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Mower Doctor Corp.

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Review: On 7-**-2013, I submitted to [redacted] of Mower Doctor a Husqvarna hand held leaf blower for "warranty repair". The unit was 1 year old and still covered by the 2 year warranty issued by Husqvarna. I conferred with Husqvarna customer service and was instructed to bring it to Mower Doctor an authorized service center for the covered warranty repair. [redacted] accepted the leaf blower for the required warranty repair. After a week and a half with no response from [redacted] I proceeded to Mower Doctor. Upon speaking to [redacted] he informed me he did not and would not repair the blower under warranty. He did not contact Husqvarna. He violated our agreement with me in addition to his contract with Husqvarna. In addition he would not release the blower without cash payment. He stated he replaced the "rotting fuel lines and rebuilt the carb." He was not authorized to do so since it was "under warranty" I was able to retrieve the "rotting fuel lines" but not the carburetor parts. Upon inspection the fuel lines were in perfect condition. [redacted] used deceptive practices with no intent whatsoever in repairing the blower under warranty. I contacted Husqvarna Customer Service and was informed that [redacted] never contacted them for warranty repair. Which was also confirmed by [redacted]' own admissions. I have also filed a complaint with the Husqvarna Escalation Team and CorporateDesired Settlement: [redacted] is a deceptive person. In essence he used a bait and switch in he agreed to repair the warrantied product both with me and Husqvarna. However he refused and demanded cash for the return of the leaf blower. In essence withholding the blower. Further upon inspection of the supposed "rotting fuel lines" There was absolutely nothing wrong. (mind you the blower was 1 year old. ) Further he refused to give me the so called parts he placed on the carb.



Case # [redacted]

On 7/**/13 [redacted] brought in his Husqvarna hand held blower for repair as he was told by Husqvarna, We have two people that work the counter were equipment comes in, the lady ([redacted]) that works with us for over 20 years talked to [redacted] and told him up front "fuel related repairs are not covered under warranty" so he understood, [redacted] said ''If its not covered under warranty he wants it repaired plus do a tune up and there is no need to call". [redacted] (myself)is the warranty specialist that will determine if a repair is warranty or not, [redacted] is factory certified once a year by each manufacture and does not need to contact any of the companies we represent unless it is very costly.

When [redacted] came in to pick up his blower he wanted to know why it was not covered under warranty, the gentleman at the counter called [redacted] to the front counter to tell the customer the reason. [redacted] told [redacted] " the fuel line is part of the fuel system and since it was rotted it is not covered as per Husqvarna warranty policy so since it was not warranty we completed the tune up as he requested", [redacted] said 11ok" so [redacted] went back to the shop, [redacted] then asked for the warranty number, [redacted] came back to the counter and told him that there is no warranty number

because the problem was not warrantable, [redacted] then wanted to know why [redacted] didn't call the company to find out, [redacted] explained to him that he makes the call whether it is warranty or not, [redacted] then said " the lady at the counter said we would call Husqvarna, I only had this for 7 months,

fuels lines should not go bad"( it was over a year that he had it), [redacted] then said he would ask the counter Lady what she said, [redacted] said "don't ask the lady I will just pay for the blower and I will make trouble for Mower Doctor, am going to pack it up and send it back to Husqvarna", [redacted] said "If you like call Husqvarna about the problem and see if they will do something for you,I can not make a warranty policy adjustment only Husqvarna can", again [redacted] said "Iwill just pay for the blower and go".

We had another customer in the store while this was going on.

[redacted] was told to bring his blower to us because we are there warranty center. [redacted] wanted a Tune Up if it was not warranty which we did.

[redacted] did not submit the blower to [redacted] at Mower Doctor.

[redacted] did not want [redacted] to talk to the lady at the counter before paying for his blower. [redacted] did not want to talk to Husqvarna to get his problem solved before paying for his blower. [redacted] wanted back the fuel line which we gave him, he asked for no other parts.

[redacted] did not pay cash, he paid with credit card. [redacted] problem was most likely caused by the fuel he was using and left sitting. He probably feels he should not be accountable for these fuel maintenance issues.

I talked to [redacted] the lady at the counter, she said "I never said we would call Husqvarna", we. have video

cameras all over the store that record.

I filed a statement about [redacted] relating to. his problem including the serial number the same day he

picked up the blower.

Mower Doctor has been doing warranty work for over 25 years, we have received awards for our workmanship and honesty, we were a member but never renewed the subscription.

We are also included a copy of his work order.

If after reading this you determine that a refund is due we will send him a check. We will also submit a copy of this letter to Husqvarna for there file.

I personal feel he should be more truthful on the statements he makes and pay attention when people are giving answers to his questions. The work he asked for was in black and white on the receipt he left the store with when he dropped his blower off, we hide nothing, everything is always up front. He paid for the service that he received. Giving him a refund is theft of service.




Mower Doctor has been in business over 30 years doing service and warranty work for many companies and the last 10 years the fuels that have been used by people for there small equipment just does not hold up as long as it used to. Companies such as Husqvarna, Briggs, Kolher, Etc. will not warranty any fuel related items such as carburetors, fuel filters, fuel lines, fuel pump,etc. so I can under stand [redacted]'s frustration as to why the fuel line was not warranty. The people at the counter say the same thing to all customers that come in with possible fuel problems whether it is warranty or not so I believe what the counter people told me about what they said to [redacted] since they do it every day. The mechanic's in the shop follow the details on the work order as was typed in. Either way [redacted] feels he is right and people at Mower Doctor feel they are right, this is a bad situation that is going on too long and needs to come to a closure. Mower Doctor would like to send [redacted] a check or credit his credit card $70.78 so we can both more forward, we just need to know which one he would like.

Mower Doctor Inc.




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this " pending resolution " is satisfactory to me and the matter to be resolved. I request my Credit Card be credited with the amount of $70.78 prior to the matter being considered "officially closed and resolved". Upon receipt of the credit I will promptly notify the Furthermore I want to thank both the and Mower Doctor in their response to the matter.


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Description: LAWN MOWERS

Address: 16 Church Street, Kings Park, New York, United States, 11754


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