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Mosquito Squad Of Northern Virginia

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[redacted] is being dishonest in his complaint. He is making the complaint because we have initiated collection efforts for his past due account. Our service is an automatically renewing subscription which is explained to every customer when they sign up, both verbally and in writing. We do send...

emails with special promotions throughout the year (for example, we do a "black Friday" promotion from the day after Thanksgiving until 12/31 offering customers 20% off if they pay for the following year in advance), so whether or not [redacted] responded to an email promotion is irrelevant, it simply means he did not choose to take advantage of a promotional discount, it does not mean he canceled service. A large percentage of customers do not accept promotional discounts but still pay their bills. We send a letter via U.S. mail with an invoice in February of each year, an email reminding customers that their spraying is scheduled to resume soon, and an email the day before each treatment reminding customers that we are coming the following day ([redacted] never responded to a single one of those emails). In addition to all of that we also leave a work order on the front door at each treatment, and [redacted] never contacted us after receiving notification that any treatment was performed. In fact, we have received only two calls from [redacted], the first was to update his credit card information and billing address ([redacted]'s service address last year was [redacted], Woodbridge, VA [redacted], had he not contacted us to update his address we would not know to treat the new address this year), the second call he made to our company was on June 2, 2015 which was when [redacted] finally called to cancel his service, after receiving a past due notice warning that collection efforts would begin soon. At that point his invoice was revised to reflect only the treatments he received in 2015 and collection efforts have recently begun. This is why [redacted] has filed a complaint, perhaps he believes that by filing a complaint he will not be responsible for paying for service he knew he was knowingly receiving and willingly accepted. Attached are transcripts from our answering service with [redacted]'s messages. The message on June 2 in which [redacted] says he is "receiving an invoice for a past due balance for service he did not renew" was in response to a past due invoice he had just received in the mail. Although our service agreement states that service automatically renews each year unless canceled in writing, we do accept phone call cancellations which is why we revised [redacted]'s invoice to reflect only the service he received up until June 2, 2015. When that revised invoice was sent [redacted] responded with a complaint to the We have not received a certified letter from [redacted], nor does he mention this in his message when he called the answering service. It would make sense that had he indeed canceled via certified letter he would mention this in his message, but he did not. Below is the verbiage that each customer receives along with their receipt when they initially sign up for our service. When a customer initially signs up for service it must be paid in advance, however, for each year after the first year we bill for service, which is how [redacted] was able to receive treatments for months without paying. We continue to treat as a courtesy to our customers because we have thousands of customers and a very, very low percentage of customers that do not eventually pay for their service. Our outstanding AR is only about 1 % by this point each year. The service agreement provided to customers when they sign up clearly explains that service automatically continues each year until canceled, therefore [redacted] is responsible for paying for service he received until WE canceled his service after receiving his call June 2, 2015 for non-payment. It appears that he was happy to accept treatments until it became clear to him that we would pursue payment of his account.We are a company of integrity, we believe that [redacted]'s complaint is an abuse of the We have provided exceptional service to [redacted] and our only "wrong doing" according to even [redacted] is that we are billing him for service we provided and he knowingly and willingly accepted until collection efforts intensified.

Mosquito Squad of Northern Virginia thanks you for your business. You have requested outdoor
pest control service, which consists of a subscription for our barrier spray program that renews
annually unless and until cancellation is requested in writing. Invoices will be mailed in February
of each year and payment is due in advance. Treatment includes automatically scheduled barrier
sprays every 21 days from April through October, and treatments may be requested as needed
November through March of each year. We guarantee your satisfaction and are happy to
provide complimentary re-sprays if necessary. Please allow 24-72 hours for additional requested

Dear [redacted],
I apologize if my directness seemed rude, as it was not my
intent to be offensive but rather to explain our guarantee. Had you cancelled within
21 days of your first treatment, we would have refunded the entire amount you
paid. However, since you accepted service over a period of several months the
refund has been prorated to reflect that.
My desire would have been for you to bring the issues you
were having to our attention right away so that we could have done something to
make it right. However, I trust that you are now satisfied with your refund.
All the best,
Mosquito Squad

Review: I hired Mosquito Squad back in April to spray my yard every 3 weeks to get rid of mosquitos. Their website boasts a 100% money back guarantee if unsatisfied which I validated with the customer representative that took my payment. I gave their product a few months to start working, but was not seeing any improvement in the level of mosquitos and started calling in June with complaints. They offered to do additional sprays, which didn't help. On July 14th, after my backyard wedding reception was ruined (I had over 30 mosquito bites myself from one evening) I called and was promised by Jason that an investigation would be done to determine why their product wasn't working on my backyard and that I would be contacted with the results. I called back a week later only to be told the man I needed to talk to was out of the office and would have to call back. I gave it one more week, and called back again. This time I was told that there was no record of my previous phone calls or a promise to investigate the property. Another promise was made by Pete to have an investigation done and that he would personally return my call by the end of the week. Two weeks later I still had no phone calls or answers as to why their product didn't work. I called to talk to Pete, and again was told the man to talk to was out of the office. That is when I finally had enough and felt I had given them ample opportunity for their product to do as promised. At this point I asked for a full refund due to the 100% money back guarantee and was told I would get my full payment back. When I was eventually refunded money, it was a third of my payment, not the full amount. I called back and was told only the remaining portion of my contract term would be refunded, not the 100% I was promised, both on their website and verbally.Desired Settlement: I paid a total of $629.10 and have only received $200.00 back to date. I would like the remaining $429.10 that I was promised. I am never using this company again and will be sure that my family and friends are aware of their poor product and horrible customer service.



