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Mr Gutter gave us a very fair price and did excellent work They installed larger gutter and guards and did a very good job ,Very happy

I made a deposit to this business to start repairs, which was cashed the same day, on October 3, Four times they failed to show up for scheduled appointment timesI asked for my deposit backInitially he said he sent itThe next time stated that he forgot to send itNext he said he'd mail itIt didn't come in the mail the next weekI called again today November 1, and he said he didn't have time and it wasn't very much money anywayI have text messages between us, not phone conversations I just want my money back and am tired of liesIs my hours of time each of the times they failed to show not valuable also? Product_Or_Service: gutter repair

would not follow up on repair as promised 3/26/was to install ftseamless gutter, workers cut it ftto shortCalled Mr [redacted] and told him if he promised it wouldn't leak then ok and he told me if it did he would replace itIt has started leaking and flooding my neighbors yardI have called him many times starting July 7, Always has excuses, he is doing payroll and will be here, when he doesn't show up he says he had been in Detroit etcexcuses after excuses I have a record of times I have called him but there are more timesHe came week before last said workers would be here last week, no show of course I am going to have to pay $to get this fixed I am a widow and he knew this and I think he thinks he can get by with treating me this way

While Mr Gutter is a franchise and I'm normally highly suspicious of franchises, the man who owns the business is a local guy Dennis, who has lived in Huntsville since his youth. Nevertheless. The copper gutter on the front of my house fell off in this winter's snowstorms After several fruitless phone calls and internet searches I learned that almost no one installs or repairs copper gutters in Huntsville. Mr Gutter is virtually the only option.. Fortunately, it is a good option Dennis did great work, was courteous, and went above and beyond to make sure that the repaired copper gutters were more stable and more correctly installed than the original. We have absolutely no complaints and would recommend Mr. Gutter of Huntsville to anyone for his or her gutter needs

I used Mr Gutter of Huntsville for our rental property and our home They did a great job at a very fair price They are a great company Thanks

this is not an
acceptable response, as was stated I was willing to pay him for the repairs,,all he needed to do was respond with his unwillingness to fix the problemhe avoided my calls and miss lead me into thinking he would get back to meif he did not want the business he should have told meand further, I did not have ice build up that caused this, I had minimal ice build up that year,also the gutters that I had prior to him replacing never pulled away from the house and had been on the house for many yearsI feel that this was a result from bad installationan unsatisfied customer should be addressed not blown offtherefore I would not trust him at this point, and certainly would never give a good review of his work or ethics..*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. Regards, *** ***

Jeff gave me verbal and stated the job was from years ago and there was no warranty, no problem for yearsThe ice did the damage and I did not have time to go do her job, even though she was willing to pay meI have never had a complaint with the before now

Review: Had gutters installed on front and rear of a new garage. Gutters were mounted too high for a metal roof and were torn off in a snowfall even with snow catchers installed. Their repair consisted of running more screws inside the gutter. The gutter on the rear of the building has 6 mounting screws that are not even attached to the wood of the building and fell off during the next rainfall. Mr. Gutter was notified several times about the problem via phone message and text message and will not return to fix the problem. Proper repair of the problem involves lowering the gutters and re attaching. new aluminum fascia cover will need to be installed as the original mounting holes will be visible after lowering the gutters to proper height.Desired Settlement: A refund of the initial purchase price plus the cost to repair the holes.

