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Review: re: Account # [redacted] On May **,2012 I had an appointment with my eye doctor due to the fact that I have diabetes and it is imperitive that I see an Opthalmologist annually. When my insurance company denied payment for this visit I contacted them ([redacted] @ ###-###-####). They informed me that the claim was denied because I was seen by an Optometrist which is not covered under my plan however an Opthalmologist is covered at 100% minus my Copay which I paid at the time of the visit. I have contacted MKMG and have been given several different explanations: 1. The doctor, [redacted] OD is an Opthalmologist. 2. File an appeal with my insurance company. 3. We will split the total of the bill ($163.72) with you. I have spoken with many people at MKMG regarding this matter however when I try to contact the billing supervisor, [redacted] at ###-###-#### I am continually told that "she is unavailable". I have tried appealing this decision with my insurance company however they are telling me that I was seen by a doctor who is not qualified to see me therefore they cannot pay for this visit. My argument with MKMG is that I should not be penalized by paying this bill when I was not given the correct doctor who is qualified to see me. I have tried to handle this matter on my own however MKMG is trying to tell me they made no error. Obviously the receptionist at their office did not schedule my appointment with the correct doctor. When I called to make the appointment I made it extremely clear why I needed this appointment and that I have diabetes therefore it should not have been billed as a routine eye exam. There should have been an explanation as to why this appointment was medically necessary. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.Desired Settlement: If you need to contact me I hereby allow you to speak with my wife [redacted] as I am working and not always available.



To Whom It May Concern:

I am in receipt of a copy of a complaint filed by Mr. [redacted], regarding a visit he had with Dr. [redacted] on 5/**/12.

I have reviewed the charges billed to Mr. [redacted] with his insurance company [redacted] and our internal Coding Manager at the

Mount Kisco Medical Group. The following are my findings.

Mr. [redacted]'s visit to Dr. [redacted] on 5/**/12 was booked as a Comprehensive Eye Exam. While, his diagnosis of Diabetes was used in submitting this claim to his

insurance company, it was accompanied by a Routine Eye Exam CPT code. His plan does not allow for what they consider as Routine Eye Exam codes. However,

subsequent visits by Dr. [redacted] on 6/**/12 and 1/**/13 were covered by his insurance because they

were appointments that specifically addressed his medical issues associated with his vision.

The original claim was not denied by [redacted] because Dr. [redacted] is an Optometrist, but because it was considered a "routine code".

The [redacted]s are now aware of what their vision coverage entails. But given the confusion. Mount Kisco Medical Group will waive the fee for

the 5/**/12 visit in the amount of $163.72.

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me directly at ###-###-####.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


Although I tried to explain to Mount Kisco Medical Group that a billing code error had occurred by their billing staff they refused to fully listen to my explaination. It was not until I

contacted the that this issue was finally resolved. I will no longer be using ANY doctor from Mount Kisco Medical Group due to their lack of understanding that this was an

internal billing error between Mount Kisco Medical Group and [redacted] and there was a lack of communication between the Medical provider and the Insurance Company.

This was an issue that took ** months of repeated calls. If the staff at Mount Kisco Medical Group would have listened to my initial complaint and acted on it properly this issue

could have been cleared up. I have always been fully aware of what my vision coverage entails and was trying to explain the "confusion" to the staff at Mount Kisco Medical Group.

The problem was they were unwilling to listen.

Review: I went for a physical in their [redacted] location. They were part of my insurance at the time- [redacted]. Since then Ive been getting repeated bills from them for $426.00. Annual physicals are covered on my plan. So I emailed them 3 times. No response. I called them and left a detailed message. They leftt a message just to call back. Which I did. The man on the phone told me the issues been resolved. I just got another bill. I called and left a detailed message again asking them to call back to tell me this is resolved and to close my account. Nothing. No response. I am conscerned this will go into collections as this billing has been going on for months.Desired Settlement: I want confirmation it was an error an my account closed. I have since switched to another doctor.



At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Mount Kisco Medical Group PC has been resolved.

(By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as Resolved.)


Review: On 9/**/** I went into Dr. [redacted]'s office @MKMG for office visit. I was only there approx. 1/2 hour. Went in because I did not know if I broke my left ring finger or other. I waited in the waiting room 5 minutes then was brought to x-ray room on the premises and 4 finger x-rays were taken Amounting to $182 (which is reasonable). Then I waited about 3 minutes before going into Dr. [redacted]'s office. He came in within 5 minutes to see me for the my office visit and telling me about my injury and what needed to be done for 6 weeks (this took approximately 8 minutes). Office visit: $203.00 (sort of reasonable) About 8 weeks after my appointment I get a statement that I feel is very unreasonably charged and I was shocked that says the 8 minute treatment he gave me in his office amounted to $2,109.00. All he did in those 8 minutes was tell me about the injury, put a plastic splint on the finger and a piece of tape and told me to not get it wet and keep the splint on for 6 weeks. This charge is very unreasonable. I wouldn't mind if he came to see me for about 2 weeks in the hospital for my treatments to charge such a astonishing rate. I wrote a letter to Dr. [redacted] on 10/**/20** with no answer back from him or his office. The letter was cordial but I told him that I felt the charge was so unreasonable for 8 minutes of his time, a plastic splint and a piece of tape, instructions then see you in 6 weeks. I received the bill from Mt. Kisco Medical Group during the week of Oct. **, 20**. I called the billing dept. and they said there was nothing they could do that this was a reasonable charge by the doctor. I was charged $184.00 x-rays; $203.00 for 8 minute office visit; $2,109 during the 8 min. office visit to give me my instructions. I hate to use the word "rip-off" but this charge is very unreasonable.Desired Settlement: Desired Settlement: Billing Adjustment



At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Mount Kisco Medical Group PC has been resolved.

(By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as Resolved.)

Seem like we Resolved the billing issue. Dr. [redacted] has determined that the coding was not correct and I have only been charged for the x-rays and office visit. I am happy thus far with the results. They are reissuing me a new statement. Hopefully the statement will reflect what billing dept. spoke to me about.


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Address: 110 South Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, New York, United States, 10549


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