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We did not pull the wiring through the firewallthe vehicle has been done now for over weeks and you have not found time to get this vehicle that you have been complaining about

Hi ***, Sorry I did not have enough room to say everything I wanted to about my compaint! So, this "*** ***" guy acted as if he was the owner back in jan 2017, He called me late on a sunday night too after hours? Which I thought was wierd at 1st, then I realized it was incredible customer
service to call me on a sunday night! I had went to MOTORWORKS home page and left a long message about how much this truck meant to me and I was caught in a situation where I was stuck between semis at 75mph and the radiator blew and melted the engine I had bought from themyrs ago! He knew I had NO $$ money, because I had told him in my email to them I was a single dad of daughters and they come 7yr old was in my truck when this engine light came on and I could not pull over because of the saftey of my little angel.So, I had to drive about 5miles to a safe exit for saftey for my daughter and I knew the whole time it was going to be Sooooooooooo exspensive$$, but her saftey came 1st, bottom line! Anyways, I told *** all of this in my e-mail and he called me back on a sunday night to tell me that if I payed to get my truck to a shop and pay$$ to get the engine pulled completley out and send to them and if there "MOTORWORKS" STAMP was on the bottom of the motor from when I 1st bought the engine from them forever ago*** said he would know if it was there engine the second it got to his shop! Well, I did just that...I couldnt afford to have the engine pulled, but for that offer to get it to them and if it was there motor? They would goodwill it and send it back for me to pay again to have installed! On [email protected] 1:04pm I have a papertrail of e-mails from Jessica M*** the receptionist at motorworksI had told her there was a huge misunderstanding on the repair? She said *** had quit and to contact JIM the owner! Well, I did just thatHe is a very nice guy, no nonsense type of guy which is what I like anyways! Ive never filed a complaint in my life.....So, this is new to me! I called *** *** on his cel phone to figure out why there was this situation now on my hands? I would have never ever paid the $$ to have my engine pulled out if I thought it was going to cost me $$.I would have waited till I had the money or my taxes or something! This truck means alot to meI have Soo many pictures to show you its my show truck and ive babied it for yrsJessica really confused me when she said *** had not even worked there for a year? BUT, He was still making customer service phone calls to customers that e-mail them on a sunday night to over promise and under deliver? Anyways, *** the owner has been straight up and very honest to me over the phone and was not happy in his tone of voice about the situation and said he was discounting the repair billl to 2,and putting my motor in a plastic box in there shop until I can afford to pay them what they had done to my engine? Although I am thankful for him discounting the repair, I would have never sent the engine that I only had 19,miles on it that was now toast to them to be a "MOUCH" and ask for them to fix it for free? Itsnothow I was raised and its not who I am! But, Here I am in this lame situation where my engine to my high school truck is in spokane,wa and my truck is now back at my house because I ruined a great relationship I had with my shop boise automotive on fv in boise,id!!!!!!!!!!!! They called me today to tell me they were going to tow my truck since its been at there shop since feb and they wanted storage fees for months and upset that motorworks never sent back the engine and they want nothing to do with it anymore? Super lame having now burnt a bridge with my shop telling them im trying to work out something with motorworks? But, Straight forward *** said pay the 2,and we will send you the engine! Well, I dont have that kind of extra money or I would have NEVER had the engine pulled! I feel stupid telling people for a month how incredible motorworks is knowing that the warranty was only 3yrs and I bought it from them 12-15yrs ago and they are goodwilling the engine if I send it to them and I pay for the labor of the motor being taken out and put back in my baby! So, If it sounds to good to be true it generally is? Thats life, and thats how I was raisedSo, My father is looking down from heaven on me right now shaking his head probably!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, ***.........PLEASE PLEASE help me if you can? If you can? GREAT! If you cannot, I guess I understand? Im in customer service for 25yrs, and I DO NOT over promise and under deliver.....and thats what my Whole complaint is all about! Thank you for your time, and thank you for reading this long e-mail! FYI, I called *** from the attorney Generals office yesterdayto open a complaint too, I hope it helps? From what *** *** had told me they do over motors a year and they sound like they could afford to goodwill an engine for a customer that had sent them a "HELP" e-mail, and I would hope they would follow thru? This att.generals office told me to go to consumer protection on there site 1-360-753-6200----*** is her nameI hope for a positive outcome and then I can go back to blowing up there page about customer service they give, unlike if they stick me with this 2,bill I have no choice but to voice my experience with social media and yelp,and they page,and tell them how I truly feel about customer service? Anymore you need to know, please call [email protected] 1-***-***-*** or you can e-mail [email protected] *** thing? I guess *** told me to file a complaint with there office @ Washington State | Office of the Attorney General and I wanted to see 1st if me and you could work this out with *** the owner of motorworks before I file that? I dont want to make him look bad on social media and all this stuff if I dont have too? So, I will wait to hear back from you 1st, before I file another complaint and cause uneeded drama for ***.....It doesnt feel good to hurt his companys integrity online if it wasnt even ***? It was an ex employee of motorworks getting back to me on a sunday night after he read my e-mail I had wrote to them! Thanks, *** ***See attached photos.*** Photos redacted by