Contractors failed to put a corner on the gutter they installed, water in basement. I have called many times they promise to come and don't come.On [redacted] Mr. Gutter installed two lengths of gutter on my roof. One longish length in front and one short length on the side. They were not cheap, charging almost [redacted] for a few strips of gutter and 45 minutes of their time. And they failed to finish the short length of gutter, failed to put a corner on it. This left a portion of the pitch of my roof exposed. During a heavy rain in late [redacted] water came into my basement from this exposure- which brought my attention to the problem. I called Mr. Gutter and the woman promised that someone would come out sometime during the following week. No one came out. A few weeks after that, I called again. By then, there was snow and she said that she hadn't been able to send anyone out because of the snow and she couldn't send anyone out because of the snow. But there had been no snow during my first call! However, I took her at her word. She promised that she would send someone out as soon as the snow melted. As winter progressed, I called again, just to make sure I was still on their radar and she left me a message saying that I was on the top of the list. I would be the first to be seen. I would not be forgotten.Spring came and still no sign of Mr. Gutter. I allowed the yard to become very clear of snow, allowed the warm weather to truly arrive, but still no sign of Mr. Gutter. So I called again three days ago. She told me she scheduled someone to come out this morning between * and [redacted] It is now almost 10am and I have seen no sign of Mr. Gutter!I have never dealt with a company quite like this one. As they would probably have charged more money to finish their job, I am now ready to find someone else.Desired SettlementUnless they are willing to finish the gutter for no charge, (which I highly doubt) I am not seeking settlement. I would prefer to find a more reputable company. Business Response Mr Gutter installed gutters on [redacted] 2014. We did receive a call from Ms [redacted] about a concern that she thought we missed a piece of gutter on her house. But due to the weather we were not able to come to inspect the work until [redacted] of 2015. Upon inspection of the gutter installation we noticed that all pieces were put up correctly and in good working order and in occordance to the Propsal that Ms [redacted] signed with Mr Gutter. The installers explained to Ms [redacted] that the gutter is installed on the fascia board at the bottom edge of the roof, which is were the water sheds off. Ms [redacted] thought that we could turn the corner and go up the rake edge at an angle with the same gutter. You can't install a gutter on the rake edges of the house. Water doesn't come off the rake edge sides of your roof, if it does than you would have a roofing problem. Mr Gutter offered to install an aluminum piece of flashing on the rake edge roof, but Ms [redacted] declined at that time. Mr Gutter has done all that we can do at this time since the work was completed as specified on the Proposal and it seems to be a misunderstanding on Ms [redacted]. I would recommend a roofer at this time to look at this issue.

Gutters were not installed properly, causing damage to interior of house. After coming back to inspect, Mr. Gutter said the problem was with the roofProposal was written [redacted] Gutters were installed in [redacted] 2013. As soon as it rained, water leaked behind gutters and seeped into house. We could not get a resolution from them during the winter. Finally [redacted] 2014, someone came. This was after a winter of severe water damage, primarily caused by the gutters. The men who came said it was because of the trim on the roof and that there was nothing they would do. The gutters probably should not have been installed but they did not state this as a potential problem until after installation and my payment of [redacted] As experts in this field, they should have foreseen this problem and advised me of the possibility of water damage, in which case, I would not have installed the gutters. Sales rep was "[redacted]", amount was paid in full by check upon completion of job. There is no Order Number on the proposal.Desired SettlementI would like this problem fixed and I do not feel I should pay for it. Business Response Im sorry it took so long to respond. We could not find any customer by the name of [redacted] in our system. I did find paperwork at this address with the name [redacted] Mr Gutter did in fact install gutters on [redacted] 2013 at 264 [redacted] Rd, [redacted] Mr Gutter did receive a phone call about water going behind the gutter. Upon inspection on [redacted] 2014 Mr Gutter informed the customer that the dripedge on the metal roof was bent incorrectly and water was following it down the fascia in a couple of spots. Whether you have a gutter or not, it doesn't matter, the water will still travel the same course. Mr Gutter informed the customer that it would be best to call the metal roof company that installed the dripedge which is screwed down with the metal roof. Mr Gutter has a five year guarantee on our labor if there are any problems with the gutter. The issue is not a gutter problem but a roofing problem. Im sorry but we are not a roofing company nor would I touch the metal roof which would void any warranty or guarantee on the metal roof. If you have any gutter problems please feel free to call us. Thank you, [redacted], [redacted] Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)They should not have installed the gutter if they knew that the roof was incompatible with their gutters. They are the experts on this. They said nothing about the roof until we complained about the water leakage. I am sure they have encountered this issue before. I have a standard roof installation and they should have pointed out this issue before doing any work. The water leakage has caused damage to my house that didn't occur before in 30 years of living here. This did not start until their gutters were installed.

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Description: Gutters & Downspouts, Gutter Cleaning, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Gutter Leaf Guards, Contractors - Gutters, Other Building Finishing Contractors (NAICS: 238390)

Address: 740 High Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States, 01040


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