Dear [redacted],It was a pleasure meeting with you and your husband last weekend. I hope the additional treatment worked to knock down the mosquitoes to your satisfaction. Please let me know how things are going and if there is anything else we need to address.With warm regards,Mike N[redacted]



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Mike actually came out to my house on a Saturday to personally address my complaint and offered more extensive spraying at no additional cost to me as well as next season for free. I am very pleased with the results as well as his professional and genuine attention to my issues. Thanks to him, I was able to enjoy an evening in my backyard without being attacked by bugs. Thanks Mike!!!


Review: I hired Mosquito Squad of Northern VA to service our house for insect replent from May 2012-Oct 2012. This year, they started coming back to my house in April or May of 2013 without my renewal of the service or permission to enter my property. I called the company and told them I did not want the service this year and they told me it would be taken care of. Then I recieved a bill for the service in the amount of $690. I called again and said I didn't want the service and I was told it would be taken care of. Since then, they came to my house several other times to put chemicals on my lawn without permission. I only know this because they leave a note on the door. Each time I called and asked that they stop coming and stop billing me for service I did not authorize or want. Each time I was told it would be taken care of. Then I recieve a Past Due Notice on 9/17 and have called four times to resolve the issue. I'm told only the owner [redacted] can take care of the situation. I have been told all four times that she will call me back and she never does, so I'm beyond frustrated with the situation. In previous attempts, I have spoken to [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted]... all of whom told me the service would be canceled and I would not be billed futher.Desired Settlement: I would like a letter in writing that shows I will not be billed for this service and that I owe nothing. I would also like a letter of apology for all of the aggravation I have endured during the last 6 months in trying to get this resolved. I always pay my bills and getting a possible black [redacted] on my credit is very stressfull and would be very devastating to me. I have worked very had my entire life to keep excellent credit and I don't want some company with poor accounting practices to create a blemish on my credit. I would also like assurances that that the 90 days past due that is noted on the bill has not been sent to the credit agencies. If it has, I want a copy of a letter that will be sent to each credit bureau that explains Mosquito Squad of Northern VA made an error in my billing and they are retracting and report that noted I was late in a payment.



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Dear **. [redacted],

This letter is in response to a complaint you received from

**. [redacted].

On July 30, 2012[1],

**. [redacted] contacted the Mosquito Squad and contracted with us to provide

outdoor pest control at her residence located at [redacted] Virginia [redacted]. It was agreed that for a pro-rated

price of $375.00 we would provide treatments on her property once every

three-weeks through October, and then as needed until March 2013. It was

further explained that our service is a subscription, which remains active

until she cancels and that she would be sent another invoice for the entire

season in the spring of 2013, which would be due in full upon receipt.

On February 10, 2013, **. [redacted] was sent a start of season

reminder, delivered to her home address via first class mail, detailing when

her treatments would commence along with her invoice in the amount of $690.00 for

the 2013 season. On March 10, 2013 an email including the start of season

reminder and a copy of her invoice were sent to the email address [redacted],

which **. [redacted] provided when she signed up for service.

Scheduled treatments started on April 19th with

subsequent treatments on May 9th, May 30th, and June 20th.

Twenty-four hours prior to each scheduled treatment an email reminder was sent

alerting **. [redacted] that we would be coming to her home the following day. With

each treatment a bag with a work order stating the time and date of the

treatment was left hanging on her front door, an 18” x 24” sign was placed in

her front yard, and an 8” x 8” small sign was placed by her mailbox.

In addition to the invoices **. [redacted] received in February

and March, additional invoices were sent to her home via first class mail on

April 1st, May 1st, June 1st, and then a 90

day past due notice on June 20th. As a courtesy we had continued providing

service until **. [redacted]’s account became delinquent, however at 90 days past

due we she was advised that her service was going to be suspended until her

bill was paid in full.

On July 1, 2013 at 8:56 a.m. and long after receiving our

start of season notification, 4 treatments at her home, 4 work orders on her

door, 5 email notifications, and 6 invoices (over 20 points of contact), **.

[redacted] contacted our office for the first time in 2013 and stated that “she just

received a bill saying that she is over 90 days past due and that she did not

renew services for this year and just found out that we had been coming by

without her okay.”