Two weeks ago Motorworks asked for the engine back within daysI dropped it off to *** D*** at the shop and he took it to Terry A*** One week later I get another message that they wanted the crank shaftThe next day I took it to them alsoIt has been two weeks and no answer from anyone at MotorworksI have now started educating the public about my expierence through social mediaMy next step is small claims I am waiting for some response from Motorworks*** ***

Great company to deal with from start to finish! Excellent customer service dealing with Joe, the installers were very professional and courteous while working in our homeVery happy with our new windows and will recommend them to everyone as well as continue using them when we need to upgrade more of our windows and doors!

on June 10th of *** with *** *** called and asked us to build a short block engine for them for a Subaru Forester He said his heads had recently been built so they just asked for us to install the heads they provided on the short block that we build. On September th of
the shop called and said that the engine was going through a quart of oil a week At that time we had them check the PCV system and they said they had We instructed them to run for another oil change and carefully check the amount of oil used againthen in December they said it was no better so we picked up the engine from them as goodwill to see if the rings were seated in the blockUpon inspection of the engine we could see nothing wrong with the short block engine itself but could not blow air through the PCV so asked them to change that and reinstall the enginein May of they were still dealing with oil consumption so we then received the engine back here and rebuild the short block at no charge to perfection***
then reinstalled the engine and still had oil issuesWhen Motor Works warranty technician inspected the engine at the shop we did notice the intake was full of oil and the cylinder head ports full of oilAt this point the demands started for us to pay him so he could purchase a new engine and this is where we told *** that they have a short block warranty which included no labor and only for us to rework and parts that may be necessaryWe rebuilt this engine for them at No charge a second time to only get the same failureThe engine failure was in the cylinder heads of this engine Motor Works Short Block warranty states no labor only parts coverage

In September, we had eleven windows replaced in our home and JEH Windows and Doors did exemplary workJoe and his staff went above and beyond our expectationsWe were very pleased with JEH's attention to detail and now have the windows we wanted including matching brick moldings, matching metal cladding and also a storm door, all done very professionally at more than reasonable pricesIt was a bonus to support a locally-owned business with their factory and showroom in WinnipegWe have recommended JEH to our relatives and friendsThank-you JEH

InAugust of Mr*** purchased a Chevy marine engine from Motor WorksThen engine per the warranty registration was installed in November of Motor Works Marine engines carry a year warranty.
In July of Motor Works received a call concerning this engine that
"appears" to have blow bye with the information we have and without physically seeing the engine at our facility, it appears that the rockers are burnt upBecause the engine
is out of warranty we told the customer we would be happy to send the parts needed to repair what we think could be going on , or he could send us the engine and we would fix for around $We are giving this customer several options but the fact of the matter is that the engine is out of warranty and we would be happy to help but there will be no labor paid on this claim as it is not under warranty nor is this a manufactures defect with the product.
We would still be happy to help if we see the engine here at our facility.
Valerie H***

We are very happy with the job JEH did for us We had all of our windows replaced completely, and they are beautiful Joe and the workers were courteous, professional and efficient, and other than dust (which is expected), there was little evidence that work had been done inside the houseThe new windows work great

JEH Windows and Doors is an excellent company to deal with and their products are made to perfection I have had JEH install the windows and doors on my home and I am completely satisfied with the product and service they give The office staff are excellent to work with and know their products The installers are polite, and do a neat and tidy job on their installations I have recommended JEH to several of my friends and I know they won't be disappointed I highly recommend JEH, you won't be disappointed

