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Mountain Point Pavement LLC

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Regarding Case [redacted]Our contracts state all warranty issues must be submitted via email. We did over 450 projects last season alone and it would be impossibly to keep track with out our email system. As long as the customer is in warranty we will gladly honor the repairs.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:  The warranty was still valid when I filled the compliant.Sincerely,[redacted]

Responding to complaints [redacted]There was foul language on both sides and that's not the problem the problem was this man is a control freak and did things not agreed on we look forward to seeing him in court if that's here this goes. We would counter sue for aggregation and deflamation of our company.  Best of luck god bless

Regarding complaint [redacted] We have gave this to our attorney and he assures us the judgment will be set aside and we will then counter sue for lies and deflamation. Best of luck god bless

Our company was paving the Reams grocery store on 9000 south 2700 west. We was in area doing work in that general area for 10 days prior to reams. We had spoken to mr dealings neighbor prior to him. The neighbor wanted his driveway paved and we made him a contract and was to do the driveway.Mr...

[redacted] was given a bid for 3800 and he offered 3400 cash for the work and said he would do the prep work And have it ready. The next morning with Fresh asphalt from asphalt materials in West Jordan we paved his neighbors driveway. Mr [redacted] was still working on his project when we finished his neighbors driveway. We had his asphalt there just fresh from plant. We proceeded to do the repairs in the back while he was doing his own grading as he wanted. Long story short mr [redacted] did a bad job on his grade and we had to regrade it we did not charge him the 400 we discounted for his work. With in the first 10 minutes my of paving the main area our paver operator called. The operator indicated mr [redacted] was instructing everyone what to do and being a joke to deal with. Mr [redacted] was on the paving machine trying to run it. We called mr [redacted] and said mr [redacted] do you want us to finish the job or leave he said finish please. We told him that if he can not leave the job site and let our employees proceed will just call it a wrap and go to our next project. We told him we would not charge him for the patches or time spent. He left and came back when guys was almost done complaining about normal issues like roller marks ect. I came to to job and stated mr [redacted] do you prefer us to rip it out and keep your money he paid and was given a receipt. Mr [redacted] is a jerk who used foul language and bullied and intemidated our employees. He lied to them and told them he was to get 4 inches of asphalt and a freeSeal coate on his driveway across the road.After we settled with [redacted] and left we went to a 3rd project and mr [redacted] g lied to the people and had them so upset they canceled. All of mr [redacted]s neighbors including his son have all indicated he is a nightmare to work with. His son is a realtor and I emailed him what's your dads problem. His response was I just agree with my dad because he is like dealing with a child. If anyone would like a copy of that to see what we was dealing with [redacted] is my email. I'll send it your way. The man followed our trucks for 3 solid days and told our customers not to use us. Our customers thought he was crazy but it is embarrassing for our company. Finally a week later he called saying sorry and asking for a minor fix the size of a plate your diner would be on. We came out to do the repair even after all he had done and he still tried to convince the operator to repave the whole lot with a second layer. The operator did the repair and left. Mr [redacted] from what I could see has some major anger issues and behavior was of a spoiled child. We wouldn't work for [redacted] again if he paid triple and upfront that's the truth

This customer had some issues prior to us working on the lot. The reason we paved the lot is because it was cracked and old. At no time did we change elevation as job was a overlay. Project was done customer was happy rain came. We came out to work on a so called issue but noticed a faulty garage...

floor seal. The garage door with a failed floor seal was the issue. The insurance was Involved we gave the customer there info and he did speak with them. Upon inspection the claim was rejected due to garage door seal. Recently this customer had a new garage installed with a nice new seal on the ground preventing water from coming in.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:We have been completely honest in dealing with this company.  We have everything documented.  We just want MPP to be honest and give us their insurance information.

There is no name on this so called project. At no time do we offer 40-50 percent discounts. We work off a 10 percent profit margin and don't lose money on jobs. We have several larger contacts that take extra materials in advance for cost. This is a unfair and unrealistic complaint. We believe this...

is a rotten ex employee or a competition who is not happy we are growing so fast.

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Address: 138 E 12300 S Ste C144, Draper, Utah, United States, 84020-7976


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