire process. If I was not immediately available I was with one of the movers.

5) Most of the movers refused to go up in the attic. Even just to put things up there and slide them. [redacted] was the only one. And Friday was his only day on the job. He would stand on the ladder and push the boxes as far as he could. When there was no more room, I had to go into the attic to move boxes towards the back. (I’m sure while I was busy doing this, is when I missed things being put in the garage or other rooms that shouldn’t have been) If the room ran out, they got put anywhere. I understand it's hot. But if you don't want to move into an attic, please tell me that upfront so I can hire the appropriate company. Also, my attic was organized into 4 quadrants. My new house has 2 attics. I was able to tell the movers that the things in one corner/quadrant went into the main house attic, everything else into the in-law suite attic. However, I still had to direct them and things ended up all over the place. Not in the correct attic. I found over a dozen boxes in the garage (including at least 4, I specifically said go into the attic). Other boxes are in the garage that are clearly marked attic.

6) Freezer and frozen food. When the movers arrived, I asked for the freezer and frozen food to be removed first (this seemed to make sense). After I asked [redacted], he had the second truck brought around and they began unloading it. The freezer and frozen food was at the very back. Had I not asked, this would have not been unloaded for until close to 7pm that night. I would think this would have been a given for a professional moving company. I asked for all the boxes labeled "frozen food" (packed by Mooney's) to be put into the basement so they could go back into the freezer. I found one box the next day buried in the kitchen (boxes on top and all sides). I lost all the food in that box due to the misplacement.

7) There are miscellaneous pieces everywhere. There was a sewing foot and knitting needle in the driveway (in the new house). There are sewing needles and drill bits in the driveway (old house). There was a kitchen island that I asked be stored in the shed. I found a door to that island in the garage. The door to the outdoor playhouse was in the attic. I have a very small desk that I had to search for the legs – they were in two different rooms. There is a [redacted] missing on another cabinet. Every day as I unpack more, the list grows. This is not what I would expect from a professional moving company

8) The estimate for this stage of the move was $5,000. The total came to $6,900. This is an overage of 38% which I consider high for a professional moving company. Everything was not moved. All clothes on hangers were packed and moved by me prior to the move. Clothes in dresser drawers were packed by me. So in actuality, the cost and therefore percentage would have been even higher had everything been packed/moved. If there was this level of uncertainly I would have appreciated knowing.

9) They packed the roll top desk (which has damage). They emptied it and threw everything on the floor. And left it there. (This is also in the list of inventory items of things that were not moved.)

10) My Mom was at the old house on Friday, July 5th when the house was being packed up and moved onto the truck. She mentioned to [redacted] that there was more stuff when they were ready to leave, and [redacted] indicated he would have to come back on Monday. Upon his arrival at the new house, I asked [redacted] if he needed to go back for more but he said “everything, everything” was in the trucks and they were done. I went back to my old house on Saturday – and there is a large quantity of stuff what was left behind. There is no money dispute here since the items were not packed/moved. But this is quality/service that is severely lacking.

When the move was completed (Friday July 5th) I knew a portion of the above. So I only paid $6,000 of the $6,900 bill. During the weekend, when the rest of the above points were uncovered I put a stop payment on the check. On Monday July 8th, [redacted] email saying this was unacceptable and threatened to press charges of theft and service against me and my mother (who wrote the check). I immediately wrote and followed up with a phone call and said I would pay a portion, but we had issues to resolved. I paid the amount of the estimate which was $5,000. The evening on Monday July 8th, I sent the points above in a document, along with pictures. (These pictures can be provided). I sent a second document, in the same email, detailing the damage. I also gave a proposal of the following:

"Here is my proposal to settle the dispute

- For all the damaged items, follow the process for submitting a claim. Regardless of this dispute, I expect that to be conducted fairly and professionally.

- Out of the remaining $1900 charged on the invoice, credit 10 hours of labor based on item #1 in the concerns document

- For the treadmill, item #2 in the concerns document, send someone to assemble it. If you prefer not to send someone out, I will hire a company and deduct that from the outstanding amount. If it works, then no claim will be made. Otherwise, a claim will be made.

- For item #3, I would be interested in what you think

Everything else is quality and professionalism related. It's really up to you if that is the kind of business your company wants to conduct.

Please advise if you accept this proposal. "

I still hadn't heard anything, so I followed up with an email on Tuesday July 16th. Still nothing, so I am filing this claim.

Since I submitted the proposal I have two additional questions:

1) There is a charge for extra men in the amount of $778. Please explain

2) I have since received the claim form for the damaged items. It is unclear if the frozen food can be placed on there. Please advise.

Additionally, several more hours have been put in getting boxes to the correct placeDesired Settlement: I would like a response to the following proposal (for the remaining $1900): This was updated from the original proposal (see above).

- For all the damaged items, follow the process for submitting a claim. Regardless of this dispute, I expect that to be conducted fairly and professionally.

- Out of the remaining $1900 charged on the invoice, credit 15 hours of labor based on item #1

- For the treadmill, item #2, send someone to assemble it. If you prefer not to send someone out, I will hire a company and deduct that from the outstanding amount. If the treadmill works, then no claim will be made. Otherwise, a claim will be made.

- For item #3, I would be interested in what [redacted] thinks the appropriate action is

Additionally I would like clarification on:

- What is the $778 charge for extra men on the invoice? Please explain.

- Can the lost frozen food be entered on the damaged items claim form? If not, I also request $65 be removed from the bill as a result of the lost items. Pictures and a detailed list can be provided.




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