I cannot send you a copy of a "phone" conversation from [redacted] on a Sunday Night? But, these e-mails clearly show what I'm talking about in this complaint I have with them over promising and under delivering? I'm willing to pay half at this point now! Uhg!!! It's 2,200.00 and that would be 1,100.00 from me in good faith about there employee [redacted] that did this? He NO longer works there! I get it! [redacted] the owner did not promise me anything? It was [redacted]!!!! The GM is Rude and she doesn't want to deal with me or this situation?!?!!! Well, she didn't have anything to do with [redacted] promising me to just get him my motor?!!!! Late on a Sunday night he returned my email and called me? I never called them to fix my engine!!! I sent them an email! Then a guy named [redacted] called me on a Sunday Night and promised if the motor had a motorworks stamp on the Engine from me buying it from them yrs ago they would in good will fix the motor if I payed to have it taken out of my high school truck I bought brand new in 1988 and pay to have it put back in my truck!!!!

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: Motorworks continues to not prove they even attempted to fix the truck, it has been back 4 times since pick up. In addition to the Major breakdown within 30 miles thay has started the lifters extreme rattle  and the stalling for all we know. The 4 times it was back were for the very same thing. No reports were ever given to us. he transmission issue came under it was in trying to make this appt, that the new warranty manager became abusive and informed me that they did not install the transmission , even though my warranty says they did. It was upon asking for the service inspection for the transmission that the abuse srarted.. according to my warranty if they didn' do that inspection, I.have no warranty. Motorworks keep referencing the 35 years they have been in Spokane, but fail to mention just how bad their reputaton has become in the last decade, all one gas to do us look up complaints or talk to sjops. They WERE once a great company evidently., sad to see the decline to the now whining excuse ridden fiasco they have become.  Not once have they addressed any issue with the vehicle or provided anything but excuses for the way it turned out, that of course are not them.s far as the claim about how their pathetic warranty works, they are so wrong....if you cannot get your warranty repairs fixed.....then you do complain and you do bring legal action. I have asked for the return of my payment to them, due to the reputation they have of not accepting diagnosis from other shops but their own. I just want to move on from these horrid people.Valerie has continued to mislead in her responses and frankly, I would love to get any of the Motorworks staff in court. They don't know 1/2 of what each other us doing or wgat each other has said. The excuses are comical now. The revert to swearing when asked simple things. It looks like we are now headed to a legal battle over a simple failure to accept responsibility.  They will spend way more legally now than the cost of returning dollars to the customer. Facts are facts and they stack in my favor exclusively. From all the different lies as to the duration of time they had the vehicle,  to the Major breakdown and subsequent difficulties, to the non inspection of the transmission. So simple, return my money or get sued, where you will lose anyway.Yur right, I can not be satisfied by Motorworks inability to fix their mistakes or the pathetic excuses that continue on or even to the nepotism of sending my vehicle to a shop connected to the owner of Motorwirks....give me a break. My final offer to stop legal proceedings is the return of $6,000.00 dollars to me by February settle this disaster. This is an offer only for expediency to repair my vehicle and move on. TTis will be the last communication personally or thru the It WILL go to legal remedy after the 20th of February. We have reached our maximum limit on patience.  Thank Youincerely,

I had all my windows and doors replaced by JEH Windows and they did an amazing job! They were very helpful through the whole process, and the new windows and doors look and perform great!

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:Every car person & mechanic I have talked to said that the slop in the crank should not have
happened no matter how the clutch was adjusted. By the way the clutch was adjusted perfectly. I have changed clutches in this vehicle for years I know what's right.
I will be taking motor to mechanic to document engine failure . To prove mistake was by Motor Works and not by me.Sincerely,

