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Morrison's Heating & Basement WaterProofing

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Morrison's Heating & Basement WaterProofing Reviews (7)

I am not sure exactly what I can do to fix this situation to meet the customers satisfaction. as stated clearly we were called to fix one cracked black iron gas fitting. we were told by customer as well as nyseg that was only issue. we replaced said fitting and nyseg came bavk out did there dial test as per there regulation. nyseg did there soap test as per regualation. all passed by our testing as well as nysegs. after leaving then we recieve calls the next day that there were further cracked pipes  in the basement that it filled with gas and an un named contractor came out to fix the issue and stated the issues were caused by morrisons work. I would be content if that contractors info was sent to as a mediator to verify a licensed contractor said that as well as documentation that nyseg returned aftr our was complete for another gas leak that was caused by us if those 2 things are provided I will issue a full refund because I know nyseg trained professionals do both tests especially after 1 redtagged gas leak in a home. anyone may call nyseg and ask the procedure of nyseg after a leak has been reparied and if they would ever turn the gas on after a reported leak with out a pressure test a dial test

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.   When NYSEG returned to turn the gas on I remained in the kitchen as I had mo stove on to get air out of the gas lines by request of the NYSEG employee. I did not see what was done in the basement to check for any further leaks. Furthermore, I was not informed of any cracks in pipes or joins simply that a joint had gone bad. Additionally, I received no receipt of their work. In fact, there was no paperwork exchanges between myself and Marrison's. After Morrison's left and the NYSEG employee had turned the gas back on I did have another NYSEG employee come to my house and turn the gas off for the second time that day. I have a copy of the red card NYSEG gives customers when the gas is shut off. NYSEG did in fact come back to my residence for a third time that day and their office would not say other wise. I will be contacting NYSEG to get all documentation from the four total visits to my residence.  Regards,  [redacted]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.  Regards,  [redacted]

The advertisement clearly states we will install a replacement furnace at 2400 for a 90 percent meaning if the existing furnace is a 90 percent. When it is not a 90 percent furnace there are other modifications to make to the duc work as well as venting and air intake that would be impossable to do for 2400. The contract clearly doesnt state a 90 or 95 percent furnace. In fact it states a 72 thousand btu and in fact we installed a 90 thousand btu furnace wich I believe is the confusion. The customer thought we were refering to efficiency rsting when we were refering to btu. The 3100 was not just for a furnace. It was for an after hours service call it was for after hours installation it was for having wholesaler open up after hours to sell us the unit. When the woman called asking about issues we could not explain any of thos to her as she was very irate and continued cut us off in several attempts on several different phone calls. Find any other local company that will come out and do what we did at thst time at thst price. I will not refund anything as it was a vrry fair price and the work was done acording to agreement.

this is totally inacurate. there was a gas leak at customers house. we were called for the repair. nyseg had shut the gas off until repair completed. we did the work we were paid to do. one fitting a gas pipe half inch t was cracked. we replaced it. nyseg returned. turned on gas and per nyseg...

protocol they ran the leak sniffer all,around each n every pipe un entire basement to ensure proper work and customer saftey. I also can tell anyone call nyseg and ask. what happen after morrisons and nyseg left I am unsure of. second nyseg does a dial test to ensure no leaks before leaving seen after turning gas on. if tgere were other leaks that would have been nyseg not morrisobs responsability to detect them however upon hearing customer complaint I spoke with nyseg field office who had no record of nyseg returning. the custtomer did contact me n did discuss with me n I attempted a resolution to the isdue but there was ni compromise n it personalky seemed as though he wanted tbe work for free. the customer did get a reciept and all customers do.

business provided verbal response: I went and delivered a new receipt right after complaint was filed as consumer must have misplaced hers.

Please see attached contract & advertisement from Morrison's that was published in that week's EZ Shopper.  This is also advertised on their Face Book page.  If any further information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Below, please see my father's...

information.  Thank you!  Nancy My fathers contact info is: [redacted]
[redacted]Phone:  ###-###-####

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Address: 234 Mount Zoar Street, Elmira, New York, United States, 14904


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