During that phone call **. [redacted] was told that we would

cancel her service effective immediately, that she would not be billed for any

service beyond what she received prior to her cancellation and that a revised

invoice would be sent via first class mail.[2] On

July 25th, 2013 a revised invoice in the amount of $465.00 was sent

reflecting only the service provided up until July 1, 2013. Additional invoices

were sent on August 30th and September 30, 2013. In-between

receiving those last two invoices **. [redacted] called several times and spoke with

at least three different representatives who tried[3]

explaining her invoice to her. **. [redacted] was

not interested in any resolution other than having us forgive her debt entirely.

When she was told her bill would have to be paid, she threatened to file a

complaint with the if we would not comply with her demands.

In summary, **. [redacted] has only been charged and is only

expected to pay for the services she received prior to her cancellation. **.

[redacted] was informed when she signed up that it was a subscription and that service

would resume in the spring of 2013. There were over 20 points of contact from

February 2013 until she called to cancel on July 1st, ranging from

first class mail, to emails, and then personal visits to her property where door

hangers and signs were left after the service was performed. **. [redacted] even acknowledges

that it was because of these things that she knew we had been coming to her

home,[4] and

thus she accepted service for that time.

Our records are accurate and thorough, and our company is only

seeking to be paid for services rendered prior to her cancellation.


Mosquito Squad of Northern Virginia

[1] In her complaint with the **. [redacted] mistakenly

says that she contracted with Mosquito Squad “from May 2012-Oct 2012.”

Review: We have had our home treated three times for Mosquitos with no relief. This company states 100% satisfaction guarantee or if you call within 21 days you get a full refund. We paid $499 for the pro-rated year, signed up in June, no contract. I called on Wednesday, August 6th requesting cancellation of our service and a refund. I was told our refund would be pro-rated, not 100%. I was also told the owners would "figure out" my refund and I would receive a call. This is Monday, August 11th and I haven't received a call. They took our money within 24 hours but it's taken this long to get a response on our refund.Desired Settlement: We would like them to refund our full payment of $499 as the treatments didn't work and their website states full refund of barrier payment. 100% satisfaction guarantee!



Dear [redacted],As promised, we have processed a refund for the unused portion of your original payment. Mosquito Squad has never offered a "100% satisfaction guarantee or if you call within 21 days you get a full refund" as you stated in your correspondence. Neither our website nor any printed materials offer a full refund. Obviously dishonest people could sign up and receive three or four treatments and then say they want "a full refund." No company can or will give repeated service for free and remain in business very long. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that we will address any issues a customer has and work with them to ensure their satisfaction with our product or else we will refund the unused portion of their contracted price. Our guarantee was explained to you when you signed up in June and it was reiterated in writing when a Receipt for Service was emailed to you stating the following: "We guarantee your satisfaction and are happy to provide complimentary re-­sprays if necessary." I have attached a copy of this for your convenience. As you have acknowledged in your correspondence, it was further explained to you on the phone that you would be receiving a pro-rated refund. There is no record that you contacted our office to say it wasn't working and no good faith opportunity was afforded us to find a solution to the problems you now claim to have been having. Further, you were never promised a full refund after utilizing and receiving service for several months.Per your request your contract with Mosquito Squad was terminated on Friday August 8, 2014 and a refund was processed for the balance of your original payment. Depending on your bank, you can expect to see a reflection of that credit within the next week. We consider this matter to be closed. Sincerely,Mosquito Squad



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]As I appreciate the business's quick response and pro-rated refund I do not agree with it and believe their response to be rude.

I am rejecting this response because:The busienss response stated they never put the 100% satisfaction guarantee, refund statement online and I do not agree, it clearly states this guarantee on I must have misunderstood the "refund of 100% of your barrier spray payment" statement for that I apologize but I do not appreciate them implying that I didn't see this correctly and that I am incorrect in my statements within my complaint. They should reword their warranty. I was never told any different during my sign-up phone call, I didn't ask but I thought this guarantee on their website spoke for itself. I have not received the pro-rated refund and my bank has no record of receiving it. It will be 5 days today since they state it was processed. I will follow up and close this complaint once the refund has been received.Thank you.




Review: I received bill from Mosquito Squad of Northern Virginia in 2013 for the service I never signed up for. I called immediately via their toll free number and left messages on several occasion, and my messages were not answered. It is important to mention that I paid them for a one time service back in May 26 2012 with a request of my neighbor. However, Like my other neighbors I never agreed to continue their service on following season/years. Specially I recall my next door neighbor and I talked about this and we decided not to sign up for their services.Recently I received a phone call from a collection agency ([redacted] Inc.) with an attempt to collect the so called debt of $450.00. I immediately disputed the validity of the debt with the collection agency. I already notified Mosquito Squad of Northern Virginia that I would be filing a complaint for their unauthorized billing practice, and holding an honest consumer like me hostages by hiring collection agency.Desired Settlement: They need to provide full explanation why they have been sending me bills for which I never signed up. Why they never responded my numerous phone calls, and why they hired collection agency without calling me, or attempt to reach me.They need to send me a letter and confirm that the bill is not applicable to me, and finally they need to apologize for their actions.



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