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
Your response to my email discloses that you’re either out of touch with regard to the facts of this situation, or acting in bad faith by disregarding them.  First of all, you contradict yourself in your own words by stating  “we agreed to purchase the used engine”, and later stating “you should be contacting the engine company that you purchased the engine from”.  The fact is that Valerie H[redacted] told me she found a used engine and purchased it as your own documents will reveal, and that you billed me for and I in turn paid you for.   
You are the so called engine experts as you claim and advertise on your website, and I trusted you to have the necessary expertise to order the correct engine.  However, as can be clearly seen on your own order form, and as I already informed you multiple times, the engine you purchased was manufactured in 1999 while the vehicle is a 1998 model.   Your mechanic said that the engine was not the correct year and the sensors on 1999 engine would not synchronize with the engine control module on the vehicle, and it would require removing and replacing all sensors and intake manifold to resolve the issues. 
As I mentioned in previous email either you dropped the ball or purposely ignored my repeated calls and visits I made to your business to get the vehicle issues resolved and in driveable condition.  As I also stated, at this point I am requesting you remove the incorrect engine from vehicle and a refund of money paid for incorrect engine and installation costs paid to you.  As for your request to remove the vehicle from your lot, aside from leaking oil profusely, the vehicle is stalling, lurching and shifting erratically and cannot be safely driven on the road, nor legally operated  since it won’t pass emissions which is required before it can be registered to drive.  After you comply and re-install original engine, I will arrange for the vehicle to be removed from your premises.
I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you were unaware of the facts and will allow you until the end of the month to comply, otherwise it will be obvious that you are indeed acting in bad faith and I will pursue compensation by filing a case in municipal court.  As I also mentioned to you in prior email, your procrastination has tied up the vehicle for over 3 months and prevented my son from being able to look for or get to a job.  I also contacted  the Washington AG office who informed me that the fact that you did not provide me a written estimate prior to performing repairs is a violation of the auto repair law (RCW 46.71) and consumer protection act, and entitles consumer to recover triple damages.

Motor Works understands Mr. [redacted] concerns... since he does not want to bring us his vehicle now we would like him to take it to [redacted] at 3100 Division for a separate  analysis of what is going on with the vehicle.He can arrange this by calling [redacted] and asking for...

Dale to schedule this appointment.  Then we will get a report from [redacted] and address the concerns from that point on. This analysis will be done at no charge to Mr. [redacted].

We are very happy with the job JEH did for us. We had our Front Entrance Door replaced along with one picture window in our garage. They look great. Have had many complements from friends and relatives. Gave the house a new look. Joe, Eugene and the workers were courteous, professional and efficient. The new door and window look awesome. I would highly recommend this company.


Motor works was contacted 6 months ago by [redacted] concerning this vehicle  they asked us to look at it when we did we found the engine light on and a pressure sensor not working .. we repaired at no charge something that was not even our issue .. we were just trying to help the customer .....

cleared the codes and the customer took the vehicle .. then [redacted] wanted us to change the oil .. we do not typically do that so I turned him to a shop we work with Pro Auto to do the oil change Troy informed me the pan or rear main seal was leaking and it was low on oil when it came in ... we then looked at the vehicle and also agree the pan or rear main is leaking ... we do not know how long any of that has been going on or  how long it was ran low on oil ... [redacted] has stated this has been an ongoing issue .. we have only heard of this 6 months ago for the first time and the vehicle has 36k miles on a 50k mile warranty ... after saying all of this we do not know what the issue is .. no one can know the facts are it seems to be using oil ... we do have a leak should not be using that much because of that issue so then the other facts are no smoke .. no engine codes at this time when it is full of oil .. no noise when it is full of oil .. bottom line we do not know .. Motor Works is willing to tear down and inspect the entire engine if [redacted] will pull it out .. and then we can maybe find out what the issue is

It is pretty obvious Mr [redacted] simply wants his money back and that is not the way the warranty works . We have given him the ability to have a shop of his own choosing tell us or give us some concrete documentation as to WHAT the issue is with the engine and now the transmission. We have never received a report as to what the problem is. The last time [redacted]’s Service Center had the vehicle they saw no issues with the engine itself but with sensors. We have Told the customer to take his truck to wherever he wants to see what it is that needs fixed and has not done so . It is always unfortunate when we have turnover at positions in a company but Motor Works has been in Spokane for over 35 years ! The new employees we have has absolutely ZERO to do with the runnabulility of this vehicle. As I read this complaint we are not going to make Mr. [redacted] happy .

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
Your shop pulled the wiring through the firewall and now there are problems that were not present before.  I found it interesting that your response was in all caps, please stop yelling.  Also if you look at your response you could use some spell check.  If this issue is not resolved to my satisfaction I will be leaving a rather negative review.  Going word of mouth with negative reviews and using social media to get the word out about your sub-standard removal and installation work.Sincerely,[redacted]

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Address: 1026 N Haven St, Spokane, Washington, United States, 99202


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